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ij thompson
14 January 2003, 10:27 AM
Hello, everybody!

As my Tales of the Freespirit campaign nears its conclusion, I'm faced with the question of just how I'm gonna get my gaming fix in the future! I'm looking forward to Star Wars Galaxies, but I have a hunch it'll be no substitute for hanging out with my rpg pals. Since I don't have the time in my life to create another whole campaign, I've recently been peering at my old DarkStryder boxed set, which has been on my shelf since it was published.

I have all the books and miniatures, and I definitely have the will to dive into this pretty interesting campaign. Anyone who's played it knows, however, that it's a little different than a traditional swrpg campaign, what with it's multiple characters per player, predetermined actions of some characters, the need for detailed ship record keeping, etc...

I'd like to extend an invitation to DarkStryder players and GMs to share their thoughts on the campaign right here. What did you like? What did you hate? What did you change? How many players were in your group? How many would you recommend? Who had more fun, the players or the GM? If you were going to run the campaign again, what would you do differently? Any thoughts at all would be helpful. After all, I'd hate to get this big ball rolling just to find out none of the players enjoy it!

I've posted this thread in the Gen board, since I know there are some d20 groups out there who have converted this campaign, and are playing it now.

Thank you in advance, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts! :)

14 January 2003, 01:35 PM
First off, you're making an excellent choice to finally run the Darkstryder campaign. I wish more people did, and that they ran it online, because I've played through parts of it once and run it once and it's never quite the same from group to group, even if you're playing the same characters.

What did you like?
The story is good, the characters are good, there's plenty of information on the setting, there's plenty of flexibility to add what you feel is missing or take out what isn't working. For example, it's possible to run three simultaneous games giving everyone one character from the command crew, one from the starfighter crew, and then a ground-operations character. So for some sessions you might say "Okay, tonight you'll be using your command crew character." Or "For this mission, any one of your characters will do." You can even play the same mission from the module twice (but I wouldn't go three times) using different characters than the ones you used the first time.

What did you hate?
That some of the main characters which can be chosen by the players get written out later either through plot death or other plot events. You can ignore these, but some of them are very significant events. I don't like having it scripted that someone is going to have to die or leave. You can change it, but then you have to fill in the gaps that it creates later in the game.

What did you change?
The first person I played the game under had us each create a character and choose one character. When I ran it, I had everyone create a character and choose two characters (one command crew, one not). Every time we've played the game, some of the mission/story specifics have been changed to take into account the different characters we've brought in. There's also plenty of space between some missions for you to run additional adventures that you think are appropriate, and it's better if you take advantage of that.

How many players were in your group? When I played, four players and one Game Master. When I ran the game, I had three players plus me.

How many would you recommend?
No more than 5. No less than 2. You want enough people to give the game the feel of interacting with a ship's crew, but you don't want to overcrowd the game, particularly if you're allowing multiple characters.

Who had more fun, the players or the GM? I don't know. It looked to me like everyone had fun both times.

If you were going to run the campaign again, what would you do differently?
I'd add more of my own missions, and maybe make some of the premade characters unplayable so that I could use the script more since it's well-written. I'd like to try it again where everyone is just playing one character and that character is one they've made up. I'd also like to try it again with multiple characters per player, but give people who played a premade character a different premade character to see how they'd run it.

If you're running the game and not playing through it, I'd really recommend reading through all of the books thoroughly at least once before you start to run the game. You'll get a better idea of some of the situations that come up later in the game and how you want to handle them when you get there if you're allowing people to play characters involved in those situations.

Troy Henist
15 January 2003, 01:14 AM
Though I have never ran the adventure, I have been a playing in it.

What did I like?
The different missions that happened over the course of campaign, plus the intresting plot twists that occurred which made this alot more intresting. Also that our GM allowed us to play our own characters instead of the crew.

What did I hate?
I don't think that there was anything really.

What did you change?
Well not me, but the GM changed it so that we only played one charcter, our own. He made it that we got involved in missions away from the ship an involved when we were on-board. Mind I think it was helped by the fact the PC's had a great mix of skills, to allow us to do this. Other things was that this is set in the time of the New Republic and we played it the Rebellion so some details were changed especially the events at the ending.

How many players?
Well there was usually 3 PC's plus GM, the lowest was 2 and think at its peak it was 5.

How many players would you recommend?
I agree with sabre on this

Who had more fun? I think both the PC's and the GM enjoyed the campaign.

If you were going to run the campaign again, what would you do differently?
As I have never run it, can't really answer this question. But if I did, I mght run it with a twist. Instead of the PC's playing Rebels or members of the NR, have them Imps going after rogue Imp Warlord. Will have to get the stuff read it and see if it's possible.

Wedge in Red2
15 January 2003, 02:20 AM
Hi all,

Never played the Darkstryder campaign, although came very close. At one stage I was planning to do it as a big live event - don't ask how it was going to work, it was going to be real tough.

Anyway, having not played, I can't particularly comment, but he's my take on Darkstryder.

1) I liked the concept. As ij thompson said, it's pretty different to normal SW - I found it a lot more Star Trekish - boldly going where no man has gone before and all that.

2) From a gamers perspective, the stuff they gave you looked cool. I'm particularly thinking of the fold out map of the Farstar (that's the name of their Corellian Corvette, right?), which rocked. As a ship I thought the Farstar was cool.

3) The characters were funky, if a little stereotyped. I never read the end of the campaign, however (in regard to Sabre's comment about characters being written out through plot death or plot events), so can't really comment on their continued suitability.

All in all, I thought it seemed cool. As has been echoed by the prior posts, take it and change it to how you like. Some GM's will want to run it without multiple characters per player, some might want to run it without the given PC's. Perhaps find out from your players what style they prefer.

Anyway, that's my 1cr (I don't think I've really contributed enough to call it 2cr),

Jon :)