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Paul Klein
4 November 2002, 01:12 AM

I am currently hard at work writing and plotting a Star Wars Infinites campaign, to be played sometime in the not-too-near future.

I’m going to talk about what the story is, and I would appreciate any help or comments on what I have.

The premise I have thought up is one like a “parallel universe”. Here’s how it goes: In the Star Wars: Episode 4 – A New Hope we all know, the one released in 1977, there was a group of Rebels summoned to Alderaan by Bail Organa. Bail wanted them to do a search and rescue for his daughter, Leia, after she was taken prisoner by Darth Vader.
Upon leaving Alderaan, before clearing orbit, their sensors detected an enormous battle station, followed by a colossal power signature coming from the station. The last thing they saw was a bright green blast – their ship was consumed in the explosion when Alderaan was destroyed, killing them instantly.

Betcha didn’t know that! Well, it’s true, because I made it up :)

So after thinking that up, I thought “what if those Rebels had left just a minute earlier? What if they survived the blast?”

Well, such is the premise for my campaign. I’d like you to read a very quick and basic summery for Act One of the campaign, and tell me what you think!



In the initial act, the heroes are on their way to the planet Alderaan after receiving a priority message from Senator Bail Organa, of The Royal House of Alderaan. Bail tells the heroes that his daughter, Leia Organa, a senator herself, has gone missing, likely taken prisoner by the Empire. He asks them to locate and rescue her.
Upon leaving Alderaan, things immediately take a turn for the worse. After just clearing Alderaan’s orbit, the planet is destroyed by the Death Star’s superlaser, sending the heroes ship spiraling out of control by the colossal blast – and into the waiting jaws of the Death Star’s tractor beam. After their ship is docked, and the heroes captured and sent to the detention center, all they can do is wait to be executed.
It is on their way to be executed when they get a chance for escape. Being escorted by a detachment of guards and stormtroopers, the heroes encounter Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and the women they were sent to rescue, Leia Organa, in the middle of a firefight with stormtroopers inside a docking bay. After the heroes deal with their escorts, and helping the others with theirs, they get offered a ride aboard their ship, the Millennium Falcon. Unable to refuse, they accept, and blast away from the Death Star, en route to Yavin IV.

Now, whatever the heroes do (the ones who survived the blast) will have a lasting impact on the galaxy. Like, for example, they find a man encased in carbonite, and release him, revealing a Jedi Padawan from the Old Republic with a bad case of hibernation sickness. If the heroes died in that blast, the carbonite slab would never have been found.

That is how I’m going to introduce the Jedi PC in this campaign. This was, he doesn’t have to be another “unfound” Jedi-in-hiding.

Now I’m considering whether or not to allow any pilot PCs (if I have any) participate in the Battle of Yavin, and exactly how that would affect the outcome. Should be fun!

So, whatcha think? Any suggestions for me?

Emperor Xanderich II
4 November 2002, 01:51 AM
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Jim Williams
4 November 2002, 03:44 AM
Sounds great! In my campaign, my Jedi recently found a carbonite-encased Jedi too. It works.

As for the Battle of Yavin, definitely don't have them make the trench run with Gold Leader or Red Leader (heh heh, unless you don't like the PC). I've always figured there had to be a cover squadron+ engaging TIEs...that could be them. One officer did say, "We count thirty ships in all" and only 9 made the run. One of them could even watch Luke make "the shot".

4 November 2002, 05:20 AM
Originally posted by Jim Williams
Sounds great! In my campaign, my Jedi recently found a carbonite-encased Jedi too. It works.

Carbonite-encased Jedi litter the landscape when you take all the Infinities into account, and it is a very good cinematic answer for why the Jedi exists.

You may want to consider a few things like making the Jedi act out his hibernation sickness, chronic side-effects from being frozen improperly (a limp, maybe, or a slight slur), etc.

As far as how much to let them affect the outcome of classic battles: as much as you're willing to let the overall timeline shift. If you let them change the outcome in a significant way, you're creating a significant shift in the timeline somewhere. Maybe the Rebels never choose Hoth for their next base, and they never suffer the huge defeats at Hoth.

I think the key is the more the players do, the more you should tailor the campaign to make life difficult for the players. If they take out a Star Destroyer with a squadron of fighters, have the initial fleet buildup at Sullust discovered and crushed, leaving the Alliance fleet about 3/4 of its movie strength. Encourage the players, through Admiral Ackbar and other fleet NPCs, to pick up the slack the lost capships has created.

You can do a whole lot without drastically changing the cinematic feel of scenes in terms of background. However, I would be careful with adding too many people to the "Death Star Run Survivor" roster. Everyone who can claim that honor has either served in Rogue Squadron or is Han Solo, Lando Calrissian or Nien Nunb (aka fleet officers). It's a bond that's brought those pilots together consistantly for years following the events around them, a piece of common ground they built their relationships on.

I'll stop now, 'cause I'm rambling. ;)

4 November 2002, 05:46 AM
Or if you want to make your campaign REALLY interesting (now keep in mind you'll have to change the timeline DRASTICALLY), you could say that Vader took Luke out before he made "the shot". Which would result in Yavin IV being destroyed, and the rebel's scattered. You could have your PC's be assigned with getting the survivors back together to form the "new" rebellion. That would make for a quite interesting campaign. And I think that your players would really enjoy being able to take part in remaking the rebellion. Just an idea though. Have fun, and good gaming.

4 November 2002, 05:57 AM
it could go the other way as well, we all know that vader's tie was damaged pretty sevierly, what if Han went after that last tie and destroyed it so no one would be able to tell the emperior that the first Deathstar was destroyed?... that would have very long lasting effects on how Luke developes as a Jedi. and if no one knew the deathstar was destroyed it would allowed the Rebeillion to make its proclamation of destroying it and have its "truth about the Empire's tyrany" speech out before the Imperial Propaganda Devision (not sure which department it went under) could tell it was a "terrorist attack on inocent civilians on a new trade station". this could cause a lot of new suport for the rebellion and the ur PCs could have to go and help save worlds under siege that are rioting against the Empire. Saving key Characters and members of the planet government and or scientist. *much like those involved in saving the Incom x-wing development team. (hey that could be a lil hook for ya to use :))

i hope all of our sugestions helped and i hope u and ur friends have a great time playing this campain it sounds like a lot of fun :D

4 November 2002, 07:07 AM
I like your idea a lot. It seems very well thought out.
As Ardent said, I would be careful involving any pilots in the deathstar run, unless you want them to start being involved closely with major characters.
If you want a rather fiendish idea: have it so that Han missed and shot down Luke instead of Vader. He tries to tell people this, but they all believe that he did it for money, that the Empire hired him after he sold out the Rebellion. Boba Fett would still be after him for the empire, and the Rebels would want to send someone to capture Han and bring him to justice for them. Maybe your heroes could be those people?

Paul Klein
4 November 2002, 01:35 PM
Actually, yeah, I'm hesitant to allow them to fight in the Battle of Yavin simply becuase I *do* want to distance them from the "main heroes"... only becuase I have plans for them.

And I wasen't aware that carbonite-encased Jedi were a common thing! Could anyone list any sources where one was found?


Paul Klein
5 November 2002, 12:35 AM
Here's what I just wrote - from when the heroes first encounter the heroes of Yavin on the Death Star. This is exactly the moment in the campaign where Star Wars as we know it changes. Tell me whatcha think.

Four stormtroopers, two Death Star troopers and one Death Star officer are escorting the heroes to an unknown location where they are to be executed.
Engaging these seven characters in combat would be a difficult proposition for a party of 1st level heroes. All seven in combat against the heroes would make for a challenge code F encounter. That combined with the fact that the heroes are probably completely unarmed and unarmored would make this an almost impossible encounter. This should keep the heroes in line.
However, their escort walks them past docking bay 327, the same docking bay in which the Millennium Falcon sits. In addition, Luke, Han, Leia, Chewbacca, C-3PO and R2-D2 are also in the docking bay, making a break for the ship.
Read aloud:

You walk in pairs, two to a side, with stormtroopers clutching your arms in one hand, and carrying a blaster rifle in the other. You don’t know how long your death walk will last, or what exactly you will encounter when it reaches the end. You begin pondering exactly what form of execution awaits you when the sight of the blackness of space and the twinkling of stars catches your eye. You must be coming up on a docking bay to your right side. As you walk closer to the open blastdoor, you see a battered, dirty and old Corellian freighter sitting inside. Looking decidedly un-Imperial, you decide that the owner of the ship must have met the same fate as you. As your thoughts drift towards your own ship, you see a group of rag-tag looking individuals running out a corridor that runs parallel to your own. A young, well-tanned blond-haired boy of no more than 20 standard years; an older man wearing a black vest over a white tunic, roguishly unbuttoned, exposing his chest, with a fast-draw holster at his side; a giant, brown Wookiee brandishing a bowcaster; and a young, beautiful women wearing a simple white dress. The Princess Leia Organa! The very women you were assigned to rescue! You get a better chance to take a closer look at her as your escort stops to also take a look at what appears to be four armed rebels making their escape. The older man, the Wookiee and Leia all break right for the open docking ramp of their ship, but the younger man runs a little farther back and stops, staring at something out of your view. Two droids, one a golden protocol droid, then other a squat blue astromech droid, move toward the ship from to the right of you in the docking bay. You can just barely make out the sound of what seems to be static-discharges coming from the direction of what the young man is staring at. And then, all is silent. The young man nervously shifts his weight to his other foot, and a second later, screams an anguish-filled “NO!”. He immediately raises his blaster rifle, and starts firing manically at the unseen targets. Blaster bolts fly back toward him, some hitting the docking bay floor, some the ship, and some sailing out into open space – but none coming anywhere close to the brave boy. The older man and the Wookiee raise their weapons from the cover of their ship’s docking ramp, and also return fire.
It is at this time when your escort seems completely at a loss of what to do. They seem anxious to fire upon the boy and his companions, but don’t want to leave themselves open to you. They turn to look at you, then at each other, and then the officer leading the escort yells “fire!”. All six troopers return fire on the rebels, catching them unprepared. All looks lost for them. What do you do?

5 November 2002, 05:39 AM
sounds like a good intro, but just what can they do? Even the basic stormtrooper is more than a match for lvl 1 or starting characters in either D20 or WEG, unless they have a Wookie or a martial arts master amongst them...

Where you going to provide them with helping fire from the iconic heroes?

Paul Klein
5 November 2002, 09:35 AM
Absolutly, RoyalGuard. In addition, not all need to be killed. Its a short run to the Falcon :)

Consul Vido
5 November 2002, 10:07 AM
I like it! :D It sounds like your players in for an exciting game.

I've always liked Infininities, because you can sort of slice up the movies and keep what you like and get rid of what you don't. And having the heroes be part of Luke, Leia, etceteras escape from the Death Star is an awesome way to get started.