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Terras Jadeonar & Raven
8 February 2003, 04:28 PM
Author's note, this scene was for the introduction of a new character in one of my games. Slightly revised, for purposes of a smoother read (one too many things in the game were happening besides this). This also skips 5 years ahead from the last fic, bringing events to current.

Current date: Bespin, Cloud City 10aby

Skyward westbound, the normally pink and white mottled Bespin was turning into a blend of crimson grey above. Walking the streets of Cloud City during the onset of evening, Terras and his new company of employers were headed to an equisite tapcafe. A tapcafe renowned for its talented female dancers, picked by Terras, this would serve both as meal & relaxation for tonight. It was their last stop before heading onto their real task - to search and rescue several missing friends in a large galaxy.

Every so often, Terras's mind would referance to when he had last visited familiar spaceports such as tonight. When was it? Five years or was it six? Terras thought silently, when a small spark of confirmation flared. Five. Stang! I can't believe its been that long. Stang! Why do I keep measuring from that point on? Oh thats right, thats the one thing that lingers like a bad aftertaste...

A friendly shout from Vanger Chevane, Terras almost walked past the entrance of the tapcafe. "Uhh, right! I was thinking of the lovely ladies that will be enticing us." Terras bluffed cheerfully, hoping they bought his half truth.

Moments later, they were inside, sitting in a booth with a clear view to the stage. Loud music was booming from hidden speakers everywheres in the dimly lit establishment. Scantly clad human & alien waitreses navigated inbetween the maze of tables and patrons serving trays of beverages and foodstuffs. The wall opposite of them was a large two meter high crescent shaped stage, illuminated with ceiling high glow-poles. At any givin time, there would be a female gyrating seductivley to the music, no two dancers alike in apearance or style with each new selection of music. Drink and food in hand, Terras and his friends settled in for a couple hours worth of good eats and succulent treats.

A few hours later, Terras got up from the table and made his way to the cashier. Reaching inside his pocket he noticed was a few credits shorter than he should be as he mumbled to himself "Great, i've been pick-pocketed and I didn't even realize it. How am I gonna explain this one?" Terras glanced around "Wait, a sec... could it be??? Naw, it can't... or can it???" There was something familiar about the dancer onstage he hadn't realized before.

"Scuse me barkeep, I think i'll have another round yet." Heading back to the table "Hey Vanger & Knightstalker. I believe I know someone working here, and can get us the meal on the house. I'll be back in... oh, ten minutes aprox. Just sitback and enjoy the next show." He then heads for the backstage area to bribe the door gaurd with a credit chip.

Terras walked through the hallway slowly, calling out a name that hadn't left his lips since several years ago: "Nileeta? ... I'd know that dance of yours anywheres... Oh Nileet-" Suddenly a door opened and Terras was pulled in by the arm. Nearly pulled off balance, he stumbled through the door to right himself, catching sight of who pulled him in. As he's pulled closely against the body of the agressor... the door closed.

A female adressed him softly "Hi Terras...Remember me?"

Stunned, standing, and held tightly in her arms, he could feel her damp hot skin, her moist spicey breath. Terras was intoxicated from her scent. Looking down at her sheening aqua face "Nileeta, I-" Suddenly grabbing his shoulders cutting him off, she kissed him fiercely, fully, deeply.

Time stood still as Terras was consumed by her exotic taste. Eyes closed, memories of happier times flooded back for what seemed an eternity. Then the memory of their departure flashed into his mind. The sting of betrayal and heartache, a vibroblade thrust into an old wound. Terras snapped out of the reverie. Abruply ending the kiss, and narrowly averting a knee thrust to the groin. Terras forcefully pushed her away "Oh no you don't, not this time Nileeta..." he spoke with restraint.

Cursing a blue streak, Nileeta matched Terras squaring off. Making eye contact, their dance had begun. Taking initiative, she struck out at him with rage. Her fists like lightning, aimed at his face. Deflecting her attack, he stepped back, pointing a finger at her "At least i'm giving you a fair chance Nileeta."

"Who said anything about fair?" Nileeta feined a right swing. She kicked his right side with her left foot. Contact. Swiftly, he grabbed her left leg. A twist to his right, and she was pulled off balance. Fall or fight, his defense was open. She swung her free leg upwards at his face. She hit, her inner foot squarely on his jaw.

Terras reeled backwards from the blow as Nileeta recovered herself. Regaining balance, Terras grunted "It's come to this has it?" He shifted to the offenseive, clenching his fists.

"Trying to hit on me?" Nileeta taunted. She Dodged his strike, reposting with a left hook.

Terras blocked her swing. He responded, attempting to punch her face. At the last second he reached around, squeazing Nileeta's fanny, stunning her. Stepping to her right, he hooked his leg in hers. Forcing a trip adding a forward shove to her backside, propelling her downwards. He repied, "No, not when they hit on me first!"

Nileeta stumbled forward. Using her honed dancing skills, she landed gracefully with a summersault. Standing up, turning towards him "You backhanded...!"

"Hey, is there a cold draft in this room or are ya just excited to see me?" Terras motions down towards to her semi-exposed bosum,"Your sure perky tonight arn't ya?" He bluffed as her loose garment was hanging loosely on her frame.

For a fraction of a moment she looked down, ashamed for any arousal, retorting "You perverted hutslime-!" which was too late. Terras grabbed her wrists, which was just the distraction Terras needed. False yet very effective. That bastard.

"Hah, now look who's the fool Nileeta. Feels nice don't it?" He gloated his small triumph, as he tightly gripped the wrists of a struggling infuriated Twi'lek female "Too bad you can't fight as well as you can dance..."

"You son of a Hutt!!!" Nileeta swore as Terras grinned "Let go of me you big hulking SithWad!" She struggled, managing to get enough room between them. She hoisted a swift knee into his groin. Terras lost his grip. One hand free, she followed with a strong upper-cut to the jaw.

Not wasting a moment, she lunged forward. Pivoting on her left heel, a slight jump, she kicked Terras's stomach. Then again at full circle, high into his chest. A perfect roundhouse.

She watched Terras slam into the wall behind him, and crumple to the floor. "As you were saying Terras?" She grabbed her holdout while he was down for the moment.

Gasping for breath, Terras was in obvious pain. He looked up, Nileeta was aiming a holdout blaster at him. "Blast... You ..." He tried to talk in between breaths as the pain still throbbed. "If I recall, you did the equivilant kiss thing last time too ... just not with that holdout your pointing at me now..."

Nileeta spoke, her voice now cold, a glare of contempt in her eyes, "Give me one reason. One reason I shouldn't put a smoldering hole in your chest... For all I know you're collecting on a bounty, if not for the creds, then for spite..."

"Because if you shoot, I'll die with a warm expresion on my face. My last thoughts of happier times from long ago... And those peach colored eyes of yours would never be the same after that, to kill in cold blood... Then you'll spend countless days wonering 'what if', until you break down as you realize what could have been... So, go ahead and shoot me if you must." Terras was stalling as the pain slowly subsided, watching the holdout in her hand starting to quiver, begining to lower.

"Blast you to Nal Hutta and back!... Blast you... Just leave!...Now!" Nileeta spat with venom, conviction and pain as she turned around. Her head & shoulders sunk from great burdon.

Terras climbed up and sprung at Nileeta while her back was turned. He tackled her to the ground, pinning her arms back in a standard Imperial armlock. "Not until you return what you stole from me earlier today... Fair and square."

Laying ungracefully face down on the floor "I should have blasted you..." She struggled defiantly in his grip. Unable to escape she resigned, coldness and despair crept in her voice."Comfortable arn't you? Why don't you exact your value now and be done with it..."

Long repressed anger flared from within him "Your the one who ran off and left me stunned in the evening streets with only a hold-out blaster! I spent the holdout on thugs intent on easy prey... I barely made it back to Raven alive!" Taking a few breaths, he simmered down a bit, "No, i'd be no worse than your slaver to perform such cruelty." There was a question that burned inside him, he had to ask "Why Nileeta, why did you?"

"I- I- I didn't know..." Nileeta bitterly stuttered for words as her insides became worlds apart. Her mind was confused, heart furious, and her soul in repressed anguish "I ran off because I thought could handle being on my own, I was wrong. A few hours later I went back to the docking port." Her strong voice disolved into pain and sadness, dredging up those memories "But your ship was gone. And I trully realized... I was all alone..."

Terras spoke as he felt - resentful "UH-huh. Six years ago, I rescued you from your slavers. You were free but you begged to stay with me. I took you in, providing you with quarters, food, clothing, an honest job. After what you did, I no longer had reason to stay at port anymore."

Hearing a faint sniffle, he let go, allowing Nileeta to right herself into a sitting position. A tear trickled down her cheek. With one hand, he gently brushed the tear away. Looking into her watery eyes "When I left, only then I found out how deep I felt for you. That hurt the worst you know..." Terras reflected softly.

Terras and Nileeta sat in silence for the next few moments in each other's company. Only her quiet sobs, sniffles and few tears filled the hollow void they now shared. Terras broke the silence, finally admitting "Ahh sith, now you got me wondering about the 'what-ifs' had I stayed in port a day or two longer."

Nileeta solemnly asked in a low quiet voice, looking deep into Terras's face "S-s-so, what do you plan to do with me?"

Rubbing the beard on his chin thoughtfully "Actually, I do have need of your skills. Some friends of mine have gone missing. I lack sufficient credits, and must aquisition more by other means. Each job will be a risk, but you will earn a percentage each time. When it's over, you'll be free to leave."

"Your serious arn't you?..." Nileeta sighed and took a breath. Deciding to put her own situation on the table "I do need the credits. And several bounties are after me. It'll be no less dangerous than staying here I suppose... And you are good for your word..." She paused for a moment to gather herself, "Ok, i'll do it."

"Alright, there's one other little matter which needs taken care of. I was pick-pocketed earlier today, and didn't know it. Imagine my dilema when I went to the till to pay... "

Nileeta began to protest "I didn't-!"

Terras cut in sternly, counting his fingers to make a point "There's only 3 beings who know where I keep my cred chips: I, Raven, and you. Trust dosn't come easy, especially after what you pulled. This would be a good place to start don't you think?"

Nileeta sighed with defeat, then slowly fessed up "When I saw you in the streets with that group of people, I asumed you were coming after me... I remembered you used to carry your cred chips in that pocket ... I wagered on that so I could lift enough cred chips to buy me a fast ticket out of here..."

"Well, i'm impressed. How about using those credit chips to cover my party's dinner expense? You left me without means of paying this fine establishment... And busting out of here is not a good way to start an evening... It's not like your going to be needing a ticket anymore."

Nileeta scoweled at him, "That was fair pickings, those credits are mine..."

Mildly scoffing at Nileeta, "Ahem? I'll consider you paying for our patronage as a show of good faith and let you keep the difference for yourself... Fair enough?"

Nileeta knew she had no way out, with a reluctant sigh, "Suppose, if there's more credits to come..."

Terras gave his best reasuring grin, "There will be, and plenty! Now, how about we grab your belongings and check out of here?" Glancing around, "There won't be enough room to bring all this wardrobe along though..."

"None of this is mine. I lift what I need and travel light." Nileeta remarked with a shrug.

Terras got to his feet then offered a hand to Nileeta, lifting her up. "Well then, take your things and lets be going." Terras groaned as he checked his wrist chrono "My team's probably trying to figure out why am I taking so long. I don't want them getting any ideas."

Nileeta turned around with a mischievious playful grin "Ooh, there is that small cot we could use-"

Terras raised his hands in protest,"Oh no we dont! we never did and I'm not about to start now! I'm hiring you as a profesional theif and its going to stay that way. Got it?"

"Oh allright... Captain..." With an exagerated frown, Nileeta walked to her wardrobe, chose a few clothes then stepped behind the blind to remove her scantly revealing outfit.

Rubbing the new ache in his back with one hand, Terras waited for her to change "By the way, you sure surprised me by getting the upper hand on me... Where did you learn to fight like that?"

Stepping out from behind the blind properly dressed, Nileeta opened a half filled dufflebag and stuffed a few more articles inside. "I had a very good teacher" She winked at him "Well, lets not keep them waiting..."

Dufflebag slung over her shoulder, an aqua skinned female Twi'lek walked with Terras back to his table. There was loud music playing, some other female onstage performing to the beat. Terras's company sat mesmorized watching the dancer. The Twi'lek shouted into his ear, "Poor boys! They don't get out much do they?!?" Only moments later one of them did a double take as she took a seat at their table.

Terras shouted above the music to his friends, "C'mon! lets go!" Moments later they were outside the bar, dues paid.

Standing on the busy street "Hey guys, sorry I made ya wait a bit longer! I had a few details to work out." Gesturing to his Twi'lek friend "Oh, by the way, meet Nileeta, and old acquaintence of mine. She's has skills that'll make our tasks easier, I'll explain later when we get back to the NightRaven"

Giving her best smile, "Hello boys, I'm pleased to make your aquaintence. Well, time's a wastin' so lets be on our way shall we?" She looped Terras's arm with hers, letting him lead the way. On the way back she visited with them, scoping the out people who she was helping.

Later that night, Nileeta was in her old quarters aboard Nightraven. Unable to sleep, it was dejavu, well almost. She survived five years on her own, enduring hardships and uncertainty. To her, Terras meant stability in her troubled life. A new spark of hope glowed from within - maybe, just maybe they could be together again. Reveling in that warmth, she drifted asleep.