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Iain Kysler, Jedi Apprentice
6 November 2002, 09:20 AM
Luke Skywalker was training Jacen AND Anakin at the same time, true? How many Apprentices would it be okay for a Jedi Master to train? The reason I ask is I've got two masters in the NJO era training two PC Jedi each. Just wondering if this is workable, because there's some really great chemistry between two of the PCs. My character's master, Mogn Krassan, took on another apprentice recently due to the fact that the YV killed hers. Now, picture this:

Points of View
Iain: Sides with Master Skywalker's view of defense, but tends to think that possibly pre-emptive action has some merit.

Brishti (Apprentice #2): Sides with Kyp Durron and is very much a rogue, even for a Jedi. She almost went dark at one point.

Now, these two are CONSTANTLY messing with one another. It's really funny. There was one incident I recall. They had just gotten into a fight with a YV warrior, and had come out with both of them wounded.

Brishti: I could've taken him alone. Your help wasn't needed.
Iain: Well excuse me for saving your life. If I hadn't come in-
Brishti: I had things completely under control.
Iain: Then why was he about to cut you in half?
Brishti: He was not-

Both hear footsteps, and another set of YV warriors show up.

Brishti: Great. Now look what you did.
Iain: You're the one talking too loudly!
Brishti: Am not!

And so on and so forth. It was sooo funny.

In any case, how many apprentices would it be okay for a master to have? I remember reading that Luke was trying to get back to the one master per apprentice, but with all of the experienced Jedi who have died, I figure it might be a bit tougher. Opinions? Comments?

Thanks in advance,
Iain Kysler, Level 5 Jedi Guardian

6 November 2002, 12:42 PM
I would say go ahead and let them get trained by whoever wanted to train them. If the master thinks they can handle more than one padawan, all the more power to them.

6 November 2002, 01:08 PM
As I remember, the one master one padawan system was a brianchild of the late Old Republic Jedi Order. IN the EU, one master could feasibly have a school full of apprentices (Master Arca had the Qel-Droma's and Tott Doneeta, Master Thon had Nomi Surider and Oss Willum).
In my campaigns, anytime outside of the 1000 BBY, a master can have as many apprentices as they can safely handle.

Dan Kyrinov
6 November 2002, 03:17 PM
Sounds like you're having a good time in the group with two apprentices under one master, Iain. I agree with ElfBoyM and Marusame, a master should be able to handle two apprentices. Luke knew Jacen and Anakin were both matured enough to watch out for themselves and study for themselves. Both of them aren't always nearby Luke, but often in the company of other Jedi and on their own. You wrote level 5 Jedi guardian in your first post, and if that's the level apprentices are at, I can see that as being like Jace and Anakin. A level fiver needs some taste of Knighthood to prepare himself, and can survive without a master holding his hand. I think a master could handle two apprentices in that fashion pretty easily.

Iain Kysler, Jedi Apprentice
6 November 2002, 04:00 PM
The funniest thing about all this, is that despite the fact that they hate one another's guts, Brishti and Iain make a good team. Brishti is actually a Level 3 Guardian, and, as mentioned before, Iain is Level 5. Iain actually had to find Brishti after she was tempted by a Dark Side spirit to train with him, instead of her real master. Brishti came REALLY close to the dark side, and Iain actually wound up fighting the spirit and Brishti for a while.

The other two apprentices under the different master are about Level 3, but their master may or may not die at Coruscant (which is just a few days away in our timeline). That would leave Iain as kind of a 'teacher's assistant' should anything happen to the other master, but Iain is himself working towards a goal: Jedi Redeemer. In my game, he found the holocron with...what was her name...Alerin Sur...what was the last part? D'oh.

In any case, I just wanted to make sure that is wasn't against the Jedi code for a master to train more than one apprentice in the NJO era. If anybody else has any opinions on the matter, please post them.

6 November 2002, 08:34 PM
I haven't read the books with him in it, except Edge of Victory 1 (i think that's the one he's in...) but didn't that one master... Ikrit I believe train both Anakin and Tahiri for awhile? And he was old republic if I remember correctly.

Iain Kysler, Jedi Apprentice
7 November 2002, 02:15 PM
Wait a sec...you're right! Ikrit DID train them both!

I would guess his motivations lay in rebuilding the Jedi Order as quickly as possible, after seeing how greatly it had been devastated, however. We all know that Yoda said it was impossible to take on a second apprentice during the Old Republic Era...so it probably wasn't possible then, except in the circumstance of Jedi twins or something to that effect, where there was a bond between the apprentices to begin with.

Thanks for pointing that out. I'd completely forgotten...

7 November 2002, 07:42 PM
Mechanics wise, I'd say a Jedi can only handle as many Padwan as they have points of Wisdom modifier.

In terms of role-playing, if the Master is overwhelmed with questions, he's in over his head.

Teaching classes at an Academy, on the other hand, isn't so strenuous. A Jedi could handle up to a dozen students without any real problems, and some of the wiser (and more patient) Masters might work with close to three dozen students easily enough.

10 November 2002, 11:13 PM
No problem lain. Just pointing out what I thought I remembered. ;)

Jedi Master Talon
10 December 2002, 03:34 PM
I agree with everyone on the fact that if your strong enough then you should be able to have more apprentices. See my character has at least 3 apprentices and none have them have gone to the dark side.B)

10 December 2002, 03:48 PM
I fully agree with having multiple apprentices in the New Jedi Order. With the YV on the left, the peace Brigade any other person screaming for jedi blood on the right, you need every jedi you can have to keep the peace. And, from the sound of it, they seem ireseprable (excuse the spelling).

Caamasi Jedi 49

Jedi Master Talon
16 December 2002, 10:27 AM
I agree you should have the most aprentices you can have but not to many. Becasue then you can't keep up with them.