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27 November 2002, 05:57 AM
Well, the OJ is finally out, and, from what I can tell, you all seem to enjoy it. Thats great, we were happy to put it together for the community and thrilled we we received all of the positive response.

So, now the question has to be asked...what can YOU do to help the Online Journal?

Well, the first thing is simple and requires little effort:

Tell your friends.

Thats it. If your friends are SWRPG Gmaers and have never heard of the Online Journal or aren't aware of it's resurrection, please, let them know. The larger the readership the more feedback we get and more feedback is always a good thing.

The second requires more effort, but,if the Online Journal is to survive, it is a must:


Yup, thats a fact all. The Online Journal is a community project, meaning it relies heavily, almost exclusively, on what the community submits to us.

And it can be anything. Fiction, an NPC you had lying around, a cool idea for a shadow port...any of these things would be ideal for the Online Journal. Ultimately, it is up to you, the community, to determine what goes into the Online Journal and what direction it takes. Sure, we have a staff who busts their tail to make sure it gets to you, but it won't last long without your help and submissions,


Send us those tidbits, snippiets, well thought out write ups and pieces of fiction! For all of the bellyaching and crying everyone did when Gamer went down the tubes, we now have a chance to make something even better. A replacement that is FOR the community BY the community...in short, a publication we can all call our own and be proud of.



Nova Spice
27 November 2002, 08:37 AM
Thanks for the heads up Bob, I'll be sure to let my four PCs know about this. In fact, I'm not sure they even know about the return of the journal, which means I have some phone calls to make! 8o

And one of my PCs is actually in the process of making a prestige class, so perhaps he would be interested in submitting it for a possible addition to the second issue? Anyway, I'll be sure to inform everyone to go take a look at the awesome job everyone did for the return of the Online Journal! ;)

27 November 2002, 10:59 AM
I imagine it would be great to write for the Online Journal, but I'm unsure what my contribution would be.

I run my own adventures, so at first I thought it would be great to submit them. However, I realized I often cannibalize the content on the Wizards site, what appeared in Gamer, and other sources to fill in nooks and crannies when the party goes on a tangent. So that wouldn't be entirely original work. As most GMs do, I improvise when I need to.

So then I go to thinking I could write about GMing. But it's always a little nerve wracking to wonder if your thoughts on being the game's host are extraordinary contributions or terrible ideas.

I also think it might be unique to write a column for players. Of course, GM's need inspiration so those columns are done all over the web, but perhaps a player's tips column on the order of what Owen Stephens was doing on the Wizards site. However, I never thought they let him get really in depth. Then again, when it comes to being a player, its hard to advise players without knowing their GM's style.

But I'd love to help...

27 November 2002, 11:18 AM
Spaceshot, my recommendation would be to "submit what you know." Whatever topic you are most familiar with, submit it! Make sure it's all 100% original of course, but once you're over that....

Submit It...and Forget It!

Er...you know what I mean. The staff of the OJ will make sure that whatever you submit gets used inthe best way. Meaning that it might not be a whole article or feature, but might be used to fill in a nook or cranny that was left out by another submitter. So collectively, all the holes are filled...by each other!

27 November 2002, 11:20 AM
Thanks for the input Nova Spice! , your help is greatly appreciated!

And Spaceshot,

Anything goes! You wanna write an article, write one. If you have some thoughts on GM'ing throw em at us. If you are unsure what to write about, try to stay away from topics that have been covered before, instead, try to hit on something different.

For example, we all hear about how GM's handle problem players. What about GM's who have FANTASTIC players , but players who have been around for so long that they have seen it all? How do you outhink veteran players who can almost second guess your every move?

Just some thoughts. But don't be shy! That OJ staff is not only here to put the OJ together but also to give feedback and assistance!