View Full Version : Sentinel-class shuttle stats?

22 November 2002, 05:26 PM
Having read the newest Online Journal, I was very impressed, but I'm wondering a bit about the stats for the Sentinel shuttle (in the Wolfpack article).

The online sources I've viewed, as well as just visually inspecting the drawings of the Sentinel, indicate that this shuttle is larger than the familiar Lambda; yet the Online Journal gives the Sentinel a cargo and crew capacity rather smaller than those of the Lambda--comparable to those of the Svelte-class shuttles.

The d6 stats I've seen online indicate that the Sentinel's capacity is 180 MT of cargo, and/or 54 troops; a quick perusal of the official Star Wars site confirms the 54 troop capacity. (The official site doesn't list a cargo capacity, but does note the "enlarged cargo hold".)

Where did the stats for this article come from (50 MT cargo, 20 passengers)? The passenger count, at least, can be verified at starwars.com as being 54, and a quick glance is enough to figure out that the Sentinel, being larger than the Lambda, should have a larger cargo capacity as well.

Chris Curtis
22 November 2002, 09:46 PM
The source for the original D6 stats is mentioned clearly in the article. I can't remember which one offhand for sure, but I think it might be the Movie Trilogy Sourcebook, Special Edition.

You'll also notice that it states that the Wolf Claw was a modified version, which means that it may not carry the standard 54 passengers. Again, I don't remember specific modifications, but most mods eat up cargo space pretty quickly, so that might well account for the discrepancies.

11 January 2003, 07:12 PM
Hmm. Looking at GMSarli's version of a stock/unmodified Sentinel (d20 stats), the Wolf Claw loses 130 tons of cargo capacity for 10 shield points, 20 hull points, and a x8 backup hyperdrive (up from the original x10).

Oh, and the stock version's better armed, too.

I originally asked b/c I'm really terribly fond of the Lambda-class family, and wanted to see if I could persuade my GM to eventually let our gaming group 'acquire' (i.e., steal it from Imperials) a Sentinel, which is after all just the Lambda's bigger brother; thus, I wanted to be able to give him some stats for a Sentinel.

It seems to me that the Wolf Claw, as written, is a rather poor bargain; for a ship that's supposed to be bigger/better than a Lambda, it compares unfavorably to a stock Lambda.

As it turns out, I'm rather more satisfied with G.M. Sarli's version, so, in the end, all is well....