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5 December 2002, 11:00 PM
I need a little info for my fan fic I am working on. I was wondering how one went about joining the Rebel Alliance? My character is on Corellia and it is just after the destruction of Alderaan. Any info on the contact process, the process of joining different sections of the alliance, and the training they have to go through would be very helpful.

6 December 2002, 12:33 AM
In my game the players started out at independent guns for hire working for who ever could produce some credits. But as time passed by, the empire started to take notice of their not always legal activities. The started to run into more and more trouble with the imperial authorities, up to a point where the empire decided to bring them in for good. This resulted in a firefight between my characters and imperial stormtroopers. Now, by chance a rebel recruiter witnessed the event and followed the characters until she were sure that no imperials were around. She then aproached them with questions like:" i see you´re in trouble with the empire", when she was sure that it was the empire and not autority in general that they had trouble dealing with she started to explain about the rebellion.
At this point the characters started to do missions for the rebellion. At first their knowledge about safehouses, rendevous points and so forth was kept to an absolute minimum, and their missions where quite simple. But as they proved them selves they got more important missions, and got more info and resources from the rebellion.

I hope this helps some, this is how i initiated my groud of players to the rebellion.

6 December 2002, 08:49 AM
Well in A NEW HOPE Luke was going to join the Rebels. He was talking about going to the "academy." So perhaps there might be some places where the Rebels aren't so secretive. In the comics, they usually find you. If all else fails, go ask people that might look like they would be with the Rebels. If they call you Rebel scum, just laugh and say "If they"re such scum, why do you look like one?"

6 December 2002, 09:18 AM
Usually, the Rebels come to you. In any area you can spread the word that you're looking for the rebellion, but you run the risk of attracting Imperial attention if someone is an informant. In one of my campaigns, the PCs spread around that they were interested in the rebellion. Later that night, they were walking through the alleys when they found themselves surrounded by blasters. A rebel NPC stepped out and said, "I hear you've been asking about the rebellion. What do you want?". After that, they had to prove their sincerity in wanting to join. As for training, I'd imagine that the PCs would just have to show that they already know how to fight and wouldn't need any training.

6 December 2002, 10:51 AM
The "Academy" Luke referred to was actually the Imperial Academy - this is pretty explicit in the novelization. Biggs had gone to the same academy, but there was a bit of a secret underground which recruited him into the Rebellion.

6 December 2002, 10:52 AM
According to the Rebel Alliance sourcebook (D6 2nd editon) the rebels have active recruiters anywhere that they might be able to pick up supports, such as the Imperial Military academy, Smugglers hangout, seedy underworld type places, etc.

There is also a section on training, although I don't have it with me I believe it was pretty much like any military or para military organization. They hav basic training for a set # of weeks, usually 6-16 depending on the group, followed by specialized training then placement in a unit. If anyone is interested in more detailed info drop me a line and I can look it up after work today.

6 December 2002, 11:30 AM
Thanks for all the help guys that was exactly what i neeeded. I am going to go with the rebels make contact with you after you ask around a bit.

6 December 2002, 03:56 PM
glad I could be of help.:)

6 December 2002, 06:26 PM
Glad I could be of help too, although some people just repeated what I said, but hey, it gets them a post I guess. lata

Tony J Case, Super Genius
3 January 2003, 03:42 PM
Originally posted by Moose
Thanks for all the help guys that was exactly what i neeeded. I am going to go with the rebels make contact with you after you ask around a bit.

Make sure to play up the intense security and nessassary paranoia on the part of the rebels. The subject would be scrutnized with as much background checks as the rebels could muster. Then contact would be established - but like through a droid or some other impersonal method, with a message saying something vauge like "if you want to meet some friends, go here."

Here, of course, would perhaps be like a vehicle that wisks the prospect away to a second vehicle, then a third. Meanwhile scanners and sensors would be deployed all over the place to check out the newb - checking for transmitters and weapons, that sort of thing.

For a starting point, do a bit of reading on the WWII French Resistance.

Jedi Master Talon
15 January 2003, 10:10 AM
I think I agree with the others the Alliance comes to you, but I think after the battle of Endor they were known as an actual government. So I guess they had recruting stations after awhile.

8 February 2003, 09:25 AM
Even after the Rebellion transitioned to the New Republic they still had to watch out for Imperial sympathizers, double agents, and the like. Actually, from all that I've read, most of the really good Rebels either stumbled into the movement by accident (Han, Lando, Luke, etc.) or actively defected (Biggs, Gen. Madine). Your players could always hijack a training ship (ala Biggs & company) and make for the nearest shadow port.

8 February 2003, 10:00 AM
I was readin the thread and noticed the 6-16 week training camp info, and such form the Rebel Alliance Sourcebook(it does talk about this), and I usually disregard this. IMHO the Rebels have niether the time nor the resources to have a full training camp, as was evident in the movies. I also agree with Pel when he says most people either fall into the rebellion because of their beliefs ro actively seek it. I would also note the fact that, especially in the early rebellion, it wasn't a large unified group, but many small spread out groups with a common goal. So many times the best way to go about joining their ranks is to watch for anti-Imperial activites and follow their trace. In every situatuion it's different. The Rebel Alliance didn't become very organized at all until ESB or later, so there aren't any 'Official' recruting processes or requirements as their would be with another military group. So, more or less, the process of joining varies, any way that isn't too simple or too obvious would work, and making it difficult could also make for an interesting story...

Vanger Chevane
9 February 2003, 08:40 AM
the character may have to travel to a more neutral or even Rebellion-tolerant world to make contact. Obviously, the Outer Rim may be a better place to start looking than the Core Worlds.

The odds of finding a Rebel Cell on Coruscant that'd take you in off the street are remote indeed. At best, you'd get instructions to go to another, more open world & possibly the name of a contact. One could get the "Official Runaround" several times while the Rebel "Recruiters" (a decidedly high-risk job) decided you were serious, worth the risk to bring you in, and not some sort of Imp spy or other threat to their security.

IMHO I could easily see a character being given several low-level missions that weren't critical if botched while being monitored on performance. Anyone who did too well would be intensely scrutinized as a likely spy. Failing a mission, even being given one that's impossible to complete (how do they react when the bottom falls out) may be part of the (partly to mostly on-the-job-style, IMHO) training Darkvet refers to.

10 February 2003, 01:59 PM
I don't quite agree Vanger, I'm sure there would be PLENTY of Rebel Cells on Coruscant, but there would be a better chance of the one you try joining being a trap. I mean Coruscant is soooo large that it would improbable for it not to have Rebel Cells, especially with the legions of oppressed citizens there. That would even be an interesting campaign, running a covert Rebel Cell in the Coruscant Underworld... deffinate possibility there.

Vanger Chevane
10 February 2003, 03:03 PM
plenty of rebel Cells, but they're too busy & too repressed on the Throneworld to consider risking their operations by recruiting actively. It'd be more of a case where someone who's been in one for a while knows & trusts you.

Picking up just about any recruit on Coruscant is exceptionally dangerous as you've no idea who's been watching them or why. The person may be totally innocent, but can unwittingly lead all manner of unwanted attention to the Rebel Cell. Not only is Coruscant Iceheart & Vader's back yard, but I'm sure the Black Sun wouldn't be above locating a few cells for their own purposes.

Were I running a resistance group on "Imperial Center", I would be exceptionally paranoid about dealing with someone off the glidewalk who wanted to join up. If I did think they were reasonably safe to deal with, I'd probably give them an offworld contact to deal with, and make sure that contact wouldn't be in a position to give much to the Imps Intel wise if I was wrong...I'd also be prepped to pack up shop & move in a hurry if I didn't get word back within a reasonable time that everything went smoothly.

I sure wouldn't wanna risk becoming some sort of twisted entertainment for Palpatine.