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8 December 2002, 11:51 PM
So I have an Old Republic game coming up in a few days, and I am totally stuck for ideas. I'd really appreciate any kind of plotline or idea, no matter how vague, to help me get inspired. It just seems I am at an all-time low for inspiration lately. Here's a list of loose criteria:

1. The party is all Jedi, about 10-12th level. They are all good guys.

2. The game takes place during the Clone Wars, soon after Episode II.

3. Count Dooku will be involved somehow. (One of the characters has a subplot involving him).

4. The laundry list of things my players want:

A mystery or a puzzle;
A space battle;
"Dark Jedi";
High drama / epic storyline.

Yeah, nothing demanding here, right? Seriously, even the barest seed of an idea would really help me. I'm desperate. Thanks for any aid you can render.

9 December 2002, 08:33 AM
A little more background on the party and their players always helps with formulating an appropriate seed, DG, but I'll just toss a few out there and assume you have at least one strong role-player. ;)

o A request for aid is sent by a Padawan who has reported his Master has disappeared while on a mission for the Council. The Padawan is extremely worried and without his Master has no resources to do anything himself. As far as why the Master was sent there, here are a few ideas: at the request of Count Dooku to help deal with a trade dispute; at the behest of the Council to look into rumors of a Force Adept cult; to track down a fallen Jedi and attempt to return him to the fold.

o The Senate has requested a taskforce of Jedi be dispatched to deal with an inter-delegate war that has just erupted. Two Senators are extremely concerned that their peoples could very well wipe each other out in this conflict, and the Senate agrees. The Jedi are tasked with bringing the conflict to a resolution, preferably through diplomacy, but they are authorized to use force if necessary.

o The Outbound Flight project has failed to transmit data to outlying Jedi posts, and the Council is becoming concerned. The party is dispatched to the borders of the Unknown Regions to look into the silence of the Outbound Flight project. They are afforded hospitality and housing at Count Dooku's estate while their investigation is underway.

o A starliner has been hijacked by a splinter faction of the Separtists, who are demanding immediate concessions from the Senate or they will kill the passengers off one at a time: one every hour their demands go unfulfilled. The party is assigned to defuse the situation. Count Dooku offers his services to the Senate as a negotiator, and will work with the party for a peaceful outcome.

Hopefully the above seeds will contain something you can use. ;)

9 December 2002, 10:54 AM
Here are my ideas:
On the planet ___________, martial law has been declared and the planet has seceeded from the Republic. A dedicated journalist of TriNebulon News Networks stayed on planet and was recording the various events. One of his stories leaked onto the nets that Count Dooku's illegimate son is on the planet and is in confinement because he has had violent fits of rage and lashed out with a hideous unnatural power. He recently broke loose and is rampaging on the world, sometimes hiding and sometimes popping up and massacring people. The journalist has also gone missing. The PCs must investigate (perhaps the TriNebulon asks them to look into it) and stop Count Dooku's son, if that's who he truly is. Dark family secrets, the fate of a journalist, and key plans of the separatists lie waiting to be found on the planet if the PCs can investigate.

The PCs investigate rumours of a stronghold Count Dooku owns, which is maintained by a Dark Side steward.

A sith artifact is found containing the spirit of Dooku's long dead ancestor. The ancestor has possessed a person changing him into a dark Jedi, and now seeks to find Dooku to possess him or train him. He's searching, and leaving a path of bodies in his wake. The powers he has and the long-lost secrets of the Sith he knows threatens the power of the Jedi, who seek to stop him, and tempts them as well. Searching all over the galaxy, he has found some who are corrupt enough to follow him out of a lust for power and a greed for destruction. He now has a small fleet of mixed but formidable ships, which could either add to the Seperatists' strength, or destroy it.