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Teal Tan Mudds
30 October 2002, 02:31 AM

We're not just any military forces - we are the Gungan Armed Forces. We combine a generations-long tradition of warfare with the benefits of unique organic technologies. Wesa not dark nor light, we're the GAF !

Our Institutions:

GAF - the Gungan Armed Forces
We do not educate thoughtless soldiers but responsible warriors to protect and defend our civilians and our sacred lands. Possible ranks: GAF rooky, GAF warrior (corp., sarge, captain, general), GAF healer, GAF counsellour

GAFFL - the GAF Foreign Legion
We welcome everybody with no regard to sex or species, no matter if banished, judged or hunted. We don't ask for your past, but we demand your loyality. In contrast to our regular troops the GAF Foreign Legion can be hired as an army of mercenaries owned and educated by the GAF. Possible ranks: GAFFL rooky, GAFFL mercenary (corp, sarge, captain, general)

GSS - the Gungan Security Service
Get trained as a bodyguard. Protect and guard persons of high importance throughout the whole galaxy. Wesa now train aliens as well. Don't choose a noghri if you could engage a gungan - Broof Yurdel. Possible ranks: GSS rooky, GSS proved bodyguard, GSS proved guard

GBI - the Gungan Bureau of Investigation
You will be trained to become an agent or investigator. As an official investigator or hidden operator it'll your job to secretly find out about political developments on foreign planets. Possible ranks: GBI practitioner, GBI investigator, GBI agent

GPR - Gungan Public Relations
Become an ambassador of our cause. You will be trained to represent our species in galactical comitees, to extinguish common heterodoxy and prejudices. Possible ranks: GPR practitioner, GPR assistant, GPR ambassador

Apply to the above institutions at the GAF Barracks Recruitment Center. http://pub13.ezboard.com/bthegunganarmedforces