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31 October 2002, 05:24 PM
I'm going to be gamemastering a group of players soon that will be roleplaying as a task force for the New Republic, operating behind the scenes. The task force itself is a descendant of Admiral Drayson's Blue Intelligence group. The players are really operatives for the task force, the actual task force itself has only one overall mission: to serve and protect the ideals which the New Republic represents. The time period is during the New Jedi Order, when the YV invasion is in full swing. Spoiler: Coruscant has not yet fallen. I'm looking for any good ideas you guys might have for missions the task force might send the players on. The players have a modified skipray blastboat, and a starfighter I designed called an R-wing, more powerful than an X-wing. They are all level 5 and are a variety of classes.
Thanks in advance for any help!!

Nova Spice
31 October 2002, 07:32 PM
Hey Elfword, I too am running a NJO campaign and have four 5th level characters. The time period is about two weeks into Dark Tide I: Onslaught with my group.

As for your SpecOps PCs, perhaps have them on a world that has been rumored to contain Peace Brigade scum bags. Intelligence thinks that the Peace Brigade is planning on selling a large portion of the refugees on the planet to a Yuuzhan Vong Commander and his task force nearby. Rumor has it that among the refugees is a member of the New Republic Observers (undercover spy) that has learned something vital about where the Vong fleet is going to strike next.

When the PCs arrive they must locate the Observer and evacuate the refugees as large groups of Peace Brigaders begin to herd the refugees in order to sell them off to the Vong (who happen to be waiting just a small microjump away and planning to conquer the world).

As for the setting, an urban environment would work well as would perhaps a wilderness terrain. Worlds such as Rodia (Equator City), Durckenwell, and Sriluur would be perfect places to set up the adventure. The New Republic Observer also happens to be a Prestige Class located here at SWRPGNetwork at the main site.

I hope this starts a domino-effect of adventure ideas for you Elfword. :D ;)

3 November 2002, 09:48 AM
Looks like you're the only domino Nova. Thanks for the idea!

Nova Spice
3 November 2002, 10:28 AM
Looks like you're the only domino Nova. Thanks for the idea!

Don't worry about it Elfword; I'm sure folks will eventually reply with even better ideas than my feeble attempt. Glad I could help though. ;)

Talon Razor 'GM'
3 November 2002, 10:51 AM
Lots of Ideas here Elfword. For example, the task force could hear that someone in the higher up office (like a plantary governor or a Sentator) may be collaberating with the YV. The PCs have to invesagte but whoever they are invesageting cannot get any idea that they are chechking him out. Like, have them check shipping records and his flights to planets. Have them see that he made a trip to a planet the sympathizes with the Peace Brigade. They then have to fly there and check it out. Give them leads then have the leads turn dead end or reveale another lead. One of the good things about this is that you can set-up future adventures. They uncover a plot when they were checking...say account transfers or whatever.
Another idea is that they hear of a mysterious dark lord on a planet that is talking about joining the YV. Further investagtion reveals that he is a Dark Jedi and believes that the YV are 'the great deliverer" and attempt to side with them, bringing an occult with dozens of following. They have to stop them or else the YV might be able to create YV Jedi with the occult.
Other ideas could be emissarys to the Chiss to bring them into play, going to check up on the CSA to see where they stand only to see massive Peace Brigade movments. Infiltrating captured planets and doing spying there. Being assigned to form a group to protect refugees.

Just some ideas.