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13 November 2002, 04:30 PM
Starting on November 23rd I am going to start running a Star Wars D20 game via IRC. It will be run at 11PM EST. I currently have 3 potential players and am looking for 1 or 2 more. Here is the story concept:

It is 500 years before the time that will come to be known as the Rise of the Empire. It is a time of peace, mostly. Two years ago a group of ten Jedi Knights were exploring the far reaches of the galaxy. They disappeared in th Sulvin system. The investigation suggested it was a ship explosion. So they were given up for dead. Within the past six months a new group has begun to rise in the Sulvin system. They call themselves the Warriors of the Force and enforce a militant form of the Jedi code. A few of their members have been spotted out of system trying to recruit new members. They will accept anyone who is sensitive to the flow of the force and is willing to follow their rules.

This is where the characters come in. A few Padawans were choosen to go in and try to join this group, in an effort to find out what they can about them. The player characters will be these very choosen Padawans.

* Characters will start off at 3rd level
* Characters will use random dice method for attributes or 28 Point Buy method
* If you want to head towards any of the Jedi PrC's in either Power of the Jedi or the Core Book you will need to start thinking about that at CharGen.

If you have any questions email me at bentleyml@taconic.net or bentleyml@yahoo.com. Thanks.