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31 October 2002, 06:39 AM
Hey All,
One member of my group, also a member who is helping me with running a couple NPC's... was wondering since the dark side causes you to physically age as sort of payment, does the light side do the opposite? good example would be Yoda.... how old was his Race really supposed to live? we dont know... but i was wondering if anyone had any insight on this question or if i should just make something up (something i really dont like doing).


31 October 2002, 06:53 AM
Well, I would say that yes, it does work that way. I mean it doesn't make a person immortal or anything like that. But I would say that it definitely makes the aging process slow down. If you think about it, the Force comes from all living things, right? Well, a light side Jedi has the power of "life" running through his/her body constantly. Therefore, he/she is imbued and sustained by that power. That would make sense to me anyways.

31 October 2002, 06:56 AM
Well, the OCR and RCR (in the force section) does suggest that Jedi tend to live longer than normal people of their species, often 3x the normal way. This has something to do with being in touch with the universe, using the life force, etc. Plus, i think the Midichlorians are supposed to be real nice guys- maybe they patch up the ends of DNA strands.

In a scientific view, aging could be defined as cellular mutation within a cell- usually, mutation is bad. :( It causes all sorts of messed up things to happen within cells.

if you think about it, the force and the dark side are two extremes. the middle is Joe Average, who has no connection to the force. They live an average life span.

you have already suggested a quickening in apparent age by the dark side- it drives us quicker to that which all humanity fears (in some form or another), death.

Sure, i like the fact Jedis last longer. as champions of the force (and thus life) they can effect change and do the will of the force for a longer time. this increases the effectiveness of the force to fight off infection (ala dark side)...

or you can just see Jedi as being really efficient at energy use in the force and conserve a lot while dark siders need more power and are inefficient (causing force friction or something ) that degrades their bodies.

just my take.

31 October 2002, 07:48 AM
Energy efficient people... Well, I must say it's an interesting concept, and probably very accurate.

I just wonder, though, if it's more of a consciously-activated skill to preserve one's life for so long, or if the light side does prolong life automatically. I mean, look at the end of Yoda's life; he seemed to give up there at the end, resigned to his fate. Doubtless he could have called on the Force to sustain him a little longer, though perhaps not by too much longer. That makes me wonder if it's a skill that Yoda chose not to excercise any more.

But, Ravager is probably right (or closer to it than I am), and his theory is a bit more logical, anyway.

Prof. Tricky
31 October 2002, 12:18 PM
I don't recall were,but I heard that human Jedi live about 20 years longer.

Lord Diggori
31 October 2002, 01:45 PM
I'm not sure if it was in PotJ or some other book but I recall reading that Jedi usually live twice as long as other members of their species.

I always explained this to my PCs like this: the light side is life, Jedi being life forms are enriched by channeling life energy. The darkside being death is also channeled by life but corrodes the conduit swiftly.

Rogue Janson
31 October 2002, 01:54 PM
"surely he must be dead by now"
I always took tarkin's shock at finding out obi-wan was still alive to be surprise that he could live that long, not just that he had escaped the emperor's agents. But that's more a feeling, I don't think obi-wan is actually all that old in ANH.

1 November 2002, 09:03 AM
The revised Star Wars Roleplaying Game says "Jedi live longer than the average member of their species. While a typical Human lives well into his or her 80s, a Human Jedi might live well into his or her 100s. The upper limit for a character in the Force can be twice as much or more than a typical member of a species."

But the movies don't give much evidence of this:
Obi-Wan Kenobi: 57 years old in Episode IV, Alec Guinness about 63 at the time.
Mace Windu: Officially 40 in Episode I and 50 in Episode II; Samuel Jackson is in his mid-50s but looks younger.
Count Dooku: Both character and actor were about 80 in Episode II. Some dark side ageing possible, but he doesn't look much younger in earlier EU depictions (Bounty Hunter, Jango Fett--Open Seasons, Rite of Passage).
Yoda: We have no idea how long his species lives normally.
Adi Gallia, Luminara Unduli, Shaak Ti: These Jedi Masters were played by actors in their 20s.

Even without the Force, Jedi are healthier than most people and could be expected to live a little longer. One Jedi might be happy to age in the natural course of life, while another might (consciously or unconsciously) prolong her life, but rarely by more than a decade or two, I'd think.

1 November 2002, 09:24 AM
This reminds me-

I'm playing a 'methuselah' type character in star wars- bioengineered to have a natural lifespan of 300 years and being force sensitive. this effectively gave me a playing age of 600-1,000 years to work with.

Someone could do the same thing with a wookie (who average 300 years). You'd figure with this kind of lifespan prolonging thing, there'd be stories of wookie jedis... except that didn't wookies only get 'discovered' during the empire era? i'm not sure on this one.

still, having a 'tweaked' age is great rpg characters- at least they don't have to worry so much about growing old in the teeth... at least until the imperials knock them out.

Plus, having long lived NPCs are great too- especially Jedi who used a Trance to escape notice for a few months at a time, get a drink of water, eat something, then go to sleep again.

without cloning though... it's hard to have dark side villains.

Frobi-Wan Kenobi
1 November 2002, 09:47 AM
I don't remember seeing anything on ways for Jedi to increase their life, but I wouldn't put it past those Jedi.

RoW - Wookiees were in one of the Senate scenes in TPM.

1 November 2002, 01:55 PM
The Wookiees have been members of the Republic for at least a thousand years; Senator Yarua of Kashyyyk is written up in Star Wars Gamer #4. And there are Wookiee Jedi -- cf. Jedi Master Tyvokka in The Stark Hyperspace War, pictured here (scroll down) with Dooku and Qui-Gon Jinn (http://www.holonetnews.com/54/news/1352_1.html), a senior member of the Jedi Council for some time before 44 BBY.

1 November 2002, 07:54 PM
If you're looking for a mechanic to explain the extreme long life some Jedi seem to have, you might check out the Epic Level Campaigns sourcebook.

If you're looking for the medical explanation, wrap your mind around this: Okinawans, who created karate and who learn it instead of baseball as youths, are world renowned for their longevity. Karate, at its root, is a lifestyle. As is being a Jedi. The lifestyle and the tenets it holds practitioners to affects the practitioner average lifespan.

If you're looking for the mystical explanation: it's the Force, dude. Anything is possible. Anything. ;)

3 November 2002, 09:38 AM
Well, in answer to the original question, I think that anyone sensitive to the Force lives for a long time (regardles Dark or Light side), its just that each side provides age different. The light side overs a long and full, healthy longevity, so that a I20 year old lightsider might seem like he was only 65. On the other hand, the dark side whithers and twists life as it ages, hence the emporer's apperance (much like Smeagol in LOTR).

19 November 2002, 01:16 PM
Look at Mace, he lived for like 120 years!!! He is just a human. Nothing speacial. He would have lived longer had he not been slaughtered.--Arcome