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Teal Tan Mudds
1 November 2002, 01:04 AM
http://www.greenwar.de/pics/banner/gafad_300x50.jpg (http://pub13.ezboard.com/bthegunganarmedforces)
Anyone interested in joining GAF (Gungan Armed Forces)
or GAFFL (Gungan Armed Forces Foreign Legion) ?

GAF - We're not just any military forces - we are the Gungan Armed Forces. We combine a generations-long tradition of warfare with the benefits of unique organic technologies. We do not educate thoughtless soldiers but responsible warriors to protect and defend our civilians and our sacred lands.
Wesa not dark nor light, we're the GAF !

GAFFL - We welcome everybody with no regard to sex or species, no matter if banished, judged or hunted. We don't ask for your past, but we demand your loyality. In contrast to our regular troops the GAF Foreign Legion can be hired as an army of mercenaries owned and educated by the GAF.

learn about our institutions and staff.. (http://www.greenwar.de/army/institutions.htm)

Sarge Tanks
1 November 2002, 01:22 AM
Naboo, Theed, Waterhouse Pub

*Tanks was hanging 'round the bar, tired. He worried about the troops. There hadn't been many recruits around lately. I times of peace people tended to forget about the army...

The youngsters didn't seem to be very interested in there martial heritage. Most of them preferred fast amusements, had great dreams of space travel or weren't willing to take responsibility for their nation or even for themselves.

He was tired of their egoistical attitudes, wanting nothing but fun the whole day long. Only caring about the next party or their first landglider.

The old time values of honour and devotion seemed to be long gone. This next generation would drag them all to the ground. One day trouble would be back on naboo, be it another emperor or a foreign species trying to invade or just destroy the planet. Would they be prepared by then ?

The armys size had been decreasing to an alarmingly low level. Would the planetary defence still be guaranteed ? Sooner or later some enemy would become aware of their weakness and they would come down on naboo like thunder.

Tanks worried. He had been talking to some friends in higher positions but nobody actually seemed to share his concern. Were they all sleeping ? Their glorious nation was steering into a catastrophy but nobody cared.

Sure there were quite some Jedi around to protect individuals against isolated attacks. People praised the skillful and brave knights. Kids played jedi and sith in the streets...

The nation relied on a dinghy instead of a battleship. One day they'd crash into an iceberg and all the crawfishes would cry for the grand army. But would this grand army still be existent ?*

*He ordered a double Whiskey to smooth his concern...*

27 November 2002, 02:39 AM
If this is a joke, hehe, pretty funny. Otherwise...no comment.