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23 October 2002, 04:29 PM
The Ongoing Saga of Vixen and Markus

If you haven’t read all nine parts of The Venution … I’d read them first, cause those will tell you who the heck these people are! So, that being said, if you are reading this, you’re either a punk who doesn’t listen, or someone who has read those other parts. Last time, The Venution was based primarily on a RPG campaign I ran a few years ago which was not exactly one of my best, but it turned out to be quite an adventure for the player who played Markus … the other players were all killed quite easily as you no-doubt saw, and were disappointed by that fact, but all of them really loved that campaign because I made it so realistic.

This story should be much longer, and builds upon The Venution. It tells the story of Vixen retracing her past and being drawn into a galaxy-wide quest. Unlike The Venution, this story is not based on anything … except twisted information coming from that lump three feet above my bum. Once again, I feel I need to restate and update my disclaimer.

If you have a weak stomach, severe rectal dysfunction, heart problems, are pregnant, may be pregnant, ever wish to be pregnant, or ever know someone who might possibly wish to be pregnant sometime in the future if the gods have it in their plans to do so, I urge you to carefully consider not reading this complete pile of rubbish. It is stock-full of violence, blood, guts, gore, and donuts. Never operate heavy machinery during, after, or before reading this story – it may give you nightmares about operating heavy machinery while eating donuts, especially those darned cream-filled ones. The creator of this story, me, wishes to express that although she has written this story while under the influence of alcohol and habit-forming barbiturates, it has not been tested by the FDA, FAA, FBI, CIA, ATF, or the CEO of Microsoft, with the CEO of Enron looking on, to its extended effects when READING it while under the effects of alcohol, or while listening to What if God Smoked Cannabis by Weird Al.

Now that the disclaimer is over, please, stay sober, don’t even think about pregnancy, donuts, or heavy machinery, and enjoy this filth … BE SURE TO DRINK YOUR OVALTINE.

Two red Imperial Guards stand watch at the lift door as it opens and Darth Vader steps through. Vader strides into the eerie, foreboding throne room. His footsteps echo off the metal floor as he approaches the throne. He waits, absolutely still, while the Emperor sits facing into space with his back to the Dark Lord.

“I told you to remain on the command ship,” the Emperor speaks loudly.

Vader responds, “A small Rebel force has penetrated the shield and landed on Endor.”

With no surprise in his voice, the Emperor responds, “Yes, I know.”

After a moment, Vader says, “My son is with them.”

“Are you sure?” Emperor Palpatine says coolly.

Sure of himself, Vader says, “I have felt him, my Master.”

“Strange, that I have not. I wonder if you feelings on this matter are clear, Lord Vader.”

Forcefully, Vader says, “They are clear, my Master.”

“Then you must go to the Sanctuary Moon and wait for them.”

Skeptically, Vader says, “He will come to me?”
“I have foreseen it. His compassion for you will be his undoing. He will come to you, and then you will bring him before me.”

Bowing, Vader responds, “As you wish.”

Vader strides out of the room, his dark black cape making a swooshing sound as he quickly turned around.

The Emperor turned and pondered the conversation a moment, his thoughts again turning back to what he was intensely thinking about before Vader interrupted him. He was quite confident that his plans were proceeding exactly as the Force had told him they would. Soon, in a desperate attack on the second Death Star, the Rebellion would be crushed … and now this new development. How interesting. If he could manage to turn Skywalker, he would once again have a young and able apprentice to do his bidding.

Anger flooded his thoughts as he remembered the dozens of times where Vader had failed him. He had failed to bring Skywalker before him before. He had failed to keep the plans for the first Death Star secret. He had failed to keep Project Venus safe.

His thoughts instantly moved to the reports he had of the beautiful female child that had been born out of Project Venus. He wondered if after this was all over if he might restart Project Venus again, this time, possibly with Skywalker in charge of its security.

Once again, he fell back deeper into his throne, closed his eyes, and began to fall into the Force, probing the Force for knowledge of the future.

The first year after the incident on Yavin IV was the hardest time Vixen had ever faced in her entire life. She had hard lessons ahead of her, and for the first time, she had to truly face her mistakes and their consequences. She came to trust in Markus over that year in every aspect of her retraining. Newly proclaimed a ready Jedi Knight by his master, Luke Skywalker, Markus took Vixen on as his responsibility. He knew that by training her in the same doctrines that he also needed to keep in mind after his near-failure on Yavin IV, he would be helping her and himself, and the will of the Force.

As the year passed on, Vixen began to slowly take in the Jedi teachings Markus told her, and she reconnected with the basic powers of the Force that she had drawn on before, but now she used them without anger, fear, or aggression. Slowly learning the powers of healing she felt the taint of the dark side slowly fade away from within her. Replacing the dark cloak she wore with a brilliant white one, and her arm replaced by a cybernetic limb, she was finally beginning to feel again.

If only she could feel complete and whole … she yearned for wholeness.

Chapter One
Sparring was one thing Vixen still excelled at, and felt as though she had much to learn, but also much to teach Markus. She dashed forward at him, her saber swiping quickly left and right, forcing Markus to stay on the defensive. He was grinning at her, maintaining a strong defense. He had learned to battle her quickness with wise and unwavering defensive measures and maintaining his mobility. If she forced him to stop or distracted his defense, she always found a way in.

Vixen’s blade glowed purple, it’s outer blade glowing blue, but a red color strongly filled the inner blade, causing a mesmerizing purple color to come out. Under the direction of Markus and Luke Skywalker, and also using the techniques she learned from her prior experience as a Sith, she created a two-crystal lightsaber, similar to her earlier one, but this one was the pinnacle of her re-training, and was infused with the power of the light side.

Suddenly changing her tactics again, Vixen flipped sideways and made a kneeling sweep towards Markus’ ankles. Barely jumping away a split second before his ankles would have been lopped off, Markus shut down his lightsaber and gasped for breath.

“Why are you stopping, you avoided my swipe?” Vixen said.

Grinning, Markus sat down in a nearby chair, controlling his breathing. “You were holding back. You could have had me at any time during that. I was trying my best, and you were holding back.”

A sly grin appeared on her beautiful lips, and Markus had his confirmation. His broad chest heaved and he closed his eyes, quickly meditating and regaining his composure and energy.

Opening his eyes a few moments later, he saw Vixen, a few meters away, running through a practice routine, flipping, jumping, rolling, sliding and swinging what appeared to be wild strikes at invisible opponents. But upon closer examination, her movements were cool and calculated. Her speed was amazing to Markus, and he wondered how much of her skill was attributed to her genetic past, and how much was due to her strong connection to the Force and it’s will. While she sometimes had trouble interpreting the signals, she heard the Force clearer and more often than he.

Watching her fluid, controlled movements, Markus was mesmerized by her. His thoughts drifted about, thinking of the last year. He remembered a series of days in which neither of them slept or ate while they passionately discussed the Jedi code. Vixen and he had adamantly taken positions on certain passages in the Jedi code, and neither of them would budge. Eventually, when hunger and exhaustion overcame them, they both ate and slept. The next day, when they awoke both of them had reversed their opinions and would now not budge again. Eventually, they both agreed that the passages could be interpreted either way, and it depended on the specific instance.

Markus remembered the weeks where he watched anxiously as Vixen created her lightsaber crystals and focused the power of the Force into them. Then he watched as she created a masterful curved handle that was unique to any lightsaber he had ever seen or heard about. While using this new lightsaber, she gained even more speed and accuracy of her movements and handling of the blade. He was overcome with extreme pride for her accomplishment and her ability to combine the knowledge of her Sith training with that of her new knowledge of the way of the Jedi.

When he came out of his memory lane stupor, he saw Vixen standing a few meters ahead of him, one hand on her hip, and a wry smile on her face. “Where’d you go?”

Smiling at her beautiful face he answered, “I was just thinking about this last year. I am really proud of your progress you know.”

Her face turning red, “Yes. I know.”

“I was also wondering about your past, your origins. Since there are some gaps in what Doctor Byian told you. If it interests you, maybe we can—“

Interrupting, Vixen said, “Oh yes! I would love to know more. While I think it gives me my naturally strong and agile body as well as a close connection to the Force … I also have … bad dreams and …”

“I have sensed that during this time, but it seems to me as if they are becoming more infrequent.”

Her voice dropping, she says, “Yes … but the memory of them sometimes haunts me in the day. They are very dark, and I can’t remember anything specifically, but I wake up feeling as if I just dreamt of all the horrible, dark, vile things that all of my genetic ‘parents’ did, only I dreamt them all at once.”

Standing up and moving to Vixen, Markus held her and comforted her. “We will make it our new quest then. We will find out as much as we can about your past, and we will work through this. You are not responsible for the actions of your parents,” Suddenly struck with inspiration, Markus also said, “Remember, you also have the genetics of many of the greatest Jedi in history in your blood. Maybe we can find a way to bring forth dreams of their actions instead.”

Vixen stopped sobbing for a moment. She straitened and looked Markus in the eyes, her face only inches from his. He looked at her face, for the first time, not as a student, but as a woman, a young, vibrant and beautiful woman. Not noticing his discomfort in the situation, Vixen kissed him quickly on the lips and then hugged him tightly. “Oh, what a wonderful idea. Your guided meditation is what helped me make the dreams more infrequent in these last few months.”

Pulling back from her gently, Markus was overcome with feelings of guilt. He knew what Luke would say, “You must keep his distance, remain an authority figure, she was a woman, and beautiful,” he would say, “But she is still your student.”

Markus sat back down and closed his eyes for a moment, clearing his mind of these disturbing thoughts. Then he spoke, “We must continue with our current mission. When we get back to the Alliance battle group and see Master Skywalker again, I will ask him how he thinks we should proceed.”

Smiling again, her face clear of tears, her bright green eyes sparkling, she said, “Oh thank you Markus.”

She sat on the floor and began to meditate, her face bright and cheery. Markus once again felt pangs of guilt and fear. She was challenging the very fiber of his beliefs and abilities to remain in control of his feelings as a Jedi, just by her presence.

To be continued …