View Full Version : looking for some SWRPG lovin online?

21 February 2003, 02:03 PM
Then check out the: :xwing: :lukejedi: Star Wars Roleplaying Association (http://swrpga.com) :stormtpr: :isd:

Set in Warlord Sarne's Kathol Sector during the NR's Rogue Squadron Era.

We have both d6 and d20 groups. New Republic, Imperial off-shoots, CSA, pirates, fringe/non-aligned, etc. etc.

The best way is to check the GM's recruiting on the Join Forum and email them, or PM the GM of a group U want to join to inquire about openings.

Factional branches typically recruit GM's from within.

Nice group of people from all over the world.

3 March 2003, 02:49 PM
I am currently taking app.'s for a medic for the SWRPGA New Republic Army Airborne game I GM. An alien Lvl. 1 non-Soldier, non-Force class is what I am looking for more specifically (about 1000 XP given for a good background w/ some length). Roughly 3 rnds/week for posting load. We fly MicroWeight gliders (from the Arms and Equip Guide, illustrated in WEG's Fantastic Tech.)

more info here (http://swrpga.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=283)

The NRAA website (work in progress) (http://www.prodoehl.net/NRAA/)

Those interested I would advise to talk to me first on AIM (DotysEvilTwin), MSN (D0TY) or ICQ (51498662, though not normally used) about level of pacificity, the Rogue Squadron era, etc.

I also know the D20 New Republic Army Regulars d20 GM if you'd rather work with paratroopers than be one, or provide less specific help if you are interested in joining the club in general (mostly very nice people there, all sorts of factions (some are d20, some d6), some mIRC play, etc., etc. as well.)