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Corr Terek
25 December 2002, 05:12 AM
Hello, all. I am looking for playtesters to help me test my Final Fantasy Crossover for the SWRPG. I am currently taking members in the Roleplaying forum -- look under "Legends of the Jedi" thread.

The story is thus: Jedi Master Corr Terek has sensed a massive disturbance in the Force. Concerned about such an event, he has dispatched one of his former apprentices, Cale Starwind, to investigate the disturbance.

Cale's search has led him right to the very edge of known space, and now Cale realizes that if he is to find the truth, he must embark on a voyage in the Unknown Regions. Cale has found a group of bold and fearless adventurers, and together aboard the ship High Noon, they set off on what is bound to be an incredible journey.

The game is set approximately 2 years before the events in the NJO series. I am accepting all types of players -- those interested should PM me with a character concept. One the concept is okayed, then you may create your character's stats. I am hoping to have at least three players, though I can take up to half a dozen.

7 February 2003, 03:17 PM
Will this encompass the whole FF genre or will you be creating your own flavor within the FF world??

and i would love to be involved, but am unsure as to what you want as far as a Character concept is concerned. so i will PM you to find out just in case youre not checking this thread.

The Force be with you,
Xavier D'rgn