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25 November 2002, 06:11 PM
Back when we started our online Play-By-Post game, we had 4 GameMasters, and one of us GM's was going to run the group's resident Jedi Master.

Since we started the game, he had gradually been logging in less often until he finally seemed to disappear off of the face of the planet. This has left us in a rather undesired predicament. Since then, we've had to leave the character back on the world where our home colony is setup.

Since he was supposed to train the Force-sensitive members of our group, we're currently unable to have our Force-sensitives learn the Jedi arts, unless they use the Holocrons he kept in his Jedi Library.

Right now we're looking to find a player (not another GM) to join our game and preferably take over his character (he hadn't done much with the char before he became an internet MIA), or if necessary, come into the game as another Jedi Master we could meet. If anyone is interested in joining our game and taking over the Master, we can dig back into our archives and I can post info on the char up to the point that the GM disappeared.

26 November 2002, 03:22 AM
I'd be interested if I could create my own Jedi Master. Tell me more about your PBP group, please.

27 November 2002, 10:31 AM
I am fairly certain KS needs to have the current character played. The game is a Robotech/Starwars crossover in which a Robotech crew has folded in to the Star Wars Galaxy. It would be a major story stretch to have the current Jedi Master dissapear, and a new one be available in the NR era.

But I could be wrong...I am only a player not a GM.

Corr Terek
27 November 2002, 10:48 AM
I would play the Jedi Master if you like, but I need to know about the game and character(s). I also know NOTHING about Robotech, but I'm willing to give it a shot.

27 November 2002, 11:13 AM
Click on the "Hellspawn Leader" link on his signature

27 November 2002, 06:59 PM
As DrWorm stated, just click on the second link in my sig to bring up our site, if you browse through some of the threads in the Roll Call, AWOL Lounge and Librarium Forums, you'll find posts left by Onininja, the former GM who had originally created the character.

If you find the character isn't to your liking, we can work in a new Jedi Master somehow, the 3 of us remaining GM's (yup, the head GM, Paradox is now back from PLDC and time in the field [he's a U.S. Army medic] ) can discuss ways to bring a new Master in.

The third GM, Vanger, has played in many SW games before and is our primary tech expert (he's ex-mil, and is an improvisational engineer of sorts). We also have Terras, who frequents these boards, set up as a moderator for one of the forums dedicated to SW information.

If you also look in the Basic Training Forum, and look through the lesson on OCC's, you'll find a Jedi Knight OCC. It's not WotC stats, but is actually a special OCC cooked up for the Palladium Robotech RPG system.

Corr Terek
28 November 2002, 08:36 AM
Okay, I've been over to the site -- still trying to absorb the massive amount of information. Anyway, what exactly are the duties of this Jedi Master Riann or (if it is somehow workable) the resident Jedi Master of the game?

And will I need to learn the Palladium system of play in order to help out?

28 November 2002, 04:12 PM
The Robotech forces met him shortly after their arrival. He had been in a long Jedi Trance and their accidental hyperspace jump into the galaxy is what woke him from his "hibernation".

Basically, once they arrived in orbit, the RT forces had a run-in with Terras and Raven, right in the middle of their recovery ops from their arrival. Terras stumbled upon their fleet by accident, and was trying to get a closer look from a safe distance when his ship was detected. A group of fighters gave pursuit, which is what led them into making planetfall and discovering Riann's residence planetside.

Riann's character has been around during the time of the prequels, and went into his isolated trance at the edge of the galaxy to await an event he had forseen (the RT fleet's arrival in the galaxy). This trance of his has caused him to completely miss the events of the Galactic Civil War, as well as the Jedi Purge. Our game's set at around 10 ABY, so he's had a lot of history to get caught up on, which is what Terras helped him to do since joining up with the RT group.

With the RT people setting up a colony on the planet practically next to Riann's long un-used Jedi Academy (which he set up just before his trance, in preparation for what he foresaw).

His role in the group is to train the RT characters with Force Sensitivity, something he feels is important to do once he's became aware of the Jedi Purge. He's also basically like the group Padre, offering his Jedi wisdom and knowledge much like a priest does with the members of their clergy. He's supposed to accompany the other players as they travel the galaxy searching for missing ships and people from their fleet, all while they try to find a way to return to their own galaxy.

Onininja's done a few unorthodox things with the character, which makes him kind of like Qui-Gonn Jinn : he's big on the "Living Force". He does things his way, like Qui-Gonn did, and in combat, he wears the suit of Mandalorian Armor which he had claimed from one of his former Pre-Empire foes. (Using the armor to practice his skills after waking from his trance inspired my in-game character to have a special prototype suit of armor made. This suit combines the uber-strength of Robotech armor tech, and the transformable RT Motorcycle/Power Armor with the styling, forearm gauntlet weaponry, and technology of Mandalorian armor, resulting in an experimental suit that gives high resistance to damage and high-combat versatility. (The picture that BRodgers did for me is the visual representation of this prototype suit of hybridized technology.) He also uses a unique Lightsaber design : an adjustable-length blade that can be extended up to a ridiculous length of somewhere near 10+ feet, for anti-vehicle tactics (like chopping the legs off of a Walker).

Cuurently in the game, the advance recon fleet sent out by the RT force, with Terras and another SW char acting as guides, has arrived near Bespin. The cruisers of the recon fleet are hiding in the Hoth asteroid belt while a scouting group makes planetfall at Cloud City on Bespin to seek out some local tech, supplies, and information. While this 12-person team is busy on Bespin for 2 weeks, the command ship of their advance recon fleet returned back to where the rest of the fleet is setting up a colony on the planet where Riann was at. This ship is to be fitted with a mock-up shell to make it resemble a Carrack-class cruiser from a distance, so it can tread further into the heavily traveled areas of the galaxy (without revealing it's alien origins) to pick up the player's scouting party as they finish their assignments (the players will often be traveling further ahead of the recon fleet to scope out any potential threats, kinda like the U.S. Army's LRRP teams).

If you choose to play the Riann character, he's back on the planet helping the colonists, but we can have him come out to join our group when that disguised cruiser arrives to pick up the player's characters.

As for learning the Palladium system, it's not really necessary, but familiarity with it would help. The Palladium system's kinda screwy and awkward, but it's almost like a predecessor to the modern D20 system. The character generation lessons I had posted pretty much covers a good deal of it, and we've been working out a lot of fudges to balance things out between it and the WEG/WotC systems.

As for there being a huge amount of info on the site (mostly due to 50+ updates since we started), just wait until I manage to finish writing up my definitive merged-Robotech/Macross timeline, which will cover events from 20,000,000,000 BC (earth calendar) up to 2100 AD, including an entry of when the Robotech fleet misfolds out of their galaxy, and arrives in the SW Galaxy at around 10 ABY (somewhere in their distant past, which they're unaware of).

Corr Terek
28 November 2002, 05:02 PM
Hmmmm...ok, I believe I can do this. Just point me in the general direction to post and I believe I can get started. Just a Q, not really vital, would you allow me to introduce a post-Purge Jedi Knight -- that is, one who attained that rank after the Purge? Dr. Worm and Terras are already both familiar with the character in question, and he'd have a lot to learn from Master Riann.

At any rate, that has no bearing on whether or not I will play Riann. I've already made up my mind there. In the meantime, thanks for the summary -- I shall doubtless read over it several times.

28 November 2002, 05:15 PM
Whenever I manage to catch them on YIM, that is. The head GM that owns the sites just got back from his absence, so he's got about 8 weeks worth of stuff he's gotta review. I'm sure we'll be able to bring your post-Purge Jedi in though.

Take what time you need to read up on more of the stuff at the site, the info on-site's more thorough and accurate than that summary I posted. After I speak with the other 2 GMs, we'll send you the URL to the Yahoo Groups site where you'll need to register and give us your contact information, we've got another new player that we need to have register there as well.