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19 December 2002, 07:04 AM
To whoever finds this book. ,

This journal is of me, Keuo Vassir. I have seen many things in my life, and am afraid that I am to die soon, or not at all. if this book is lost, then i am long dead. But if it fancies you, then read, indulge yourself. if not, then put it back where you found it, the story of my life is not for the uninterested.

--Sunday, ..... first entry.
This is my first entry, and i have decided not to use dates and time. I plan to hide this somewhere when i am finished with it, to preserve it. i plan for it to be hidden so long that the same calendar will not be in effect, even forgotten!!! Well, I am a dreamer, if the same calendar has been forgotten over time, then what assurance do I have of the same language that the journal is written in will be in effect still? Well, enough of this foolishness, I tend to write what I think most oftentimes. Today i had the offer of joining the new republic army, an officer saw me training in the gym today, at the time I was teaching young students, and he said that I would be a great resource to his personal squad. Flattered as I was, I was not about to leave behind the place to which i owed so much. That school taught me discipline, and honor, and I am not about to leave it when i can contribute more to it.

--Second entry
Something horrible happened today. The Imperial Army has begun to grow again, under a blue skinned creature this time, Thrawn i think it is, and i fear that their base of operations is quite close to my home planet. I am sure that in time the New Republic will put down this threat, but it fears me to have an Imperial uprise just a couple of planets awy from me!

--Third entry.
The Empire has taken the planet next to me, and the Republic officer gave me a visit today. He said that the republic was fighting a losing battle in this system and if I was to evacuate and join him, this would be my last chance to do so. I didnt want to leave, but it was only logical that i did, so now i am on a transport, heading to some planet of which I cant remember the name of. I may not write in my journal for some time, but rest assured, I am not finished.

Iain Kysler, Jedi Apprentice
19 December 2002, 10:18 AM
Hmmm...interesting start with this...keep it up. I'd like to see where this is going...

26 December 2002, 05:03 PM
------Fourth Entry

It has been four months since i have written in my journal, in fact, i wouldnt have written in it today if i had not stumbled across it while cleaning my cabin. The only thing that has any worth to note is that all of my students are too old to soak my training in. they can, or course, learn some things that are basic.These techniqes include basic offense, kicking punching, and defense, blocking, escaping. but the only one to take the training to heart and to actually learn something is the officer that recruited me. It turns out that he is the capitan of the mobile-base Kitrana, and he has been watching me since i was ordained to teach.it has not been noted before,but both I and my capitan are of the species of Sluissi.however, I was born not on Sluis I,but on a different planet,that which i will not name now(mostly because i do not find it at all relevant to the being that reads this.) I would not have told you of this but now that I think of it, it is as important as whatever else i tell you because my species is different than humans,which since i did the calculations the chances are in favor of you being of a humanoid race.The sluissi have humanoid torsos, but snakelike bottom halfs. Most of my teachings are relevant to humanoid,but the advanced teachings(of which, in my art, the individual discovers his own techniques) can mostly only be taught with other slussi,since they require good tail-work. I predict that the capitan will be written of in this journal once more soon.

2 January 2003, 02:27 AM
good start :) reminds me of the journal of Johnathan Harker ;)

17 January 2003, 08:30 AM
--Fifth Entry

Someone was hurt today. And it is beause of this that I have reason to write. It seems that my captain has a mental problem, I believe they call him, "Bipolar". He was practicing for an hour, and his partner was getting tired. Upon telling him so, the captain got suddenly angry, and planted his hand on the ground, whipping his tail up and wrapping it around his partners hand. One twist and snap, it was broken. I fear that I shouldnt have taught him as much as I have, but even more so, I fear that when he asks for another lesson, what he will do when i refuse. I found him in his room later that night laughing, and staring at a piece of art that depicted a war between the bothans and the humans that never happened. It was a graphic picture, and the limits of three dimensional framework kept the worst parts out. Who could laugh at such a thing? I believe that I can combat the capitan and defeat him, but will I stay on the ship? And how does the capitan hide his unstableness to his superiors? I read up on his history and I found that his fits of anger are seen by his superiors as punishments. It seems that everyone he has wronged because of his condition has committed a crime of some sort, and they see his punishments as unique. I have heard the crew of the ship talking about leaving, or even mutiny. This is a dark time for me, but even more so for the people who arent in the capitans favor.

3 February 2003, 08:08 AM
-Sixth Entry

Today, I handled a lightsaber. It is a unique weapon, and altough i dont normally rely on weapons, this object intrigued me. I was at a meeting of the New Republic squadrons 401-y through 568-t. It turns out that i will go to the homeworld of my people and be a part of the systems security. Luke Skywalker (a very... VERY big name in the New Republic) was there, and while i was going through my daily practice one day, he stopped by and watched! After i was done, we spoke, and during our conversation he explained to me why he, and all other jedi, primarily use the lightsaber. To them, it is not a weapon, it is a part of them. We use the same principles in our martial arts concerning weapons, but it is more to a jedi. It never leaves them.... It gives me something to ponder. After a while, he let me hold, and even ignite, his lightsaber. to my surprise, it was much lighter than it looked, but it still had some weight. However, when i turned it on, all of its weight vanished, or it seemed that the energy blasting forth from the hilt was making it lighter... or more manuverable. Now I know what he meant by an "elegant" weapon. He said that he created it, although I dont know how he did (meaning that i think that its impossible considering that it is an ancient weapon).

On a different note, the capitan was called off of the ship for "unknown reasons", and a new capitan is going to be assigned. I have hopes, but at least i know that he isnt (or shouldnt be) mentallly ill at all.