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13 November 2002, 06:22 AM
Hey all!

Just posted some new fiction on my site....here is a small excerpt:

"Suddenly, blaster fire ripped the landscape apart and the ground shook slightly. Trotting like some sort of two legged demon, an AT-ST emerged from behind the stomies, it’s heavy metal pads shaking the ground as it advanced.

“Klux! We got a Big Ugly coming this way!” Vic shouted to his left but Klux had advanced and was up against a tree, snapping blaster bolts off towards a group of stormies who were using the walker’s legs as cover.
Vic did likewise and watched the stormies scramble farther back. He was about to fire again when Baal gracefully leapt from the tree he was hiding in onto the leg joint of the AT-ST . “Holy Frag,” was all Vic managed to get out and watched the 7ft tall cat in amazement.

The red glow of the lightsaber blade lit up the murky green dimness of the battlefield and cut into the AT-ST. Sparks erupted from the leg joint as Baal cleaved through it. Hydraulic hoses and wiring opened up easily and sprayed mist and liquid into a noxious cloud. Baal dropped from the leg and landed easily on the ground, rolling away to avoid the toxic shower.
The giant monstrosity teetered back and forth for a moment before falling forward and smashing turret first into a huge ancient tree. The top hatch popped open and the operators scrambled from inside. They had just steadied themselves against the tree when two huge blaster bolts reached out from the darkness and blew them completely off of the walker, flinging their bodies up and off into vegetation. Baal scrambled back towards Vic as some unseen entity begin picking off stormies with a mixture of sniper and small arms fire."

Sound interesting? Hope so! You can find the entire Gamelog here:


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