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5 November 2002, 07:21 AM
I notice this happening a lot (and sorry if it has been brought up before) but, expecially in games the EU and the Movies seem to clash on many points. In my campaigns, I try to distance the PC's from the main events of the movies (for example, they would fight in the Clone Wars, but not at the Battle of Geonosis, be part of the Rebellion, but never at the place where the Heroes of Yavin are). I sparingly allow PC's to interact with well established characters (Master Arca, for example in my TotJ campaign).
Instead, I like creating a new "world" (as it were) for the PC's to act in. They ar ethe heroes. Yes, the movies and the EU still happen, but the PC's are far removed from it, and their events dictate the adventures.
What is everyone elses take on this? Am I being to hardcore? Shoiuld I allow more leway on certian points?
Questions and comments are always loved. Rants are cool too.

5 November 2002, 08:18 AM
I am gearing up for a new campaign. My last one was set in and around the Rebellion era. With the release of AotC, I can no longer reconcile the EU with the movies. So bye-bye EU!

Although I want to stay true to cannon (i.e. only the movies), I also want to move the campaign away from the action of the films. The nice thing about deleting the EU is that I now have free reign over the future! If Lucas is going to make movies about the future of the universe (really doubtful), he won't be doing it for a while.

So my campaign will be set about 150 years after the Battle of Endor. The galaxy is divided into 2 major governments and several smaller governments. The Separatist planets and the Rebel Alliance planets make up the cores of the 2 major goverments. Each controls about 40% orf the galaxy. They are both actively courting a sector that shares a border with each territory (this is where the action will take place).

In my world, Luke only trained his sister and his own kids (and Leia trained her own kids). The Jedi became a family tradition and spread slowly. Fortunately Luke had a lot of children (and two wives). Jacen and Jaina (ok, I am disregarding the EU and then stealing from the junk pile) both had a lot of children as well. Eventually, some Jedi adopted force sensitive children and started several alien families of Jedi. Jedi seek out Force sensitives as mates and these are usually their first apprentices.

The descendants of Luke are the Jedi Bendu (Guardians) and the descendants of Leia are the Jedi Ashla (Councilors) (ok, I am also stealing from Lucas's scrapyard). By the time the action starts (150 years after Endor), there are about 1000 Jedi, but they are independent from all of the governments.

Nice thing about this system is that your mom and your dad are your masters. They can't go on adventures with you because they are training your younger siblings or they are now too old for adventures.

5 November 2002, 08:26 AM
That's a great idea.
One campaign I tried to run, but didn't work out so well was a campaign set in a similar time frame, only that Like had established a Jedi Acadamey, and it had succeeded. The Jedi Council was new, but exisited and teere were a large number of Jedi in the galaxy.
The campaign focused on fighting back Dark Jedi and maintainnig peace in the New Republic. One of the NPC's in this campaign was Chewbacca.
The players lost interest in it shortly after we all heard about the Wookie's demise.

5 November 2002, 10:37 AM
As I'm finishing up the final touches on the NJO campaign plotline, major encounters, sidetracks, redirects and the other tools of the eminently (un-)prepared GM, I'm considering making the next campaign an Old Republic Era campaign where the players play their NJO characters' ancestors (the majority of which are Jedi, just FYI) in a pseudo-parallel sort of "pure happenstance" campaign.

There are a few small problems, but I intend to just break down whatever logical barriers there might be and do what I want (aka the Lucas Method). The Old Republic Ewok Jedi Weapon Master this way cometh...

As far as how close or how far from canon you want to go...keep in mind that every campaign, no matter how hard it works to avoid affecting the canon will, ultimately, affect the canon. That's why I start designing every campaign with the knowledge that it will end up being an Infinities campaign whether I want it to or not.

5 November 2002, 12:05 PM
I kind of like drawing references from both, and kind of combining them. If the heroes manage to change the course of history, that is cool. It makes for some interesting GMing on my part.

In fact shortly the PC's will probably be meeting up with Palleon in the Imperial Remnant. Should make for some intersting gaming.

Lord Diggori
5 November 2002, 12:21 PM
I actively avoid movie conflicts. I think that folks play my game to play Star Wars and if I violate movie canon it feels less SW-ish to me.

One of players asked about the line in Ep. II inferring the Republic being around for 1000 years, while I hold it to the 25,000 year timeline. I told them that the Battle of Ruusan temporarily fractured the Republic, trying to make it fit.

Expanded Universe stuff I'm more flexible with cause my players may not have read certain books, so it's not Star Wars to them.

I support GM creativity but I like to keep my games as close to Lucas' style as possible to keep it "pure".

5 November 2002, 02:29 PM
It's often best to stick to movie cannon simply for the fact that most people will have seen them, know them, and understand them. Dropping in little bits of the EU after that is fine, but it's best to start with common ground everyone knows.

5 November 2002, 09:03 PM
When it comes to Rebel era campaingns I tend to stick to to movies and like Elf boy said hav my PC's involved in the current events, but not replacing the movie heros. When it come to NR and NJO era's I tend to pick and choose what bits I want to use and what I don't. I also am working on an infinities campaign that pits the Jedi against each other and the government.

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
5 November 2002, 09:04 PM
I'll be starting a campaign not too long from now, and it will be taking place after the events of Star by Star. I'm using that as a referance starting point for my game.

After that, I try to distance as far as possible from running the campaign in the same areas as the canon material is. Instead of being in Coruscant, i'll be at Bespin or some other outer fringe area or any other part of the galaxy that the main characters are not in.

Since the subject is talking about the differences in the Canon and EU, for aotc, thats a gray area for me. I avoid running a game in that time period, thats just my choice.

How about asking the players which would they prefer? EU or canon events to go by and them have them stick with that choice. That or just go with whatever fits best.

Rogue Janson
6 November 2002, 04:03 AM
I'm quite a big fan of the EU (well, most of it). In the Rebellion Era campaign I run, I've kept the characters away from the main centres of action - I've founid it easier to limit them to roughly a sector so far. I introduced one EU character, Kyle Katarn and the dark trooper project, but I don't intend to let them screw around with the events, unless they do something really special that is.
The players do really want to be at Hoth though, and I intend to let them - provided they survive the next two and a half years that is...

I also play in a NJO campaign and it has been really good to work with a detailed timeline and events that aren't just dictated by the GM (I believe GMs just deciding everything is a very bad thing (especially when it's me)). So far we've been involved in the Battle of Dantooine - the book obviously failed to mention the high use of thermal detonators by certain elements of the jedi contingent (you should have seen the whole in the attack they left). The events were made more interesting because one of the PCs comes from Dantooine - this was conceived before the player knew it was invaded. In my opinion it's unplanned events like that that can make working with EU sources really worthwhile.

6 November 2002, 04:29 AM
I never really had a problem writing a campaign that tied in with the EU and movie canon, but occasionall my players have really screwed up the timeline. One glaring such example, which resulted from my desire to tie the adventure more strongly to ESB, was my ill-fated Escape from Bespin Adventure.

Picture the scene: Stormtroopers crowd every corridor, apart from a very specific route, which the players figure they can use to get close to the docking bay before engaging in a running firefight to their ship. Just as they near the point where they're gearing up for the fight, they hear a noise behind them. The first thing my Bounty Hunter player says is, "I spin round and throw my thermal detonator in the direction of the noise!". Alas poor Luke, they did not know you well...

and presto, a painstakingly crafted canon respecting D6 campaign became Infinites with one 7d thrown weapons\grenades roll...

I imagine Lord Vader was waiting in the carbon freezing chamber for quite some time. I love this game!

Rogue Janson
6 November 2002, 05:17 AM
Sounds like the old 1001 ways to annoy your GM, up there with lopping off young anakin's head and declaring you have WON Star Wars.

6 November 2002, 07:45 AM
Originally posted by Rogue Janson
Sounds like the old 1001 ways to annoy your GM, up there with lopping off young anakin's head and declaring you have WON Star Wars.

I'm not sure you understand.

*hand wave* I have won Star Wars.


Tannik Tulo
9 November 2002, 11:04 AM
I am at his moment running a game set 4 years after the battle of endor. It is actually an old campaign that that came to an end 2 years ago, for this game and any game i run i will be using EU only. Anything that comes up in episode 1 or 2 get completely ignored. the reason for this is that everyone that i know preferes the universe that West end games, Timothy Zahn, Kevin j Anderson etc all brought us. Lucas does not make great continuity Lucas makes great films.
There are three types of SW gamer:-

1- Official ( ignore all EU )
2- Mixer ( spend time working one into the other )
3- EU ( Ignores anything from the prequels )

I would call myself an EU gamer. Please dont get me wrong i could sometimes see myself mixing the two. It is just easier this way (especially when it comes to split second inprovising)

10 November 2002, 05:57 PM
I use both canon and EU, but whenever the two come into conflict, I usually go with the EU version. I'm more of a book person myself, and I have a hard time respecting movies with characters like Jar Jar Binks, lol.