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8 December 2002, 05:22 PM
Just about how large was the jedi presence at the Battle of Ithor. And of that lot about how many were on the ground fighting? The NJOSB mentions that several jedi balked at the idea of having to cleanse themselves in order to step onto Ithor, something about it being a waste a time. Am I licensed to go ahead and throw a few of my jedi pc's into that foray, fighting Chazrach and Vong and such at least for awhile?

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The reason I want to place my PC's there is because their master Daeshara'Cor dies at that battle...not to mention one of my jedi PC's is an Ithorian. Any help with some fine details such as how the two tricks of luring the Vong into the Tafanda Bay and the city to fight the droids work? How do they lure them essentially? I know only what the NJOSB has told me regarding this issue which seems to be just the basics.


- Nil

8 December 2002, 06:50 PM
Ok, while the book only names main and supporting characters on Ithor, it's obvious that there are other Jedi there as well. I'd go for inserting your PCs in. The Jedi that didn't like the cleansing thing were mainly those of Kyp's faction who had the attitude of "let's hurry up and fight", but they had to do it to be allowed on the planet. They're lured by the fact that Tafanda Bay is one of the remaining operational herdships, maybe the only one, and it is filled with machinery. YV hate machinery, so obviously they charge in and destroy it. Also realize that the YV are using Peace Brigade people to decrypt some of the New Republic comm transmisiions when they can so they can sometimes get a rough idea of what the NR is doing.

9 December 2002, 11:12 AM
Hey thanks alot ElfWord...I hadn't realized that the Peace Brigade had popped up already. As for the luring did they use any special means or are the Vong just expected to go in and wipe out the area because of the machinery. From what I read in the NJOSB it seemed more like they were lured there to find hundreds of droid defenders, enraged they destroy everything setting off NR placed detonators. Anyhow thanks again for the help.

Iain Kysler, Jedi Apprentice
12 December 2002, 05:14 PM
It wasn't the luring in part that set off the bombs. It was the mainframe of the defenders automation being destroyed and ceasing to send a safing signal to the explosives under the building. It was a trap well-adapted to the YV psyche. They couldn't resist. Only one person got the impression that something was rotten in Denmark...Shedao Shai.