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evan hansen
3 December 2002, 06:12 AM
Hey everyone --

You'll notice that there is no longer an Online Journal forum and that those threads have been moved here. Armage asked me if I thought it was OK for him to combine them in his effort to make the holonet a bit more trim. Naturally, everyone does what they can to help Armage and help the Holonet, so I agreed that it sounded fine to me.

So that's why you'll notice the Journal threads here as well as a pruning of Kurlnova Sector and other forums with light traffic or such.

Anyhow, I just wanted to explain the change since I've already gotten a few emails about it. I'm going to ask Armage to change the forum description to reflect that the Journal is discussed here as well.


Nova Spice
3 December 2002, 07:31 PM
Thanks for the heads up evan, though I noticed the change earlier this evening and responded to a thread concerning the move in the Rants and Raves forum.

Personally, I think its a good decision to combine the StarWars-RPG.Net forum with the OJ forum. It condenses things rather nicely and makes it convenient to have both resources in location to discuss topics. Besides, the Online Journal is in essence, the embodiment of SWRPG.Net!

Looks good.......feels good.......is good! :D

P.S. Looking forward to issue 2! ;)