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Kanner Ra'an
13 January 2003, 04:44 PM
My group is involved in a NJO campain that is currently taking place right after Courscant fell. We have had two space battles with the vong. The first ended with us losing our ship the Brawl, and in the second we lost a PC. My GM has hinted that we are gonna see a lot of space combat soon so id like to know if anyone has some good Anti-vong tactics up their sleave, for space or ground combat. Thanks ahead for any help.

Kormac Taal
13 January 2003, 06:52 PM
well Kanner, i don't have many of the NJO books myself, but maybe you should read the novels and see what Han Solo and company came up with...

Jedi Master Talon
14 January 2003, 10:06 AM
Well Kanner I can help. When it comes to space battles you can use the Shawdow bomb tecnique if any of you are Jedi. You use the move objest skill to move the torpedo to hit the Vong ships. They more explosives in them then Porton Torpedos because they don't need engines to move them. You can also equip your X-wing (if you have one) to have stutter fire on it. This website has the specs. The Yammosk jammer Danni Quee made up. It jams the teh yammosk from sending commands to other ships. It makes them go into complete disary.
I haven't seen much on ground tactics other then buying the YVH droids Lando created. If you have Jedi they can use the force to find the Vong by sensing for the spot in the force where they can't feel anything. I hope that helps some.:D

14 January 2003, 03:52 PM
Kaboom 1- Guerilla Warfare
Cost: 1000 Credits for an ASP droid, 2000 credits for a thermal detonator, and 200 credits for necessary parts and service to override droid programming. Total cost 3,200 credits.

Get an ASP-Droid. Override it's self-preservation programming. Attach a thermal detonator or other type of explosive. Have the Droid walk right into the Vong area of occupation. Chances are, if their was a technologically advanced and space faring people on the world that they are occupying, their are droids of some sort walking around. This may be the opportunity that the Vong have been waiting for on a long night of kicking around slaves and thinking that they are bad. They hate droids, and it will be fun for them to thrash the living daylights out of the droid. As soon as the droid is approached, the countdown will commence. While the droid is being beaten, and chances are that it will take longer than 24 seconds to do so (18 second delay, and 6 second countdown), because they will probably like to play "kick the can", the Vong guards will be in the blast radius, and they probably will not live through it.

Kaboom 2 - Booby trap
Cost: some beat up, but operational machinery, maybe even a power droid (several hundred to several thousand credits). Explosives (several hundred credits to several thousand credits). Depends on what type of effect you wish, but an anti-personel mine or even an anti-vehicle mine would be great. I would have to say that this would cost right around 1000 credits for a good solid KABOOM!

This is a fun thing to drop off in Vong occupied areas. The Vong warriors impress me as being the type not to waste time attacking anything they don't like, especially droids or machinery. They seem to be the type to run up and kick the object or just try and thrash it. This is fine, but if they knock it over or tip it over.......well then.....KABOOM! Figure damage accordingly, and take into account the blast radius.

Take advantage of the Vong's disliking of technology. Technology really has a way of biting them in the butt. These things may actually work more than once in the same area, because as we know, they are pretty obsessed with smashing droids and machines. It is possible to wipe out quite a few Vong this way. It is expensive, but pretty risk free as far as ground combat is concerned.

I know that some people are more sensitive than others about sending a droid to its death, but if you think about the machine as a "mindless drone which is not alive", (which it would be), than it is not that bad. If it just has the ability to walk around and nothing else (basically build a bomb droid that can just act as a target), that is good enough for the Vong. I would never suggest sending anything but something which is basically a drone or droid probe body, because I do consider most droids to be alive with their "personalities", and by their actions and devotion to their masters and jobs. I apologize in advance if this upsets anyone.

Here (http://holonet.swrpgnetwork.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=5250) is a thread that goes over some Jedi tactics for dealing with Vong. Pretty good discussion on what players can do to Vong with the Force on the ground.

Vanger Chevane
14 January 2003, 04:35 PM
Vonduun Crab Armor is highly resistant to both Blaster Bolts & lightsabers, but has been proven to provide minimal protection against Blunt Trauma, there's a great solution for foot troops.

A nail-throwing hand-held, or even shoulder-fired railgun. Even if the round doesn't penetrate & suck the Vong out a small hole (a la APDS Sheep-in-Tank testing), the velocity of the round's impact will flip him attitude-over-appetite. Possibly resulting in a snapped neck or other fatal injury, or just knocking the Scarhead stupid for a while.

The Technology is older than blasters, and should be easily mass-produced cheaply...just as long as the troops dont run out of ammo...

As far as the Dovin Basal Defense goes, a highly concentrated Grav Well is also a great Particle Accelerator & tend to warp flight paths around the edge of the "Event Horizon" (there are several major hard-physics discrepancies with the "Black Holes" projected and what a real Singularity would do in the same situation) toward the source.

Skipping something like a low-velocity 2-cm Durasteel Cube around the edge of Vong Shielding would be extremely disastrous for the object being shielded as the cube would be whipped to a significant fraction of lightspeed, and no easily-dismissable mass, prior to impact.

Since one can make exponentially more Durasteel Cubes than Starships, so it's even cost-effective to spray em around in a shotgun-style blast. It only takes a few in the right trajectories to cripple or kill a Vong Ship this way.

15 January 2003, 03:50 AM
Heavy machine gun fire, for ground warfare, and if in close combat, go with flame throwers (they hate fire!!)

Try using firearms (CWIS mounts) on ships, and have your blasters firing in one direction, while 5-10 degrees off that the vulcan cannons are going off...

Chew em' up good.

Jedi Master Talon
15 January 2003, 09:54 AM
Close combat for Jedi have them aim for the armpit. It's not protected well.
Use what Jaina made up take a device and make it so It projects atransponder type thing saying I.m the enemy. You shoot those at the Vong ships and they'll attack each other. That's some more that I can remember. Hope it helps.:D

15 January 2003, 11:55 AM
Intentionally shoot toward the edge of a ship's dovin basal shielding. Without the dovin basals it would just miss, but the dovin basals curve the laser's trajectory, swinging it around into the ship.

23 January 2003, 06:56 AM
Sorry to sound negative, but isn't this just encouraging matagaming? It's all very well you, as the player, knowing these tactics (especially the ones that appeared in the books), but there's no reason for your PCs to be aware of them. If they become common knowledge, then really your GM should ensure that your characters become arware of them via normal, in-game, channels.

23 January 2003, 01:25 PM
Originally posted by bhannah_3
Sorry to sound negative, but isn't this just encouraging matagaming? It's all very well you, as the player, knowing these tactics (especially the ones that appeared in the books), but there's no reason for your PCs to be aware of them. If they become common knowledge, then really your GM should ensure that your characters become arware of them via normal, in-game, channels.

Absolutely! Players should not be aware of most of this information from the beginning, especially if you are planning on having the campaign staged in the beginning of the Vong conquest. Players should be made to observe Vong behavior, and this may mean learning from mistakes (could be extremely dangerous) in order to have some knowledge on how to deal with Vong troops, corralskippers, and the othe Vong problems that arise. Again, bhannah_3 has pointed out something which is a very important thing to consider: How much tactical information will they learn from their encounters with the Vong?

1) Perhaps they can get pointers from veteran pilots that have encountered them and lived?

2) Maybe players will have a chance to speak with characters like Corran Horn and Ganner Rhysode (after Dark Tide) and get an idea of how the Vong operate on the ground?

There are ways to learn from actual experience and ways to learn from tips and tactics of others. Players however should not be able to give "NJO novel information" to their characters, but as mentioned, learn through the hardships of battle, pain, and observation.

23 January 2003, 11:49 PM
I know it seems crazy but...hand-to-hand combat seems to work pretty darn well with the YV. Their honor code will demand they face an unarmed opponent unarmed, and if that opponent happens to be a martial artist (or Force Warrior, shhh!) they're likely going to be looking for a pounding. They're tough, yes, but they will go down with time.

Jedi Master Talon
5 February 2003, 10:29 AM
Many Vong tactics will be based upon their Religion if you make ones up that revolve around their Religion then you can beat them. It's fairly easy.

Kanner Ra'an
9 February 2003, 09:28 AM
Heres one of my own that really seems to work well. Its expensive but well worth it. You basically open the cargo bay doors a fling the missles towards the vong ship. Since they dont use propellant it is very hard for the Vong to spot them. This is how my GM ruled it should go. The attacking ship must close to six squares away from the target ship. Once in range the pilot has to preform a stunt (DC-20) to fling the missles towards the ship. Warheads do 1d less damage because they dont have as much speed behind them. We all but destroyed a Vong warship analog. Another one from Emissary of the void is to launch a missle but dont have it attack the ship right away. Instead leave it out their until an approprite time. If it works right it should suprise the pilot and have a chance of sneaking past the voids.

Vanger Chevane
9 February 2003, 09:39 AM
We've gone from Turbolasers and Proton Torpedos to Dumb Bombs.

I think the reason is that discriminating the gravitic signature of an unpowered bomb from a free-floating chunk of debris is difficult for Vong Sensors to do.

I can just see one Ordnance Tech talking to another..."We're loading Dumb Bombs, can you believe this? This is a Giant Leap Backward." "It does have the advantage of working." (Shrug) :p

I can also see the K-Wing Bomber taking a much more important role in Starfighter Command as a result, instead of its traditional Back Seat.

6 March 2003, 12:28 PM
If you need some force-ideas let me lay these meta-game ideas on ya.
Though the Vong are “immune” to the force, they are subject to some of the effects. Move object can hurl items at them, force whirlwind can throw lots of stuff at them.
Enhance ability can increase your likelihood of survival against them
Alchemy can create monsters to fight them
And while back there was an idea posted about using move object on the air around a vonger to create a vacuum…sort of a modified force grip