View Full Version : The Black Wolves (OOC Thread)

Pheonix Dace
9 December 2002, 06:18 PM
Hello all potential players, I am starting a new d6 RPG thread. It is called the Black Wolves.

PLOT: The characters are part of the Black Wolves, an elite rebel commando group in the post-Yavin, pre-Endor time period. Your team has been assigned to Naris IV, a fairly large, temperate planet. You are being sent to help out in a raid on an Imperial space station. Your ships (three light freighters) are being sent also with shipments of weaponjs and supplies which are to be delivered NO MATTER WHAT to the rebel base.

CHARACTERS: Anyone who fits into the storyline (no jedis) and who could possibly be part of the rebellion and an elite commando group. You will not have your own ship, so don't create a character who needs one for their story. Anyone who fits those boundaries is fine. Your equipment should be one weapon, one piece of armour, one medpac, and 2000 credits. If you want any other pieces of equipment, ask me and I will see if they are appropriate and if they are I will deduct some credits for them.

STATS: Post your character's D6 only stats in this thread. Hopefully we will not need them, but if it falls down to die rolling, I want copies of your character stats.

Pheonix Dace
13 December 2002, 04:40 AM
Okay, I am going to change this so it is a stats-free game. Just post a character synopsis and bachground, and when we have five or six people we'll start playing. Oh, but remember: No-one with a ship, and NO jedis.