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5 February 2003, 07:32 AM
Ok ... alot of you have probably seen my title and went ... "what the heck is 'KotDT NNU Chapter'?"

Well ... my group are all big fans of the Knights of the Dinner Table (check em out at www.hoodyhoo.com) ... so we named our RPG group the Knights of the Dinner Table - NNU Chapter (NNU is the college most of us go to ... but not all).

So you say ... why is this post here ... should be in C&M ... Come on Vix, you know better! ...

Well ... we have a message board over at http://pub37.ezboard.com/bkotdtnnuchapter ... nothing as fancy as the HoloNet mind you (Armage Rocks!) ... but it is where we do some of our RPing. And I wanted to invite you all to come on over and have a peek if you want. The board is public, so you can view anything you want, but you can't post in the Roleplaying Forum unless you were to join the group. We have a fairly large group on the message board ... cause Message boards campaigns facilitate large groups!

You can post in the Out of Character Forum, and the Rants, Raves, Polls, and Dwarven Cursing forum. We welcome outsiders and we'd love to hear input from you on our campaign. You can view character sheets (Excell Format sheet of someone elses that I modified for my own uses), and even the Character sheets for LOTS of the NPCs.

Right now, we're running Star Wars D20 ... but we aren't strictly Star Wars, or strictly D20, although it is the most common one we know. This weekend, Friday and Saturday, we're doing a mini-Adventure on the board using the D20Modern rules, but in a setting based on the Terminator movies. So you should definitely come by and check that out maybe on Sunday or Monday, after its all done, it should be a GREAT mini-Adventure.

Since all of our adventures are still there, and fairly well labeled, you should be able to quite easily surf through them. You'll probably only recognize one other person there on the boards - FlipDog - and he plays a great character.

Please do check us out ... I just changed the entire look of the site ... and I welcome visitors and opinions!

Terras Jadeonar & Raven
5 February 2003, 05:19 PM
Kewl style of forums your running! talk about spiffy ;)

dunno where the head gm of our Megaroad 33 Exploratory Fleet (sw / macross crossover) (http://pub40.ezboard.com/bmegaroad33exploraroryfleet) forums.

I'd show that gm whenever he gets back though last time he did a few minor changes he almost hosed the whole site :p

Emperor Xanderich II
6 February 2003, 09:43 AM
Moving to Traders Infonet