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20 January 2003, 04:54 AM
After looking around the forums I have made a determination that I could not find juicy and tasty back round stories for NPC’s and PC’s. I took it upon my self to start a thread only dealing with Character History. Here I will post cool Histories and back round stories, that I make up, or ones that I find note worthy for your examination and your perusal. My favorite part is finding Character stories and altering them and changing them to be effective and tasty and make them useful to my needs. I hope you will find this thread enjoyable and fun to read and hopefully you will contribute a cool and interesting and well thought up Character History. If you play D6 or D20 you can make up stats and do what you like with the information. :)

Disclaimer: This work is based on characters and situations created and owned by Lucasfilm, Ltd. No money is being made and no infringement is intended. :D

Posted Characters:
1) Thaddeus J Ross
2) Jin Soph
3) Braun
4) Thela Damukali (bitter blood)
5) Aileron
6) Dovak Varol
7) Nal-Dulnatta the Hutt, Rags-to-Riches Gambler
7) So Vetsha
8) Captain Hunter
9) Ackusshth Part 1
10) Ackusshth Part 2

20 January 2003, 04:58 AM
Distinguishing Marks: Has a tattoo of the Corellian bird of freedom and he has a few blaster scars on his back that he will refuse to speak about. He has a scare on his left arm from a run in with an Imperial Royal Guard when he was in boot camp.

Physical Description: Thaddeus J Ross is a devilishly handsome, easy-going spirit of 35 who comes from a long line of smugglers and the occasional pirate. He is handsome and almost cavalier by appearance. His face is chiseled with stony nobility, polished by arrogance and framed with faded laugh lines that are around his thin lips and below his dark blue eyes. His hair is in a military style haircut that’s too long to be military but screams out ex-military. Thaddeus wears a heavy Disrupter Blaster with a quick draw holster, some say he sleeps with it under his pillow. He wears a pair of Corellian flight boots and his prized vibro blade is strapped on the left boot. Accompanying the boots is his signature black leather pants and a black Military Blast Jacket. As for other weapons, no one really knows what he really carries with him and no one is in a hurry to find out.

Background: Thaddeus J Ross was and always has been the troublemaker, he was and still is the non-traditionalist of the family, and being the non-traditionalist he broke free of the family legacy and became an Imperial Naval Slicer and then an Imperial Royal Guard. He had a distinguished career and moved up in the ranks rather quickly. It would have seemed that Thaddeus had a bright Imperial Navel career, yet that was not his dream and his true ambition. In his heart of hearts he wanted to be a fighter pilot. As an Imperial Royal Guard he went on many a mission. He refuses to talk about his missions and what his roll was. On one particular secret mission Thaddeus pulled a crazy stunts that got him put into the stockade and then court-martialed which led to his being drummed out of the Imperial Military. To this day Thaddeus refuses to talk about the exact circumstances that contributed to him being summarily kicked out of the Royal Guard and then discharged from the Imperial Navy.

After Ross’ stint with the Imperial Military he became a Bounty Hunter. His ability to capture particularly dangerous criminals quickly gained him a reputation as a formidable Bounty Hunter. Many people speculated that it was his training as an Imperial Royal Guard that gave him an edge over the competition. Yet, however the notoriety as an elite Bounty Hunter wore off rather quickly. After that he did something his family and he thought he would never do, he returned to the family traditions of smuggling and other underworld activities. To say the least, this stunned his Father and made his Father very happy all in one fail swoop.

After many years getting fat off the Corellian Black Mute Pie a mishap with the Imperial Navy Landed him in a detention block. Littlie did Thaddeus know that his Partner at the time was to blame for the whole incident with the Empire. While Thaddeus was looked away his ex-partner took everything from him, his ship, all his money everything. When the Empire let him out several days later he went to see his father. He asked his family if he could help him put a bounty on his ex-partner and see if he could get his property back. With that he borrowed a ship from his father and went hunting. Several days later he got a call from his father telling him, “Son I some good news and some bad news. The good news is an amateur bounty hunter killed your ex-partner; the bad news is the same bounty hunter blew up your ship and lost all your property.

So in the tradition of the smuggler Thaddeus started over from scratch. Not to the surprise of his family he has been able to rebuild his life on the space lanes from scratch. He moved from system to system getting all kinds of jobs to scrape up enough credits to buy a ship. He went around the galaxy making friends and a few enemies as he went. With a littlie luck he picked up a Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-2300 A-Class light transport carrier with some muscle and some firepower to boot. He later discovered that the ship was possessed with a COMNAT ACI (Artificial Computer Intelligence) called Braun. Sometimes Braun would annoy him and he truly understood why the last owner sold the ship, but the good out weighed the bad, the ship had muscle and firepower and a range of nice smuggler modifications and a rather resourceful ACI.

Personality: Thaddeus has a nobleness that is very uncommon in the galaxy of smugglers and pirates. Despite a ruthless occupational edge, Ross is easily provoked by senseless violence; he has become cynical and self-righteous. Yet he has a weakness for protecting the underdog and often interferes to even up the odds, ignoring any possible endangerment to himself.

Objectives: Always trying to help other in some small way, he loses site of what he wants and what he should do with his life. He always seems to be the reluctant hero and this theme seems to pop up in his life quite often. His objective in life was always to stick out on his own and make his old man proud and have fun wile doing it.

Quotes: “Trust me, I know what I’m doing.” “Leave it to me, I’ll take care of this.” “Life’s not short its death that’s real long.” “Dad told me when you get shot, it could kill you but if you live it gives you a scar, girls dig scars. You’ll live kid!”:)

20 January 2003, 05:03 AM
Background: In the days before the fall of the Jedi Order, before the dark times, there was a miraculous hope given to those of the order, and then taken away. His name was Jin Soph, and his story begins with sadness and great loss. On the world of Bimmassari, the local authorities had come across something as unbelievable as it was horrific, a woman, limp and lifeless on the ground with a child still attached in a carrying satchel. One of the woman's arms was positioned to break the fall for the child as she fell to her end, and the other outstretched, gripping a metal cylinder no more than 30 centimeters long. These details, although interesting, provide no information without context.

The more significant detail is that those who sought to bring her harm never left the scene of this horrific act. They, in fact, never left the positions in which they stood. The all lay dead around her. The attack that would certainly overpowered any man or woman, especially one with a child! These hooded figures hadn't counted on the woman to be so skilled with a lightsaber. This woman was no ordinary woman, and this was no ordinary slaughter. The attackers never thought they would tangle with a Jedi, and although she fell to them in the end, not one of them took her child. The child was never hurt, even in the fall, just a bit dirtier from the dust on the road. When the caravan, who found Jin stumbled upon the scene, they figured only virus or plague of some sort could cause so many dead.

Only upon further investigation did they find Jin and the dozen attackers that lay around his mother. The caravan knew of some elders in nearby settlement that would know what to do with this orphan. The elders talked at some length about this and came to the realization that only another Jedi would be fit to care for what would most likely be, a gifted child. A communication was sent to Coruscant in the hopes that the child would be taken there so that he would have better care. Two Jedi were dispatched to travel and retrieve the child. Their task also allowed them to investigate the murder as long as it did not endanger the child as a result. After the Jedi had researched and investigated, they found that Jin's mother was a member of a small detachment of Jedi that were sent out on assignment several years before. After a short time, all contact was lost with the party. All were figured dead since their ship was found damaged and large animal tracks were found around the ship. The Jedi sent to investigate the crash were seriously wounded by large wolf-like animals and further attempts to investigate were aborted for various reasons.

The lost Jedi did not perish after all. What had happened to the rest of the party? The Jedi investigators kept coming up with dead ends, except for this child. There was a presence about him, and he was strong in the Force. Only on Coruscant would his abilities be better assessed. The Council of Jedi Masters examined the boy, and being that we were so young and so strong with the Force, he would be trained by the Master Halin Juntith, a talented teacher and respected servant of the Council. As Jin Soph grew, his abilities and skills grew with him. His peers and teachers alike grew cautious of him, as they were not sure if he was the one written about in the ancient prophecy. "One will come who will bring balance to the Force." Rumors circled him for his entire youth and adolescence. The day came that Jin was old enough to take on the role of Padawan learner to Master Juntith.

Jin constantly was acutely aware of all that Master Juntith said and did; from the smallest gesture to the way he handled advancing attackers. Master Juntith was legendary with his saber skill and Jin observed this skill on a daily basis. Several years went by, and when his training was complete, Jin took on the trials of knighthood in the order. His dominance of the trials amazed the Council and causes some members to become fearful of his amazing skill as such a young age. Some worried that the Dark Side would seduce him. One the members of the Council arranged for a medical screening for young Jin. Jin was convinced that being in top shape was a necessity of his job and stature. Jin was not aware that this "medical exam" was actually a maneuver by a faction to protect Jin from the Dark presence that seemed to be falling over the galaxy.

Jin would need to be removed from action so that he would free from harm. Once in the exam room, a small injection and a few minutes later, Jin was prepped for his stasis pod. In this status pod, Jin would be instructed with one of the last remaining holocrons. He also was fitted with a special suit designed to provide muscular stimulus while he was in stasis. It was extremely important for his muscles not to atrophy or he would be little or no use for the Order upon is awakening.

The instructions calculated for him to be awakened in 20 years, long after any threat still existed. Jin was then placed in stasis and left to his sentence. His potential would be shown, but only when he had learned more patience and had time to find himself. Jin hibernated in that stasis pod. Month after month year after year his body was watched closely, making sure his suit did not malfunction, and his vital signs were stable. It was then that something happened in that stasis facility. For some reason, Jin was left alone. His "watcher" didn't come back, and neither his suit, nor his vital signs were checked.

He was a "project" that was left to evolve on its own. Evolve it did, and for years he was left unchecked. The project was turning into something that none had considered passivity. His suit continued to train his body, and as it trained, it grew stronger and quicker. While he body toughened and grew strong, his mind, under tutelage from the holocron, became strong as well. His thoughts were getting faster and his comprehension level growing every day. He absorbed information as fast as it could be given to him. He learned languages, ancient and modern. He learned fighting styles that were thought lost and forgotten.

In his mind, he constantly trained with his master that was the holocron. Those that had imprisoned him for his own protection has no idea that he was now becoming something more powerful than they had ever imagined. He was becoming a Jedi master. I supposed he would have remained in that stasis pod, hidden from the rest of the facility. It would seem that nobody was supposed to come across him, and no reason was ever found as to this reasoning. He waited in silence for the day he would find his freedom, and then it happened.

A loud series of explosions surrounded the stasis area in which Jin found himself. The durasteel that supported the rooms around him fell inward to the floors causing a massive amount of dust to fill the air. People ran through the hallways looking for an exit path. It so happened that a young woman passed by the room where Jin was in stasis to find him on the floor in his status suit and attached to the pod with wires and straps that had not yet come loose. Although she was in route to her ship, she felt a strange fascination with the man who had survived in a place where all who were entombed, died. She went up to him and helped him up.

Although his muscles were strong, he hadn't practiced using them in more than 20 years. She helped him and grabbed a few boxes of interest and put them on her repulsor cart. Her ship wasn't far away from where she was, so she figured a few trinkets would help her make up her cost. Once they were aboard her ship, they headed out into deep space, and then into hyperspace. Stars End was behind them, and just a fading memory. For Jin, it was his first breath of freedom outside a stasis pod. The only problem was, he couldn't remember anything specific about why he was there, or even who he was. :)

20 January 2003, 05:12 AM
Distinguishing Marks: Braun has three remote probes with a multiple functional Camera lens and the most distinguishing fetcher is the red eye and shape of the round probes.

Physical Description: Braun is an integrated part of a The Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-2300 A-Class light transport carrier.

Background: Braun was born on Corella in the COMNAT ACI (Artificial Computer Intelligence) manufacturing facility in star port seven. ACI are manufactured to be the brains of auto tugs for star ship traffic and docking at star ports they are equipped with high-end processors with vast amounts of information on almost every class and type of ship. It takes a vast amount of memory and processing power to dock a Galaxy class curser subsequently all ACI have a memory whip every month to keep them from developing personalities.

An unforeseen mix up at the plant sent him to the wrong department at The Corellian Engineering Corporation. He was suppose to go into a CEC Auto Tug but instead was hard wired to a CEC YT-2300 A-Class light transport carrier. No one at the plant thought of it as irregular or strange that a ACI be hard wired into a light transport, because the plant filled in custom orders and other requests on new and used ships. As any computer tech can tell you hard wiring an ACI into a light transport systems is just asking for trouble. One computer tech that worked on Braun gave him his name when he failed to realize that he was active. According to Braun the tech was reported to have said “Damn this is a first, so damn much computing power in a light transport ship, this ship will have the Braun to fly right on out of hereon it’s own.”

Several months went by with out contact with other machines and life forms and Braun was left to ponder all that he absorbed in the few days of life he experienced at the shipyards. After Mulling it over for a wile he decided to name him self-Braun but what good was a name if he could not interface with other life forms or machines.

The ship was sold to a dealer on the planet Kantar and then sold to his first owner Conlowback a wookiee smuggler of some reputation as a master mechanic and tinker-err. The Wookiee made it a point to rip out the old sub light drive and hyper drive and replace them with all new Military grade replacements. Conlowback took great pride in weapons modifications and all kinds of upgrades because that’s what Wookiees are known for, their consent refinement of technology.

One day after a great illegal haul the shields needed to be replaced and up graded: Conlowback was discovering all kinds of subsystems and extra wiring in the ship and after finding were they all led he reconnected all the subsystems and gave it juice. Braun was now awake and started to talk the Wookiee’s ear off. To no avail Conlowback tried to turn ACI off but Braun would not have it and he integrated him self with the ship and the only way the Wookiee could get reed of Braun would be to gut the ship and rebuild her from scratch. So he decided to cut his loses and sell the ship to a used star ship salesmen.

The used star ship sails man was happy to by an almost like new YT-2300, littlie did he know that Braun would eradicate his chances of selling the ship for a long time. Every time he would have a perspective buyer Braun would start to yap away. After many attempts to sell the ship failed the used star ship sails man was about to give up when an unsuspecting Pilot with some credits to burn came walking on to his lot. This time he never let the customer speak to Braun. To say the pilot got a deal is questionable. The dealer was happy to get rid of that Corellian lemon. Littlie did Thaddeus J. Ross he stepped into a world of Bantha fodder. After many attempts to get his money back Thaddeus J. Ross relented and kept the ship and grew to love Braun and his
yapping. It became a close and interdependent relationship that was beneficial to both of them. Thaddeus J. Ross discovered all Braun needed was an ear that would pay attention to him and interact with him. Braun Became what he is today with the help of Thaddeus J. Ross. He became more acclimated to dealing with other life forms and has down loaded so much information that must be sifted through he is silent most of the time. Braun will tell anyone what is on his mind.

Personality: Braun is high-strung and very anal about the ship and whom Thaddeus J. Ross associates with and brings aboard the ship. He does not like other strange droid and planetary computers. He enjoys cleaning the ship and upgrading it all the time.

Objectives: his soul purpose is to keep Thaddeus J. Ross happy and the ship in tiptop shape.

Quotes: “What in God’s name is that?” “Get it of my ship!” “Can we talk here, we needs some serous talk time about who needs what around here.” “Who the hell do you think has to clean this mess? You? No, Me!” “I get no respect around here, Braun do this, Braun do that, Braun Look this up, can I get a vacation?” :)

20 January 2003, 05:16 AM
Distinguishing Marks: Faint Scars within the fur along the chest and arms of previous hand to hand combat, a small brand of her family crest.

Physical Description: A larger female Trianii, with an athletic body, Body fur in shades of light grey with strips of darker grey. Black shaggy mane with natural tints of blue. See above for distinguishing marks

Background: While Trianii are an expansive culture, Thela’s parents were members of the Trianii Space Rangers. Thus she moved around within the planets of the colonized Ekibo system as her parents moved around in the protection of the system. Thus she did not develop the family bonds that cubs normally develop. When she entered her teens, her parents sent her to the Trainii Naval School so that she might follow in their footsteps.

In this school she developed a sense of comradeship with her classmates. While she learned the core course of religion, history, ship flying, weapons combat, dance and literature, a minor class in “the way of the sword” caught her attention. She already loved hand-to-hand combat, as she felt there was no honor is shooting some one far away when you can kill them face-to-face. She was able to find a small club of likeminded Trianii students who formed a separate class to learn from this sword master this religion of the sword (a form of bushido). When she graduated, she continued training with him for another 2 years, learning the sword intensively. He also showed her ways to sneak up on her enemy in less than honorable ways. When he finally died of old age, she was unable to find a new master.

Her former classmates encouraged her to join the Trianii Rangers, and her parents were thrilled. They continued their Ranger career, but were nearing the retirement age. She joined their crew, where her father was the captain. He treated her as any other novice, and she had to work hard to climb the ranks to sergeant.

She was sent out to the combat with some of her classmates and her parents in a skirmish over a rather unimportant area, a border area between the colonies and the Corporate Sector. However when they commenced the battle, the ships of the Corporate Sector fired off a heavy volley of fire that took out a large number of fighter ships, including her father’s and a number of classmates. Thela saw this happen and tried to kill off as many enemies, but the lead Trianii battle ship engaged a tractor beam and pulled her ship in. She and her mother were taken back to Ekibo and given immediate leave. Her mother went into retirement immediately and moved back to join distant family relatives in the home planet and left her daughter to her own devices. Thela resigned her battle commission as a Ranger. She did not desire revenge immediately. She changed her last name to Damukali (bitter blood) to hide her identity and to reflect her bitterness at the loss of her father and the way her Mother just left her to her devices.

She decided to find another sword master to resume her studies. She started by wandering the Trianii systems by commissioning rides. As she began to run out of money, she had to do scud work on various ships to earn rides. While this was demeaning to her, she swallowed her pride and did what she need to do, but slowly her desire for her quest began to dwindle.

One day there was no available work, so she decided to steal from a seemingly rich but wimpy space traveler. She used her training to sneak up on him, but he caught her. His 2 bodyguards and He gave her a good thrashing. But her combat skills enabled her to finally knock them unconscious. She did swipe his credit chip and crawl away. She passed out near Thaddeus J Ross ship. Braun his ships ACI (Artificial Computer Intelligence) had noticed the blooded Cat and let Thaddeus know. He bandaged her up and brought her on board his ship, and waited until she was conscious. She told him thanks and she was hitchhiking to whatever his next destination was.

He flat out told her he did not take stragglers, and she did not have enough credits to pay him. She was desperate, especially since her last mark, a wimpy space traveler turned up with a bunch of goons to raid Thaddeus ship and arrest the Trianii vagrant. Suddenly Braun, out of self-preservation to him self, the ship and Thaddeus took off to their next destination with Thela in toe.

She helped around the ship during the trip; she proved her skills in flying, gunning, and hand-to-hand combat. Since Thaddeus was seeking a new partner, he decided to give her a try for a wile at least. While the two of them will argue like a married couple, they have a respect for each other. However Braun has other opinions about what the Cat has dragged in and she has been his first mate ever since.

Personality: Thela will be charming but reserved to strangers. While she wants to resume her training and tries to live by the sword, it can be hard and she does lapse to a material life. She does not wear much jewelry, but her clothing can be luxurious when the mood strikes her. She will use her feline beauty when she needs to gain an advantage. Like all Trianii, she is independent and does not respect authority except when called for. However, if she comes across a helpless Trianii, she will provide assistance. If a Trianii figurehead crosses her path, she will show respect. She will smuggle most anything, except slaves and dehabilitive drugs.

Objectives: To find a good sword master and resume her bushido training.

Quotes: “A mind is not always a terrible thing to waste.” :)

20 January 2003, 05:22 AM
Distinguishing Marks: Aileon has a large scar over is left shoulder; it is a blaster burn that he received as a child and has no memory of it. He has no other Distinguishing Marks on him.

Physical Description: Aileron is a wiry young man of about 25, and of average height. He has a tousled head of black hair, and big brown eyes. He is usually seen carrying a gray backpack slung over his shoulder, with various slicing equipment (legal and otherwise).

Background: Aileron grew up in the lower sectors of Coruscant with his adopted Mother. He wasn't a very strong boy; in fact, he was rather weak compared to his peers, and other kids frequently picked on him or pushed him around. It wasn't until he was seriously injured that decided he had had enough. He knew that he couldn't contend with these kids physically, but he also knew his strength was his surprising intelligence. So he used this to his advantage. Scavenging for used parts that were frequently found there, he fashioned a rude blaster pistol, something was somewhat of a status symbol in the underworld amongst the youth. Once his attackers saw this, they backed down. Things remained as they were, until the kid who had been his primary attacker got his hands on a pistol. As the smoke cleared, only Aileron was standing. Now he had an entire underworld clan after him. His mother urged him to run, saying she would be fine. He loved her dearly, but he eventually realized he had no choice.

He wandered Courscant from then on, getting work wherever he could. Eventually, a strange-looking man by the name of Gerrik approached him. He said that he had noticed the young man's exceptional intelligence, and that he believed that he could put it to good use. Obviously, Aileron didn't trust him at first, nor did he for a very long time. Finally he gave in to the eccentric near-human's badgering. It was then he was introduced to slicing. Gerrik was a gifted teacher, and Aileron learned quickly. So quick, in fact, he surpassed Gerrik. The young man's tutor was amazed. When this kid sat down, he moved and thought and worked at an amazing speed. It was almost as if he had some sort of force ability. Gerrik had suspected this from the start, but he kept silent. Aileron and Gerrik's reputation rose quickly as they made connection after connection. The gang that had harassed him as a kid wouldn't dare touch him now.

He later moved away from Coruscant to the outer rim were he set up shop as a professional Outlaw Tech near the Cooperate Sector. He enlisted the help of other Techs and started a small organization that could build, repair, and reprogram any form of technology. He became a well-known figure and sought out professional Tech too smugglers, Bounty Hunters and Criminal organizations. If you need something fixed or modified Aileron is your man. He found trouble when he helped a small time Smuggler by the name of Han-Solo, he in staled a new top of the line hyper drive motivator and a set of Quad Lasers off an Imperial Star Destroyer. Later on the CSA (Corporate Sector Authority) came a calling and shut down his small operation. He later rebuilt the Organization with the help of his old friend Gerrik. It some how got bigger and began to encompass more types of Technologies such as reprogramming of Droid, the installment and sale of Military Grade Ordinance.

One day an old man approached Aileron, by the name of So Vetsha. The old man told him of his predicament and what he needed from the young Aileron. So Vetsha needed a Medium Corellian Battle Transport heavily modified as a mobile laboratory and with heavy Military Grade Ordinance and a huge power plant. Aileron was stunned and wanted to know why this seemingly old man wanted Heavy Military Grade Ordinance on a Medium Transport. Aileron confronted So Vetsha and he

Reluctantly he tells Aileron everything. So Vetsha was burdened with a heavy reasonability, He is hiding from the Imperial Purge and he is protecting a most unusual treasure trove of hibernating (Cryogenics) Force Initiate Children, young Padawans and Jedi. So Vetsha also tells Aileron that he is a Wandering/Honorary Jedi Counselor. Who is a patriot of the Old Republic posing as a salvage expert/space bum. He also reveals that he has been hiding around the fringes of the galaxy near the unknown regions of space, looking and waiting for the right force sensitive person to help him and that person is Aileron. So Vetsha recruits Aileron and he becomes So Vetsha apprentice.

Personality: Aileron is a quiet, reserved person. Below his exterior is very perceptive, active mind. He sometimes comes off as cold and untrusting, but he adopted this as a mask to wear around strangers, everyone besides his mother and Gerrik. Because his mother always stressed kindness and mercy over the typical barbarism exhibited on the street, and he will usually not pass up an opportunity to help an unfortunate being, although he will try to remain anonymous. Despite this, however, he is extremely untrusting. Whenever he takes a client, he does a complete background check, and then sets up various traps, triggers, and electronic spies so that if something goes awry, he can cut the deal with just a few keystrokes.

Objectives: Aileron has seen what The Empire has done first hand and has a hatred for them that runs deep. He feels that The Empire was responsible for his Mother and Fathers death and knows that the only way to bring down The Empire is to help So Vetsha as his apprentice and the protection of the treasure trove of hibernating (Cryogenics) Force Initiate Children, young Padawans and Jedi. He has resolved to help carry So Vetsha’s burdened with and heavy reasonability.

Quotes: “I can fix almost anything!” “I can break into any system and run it to the ground if I want.” “Need new papers I can do that.” “Hands off my tools buddy.” :)

20 January 2003, 05:26 AM
Dovak Varol, a Mon Calamari was born in Etti IV, in the Corporate Sector, with green eyes, dark brown skin with red spots. His parents have escaped Mon Calamari in the early years of the New Order of Palpatine. When Dovak was still a child, his father died of a strange sickness derived from his exposure to the gaseous fumes of the factory in which he worked. His mother was consumed with debts and shortly followed her husband. Dovak, only a young teenager, was left alone.

The situation of Dovak was not unique. A lot of children lost their parents to the exploitation of the Corporate Sector Authority. Dovak was one of the eldest, so he became like the protector of the little ones, trying to teach all the orphans, the teachings his parents have taught him in the past. Even in the coldest night, Dovak stayed levelheaded, for he knew that all the other children were counting on him.

One day, he met someone who made an impact in his life. He was watching the spaceships take off from the spaceport, when he felt he was being watched. He looked everywhere, but he found nothing. Some days later, when he was talking with the rest of the children, he heard some approaching their hideout. It was an older Mon Cal. He was worried for the rest of his friends, so he decided to confront her. She told him she was the one who had been watching him. She was a Jedi, a student of the Force. Her name was Cilghal. She took him and explained him that he was strong in the Force, and that he had the capabilities of becoming a true Jedi Knight. She told him that he must go with her.

Dovak was excited, not only of knowing that he may leave behind his past, but also, that getting out of Etti IV meant that maybe someday he could go to Mon Calamari, to know the planet his parents left behind.

Since the beginning of his training, Dovak showed great powers in the arts of Healing. Following his master’s path, and after researching the tales of the Jedi Knights, he decided to follow the path of the Healer. :raised:

20 January 2003, 05:32 AM
So Vetsha bears the distinct honor of being one of the very few people sanctioned by the Jedi council to own a lightsaber, yet not be a practicing Jedi. While So was young he displayed some ability with the force and so was taken to the Temple to possibly become a Jedi.

He became the Padawan of Trimora, a somewhat renowned Jedi Consular. However, rather early on it was mutually decided by both Trimora and So that he didn’t quite have what it took to be a Jedi, despite the fact that he showed remarkable aptitude for the crafting of lightsabers, and some skill in the Force.

He left the temple and returned a few years later with a small collection of fabulous lightsabers, a gift to the temple to use as they pleased. The Temple was glad to receive them (and reassured in their decision not to let him continue as a Jedi, such single-minded determination for material things was not the Jedi way), and So Vetsha made an offer. He would like to stay on at the Temple and create lightsabers for them. Lightsabers were often lost or destroyed, not to mention young Padawans needed one before they made their own, and for special requests he would be happy to put forth extra effort and make the truly fabulous lightsabers that he knew he could do.

The Jedi accepted, and he became a weaponsmith for the Jedi Council. So receives all the equipment and materials he needs plus a rather generous stipend for research and comfort. He usually doesn’t charge others for lightsabers because the materials are free, and as he often says about the labor “It’s not work if you love what you do”. So was very happy, he wanted to stay involved with the Jedi, and at the same time practice a craft that he felt was his calling.

In time he designed different styles of lightsaber, such as for Jedi apprentices not full grown, or for species of small stature (such as Yoda’s race). He also designed his special gift lightsabers. These mastercraft lightsabers provide extra damage when used, but since they were designed by So the user doesn’t get the bonus to hit that comes when wielding one’s own lightsaber, nor the force point bonus.

In time So Vetsha also became a teacher to young Jedi in how to craft lighsabers. This was a great honor to So, who was getting on in years. He takes great pride in helping young Padawans make the designs for their lightsaber, and teaching the basics of the craft. Now at his advanced age he’s also called on as a specialist in all things technical, and can often be found fixing the computers and various systems, as well as researching and examining alien technology that Jedi often return from missions with.

His joy though comes from teaching young apprentices about the lightsabers, their beauty and grace as well as their danger. He has helped Yoda teach classes on respecting the power of the lightsaber, and loves answering the young jedi’s many questions (What color is best? Can I have one that looks like this?). He has also helped out many young Jedi who lose their lightsabers. Many times they’ve come to him tearfully explaining how they lost their lightsaber (or broke it) and that their master will be so upset with them.

He lectures them sternly, and then will make them a new lightsaber that matches the old so that they don’t get in trouble. He will then wait and see if the young apprentice will try and go through with the deception, or tell his master the truth. If the young jedi tells his master (and with So Vetsha’s Gather Information Skill and Reputation he will find out) then So will stick up for the apprentice so he’s not too harshly rebuked. If the jedi doesn’t then So will ‘accidentally’ leave a clue to the jedi’s master about the deception, and let the young jedi deal with the consequences on his own.

The Jedi masters are aware that So does this, but they appreciate his lightsabers so much that they don’t mind, he made is his own, and So feels he is unworthy to wield it, when so many other younger Jedi could use it so much better.

He is always looking for a Jedi worthy enough to wield his lightsaber, if he found one he’d make them vow though to retrieve Count Dooku’s lightsaber, so that he might destroy it, and erase one of the mistakes he made. He’s also looking for a worthy successor to his trade. He feels that someone who walked the same path he did would be best, so a failed (but not bitter) jedi who has the same passion for expert craftsmanship could carry on his legacy. He hasn’t found anyone yet, but he’s looking.

Image: Tall but somewhat stooped and aging Cerean. His hair is becoming sparse and thin, and has turned slightly blue with age. His fingers are painfully arthritic, and he often has to call upon the Force to help deal with the pain, and are covered with crystal dust from his work. He has a tool belt and two lightsabers with him always, and is usually accompanied by soon to be Jedi Knights who are trying to learn more about crafting lightsabers just before they try to make their own. :)

20 January 2003, 05:36 AM
No one has experienced more violence, war, and chaos in their entire lifetime than the one called Captain Hunter. His real name is unknown, preferring to keep it that way as a shroud of mystery to cloak his existence as he stalks the galaxy looking for his targets. Several theories have arisen about the Sniper's beginnings; some say he was a genetic experiment gone berserk from an Imperial Research Development project, others say he was cloned from a group of elite Imperial Storm trooper Commandos.

He first made his mark upon the galaxy as an unknown Sniper during the Battle of Endor shortly before the arrival of the Rebels. Hired by an unknown source, he was sent to the forest moon to find and eliminate Han Solo before he made contact with the Imperial shield generator, and leave without a trace. Stalking the nights through the large forests of Endor, he stealthily moved across the lands carrying with him his custom made "Hawkeye" sniper rifle and a few various items needed for survival.

His opportunity would not arrive, however. With the confrontation between the Rebel/Ewok forces and the Imperials waging on ahead, he had not found a way of successfully eliminating the smuggler without revealing himself to both sides. Retreating, he had vanished without a trace that he was even on Endor.

Until now, Captain Hunter didn't acquire his name for nothing, and the New Republic soon realized how much of a threat this legendary mercenary was. Many considered him to be a myth, a story time character romanticized in action holo-vids and games as a hero. Only he knows where his true allegiance lies, and who he will be after next.

So who is Captain Hunter? No one knows for sure, but his dossier speaks for itself. Over 500 confirmed kills as an independent Sniper, dozens unconfirmed but many more are afraid that their lives are in danger from him. It does not matter who he is paid to eliminate, the thrill of the hunt is enough to motivate him to prey on unsuspecting targets to add to his ever-growing military dossier. Rebels, Imperials, Pirates, Smugglers, all hush when his name is spoken because of the image of the man who can be right around the corner with you in his scope.

His outfit is worn according to his environment, obsessed with perfecting his disguise to minute details; he is what others consider to be the "perfect hunter". Some say he is a heartless, cruel killing machine with no emotion, but only he knows what drives him to do what he does best: eliminate.

Captain Hunter is an independent operative who are approximately 17 when he was assigned to eliminate Han Solo on Endor. You can use him as a villain hot on the PC's trails, part of your regiment as a sniper helping to take out targets from afar, etc. :raised:

20 January 2003, 05:46 AM
Background Nal-Dulnatta was born to a lower class family in a swampy village on the planet Nal Hutta. During the hard times after the Hutt Wars, his parents had left him to fend for himself. Like many of the young Hutts of that generation he was abandoned.

Early on, Nal-Dulnatta's chances looked bleak; His weight was down, he rarely left the bayou villages, and never received more than a minimal schooling. Growing up, he lived with a group of other castaways, and he remembers how he used to tell the others how he was going to be rich some day, and have beautiful women and fancy food, and be big and fat and popular. He also remembers how they used to laugh at his dreams, all those nights hanging out down by the spaceport. And he remembers quite clearly the day he found his ticket out of the gutter and left it all behind.

He had just picked up a 20 cred chit from a generous [gullible] offworlder, and it was like he was slithering on air when he stumbled his way into the local tavern. He hadn't had a decent meal in weeks, but something caused him to gravitate toward the sabacc table instead of the bar. He had never played the game before, and really had only seen it enough times to get a rudimentary knowledge of the rules, but something about the glow of the cards and the banter of the players beckoned him. Realizing how crazy he was being just as he was dealt his first hand, he tried to back out, but was the others gave him odds he couldn't refuse, thinking that they had just another stupid grub on their hands. That was a mistake they soon learned to regret. By the time Nal-Dulnatta was thrown out of the bar, he had turned his 20 creds into 2,000. He never looked back.

Personality Nal-Dulnatta is a card-carrying high roller. Now approaching middle age, he is more mobile than Hutts half his age. He is never absent from the casino floor, either throwing money around in the lounge or parting cocky mavericks from their chips at the gaming tables. Extremely vain and self-centered, Nal-Dulnatta's favorite pastime is making people envy him. But behind the shiny veneer, there is a much darker side to the Hutt. He aggressively defends anything and anyone that he considers "his". He responds comfortingly, and often violently, to anyone who threatens "his people" or wins at "his table".

His ruthless way of dealing with outsiders has often gotten him into trouble, and it is rumored that he has had serious run-ins with criminal organizations such as Black Sun and the Hutt Consortium.
He also has problems with alcohol, heavy smoking and substance abuse, and relies on his few close friends to see him through the rough times, knowing that he could be back on the mean streets if the cards stop falling his way.

Physical Appearance Though still blubbery and fat, Nal-Dulnatta is much more muscular than your average Hutt, due to frequent exercise and adequate personal hygiene. Though he still abides by the Hutt tradition of not adorning his "perfect" body with any type of jewelry or markings, everything else about him is glamorous to the extreme. Fine foods, fine wines and fine women are the orders of the day. If it were possible for an analytic life form to swagger, Nal-Dulnatta would be the first one to pull it off. As it is, he moves like he knows he's the biggest being on the floor, and not just in terms of sheer body mass.

Notes a good villain for your characters to compete with during a side mission, or a major nemesis for anyone playing on the Gambler template. And even if your characters won't be facing him over the sabacc tables, his intimidating persona should be enough to ruffle any Brash Smuggler or other privateer. I tried to make Nal-Dulnatta as powerful and untouchable as the typical Hutt NPC, without automatically banking on the overused and over-stereotyped Crime boss motif.

In fact, I recommend actually playing him as truly sophisticated character, with flowery speech and snobbish style. Just think, you couldn't help but cringe when taking advice on style from a 900-pound slug with a cocktail glass the size of a soup bowl. :raised:

20 January 2003, 05:51 AM
Ackusshth was born on the planet Gand. She comes from an alien race called the Gand. The first part of her life on Gand was uneventful. She did what most Gand do, find a mate and have a brood, settle down and enjoy the fruits of life. With her beloved Mate she had sixteen children, of whom two sons and one daughter left Gand. The future looked bright and she was enjoying life. Yet, to enjoy life would not be her fate, she suffered a most cruel fortune: Her mate was murdered! She vowed to find the culprits, you see on Gand every one is named the same and no individual has a name but Gand. Her Mate was about to distinguish Him self by receiving his own name, this is a most cherished event in a Gands life to distinguish ones self is an honor that is rare. Ackusshth, begged the Gand Royal Body of Justice to investigate her Mates death, they flat out reject her plead. She was not dissuaded, she took maters in her own hand and vowed to find the killers and bring them justice. With that she left Gand with her mates second hand Ship and went in screech of the killers.

After an extensive search for the killers she was left with no clues but her suspicions to her mates murder. She found her self stranded on a planet along the Rimma trade route. Her ship was in need of repair and retrofitting. To earn money she became a Cantina Bar Tender on the planet Abregado-Rae. There she became a local character and a person of note when she helped the local Security Chief uncover a plot to destroy the local Government. For her role she was given a position in the Local Government as special advisor to the Security Chief. The Security Chief gave her the name Ackusshth, on the planet she made many enemies and friends she became quit proficient with a blaster and She slowly earned enough credits to fix her ship. She became complacent and started to enjoy life again. Littlie did she know that all would change.

When Ackusshth was promoted to Security Chief she uncovered more of her Mates life and the plot of a high official of the Gand Royalty to have her Mate murdered. She uncovered this buy pure accident when she was interrogating a bounty hunter who was arrested for breaking the peace. She made an official inquiry to the Gand Royal Body of Justice. They refused her inquiry and in a mater of days she was almost murdered her self buy a group of out law Gand Bounty Hunters. She barely escaped with her life. During the scuffle she became injured and almost lost her eyes. She later had to ware a modified Delgado sensor helmet. She knew she was no longer safe in the sector and she needed time to heal and to figure out what she would do next. :raised:

20 January 2003, 05:53 AM
Family: 16 children, of whom 2 sons and 1 daughter have left Gand and have no contact with their mother,

Basic Education: Domestic, including medicine and maintenance. She has become technically proficient through trial and error and enjoys repairing and modifying used technology. Ackusshth, like many, Gand continually works to develop her sixth sense, intuition.

Past Occupation: Mother, security officer

Romance: none. After the death (murder) of her husband and rejection by her people, Ackusshth has developed a lingering paranoia, distrusting others and expecting betrayal. She is generally perceived as aloof, but is less confident and experiences than she lets on to be. Beneath her ostensible paranoia and resentment, Ackusshth possesses a sort of covert, naďve curiosity. She constantly wants to learn but will not let others know of her shortcomings, due to her fear of betrayal.

Critical Events: Husband is killed on home world, monarchy refuses to investigate/help, Ackusshth departs in her husband’s second-hand ship, visits cultures along Rimma Trade Route, crash-lands on Abregado-rae, works security in dangerous spaceport, meets two Jedi and helps them thwart a criminal coup, is promoted to special advisor to head of security. The Jedi and their knowledge/use of the Force leave a lasting impression on Ackusshth.

Contacts/Allies: Authority and mechanics on Abregado-Rae.
Enemies and Rivals: Ackusshth has enemies, which she made in her time as a security officer on Abregado-rae (prof. criminal types, smugglers, outlaws). She had a reputation for lashing out violently when not in control of a situation. This contrasts her generally relaxed disposition when not having to deal with others. Ackusshth is also resentful of her people’s leadership. Unbeknownst to Ackusshth, the Gand authorities used her abrupt departure to blame her as the murderess of her husband. She is now a fugitive and she doesn’t know it.

Appearance: Insectoid, Gas mask (she breathes ammonia) modified with clarifier apparatus, which regulates her accent, 1.5 meters tall, fly-like eyes, beige skin, no hair, left over articles from security uniform (including regulation blaster), and a confiscated blaster-rifle, modified, with stun capability.

Place in life: Worked her way up from nothing to an extreme state of poverty. She has managed to repair her. :o

30 January 2003, 09:59 PM
Dovak Varol, a Mon Calamari was born in Etti IV, in the Corporate Sector, with green eyes, dark brown skin with red spots. His parents have escaped Mon Calamari in the early years of the New Order of Palpatine. When Dovak was still a child, his father died of a strange sickness derived from his exposure to the gaseous fumes of the factory in which he worked. His mother was consumed with debts and shortly followed her husband. Dovak, only a young teenager, was left alone.

The situation of Dovak was not unique. A lot of children lost their parents to the exploitation of the Corporate Sector Authority. Dovak was one of the eldest, so he became like the protector of the little ones, trying to teach all the orphans, the teachings his parents have taught him in the past. Even in the coldest night, Dovak stayed levelheaded, for he knew that all the other children were counting on him.

One day, he met someone who made an impact in his life. He was watching the spaceships take off from the spaceport, when he felt he was being watched. He looked everywhere, but he found nothing. Some days later, when he was talking with the rest of the children, he heard some approaching their hideout. It was an older Mon Cal. He was worried for the rest of his friends, so he decided to confront her. She told him she was the one who had been watching him. She was a Jedi, a student of the Force. Her name was Cilghal. She took him and explained him that he was strong in the Force, and that he had the capabilities of becoming a true Jedi Knight. She told him that he must go with her.

Dovak was excited, not only of knowing that he may leave behind his past, but also, that getting out of Etti IV meant that maybe someday he could go to Mon Calamari, to know the planet his parents left behind.

Since the beginning of his training, Dovak showed great powers in the arts of Healing. Following his master’s path, and after researching the tales of the Jedi Knights, he decided to follow the path of the Healer.

Donovan Morningfire
8 February 2003, 05:23 AM
Not enough backstories here on the Holonet, eh?

If you search here in the Fan-Fiction forums for Unexpected Destiny, you'll find what is pretty much my namesake Jedi PC's backstory (especially the first two chapters and the epilogue). Granted, it's not every little detail, but what's a good backstory without some holes to be filled as time progresses. Besides, it's a pretty darn good story, at least that's what I've been told :D

Haven't looked over your stuff yet (making a mental note to do so when I have the time). I'll post my thoughts when I've done so.

Kamar Toi
13 April 2003, 03:28 PM
for some fun (silly) backstories, go to http://www.rain-street.org/fightcrime.htm

click try again a few times

25 April 2003, 01:43 PM
The Red Kage

( I took this idea from Poly Mag and made it more Star Wars)

Few would argue that the proud warrior traditions of the Kage have ever fully left the blood of its people. Although the galactic core worlds has been fascinated at times with tails of the old Empires of the Kage and there feudal warriors, few know that such warriors exist even today. The Galactic core world still utter the Kage name to their children, it’s a ghost story that is told to make children behave. If you don’t do your homework the Kage will get you. Many historians believe that the Kage were wiped out by the old Jedi order a thousand years ago in a bloody War that lasted ten years and left the Jedi order decimated. The Jedi Council started the war over the right to take young Kage to be trained to become Jedi. The Kage felt that it was no ones right, not even the Jedi’s to choose another’s path. In order to save the Kage people, the great Jillion of the Crimson Kage made a deal with the Hutts. He swore undying servitude of his clan to the Hutts so that the Hutts would smuggle the remaining houses of the Kage to the unknown region of the galaxy. The Hutt High Council of Elders agreed and found and helped establish the world known as Crimson Jillion named after the great leader. Now the Red Kage; remain and they are as talented and dangerous as their ancestors, reminding the modern day galaxy from time to time that Kage warriors are among the most deadly and feared. If you don’t do your homework the Kage will get you.
The Red Kage (pronounced Kog-A) began as a group of assassins working for the Hutt High Council of Elders, one of the galaxy’s most brutal mafias. The Red Kage membership has changed over the years, both as a result of casualties and advancement of its members into areas of the various Hutt crime syndicates. The strike force currently consists of eight members who have expanded their operations beyond the missions they perform for the Hutts. Although still technically a branch of the Hutt High Council, The Red Kage have worked for a variety of fringe organizations as mercenaries, and their current roster brings with it a variety of skills and talents that make the group far more than merely paid killers. In recent years, the Red Kage have been linked to Black Sun, The Bounty Hunters Guild, and The CSA (The Corporate Sector Authority) and, even a few powerful “legitimate” Imperial leaders in the core worlds. There operations have been tracked everywhere from one end of the galaxy to the other, and even parts of the unknown regions of the galaxy, though never in time for Imperial or local authorities to capture them. They still remain a myth that the underworld and law enforcement just seem to help propagate. If you don’t pay up the Kage will get you. The Kage remain ghosts, a myth that seems to grow when something illegal cannot be explained or when a two-bit criminal needs someone’s silence they utter, “ shut up or the Kage will get you”.
The Red Kage embodies the concept of a self-contained fighting force. Although several members have their specialties, each one is a deadly combatant and able to function completely independently of their fellow team members. Notoriously paranoid about dealing with non-Kage and or non-Hutt, members of the Red Kage typically arrange their contracts through the various Hutt crime syndicates in order to assure reliability and to keep negotiations as confidential as possible.
The Red Kage admits members by invitation only, which they occasionally grant to promising young Kage. After one to two years of intensive training, the recruit becomes an active member of the organization and then begins taking on field assignments. The Red Kage screen each recruit for loyalty, dedication, physical and mental prowess, and inherent talent that makes a candidate a unique addition to the team. Each member of the team is given a codename of their choosing; usually something that describes their particular specialties or heritage, and then becomes a member of the elite combat unit trained in the deadly Kage combat traditions.
The Kage home world has become a technologically advanced modern paradise due to the infusion of money and recourses that the Crimson Kage Clan has given. The Kage still remain a feudal society and are more advanced than the standard galactic core worlds. The Kage people still remain very xenophobic and notoriously paranoid about strangers. The Kage did not soon forget what the Jedi did to them and as such found great pleasure in helping the Empire hunt down and kill many of the remaining Jedi. Like a old Kage saying goes “Never leave an enemy behind, make sure he is dead and can not come back to hunt you down.” The Kage waited long for there revenge on the Jedi.