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Jedi Master Talon
9 December 2002, 10:17 AM
Hey I need some ideas for my campaign. It takes place during the NJO era and my characters are about to fight an empire full of sith. (Yes I broke the rule of two) If you can give Ideas please help if you can.

9 December 2002, 11:35 AM
I'm not really sure where you are finding an empire of sith in the NJO, but they would probably be busy fighting the YV. Perhaps you could have your players coordinate alliances to defend themselves once the sith vs YV conflict is resolved. They could go on dangerous missions taking supplies from place to place, help fight to establish bases, or infiltrate places under sith control to overthrow them.

What's the state of the rest of your galaxy besides there being an empire of sith?

Jedi Master Talon
10 December 2002, 10:10 AM
The galaxy is set up like this. Every thing is bascially the same as in the books but the players bascically report to General Antillies and they are suppose to keep the sith off the backs of Wedges people. He's given us a piece of the fleet under the command of an Admrial Grission (he is not in the orinigal books). The only reason the Admrial Grisson reports to Wedge is because he belives that Wedge could lead the Republic to victory. If you need our characters classes to better the Ideas you might have here they are. From most powerful to weakest.

Jedi Master Talon Grission (yes I play in my own campagin but I don't tell them anything about futrue events) also Colonel in the Navy, never run from a fight, charismatic leader
Jedi Master Dack Fossil- Commander in navy, valient, never runs from a fight
Jedi Knight Vor'en- Lt. in the Navy, loves to do really stupid things, thinks everything can be solved with a Thermal Detonator
Commander Efuju- Ewok, very curious
Jedi Knight Biggs Solo- Captian in the Navy (no relation Han), about to tempt with the Dark Side)
Lt. Commander Justin Croft- Jedi Padawan under me, loves to use automatic assluate rifles
Jedi Knight Griz- always wants to start a fight (tempting him with the Drak side)

Jedi Master Talon
10 December 2002, 10:17 AM
Elfword how do I gain ranks as a member of this website.
Thanks for your help.:)

10 December 2002, 01:53 PM
Jedi Master Talon, you just have to keep posting, but don't spam.

In future questions like this should be posted in the SWRPGNetwork comments forum.

jedi knight Big Rig
11 December 2002, 10:08 AM
i am in the game that jedi master talon is the game master for. we are doing ok. three of us are under warrant at Kuat for starting a bar fight. well partly the bar fight. see we got in a fight at a bar and then the cops came in there flying car and started away with one of my friends so i shot at it to slow it down or screw up its flight and then i was going to role for move object to save him. in stead he landed ok and i had to role to save the cops. i saved them and they still put a warrant on me. but what are u going to do. well now we are on the sith empire and are going to get into some big battles if u have any tips for me please tell me.