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  1. Some new blasters
  2. Languages skill
  3. Initiative?
  4. WEG d6 SW Discussed on Mirage Arcana
  5. Lightsabre question...
  6. Givin [stats]
  7. Can you dodge then parry for Ls combat??
  8. Dodge 10 or 100 shots??
  9. Mftas
  10. Going Zorro on someone?
  11. TIE/rc - Stats?
  12. Vong and Glitterstim
  13. Online advice requested
  14. Adar Tallon - Tatooine Manhunt
  15. Poss new Sith force power.. Force Sink
  16. Another new force power. Molasis..
  17. C/S/A, S/A, C/A powers and MAPS..
  18. Optional Damage Bonus
  19. Command Specialisations
  20. A capital scale weapon on a smaller scale ship?
  21. Obroa-skai [stats]
  22. So I'm heading back into a Star Wars game...
  23. Buying new skills?
  24. Dodge and parry for jedi?
  25. Shooting in melee
  26. Control pain force power
  27. Strange situation.. how would you go?
  28. Non force related 'super powers'
  29. Revising Innate Abilities
  30. The return of the Home of the Lost Star Warriors...
  31. Lightsaber Combat fix
  32. Penalties for being prone
  33. Sluissi Racial Stats?
  34. Engineering Advanced Skill
  35. 2 New Force Powers
  36. d6 Conversion Request: Gunnery SGT Edward Buck from Halo 3: ODST
  37. Do force points double claw/bite/natural armor?
  38. Special Forces Of The Galaxy [Stats]
  39. parrying bolts of different scales
  40. Rathalay [stats]
  41. Simo inititiave..
  42. Rule clarification, Double dice (FP) then take out MAPS/wounds take out then double?
  43. Specializations.. 1d above skill, or 2d starting out??
  44. I'm Singing in the rain!... well trying to stay standing.
  45. Archtype and Prestige Class [Rules/Conversion from D20 to D6]
  46. How would you handle this trap?
  47. Combining actions.. All need to use same skill, or work on same task??
  48. Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all shapes and sizes...
  49. ANy book list it where you can split dice for cha creation?
  50. So I started a D6 mini-campaign: the Prequels as we see 'em
  51. Lightsaber forms, how do you do them?
  52. Armor house rules
  53. Stats: Life-Bearer (Life-witch)
  54. Poss new sith power.. Jun Mao
  55. FA-3 Flechette Launcher
  56. Is it supposed to be Death, or damage for people in ships??/
  57. Getting caught in a wild fire??
  58. Battle meld/enhanced coordination,, dsp from someone in?
  59. d6holocron.com/wiki
  60. question on battle meditation (tales of the jedi)
  61. Golan defense platform stats??
  62. How long to don or doff armor?
  63. Grenade scatter. Why no allocation based on how badily you missed?
  64. SW-RPG mailing list archives
  65. Blast radius's for higher scaled weapons
  66. Deep freeze...
  67. Which rolls do NOT get wild die rolling??
  68. Str and armor/piloting + maneuverability? How is it??
  69. Tartan patrol cruisers?
  70. Disguise/forger's kit??
  71. Using TK on starships
  72. DSP or not.. Entering a death match?
  73. Why ever use bacta when med packs are so good?
  74. Possible rules for "Follow through damage".
  75. Sneaking while using jet pack/grav boots/power suit?
  76. Cold starting ships
  77. Light, medium and E-web repeaters Stun???
  78. Neuro toxins.. Rules anywhere?
  79. Anti-grav mines and grav boots/repulsor belts.
  80. Shooting down missiles/torps
  81. Disabling Monofilament razor strips..
  82. Dsp or not. Torture (BEING the one getting!)
  83. D6 modificaitons
  84. Destiny
  85. Escape from Ritvool Sourcebook: Chapter 9, Creatures
  86. Making up a template. Starting with (A) skills
  87. AHH i got trampled by that walker!
  88. Skip tracers, or Repo men, starwars style!
  89. FP for cp trade in
  90. Imperial Raider class corvette
  91. Space Battleship Yamato conversions
  92. D6 online.
  93. Gearing up to run D6 for some friends
  94. Wild Space Magazine Issue 2 Released
  95. Fan-made Galaxy Guide 16: The Old Republic
  96. Tied Initiative roll, what do You do??
  97. Imperial Transport Ship - Galaxy Guide 6
  98. Looking for old stuff by Amage Bedar
  99. Multiple action penalties and other penalties reducing you to 0d??
  100. The Far Orbit Project
  101. Need some stats...um, stat!
  102. Atgar 1.4 FD P-Tower Light anti-vehicle laser cannon
  103. Ship from Prometheus film
  104. Teleporters & "wraith feeding" (Stargate Atlantis)
  105. New Rogue One teaser book
  106. Galaxy Guide 18: Byblos and the Parfadi Sector
  107. Thin-skinned B-wings
  108. Looking for an old thread