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4 December 2002, 09:03 AM
I was trolling across the holonet and came across a thread which extolled the new lineup of books. in it was the hero's and GM's guide. The description was like...

Star Wars Heroís Guide Ė 160 pages, Hardcover

This accessory provides everything a Star Wars player needs to expand a character's features and abilities. This wide-ranging guidebook includes new prestige classes, maneuvers, multiclassing combinations, and character archetypes. Also included are expanded combat tactics, including several fully detailed martial arts styles based on characters from Star Wars Episode II and the expanded Star Wars universe. There are new feats, including those tied to specific regions, sectors, and cultures, and there are expanded rules and hero feats for droid characters. Descriptions of different factions and organizations are also included.

Galactic Campaign Guide Ė 160 pages, Hardcover

This comprehensive guidebook contains everything a beginning or experienced GM needs to create, sustain, and enhance a Star Wars campaign. Designed to aid GMs in running campaigns from 1st through 20th level, this title includes tips for launching and building campaigns, encounter and adventuring hooks, characters of all classes and mixes, and tips for intergrating film characters into a storyline. There are rules for handling complex combat and conflict, and information is presented on elements of an epic campaign. Each game play is facilitated with dozens of pre-generated maps and characters and detailed descriptions of numerous locations.

um... not to sound, peevish or superior... but what good is a GM's guide to everything? How does running a Star Wars campaign differ from any other system that WotC thinks we need a book totaly devoted to GMing Star Wars? it would be nice to get more hardcore data- i know, i can create my own stats anytime i like, but i hate being contradicted by a later book.

What I'm getting at is this. D&D has a heroe's guide and a DM's guide. they've had one for forever since TSR did it in the late 80s. Just because D&D is able to do it, does that mean a Star Wars line needs this format as well? It's a gross error in logic. Or maybe they don't want to follow the WEG strategy of Galaxy Guides and topic driven sourcebooks.

The descriptions indicate new cultural feats, new sector descriptions of the galaxy, etc. Why dole out this information in small packets across many books? Yes i understand the need for profits. Yes i understand that new ideas come up all the time.

But I also recognize that a company should attend to the needs of its public. To quote C3P0, "...I suggest a new strategy R2. Let the wookie win"

Sourcebooks I'd like to buy but will never see in print-

A series following the same vein as the Core Worlds is supposed to be- but do the Expansion Rim, then the Outer Rim with the Unknown Territories. A whole book could be devoted to Independents in the Empire era, like the Hapans, the Corporate Sector, etc. or 'lost cultures' like the Lorrdians, etc.

A droid book- all the droid information from the A&E could have easily been expanded into a Droid book for itself. Though I might complain this would start the trend of D&D with a Scoundrel's book, then a Noble's book, etc. As for the A&E, it was basically Arms, Droids, Vehicles and about 5 pages of actual equipment.

Topical series- The Galactic Empire; Military, Politics and Secret Projects, The Ancient Republic (tales of the Jedi), etc.

This was my rant on WotC. Every holonetter has one i'm sure. In summary- i'd like my data, not tips on GMing, being a player or how to RPG. Give me stats, information about sectors, military, encyclopedic information and i'll happily use that information for my games. Good descriptions is nice, but keep your WotC advice to yourself. I suppose this belongs on the WotC boards, but they're down at the moment.

Frobi-Wan Kenobi
4 December 2002, 09:19 AM
While I am sceptical about the Galactic Campaign Guide, I'm going to hold off on any judgement until they give a little more information about it. But the part that really caught my eye was the ''. . . information is presented on elements of an epic campaign." Are they going to officially break the 20th level barrier? Or was this just a bad choice of words?

Paul Klein
4 December 2002, 10:49 AM
I believe itís just a bad choice of words.

It mentions how to run a Star Wars campaign from levels 1 to 20. Seems pretty obvious to me that if they were to have rules for above level 20 play, they would say something like level 1 to 20 and beyond.

On second thought, I'm not so sure its a bad choice of words. I personally felt that naming the "Epic Level Handbook" such was a bad choice of words. There's nothing epic about being over level 20. A New Hope was epic, and Luke was level 2!

Epic is not about levels at all ... its about the style of the game you play. Do your players constantly infiltrate Imperial bases to assassinate the Moff stationed there? That's not epic, even if you're level 30 Infiltrators. Do your players constantly save the galaxy from every imaginable form of evil, while staring at certain death in the face without batting an eye? That's epic, even if itís all done at 3rd level.

I know I got a bit off topic, but its a pet peeve of mine. B)

5 December 2002, 04:12 PM
As far as running a SW campaign, any advice would be good for me, because I always try to find ways to improve my campaign. And not to truly defend WOTC, WEG did release a Gamemaster's Guide for the 2nd Ed. SWRPG. I found it to be a very good book that helped me out a lot. So the Galactic Guide won't be the first SW Gamemaster's Guide...

5 December 2002, 05:07 PM
besides, there's a simple equation i made about how much XP you need to be which level above 20, from my Gr. 11 Functions and Relations Math Class:

XP = (1000lv/2)[2a+(lv-1)d]
where n is the level number
a is lv.1
d is the amount of levels you go up by

so it would be

XP = (1000lv/2)[2+(lv-1)]

and that's how much XP you need for the next level:


XP6 = (1000x6/2)[2+(6-1)]
XP6 = (6000/2)(2+5)
XP6 = 3000(7)
XP6 = 21000

and that's how much XP you need to get to 7th level (and it is)!

and for Class Skills:

SK = lv+3
CSK = (lv+3)/2

If anyone's scared of math, I apologize, but I figured it's much easier if I show you this equation instead of just having to add the XP from lv 1, and 2, and 3, and so on.

Hope this really helps anybody.

And for level dependent bonuses, just continue the pattern.