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7 November 2002, 07:24 PM
Every user here has several 1.0s. What I wonder is why. None of those have reasons for them.

Any guesses?

8 November 2002, 10:46 AM
random hate?

mabye someone felt the dark side's beckon by being anonymous. and the suggestions are quite new still... have you noticed any new '1's since the change? they could be leftover before people gave reasons...

there's a lot of reasons why. i'd say don't sweat the rating system. it's just a number... or is it? perhaps the holonet masters are recording our deciding on a pecking order based on ratings when they reach for galaxywide domination of the Star Wars RPG markets...;)

8 November 2002, 12:13 PM
Originally posted by Ravager_of_worlds
[B]random hate?

mabye someone felt the dark side's beckon by being anonymous. and the suggestions are quite new still... have you noticed any new '1's since the change? they could be leftover before people gave reasons...

Ravager makes a good point here. Holonetter's like yourself, Rouge8, have complained before about getting one's without good reason. Previously, no one had to explain their rating of another member, whether it was good or bad. I think that's why the comment system is there now. While it's only a month or so old, perhaps the comment system will cause people to think a little more carefully about the rating they give, and why.

With that said, at some point in time, we'll all tick off somebody. It's just a matter of time, and whether or not they'll decide to take it out on your rating is, well, a matter of chance. The comment system won't change this, but it may influence more reasoned decisions when delivering a rating to someone. So, if you get a bad rating that seems unfair, or at least unexpected, just roll with it. A good one will come along some time, too. Most people here seem to exercise good judgement, and generally behave in an encouraging manner.

Well, hang in there, and have fun, Rouge8. :)

8 November 2002, 03:05 PM
Back in the early days when I had very few votes and could track pretty accurately what users gave me what votes, I found most of my 1.0s came from users who always lurk and rarely or never post.

My hypothesis is that these people are too intimidated, lazy or cowardly to refute some point that they disagree with, so they take a bit of petty "revenge" by trying to take my rating down a few notches.

I can't substantiate this, of course, but generally, if some user disagrees with me, they will tell me so, either in PM or in the forum -- except for the lurkers, who never seem to deal with anyone, but are very free with the low ratings, since it allows them to "refute" a point without having to face any kind of "confrontation."

So that's my theory. I could be wrong.

Reverend Strone
11 November 2002, 10:57 AM
There's also those who take exception to something someone says and create phoney identities to group-vote someone down. I've had this happen to me and seen it happen to others as well.

Fortunately it's a rare occurance, and the new rating system is geared toward preventing this from happening anymore.

Then of course there are those random troublemakers who stumble upon a site and take some kind of perverse fun from trying to mess things up.

One would hope that overall things balance themselves out by way of the collective weight of the general goodwill and maturity of most Holonetters. I've picked up a few 1s in my time here, and it's always given me cause to pause and reflect on what I might have done to upset someone. I'm sure there have been good reasons for some of those I've picked up, and if so then the system has done its job- giving me feedback on my performance as a user- but you also have to account for those wildcards and sometimes try not to take it too seriously.

There will be always be people who choose to abuse the system, but hopefully that fact doesn't invalidate what that system was set up to achieve.

13 November 2002, 01:41 PM
Plus you have to remember that on boards like this you are dealing with a very diverse range of people. I received a 1 from a post one time because I made a comment, jokingly of course, that must have offended someone. At the time I was upset but after thinking about it for a while I could see Kind of see where they were coming from. I may not have agreed with it I understood it. I also know who it was and fought off the temptation to give that person a low vote to be spiteful. Aside from that small incident I have encountered no matters of pettiness or elitism on this board and hope that I never do.

FlipDog 2000
15 November 2002, 06:35 AM
What about the people who randomly change their votes for you from a 5 to a 0.5 for no reason but to send me an email saying "FlipDog is a punk." (BTW - I DO know this person)

Jim Williams
15 November 2002, 11:35 AM
Sounds like something that a moderator should DEFINTELY be made aware of. That's pretty insulting and not a case of a misunderstanding or some unfortunate choices of words that occassionally crops up.

Nova Spice
17 November 2002, 10:17 AM
I really dislike it when people receive low ratings that do not deserve it. There are folks on the boards that have been members for a long while that have scores that do not represent what they should be.

FlipDog is a prime example of someone who has been on the Holonet for a long time contributing to the community in a positive way, and has a low score just because he is a direct person who tells folks what he thinks (and in a thoughtful and un-insulting way I might add).

Another member, the venerable Kayle Skolaris also has a deceptive rating. I look at my rating and realize that I have no business being up there when the two previously mentioned folks are not up there as well. I think that dg hit the nail on the head about lurkers. It's not cool, but it's something that cannot be prevented IMO. I just wish that when someone decides to rate another member, some thought would go into it. I speak for myself in that when I rate someone, I usually weigh the pros and cons and is rarely based on a single post by the individual.

Hopefully the comment system will spark some positive feedback for everyone to make the forums an even better place to visit and post. ;)

21 November 2002, 05:08 PM
Unfortunately, it appears that while the comment system may be encouraging people to post encouragement with their high ratings, it is not encouraging them to justify their low ratings. I recently got a 2.0, with no explanation. I don't mind people giving me low ratings, I just wish they'd give me a good reason along with it.

Nova Spice
21 November 2002, 05:45 PM
Well feel not so bad Elfword. My most recent rating was a 1.5 and the only comment this fellow left was: "Um.......you need to learn the rules."

Now as to what he/she is referring to I have no clue. If they meant the Holonet rules, then they obviously haven't been around long. If they mean the RPG then they obviously figured the way my game is played was strange to them and they decided to rate me low. Its anyone's guess really. The fact is, there really isn't anything I can do about it except just to continue posting and helping folks out in the community as best as I possibly can.

Unfortunately, there are just some people who like to make others look bad and then run and hide. I would have greatly appreciated a PM or email, as I am sure you would have, but instead they rate, comment, and hide. :D

Oh well, this community, the vast majority, is made up of very intelligent and thoughtful people, but as has been made clear before, there are always a few that wish to make things difficult. Different folks, different strokes I suppose...:D :p :rolleyes:

The best way to handle situations like the above is to just move on and continue being yourself. The comment system is great IMO, although sometimes it can be a bit disconcerting when folks tell you why they gave a low rating. However, as long as you enjoy your stay, remain cool, and treat everyone with respect, you'll be just fine. ;)

22 November 2002, 09:45 PM
But I just registered this account and can't see ratings at all! I remember there was previously a bar with a number over it. Can someone tell me where the rating system has run off to?

Chris Curtis
22 November 2002, 10:39 PM
Check the left column. You'll see a nice entry titled "Rating" with a number next to it. ;)

23 November 2002, 12:21 AM
Actually, since you just registered, you may not be able to rate people yet. You have to recieve a certain number of ratings before you are allowed to rate other people. This was instituted to stop new people from coming off the blocks with a bunch of low ratings for people when they newcomers may not have a good grasp on how the rating system works.

Once you are rated by others enough, you're ability to rate others will appear.

Hope this helps.

23 November 2002, 10:13 AM
Ah I see! I was fooling around earlier with my browser, and when I made this account I couldn't rate people. I thought the two might have been connected. Glad to see I didn't mess anything up!

24 November 2002, 02:24 PM
I think a moderator should definetly take a look at this. I love the idea of being able to rate, but when it is used immaturely, its just stupid. The last rating i received was 2 with no reason put. I found out it was someone who had registered the day they rated me. I PMed the person but I haven't got an answer in 2 weeks.

24 November 2002, 04:16 PM
Well, considering 2.5 is the halfway point in the ratings scale, a 2 is just below average and not that dismal (especially since the ratings go down to 0.5 now). I won't speak to whether or not that warrants moderator attention (that's for them to decide), but I don't think a 2 is cause for alarm.

I do agree, however, that getting low ratings for no reason is a bit vexing. I got most of my ratings before the comment system was instituted, and thus I don't know what it is I'm doing right -- or wrong -- to deserve the ratings I get. The best you can do in these situations, most of the time, is look at your past behavior and see what you might have done to antagonize someone.

Maybe someone lost patience with your bumping that Net.Guide to Uglies (http://holonet.swrpgnetwork.com/showthread.php?s=&postid=111235#post111235) topic with no-content posts every couple weeks, or something like that. (It wasn't me -- I gave you a positive rating!)

24 November 2002, 04:35 PM
Oh right... about that Net. Guide to Uglies....... hehe...... thanks dgswenson