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2 January 2003, 02:00 AM
Jered stepped off the ramp of the Imerial transport and noted a foul stench. His training on Mon Calamari had been to seek out rebels in underground caverns. His job here on Coruscant would be the same. He pushed his fingeres through his long black hair, more to keep the locks from his face wich the wind seemed intent to keep there.

He saw a man in normal plain grey uniform of an officer stepping toward him. He sized the thin young man up as week, sneeky, smart, and probaly had delusions of grandure. 'He should be a Captian this time next cycle' , he thought to himself.

The man extended his hand but Jered did not accept it. "I am leftenent Harzman, you have been instruct..."

Jared cut him off, "I know why i'm here pup! Your nutty lab people made something and it got away.", He cocked a thumb at his own chest, "Now i'm here to bring it back, in ANY condition. That about sum it up?"

Jared had to try really hard to keep from laughing at this nobody as he watched his face visibly change colors. He was already having fun and he had yet to set foot off the ship. 'This trip might be worth it after all.' , he thought to himself.

After taking a moment to compose himself the young officer finally said, "Right. If you will follow me i think you find most of the items you requested."

"Might find most?"

"Yes well, we cant have atomics being set off in the city now can we?"

Jered had to smile at that. An Imp with a sence of humor. What next? Palpatine on ice?

"Whats so funny? Do you really think we couldn't handle this? Do you really thin...", Jared cut him off again by stopping and raising both palms up.

"Who there pup. The All Mighty Palpatine called me, remember, which tells me you can't handle it. It also tells me you aint gunna be able to do diddly squat to me until i'm done. And no i dont give a nerferder's backside what you think. If you would like to do something then i suggest you do it quickly.", he leaned forward with what he hoped was most fierce scowl. This was the problem with the new army, to much crust for such small crumbs.

Harzmen returned the scowl. Even though he was out matched physicaly, he wouldn't let a civilian talk to him that way. No matter what his orders were.

They stood locked in a staring contest for a long time. Niether one wanting to show weakness. But in the end it was Harzmen who relented. "Right then, this way please.", was all he said as they finished there way to the small store house that double as a temporary baracks for the local law enforcement agents.

Inside was a mess of computer terminals and a bewildering aray of paper work that stood in stacks taller than a wookie. The poor lighting and grey uniforms only added to the dismal appearance of the place. Droids were shoved aside at will and most people had to dance from cubical to cubical to make there way down the narrow path that lead to the Commanders "temporary" office. The office had been here for nearly five cycles and no one really call it temporary anymore.

Harzmen opened the transparaplast door and stepped inside with Jared close on his heels.

Jared slung his long hair behind him as he took a seat in the largest and most confertable looking chair in from of the make shift desk. Behind the desk was elderly man of about two hundred if you went by appearences alone. His hair had gone long ago and seemed to migrate to the mans ears in large white clumps. The man looked overworked and under fed. He looked up at Jared in with darkend eyes.

"You the hunter we called for?"

"The one and only.", Jared smiled his biggest cockiest smile he could muster.

"Good, I'm Commander Wilson. As you can see the empire really doesnt care much about what goes on in the doubles.."

"The what?", Jared asked.

"The doubles. Double didget? Floors that are less the 100 from the real surface of the planet.", he continued uninterupted, "Down here, as long as the big wigs with more creds than brains dont make too much noise its just about anything goes. We try our best, but with budget cuts it gets harder everyday. Most of the time its all fairly routine, but lately ive been loosing men and wemon i cant afford to replace.

"It all started about a month ago. Reports were comming in of a 'MONSTER' terrorizing local thugs. There scum what do i care?", he shrugged and sat back in his chair. "Anyway about week ago this thing started to attack good law abiding officers. The Army even sent in there Tidy Whites to clean up the mess. Twelve went in and two came out.

"This thing", he rolled his eyes,"calls it self Vooz Nooxoo Una, wich translates from bocce to basic as "The Patriot". While we havn't identified the man, or species yet, we have found the bio-lab that made his armor. Its made of biochemicaly and genetically engineered plant fibers. How he got it stil being looked in to. The important thing here is that it has retractable claws and a thorny surface to ward off attacks, and its tuff as arma-plast. We want him gone, permantly. No trials, No appeals, just gone. Are you the man? or do we spend more of our budget getting you off world to keep you from being a drain on the economy?"

Jared considered this for moment and then leaned forward and said, "No one ever said it was man in armor. I got the impression i was looking for a unique trophy for mantle. Hmmmmm. The stakes have changed and so has my price. I want ten thousand."

"I'm sorry, but i cant increase the reward. Its not in the budget."

Jered started to leave then stopped in the door frame. He looked at the smirk on Harzmans face then looked back at the decidedly overworked Commander. " I'll do it, if he,",he cocked his head at Harzmen,"comes with me as backup and pack mule.".

"Thats outrag"

This time it was Wilson that cut him off, "I'll forward the paper work, you can leave whenever your ready. Your supplies are upstairs sencond room on the left."

Harzmen was near panic, "bu..but..i..i..i..i..CAN'T! I'm needed HERE!"

"The army said i get you for one month for training in any way i see fit, you WILL go and you WILL follow every order that this man gives you! Of course you can always go back to your old unit? Hmmmm?"

Jered wondered what he ment by that but didnt say anything, he just watched defeat slowly take over Harzmen and he finanly nodded.

Much to Jareds amazment, he actualy said, "I'll be ready in thirty standered minutes. The ARMY, "he was getting his pride up again, " doesn't make cowards."


This story is based on an adventure idea found in 'Star Wars Gamer #6' in the section Bounties to die for. Everything is totaly original. If a representitive of SarWars Gamer and/or the writer of the piece contacts me to end this story line i will do so willingly.