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30 January 2003, 03:34 PM
I've examined AotC clossly and I think Yoda knows more than wat he is telling the other Jedi. First thing, when Palpy sugests that Obi-wan and Anny guard Amidala look at how Yoda looks at Palpy. I think maybe Yoda noticed something, like maybe an Empathy or Affect Mind Check?
Then when Yoda is medatating and hearing Qui-gon(this is also the first time a living being made contact with someone who did not give themselves to the force) he has got to know what Anakin is doing. He know he is slaughtering those Tuskens. And lastly when Padme falls out of the Republic gunship and Anakin argues with Obi about going after her, Yoda is definatly sensing wat is going on with them and not wat is going on around him. IMHO Yoda might know of Palpy and is plot, and Anakins Journey to the dark side. The only reason that I think why Yoda isn't telling the other Jedi because he can see that maybe the jedi are domed no matter wat and he might also see...


tell me wat u think of my opinion and wat r ur opinions

30 January 2003, 05:11 PM
If you go through the docos on the AOTC DVD you will indeed find out that the scene thatYoda is indeed suspicious of Palpatine, but I doubt any specifics in that, only that he does not completely trust the guy. The scene with Yoda hearing Qui-Gon's voice, he can sense Anakin's pain, but but due to his conversation with Mace, I again doubt he knows the specifics, but can only feel Anakin's extreme emotions rippling through the Force.

Yoda knows there is a coming Darkness, he can sense it. But so far I've personally seen as led me to suspect anything other than that. (It also begs the question why he'd hide all he knows from the council if your sumise was correct.)

Otherwise, nice thoughts.

6 February 2003, 07:49 AM
What Yoda knows and what he suspects are too different things. While he may have a premonition or a general foreboding, he is The Jedi Master. He's expected to know everything and not act irrational. Going by suspicions isn't something of his stature (no irony intended) is supposed to act. I think Yoda has a few issues- he's supposed to be strong and not show weakness, yet if he follows the weakness of suspicion he'll come to the truth he wants to find headlong.

I think that being at the top is hard and Yoda is constrained by his standing in the Jedi Temple, something QuiGonn recognized and didn't want to get trapped by. He preferred to do hands on work rather than sifting through the material at the top. I think maybe Yoda is losing touch with the universe as a participant, something he'll ironically gain by the Jedi's fall and living in the muck and mire of Dagobah.

9 February 2003, 05:36 PM
I agree that Yoda suspects something is rotten in Denmark, but is unable to directly discover its cause. This might be due to his being spread too thin (with the sudden shortage of Jedi, Galactic Civil Wars, and the ongoing Sith threat) to really do anything about it. What will really be interesting is how the wiley old Jedi manages to fake his own death and end up on Dagobah to await Luke or Leia's arrival.