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1 February 2003, 06:54 AM
Joe Corroney (http://www.joecorroney.com/), LucasFilm licensed Star Wars artist has donated 4, original, signed pieces of artwork for the February Contest held at the Star Wars Artists' Guild (http://swagonline.net/)!

No art talent is required and everyone is welcome to compete in this crazy go nuts online Scavenger Hunt! Entries must be received by February 21st, so make sure you visit soon so you have enough time to find everything!

Links to the contest are on the SWAG homepage, along with an exclusive interview with Joe Corroney, and images of the prizes.

Chris Curtis
21 February 2003, 06:08 AM
I know you want it. You know you want it. Free Professional Star Wars Artwork!!

As stated above, SWAG (http://swagonline.net/) is running a contest with artwork as the prize. Artwork by the amazing WEG, Gamer, and Insider artist Joe Corroney!! When we say artwork, we don't mean a copy of it, either; we mean the actual physical originals!

For those of you that haven't entered yet, let us reassure you that we know the questions are hard, and based on entries that we have received, this contest is far from over. Answer what you know, guess at what you don't - after all, it can't hurt to enter! Also, remember that all ties for correct number of winning answers will result in a random drawing!

You've waited until the last minute now, so make it count! The contest ends at midnight tonight (Feb 21) Central Standard Time, so you still have several hours to scour for those answers!

<font size="+1">SWAG Contest (http://swagonline.net/contest.php)</font>

21 February 2003, 05:19 PM
It don't let me on! i can't login, every time I do, it tells me to login!


Chris Curtis
21 February 2003, 07:22 PM
A few things to check:

1. Make sure you can accept cookies

2. Always log in the same way: either with or without the "www."

3. Be sure you're using swagonline.NET and not .COM

22 February 2003, 07:41 PM
eh, the holonet had to putz out and i didn't get this in time! :(