View Full Version : How long did it take for Han to be delivered to Jabba?

Paul Klein
23 December 2002, 01:14 AM
Just a question question. Does anyone know how long about was the time period from which Boba Fett left Cloud City with Han until the time he delivered him to Jabba?


Wade Trenor
23 December 2002, 01:30 AM
I'm under the impression that Slave I would have taken sometime between 24 to 48 hours to reach Tatooine in a straight hyperspace jump.

However, I do know that Boba Fett was stopped for a few hours when Slave I was boarded by some other bounty hunters, and Boba Fett had to drive them off. Also, Fett had to spend a few hours reaching Jabba's palace once he had reached Tatooine, becuase he was attacked by two IG-88's, and although the battle lasted only a minute, his sub-light drives were thrashed at the end of it.

Then he was attacked again by the same bounty hunters, but he distracted them, and delivered Solo to Jabba.

That gives a time frame of about 30 to 50 hours after he left Bespin. Of course I haven't read Shadows of the Empire for some time, so I may have forgotten something, but I think that's it.

23 December 2002, 11:38 AM
Well, if you're looking for the time of the hyperspace jump itself, you can calculate it by using the RCRB. Bespin and Tatooine are both in the outer rim, so a base travel time of 48 hours. Slave I has a hyperdrive modifier of x1, so we're still at 48 hours. Bespin and Tatooine are in different quadrants, so still at 48 hours. Boba Fett's Astrogation modifier is +6. Let's assume that the astrogation data is less than a week old, and the jump is from the outer rim to the outer rim, so DC 16. A navcomputer is being used so the DC is now 12. Assuming Boba Fett doesn't get a result of 1, he at least has a total result of 8. This is a failure by 1-4, so add 1d12 hours of travel time. If Boba Fett rolls a 20, he gets a result of 26, succeeding by 10 or more, thus subtracting 2d12 from his time. Most likely, he made a roll somewhere near the average (11), getting a result of 17, succeeding by 5-9, and subtracting 1d12 hours of travel time.
The trip could have taken Boba Fett anywhere from 24 - 60 hours.
Most likely it took him somewhere from 36 - 48 hours.

Wedge Antilles, Rogue Leader
23 December 2002, 02:22 PM
I know the that Dash Rendar tracked Fett to Gall during "Shadows of the Empire" but I'm not sure whether or not he went to Tatooine first. If he did stop at Gall, it would have taken more time

24 May 2006, 09:30 AM
the shadows of the Empire comic showed more than the book did on the difficulties of Boba Fett getting Solo to Jabba. He was laid over a couple of times for repairs to the Damaged Slave 1. Bounty Hunters, rebel cells are just a couple things that went after Boba Fett and his bounty after he left Bespin. Because of the repairs it took a couple weeks to get to Tatooine. Luke was on Tatooine and able to build a new lightsaber before Fett arrived. He also had to leave Tatooine to recover the data from the bothans on Bothawui.

24 May 2006, 04:34 PM
So in any case we're looking at one week or less, as I read it. But it brings up another question... how long was Han in Jabba's Palace?

2 June 2006, 10:14 AM
Judging from the book, i would say over a week.