View Full Version : Beware the official Mexican Star Wars fan club!!!

10 January 2003, 06:42 AM
Maybe you have a Mexican friend somewhere or if you're a webmaster beware!

The Official Mexican Star Wars fan club has been haunted by problems since its formation about three years ago. Their magazine "Universo Star Wars" supposedly bimontlhy has just reached #7 after 2 years of publishing and faces several complaints on the Mexican customer protection department for its faulty subscription process.

The latest case involves http://www.rebelscum.com, which had the permission of an unofficial Mexican information site (http://www.guerradelasgalaxias.com.mx) for translating a painstakingly detailed article of Mexican vintage action figures.

The official fan club demanded rebelscum.com to use its article and translate it (again!) to be included on their new number without ever mentioning the original authors at GuerradelasGalaxias.com.mx (Mexican translation for Star Wars).

So please, beware of these people who shield beneath their "Official Permission by LucasFilm" to pirate all kinds of interesting content for their magazine without asking permission to original authors.