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Kormac Taal
9 January 2003, 06:27 AM
In the Empire's End comic books, what type of body exactly did the emperor need to transfer his life into? Did he specifically need infant Anakin Solo's body, or would just any Jedi's body do?

Rogue Janson
9 January 2003, 08:53 AM
I have to say I don't have Empire's End, but I always thought the Emperor tried to take over Anakin because he was an infant. An older jedi might have something more to say about having their body taken over. So I'd guess any force sensitive infant would have been ok, not just Anakin.

Kormac Taal
9 January 2003, 09:16 AM
hmm...i would think that if the emperor expended enough force points, he could take over anybody's body. Right before the emperor is permamently annihilated, he blasts leia and a young jedi named Rayf with force lightning...i would think that somebody like the emperor is powerful enough to transfer his life into young Jedi like Rayf...

and another thing...is the emperor a jedi or a sith?

obviously he was a Sith b/c Darth Maul was his apprentice, so that is not under dispute, but in the Dark Empire sourcebook they call him a Jedi Master. He's a Sith though, so shouldn't he be called a Sith Master?

9 January 2003, 03:42 PM
Hes a sith, to answer your question Taal. To answer your original question, he need anikans body because of 2 important reasons.

1) His clone templates were genetically altered to degrade at a very fast pace(read crimson empire 1 and 2, it explains the story behind this), so he need a new template to base his new clones off of.

2)Second, he need a body strong in the force to help him be able to control the almost unfathomable powers he posses. I'm pretty sure that in palpatines case, the weaker the jedi, the faster the body will be destroyed.

Though this is long and complicated (and doesn't right away answer your question), its more or less the facts. Hope this helps.

Caamasi Jedi49

Kormac Taal
9 January 2003, 05:08 PM
thanks guys, now it makes sense...

Another thing, when the emperor decided to go down to Onderon, he had faced Luke Skywalker and Company enough to realize that he wasn't going to win alone. If i were palpatine, i would have sent LOTS of stormtroopers down to capture Anakin (palpatine could have helped his stormtroopers with enhanced coordination, i think that he has that skill), and his troops would have brought Anakin to him, which wouuld keep palpatine out of danger...

and another question...

don't you think that the emperor would eventaully get it? i mean, through the whole SW universe up until Empire's End, the emperor is THE villian in star wars. after totally destroying all of his enemies, i could understand how overconfident he is. but Luke Skywalker and Company had killed him so many times, you think that he'd get the message and just either 1) turn to the light (gasp!) or 2) keep away from skywalker...i know that this is the case for all villians everywhere, they eventually have to meet their doom, but i thought it would have been really cool for palpatine to either survive (in a very weakened state of course, which is still possible by the way) or just turn to the light (gasp!)

Just as Luke bowed once before the Emperor, I just think it would be awesome for the Emperor to bow to Luke and ask forgiveness...

I'm a very strange person though, does anybody else feel this way? He||, that could even be run as an Infinities campaign or something...

10 January 2003, 05:51 AM
To answer this Taal, is very simple. Palpatines bodies were not only being destroyed physically, but also mentally. More and more of his clones were getting clone madness, so he was losing all reason. Also, because of his arrogance( and incompetance of is minions) he felt that a "hands on job" was necassary. Hope this helps.

Caamasi Jedi49

Kormac Taal
13 January 2003, 06:49 PM
I have yet another 'complaint' concerning the handling of the Dark Empire plot...

In Dark Empire, on the Eclipse, when Leia, Luke and the Emperor are fighting, the battle basically ends with the infamous "the good guys' love won out in the end over the forces of darkness" ending...personally, i think that that SUCKS.

I quote:

"I was a little disappointed. They had that big throwdown brawl at the next to the last episode, and what did they do, they wrote in the "touchy-feeling, everyone's good feelings and love made the monster disappear" ending. They just needed a good old fashion mindlessly brutal fist-fest to end the season."

<div align=right>- A fan of Digimon commenting on Digimon's 2nd Season Ending</div>

This definately applies to Dark Empire!

16 January 2003, 06:11 PM
well kormac, i think that you have a point there...

i agree that it would have been nice if there was some sort of great ending battle instead of a wimpy "Force Harmony" thing...

that's my opinion tho...

16 January 2003, 06:35 PM
I agree, but what can you do. Whats done is done, and at least dark empire had some good battles in it. I say look at brighter side of this "complaint."

Caamasi Jedi49

Dark Orbit
17 January 2003, 06:55 AM
you can make up your own ending...

what do they call that in here, Infinities or somthing? That could play to be an interesting campaign

17 January 2003, 07:02 AM
You are correct, it is called infinities. And I agree, if you don't like something, change the ending for your own personal taste, though I suggest you keep it to just battles between palpatine and luke and leia since the New Republic navy would be decimated by Eclispe. This is my advice, but choose what you want.

Caamasi Jedi49

17 January 2003, 01:58 PM
i'm going for the realistic POV here, i think that the emperor would have WIPED THE FLOOR with luke and leia, yeah even tho they're skywalkers, and as the emperor flew into his rage near the end (ala force storm), i'm sure that he was intent on killing them, not subjugating them to his will...

speaking of which, i don't understand why the emperor would give Luke the override codes to the World Devastators...i dont care if you think the emperor had 'broken' luke, you still should NEVER give your archnemesis override codes to your world devastators....

after all, both luke and the emperor knew that luke was trying to beat the emperor all along, so how could the emperor have been so stupid...

17 January 2003, 07:58 PM
Not stupid my friend, arrogant. Palpatine thought he was always in control, and that he could recover from any blow. But his arrogance cost him his life in the end. A fitting end for a foolish ruler I believe.

Caamasi Jedi49