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23 January 2003, 04:35 PM
I didn't know where to put this exactly. So excuse me if I did poorly.

During all these years, many great SW sourcebooks and information books have appeared. However. In my opinion there is a great lack of common 'every day life' information in the SW universe. You can get some information from RPG products and some from the movies, but the common life is still very much uncharted territory for us.

I think it would make a magnificent book (style Wildlife of SW - with pictures from the movies where possible). A book where common day stuff is explained during the Republic / Empire eras. Examples:
* A day in a life of an office employee on Coruscant
* Children and education (school - university)
* Music - Food - Money (we have bits of that in GG 9 by WEG)
* Family - Love & Sexuality
* Birth and death
* Going to the hairdresser's - going to a restaurant - going to a shop - going to a cantina - buying a ship / speeder
* Tourism
* Sport and other leisurements like games
* Public Transportation
* Art
* Holovids

So let's forget about the word 'wars' for a moment and view our beloved universe through the eyes of a common man (alien) who doesn't fight for the universe, but to sustain his family. This book could be huge as there are so many aspects that are yet unspoken of unfortunately.

I think we need more books like this ! It can be done, but I fear it will remain somekind of a dream.

23 January 2003, 05:09 PM
I can see sourcebooks on:

* Guide to buying a ship / speeder (just that alone)
* Tourism
* Sport and other leisurements like games (with a little thing on playing Sabacc, maybe?)

23 January 2003, 05:32 PM
Love & Sexuality?! Minions of Xendor!, i trust we dont need a book on THAT! lol i like the way it works here (for now lol) Anyway, yeah it sounds like a great project, i think a cantina/restaurant guide would be extremely useful both for GMs and PCs. Some of that stuff though would bog down the game w/ technicalities and other stuff like birth / death would change so much from planet to planet. But with a little narrowing of topic i feel itd be a really good thing! :D

23 January 2003, 08:35 PM
I see how something like that could add a little to a campaign, but I don't see it being that useful. I mean, how many people like playing characters that have 'a daily life' that is monotonous by definition. In the 2nd edition sourcebook theres a quote(i'm not lookin it up, but its close) that I think really expresses my point "Sure there are places in the galaxy where nothing happens, but the characters are not going to frequent them." I think what I'm saying is that, in the long run, something like that could warrant a small supplement or something along those lines, but anything more, especially a sourcebook, would be quite excessive.

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24 January 2003, 10:17 AM
I didn't say it should be an RPG book. It could also be a beautiful coffee table book like the Wildlife of SW. It would be great to read and see how you'd pass a day as a normal citizen in the SW universe. They are not all heroes and villains :)

What I mean with love / sexuality is when do people usually get married, what about customs of species. It could also be interesting to show male / female of species. Some really look different (Devaronians for ex.). I don't need details about how Aqualish mate either ... ;)

Of course there are so many great books that hopefully can come ... like 'Guide to Imperial and Alliance uniforms and insignia' - 'Cantina Sourcebook' - 'Jabba's Palace Sourcebook'. There are still unknown characters in these places or characters we only know by name.

24 January 2003, 10:38 AM
The cantina Sourcebook could be something like tips on how to make up a Cantina (for GM), or how to buy and establish a Cantina (one time in a D&D campaign, we bought our own store, hired someone to run it, and after we came back off an adventure, deposited our unneeded items to sell, it was fun), or "guide to cantinas across the galaxy" type of thing.

25 January 2003, 04:52 AM
And especially about the Mos Eisley Cantina & the Outlander Club. I would really like to know ALL characters. You know there are still some unknown patron in the Mos Eisley Cantina ...

26 January 2003, 09:19 AM
Sounds like were on to something here:) I think this could add significantly to a campaign, we could even include stats for Mos Eisley goons like Muftak, Kabe, Momaw Nadon, Dr. Evazan, Ponda Baba, Wuher, the list goes on...
Also it'd be interesting to describe the in game terms effects of things like Thikkian Brandy, Alderaanian Ale, Juri juice and so on. :D
If you decide to run with this one let me know, and ill help ya out!

27 January 2003, 08:30 AM
I'd really want to see some more on characters like Yerka Mig, Merc Sunlet, Debnoli, Tzizvvt, Solomahal and the unknown characters. Of course Baba and co should appear in such a book as well.

Drinks should also be included with more info on the beverage dispenser unit in the Cantina and the 'decorations' on the walls.

29 January 2003, 05:21 AM
You said in the first post that sports could be included, i think that that would be an EXCELLENT idea, i dont know of that many sports in SW though, so with the exception of null-gee ball (i think that was what it was called in the HS adventures :? ) and a few arcade games, im afriad i wouldnt be much help in that department.

Good Luck i you decide to do this:D

29 January 2003, 10:38 AM
In the times we know of from the movies, there are about 10 years of galactic war and at least 1000 years of peace. After the military scenes of Episodes IV-VI, the new movies are giving us a glimpse of what the SW universe is normally like, what people wear, what this Republic is that the Rebels are fighting for, and it's fascinating. Until Coruscant and the Core Worlds, the RPG was doing an awful job of showing us all these ships and gee-whiz things but not the context they fit into, what life in the SW galaxy is like. And that's neither boring nor just like ours: it's a damn subtle understanding to know what can be imported from 20th-century Earth and what can't and still feel like SW.

So yeah, The Essential Guide to Life would be great. This knowledge is essential for immersive roleplaying, and useful for everyone even if just as structure to hang other stuff on.

The Imperial Sourcebook and Rebel Alliance Sourcebook depict the political organizations of the Rebellion era pretty well, so the glaring lack is a book on the Republic.

A bunch of sports have been established: at least three in the movies, more in the EU.

3 February 2003, 12:57 AM
If you guys need a sourcebook for wooing women, I suggest you start with Dating for Dummies and work up the pre-existing lines from there. :/

In all seriousness, a lot of the suggested subject matter is minor detail stuff you could fill in yourself if you like...or has already been run-over in a pre-existing sourcebook. Admittedly, a lot of WEG material is almost impossible to find, but WotC lacks the funding to have people work on re-hashing WEG material.

3 February 2003, 04:24 AM
lol, Ardent, actually, i guess im more of an on-the-fly dater B) But anyway, do you have any general ideas on where to find old WEG stuff? By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!:D

Reel 2/Dialogue 2
1 March 2003, 03:45 PM
I'm a little pro/con about this.

PRO: Juri juice, sabacc, dejarik, jizz wailers, Podracing, shock-boxing... the cinematic and expanded universes (universai? universae?) has already filled in some sparse essentials as to what Star Wars culture entails, and what gamemaster would want to create entire rules for a sport played in a tiny pocket of a sector in the Expansion region alone? The movies and expanded universe (excluding Infinites), at least, should be covered in terms of detailing specific know-hows, such as how to create Naboo and "Union" wedding processions, the inner workings of Gungan tech and Grand Army traditions, what those other games were being played on the lounge monitors in Clones, and what is the deal with that damn Peace Ball? Is it a boomer? (that's like calling truce with an atom bomb prize)

CON: I think a general, overall sourcebook (either RPG or Essential Guide) would be too definitive and restrictive for those in love with the galaxy at large, even if it did cover the most popular aspects of the galaxy. Too many worlds to consider, and gamemasters in general love making up those details themselves and have them become the end-all-be-all of galactic culture. Anyone who takes on the Essential Guide to Life would be walking a thin line.

Originally posted by Ardent
a lot of the suggested subject matter is minor detail stuff you could fill in yourself if you like...or has already been run-over in a pre-existing sourcebook. Admittedly, a lot of WEG material is almost impossible to find, but WotC lacks the funding to have people work on re-hashing WEG material.

Now THAT'S a catch-22. Makes me wanna triple polybag my entire biblio collection.

PS: A sports-centered campaign.... HMMMMMM! :anakin:

5 March 2003, 06:45 PM
One could make an entire campaign out of shockboxing. There's even a Barabel Shockboxer template. Quite handy in a cantina brawl too :D

1 April 2003, 06:51 AM
Something like "Planets collection" with interesting places and descriptions of cultures living thereon would be good. You would find all the importent ceremonies for your PC or NPC, good Bars etc.. just for your Charcters to say: "Hey, remeber that Algonian Brandy in Sandy's Arms?"
And a lot of scenario catches for GMs..

1 April 2003, 11:04 AM
Well, there already is a WEG book called "The Planets Collection". :) It's the largest book they produced with more than 300 pages. There are lots of planets described and plenty of story ideas. It's a very good bok in my eyes.

And not to forget the "SotE Planets Collection", another great WEG book featuring the planets and locations from the novel <i>Shadows of the Empire</i>. :)

1 April 2003, 10:14 PM
I know about "Planets Colletion" that's why I mentioned it, as I and my GM used it very often, but it would be nice to make it new for d20 and with such beautiful gaphics as the rest of the d20 sourcebooks has. Add some additional info that I wrote about before and it would be another bestseller...