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Jimmy Gipe
30 October 2002, 09:32 AM
A SW-RPG I'm starting: Advice and Comments

I'm sorry if this will seem like I'm rambling I'm just excited.

Hi everyone. I'm begining to run an SW-RPG with time travel. Basicly a used severly modified Space Transport the CrimsonNova was sold to four Jedi, when they activated their hyper drive to go back to Yavin 4 they droped out during a Vong battle. (there present is shortly after the Shadow Academy siege) After the battle most of the damage to their ship was repaired except for a partal hull breach, because the SD they were on got force out of hyperspace and destroied (after launching most of the escap pods and starfighters) during the CrimsonNova's escape the sublights were knocked out and an escape pod with three non-force users and a T6XJ X-wing piloted by a Jedi docked and used their engines to build up suficent speed for the CrimsonNova to go to hyperspace (with the X-wing and Escape pod still atached).

Notes: in my game the Vong don't have hyperdrive but instead using dovan bassals to create a sort of gravity tunnel to be supper acellerated. This "Gravity Tunnel" is detected as a focused gravitational disturbance and is seen as a distortion tunnel.

Notes 2: Before anyone comment I know that the supplies of a frighter cannot supply, at leaset normally, 8 people and that will be meantioned in the game by Jeramia McClain a desendent of one of the few Alderonians that was away at the time of the destruction of Alderrain.

One of the 4 Jedi is Vulca a species I created.


The Vulca are anphibious, have four arms the top 2 arms are normal while the lower 2 are smaller and weaker for more fine work, also they are limitedly telepathic, they have to be touching the person for three seconds at least before they can "contact" the mind of the other person the more alien the mind the harder it is. Finaly their ships. the Vulca ships have semi-organic control panales meaning the command is given as fast as a thought but due to mechanical speeds the action or command isn't as fast. Though The Vulca may seem powerful with the organic/mechanical tech there are draw backs, for an example when a Vulca ship is reciving damage the people in contact with the controls feel pain, amount varis with damage.

The ship weapons of the Vulca is beam based. Finaly the location of the vulca homeworld is on a Galatic arm. I'm stoping now because I think I've been rambling too much.

30 October 2002, 10:04 AM
Well Jimmy, that certainly sounds like a very good concept for an ongoing campaign. I don't know if you've started it yet or not. But here's another idea if you haven't. Instead of time travel, make it dimensional travel. Kind of like the show Sliders, if you've ever seen that. A gate opens up and the people go to alternate realities. Where sometimes minor things are different, sometimes MAJOR things are different. Here's an example:

Your PC's go to an alternate reality where Anakin Skywalker rises up and kills Palpatine. Then takes his spot as Emperor.


The first death star wasn't destroyed in time to save Yavin 4. So all the rebel's had to regroup and basically start over.


Luke Skywalker gets killed by the Rancor in Jabba's palace. Leaving nobody to go and confront the Emperor and Darth Vader. Which, in the end, results in the Rebellion getting wiped out in the battle over Endor.

These are just some ideas. And like I said, if you've already started your campaign (which it sounds like you have). Then just ignore these. Or store them in your memory banks for the next campaign. As I said, it sounds as if you've got quite a good concept for your campaign. Have fun, and good gaming!!!

30 October 2002, 12:22 PM
It's a fun concept, time travel. I ran short term game where, years after Luke killed the Emperor, and Father and Son ruled the galaxy. A time jump machine was created in secret and a hypthosis of " What If" was formualted. A small group were sent back in time to effect a change. "keep luke on the light side."
After a few bungled attempts and multiple deaths (ie." last time you tried this, and died, don't do that this time.") the characters were shielded and hidden in the DS2 throne room and used the force and subliminal holos to influence Luke. it was a fun game.

Jimmy Gipe
1 November 2002, 09:58 PM
Hello. Now my players are in an abandoned Jedi base ..... or maybe it's not so abandoned ( Mwahahaha ;) lol) It's amaziong what you don't tell the players a head of time. :) Thanks Scottyboy and DarthMalaryush for being the first to respondies. :) *gives them a trophy and ribbon*

2 November 2002, 10:26 AM
You could make it so that the Executor wasn't destroyed, the Death Star was still destroyed above Yavin, but the Executor razed the rebel base through planetary bombardment.
A problem with the hyperdrive delayed Han in coming back to rescue Luke, who gets shot down by Darth Vader. Yavin is destroyed, and Vader kills the Emperor because he caused Vader to kill his son. Vader is assasinated by Prince Xixor before he can take control. Xixor stops the Empire's discrimination against aliens and flat-out cruelty on Empire controlled worlds. The Rebellion loses members rapidly because it's cause becomes moot. Xixor's Empire becomes a crime-based empire of trade and power.