View Full Version : Did Rigil get Shot Through Another Wormhole?

Frobi-Wan Kenobi
3 November 2002, 01:19 PM
The title says it all.

Rigil Kent
4 November 2002, 07:05 AM
Yeah, afraid so. Now I'm being hunted by this insane military commander...

Actually, RL is driving me insane right now. My job is turning into a serious hassle (stupid promotions :mad: ) and I'm having to work 10 and 11 hours a day. Since I've threatened violence (and quitting) if they don't stop it, I should be back online this week.

Once again, I apologize for the extended absences...

Chris Curtis
4 November 2002, 07:50 AM
Rigil, maybe you could look into getting an assistant so that when one of you is out of touch for whatever reason the other one can hopefully keep the submissions going up.

Reverend Strone
4 November 2002, 04:44 PM
Did Rigil get Shot Through Another Wormhole?

LOL! I feel off my chair and gave away to the rest of the office that I was on the web when I should have been working (I seem to be doing a lot of that lately).

Rigil, maybe you could look into getting an assistant so that when one of you is out of touch for whatever reason the other one can hopefully keep the submissions going up.

Yes, yes - to Chris Curtis you listen! Rigil you do a fantastic job, and I don't think anyone here would suggest anyone who could do it better, but like hungry kids we always hanker for more! Perhaps you would consider bringing on an assistant as Chris suggests, if anything just to ease your considerable workload and take the pressure off a notch.

As I said, we love your work and offer these thoughts as suggestions, not criticisms.:)

4 November 2002, 08:36 PM
Well, I usually try and take time to go through and rule out the easy rejections (bad formatting, no stats for one system, etc) so Rigil only has the difficult ones to go through.

Matt Richard
13 November 2002, 08:16 PM
I think finding an assistant would be a very good idea. Real life sucks when it gets in the way of your hobbies (I know from personal experience :D). The other sites are run by more than one person, so why not submissions?

Nova Spice
22 November 2002, 07:37 PM
I second the notion for an assistant. Rigil has an extremely time-consuming job and IMO it is only prudent to have someone on the side to help him when needed! :D

I'd love to volunteer, but I have other responsibilities (NRESB, real-life, RPG group, etc.) that would take up much of my time as well. Perhaps someone else out there might wanna give it a shot? I'm sure Moridin would be more than willing to at least look into the idea. :D

22 November 2002, 11:02 PM
Just for everyone's reference, I've gone through and either approved or rejected everything in the queue, and when I think of a good way to get the information out, will be posting a news item on all the approved submissions.

As for an assistant, we'll see, but remember that SWRPGNetwork staff positions are invite only, and we don't take applications. Not trying to be jerks, but rather cutting down on the bureaucracy.

Frobi-Wan Kenobi
23 November 2002, 12:29 AM
I got the emails yesterday regarding my latest 4 conversions Moridin, thanks.

I try not to put too many submissions in at a time since I can't even begin to fathom the barrage of submissions that a great site such as this receives on a weekly basis.

I would just like to again thank you, and all of the staff members here for the phenomenal (that's my new favorite word) job that you have always done.

Rigil Kent
2 December 2002, 06:20 PM
As many of you may have noticed, my presence here has increased seriously in the last week. Work has eased somewhat (comes from those damned 10 hour days in front of a stupid computer!) so I should be able to maintain the Submissions site a little better.

Pesky wormholes...

Frobi-Wan Kenobi
2 December 2002, 06:52 PM
Originally posted by Rigil Kent
Pesky wormholes...

They show up at the worst times.