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Corr Terek
1 March 2003, 11:23 AM
Hello, I'm writing a New Jedi Order three-part story set just after the evacuation of Borleias. I'd like to be able to submit it to theforce.net, but I wanted you guys' opinion first, particularly on the characterization of the characters (did I keep them "in-character") and also the combat scenes.

Plot Synopsis

When Luke Skywalker finds an obscure reference to an old friend, he decides to undertake a perilous journey in an attempt to locate that friend and -- if possible -- recruit him for the new Resistance against the Yuuzhan Vong. Figuring there is safety in numbers, he takes with him his wife, Mara, and the young Jedi Knights Zekk and Alema Rar.

All is not as it seems, however. Alema struggles against the Dark Side which has threatened to take hold of her ever since her sister died. Zekk is forced to question his own rigid beliefs. And Luke fears that his friend may not be willing to listen to what Luke has to say.

When the Yuuzhan Vong attack, the four Jedi are forced to make an alliance with a group of people whose loyalties are uncertain. Will the alliance hold, or are the Jedi Knights in deeper than they ever expected?

Corr Terek
1 March 2003, 11:34 AM
Luke Skywalker contemplated the swirling mass of hyperspace outside the Jade Shadow's viewport. It had only been a week since the evacuation of Borleias. With the start of the new Resistance movement, agents had been scrambling to create reliable Resistance cells on as many planets as possible.
On going through some old records, Luke had found mention of a familiar name. Intensifying the search, Luke had uncovered much that indicated that this man could be of great help to the Resistance -- if he could be persuaded to join.
And Luke was not entirely sure that would be possible.
Luke had talked the matter over with Wedge Antilles, and in the end they had decided that Luke himself, his wife Mara, and the young Jedi Knights Zekk and Alema Rar would undertake the perilous journey to meet with this possible ally.
"Worried, farmboy?" Mara Jade Skywalker asked, coming up behind him. His wife favored him with a smile.
"A little." Luke admitted. "My last conversation with Corr Terek was fourteen years ago, at least. It didn't turn out too well." He gave her a wry grin. "I'm not sure that sending me out here was the best idea. I'm not a diplomat."
"Perhaps," Mara agreed. "However, from what I understand, Carnos has a society that is based on respect for the Force. As the leader of the Jedi, it makes sense for you to go. And we need the Carnosian Confederation's help."
"True," Luke said, frowning and turning back to the viewport. All the same, his thoughts couldn't help returning to that day fourteen years before...

Corr Terek was agitated. Even without the Force, Luke could sense that. The younger man pretended to watch the flow of Coruscant's traffic below him; Luke knew, however, that Corr's thoughts were riveted on the offer Luke had just made.
"You shouldn't have asked me this, Luke." Corr said, turning to face him. The man ran his fingers through his sandy-blond hair. "My Master has declared my training complete. I am now a full Knight of the Circle. I couldn't possibly associate with your Academy in any way."
"But think, Corr." Luke argued gently. "You have training that the students at the Academy could benefit from. The first Jensaarai arrived only a few weeks ago. They can benefit from the Jedi tradition, and we can benefit from theirs. It is the same for the Knights of the Circle. We can start a great Jedi tradition, add to what we have learned so far."
Corr made an attempt at a grin. "You're an idealist. You think it will work. But I know it won't." He turned back to the traffic. "Do the words 'Lost Twenty' mean anything to you?"
"According to what I could find, the Lost Twenty were the only Jedi to have ever voluntarily left the Jedi Order." Luke said cautiously. Corr nodded.
"Exactly. My Master was number nineteen. He left the Jedi Order because he could sense its growing corruption, and he didn't agree with everything the Order held to. If he hadn't left on his own, the Jedi Council would've kicked him out." the younger man said. He shook his head. "The Jedi of old weren't ready for the ways of the Circle. Somehow, I doubt the new Jedi are, either."
Luke began to object, but Corr held up a hand. "Arguing any more is futile, Jedi Master Skywalker. If you will excuse me, I wish to return to my wife, my child, and my people."

"He disapproved of me, and everything I was trying to do." Luke said. Mara listened silently. "Before the day was out, he'd blasted back to Carnos. I don't know if he will even respect me enough to listen to what we have to say."

"Tell me more about this Corr Terek," Alema asked. She and Zekk had come into the cockpit, where Luke and Mara had been setting the newest hyperspace course. "He was a fighter pilot for the Rebellion, yes?"
Luke nodded. "An exceptional one, in fact. He was flying combat missions at age fifteen -- his entire squadron was made up of young men and women no older than you or Zekk."
The Jedi Master smiled. "Corr was incredibly strong in the Force. Brash, sometimes headstrong, but with his heart in the right place."
"Sounds like Anakin Solo." Alema commented.
"Yes, it does." Luke replied. A heavy silence lingered over the group for a few seconds.
Zekk brushed his dark hair away from his eyes. "So, why didn't Terek stay with the Rebellion?"
"His home planet, Carnos, was still under Imperial and criminal control. Corr sought to free it, and after a bitter struggle succeeded in leading his people to victory." Luke replied. "From there, the Carnosians set up their own government. They, and most of the other planetary governments in their area, opted to band together instead of joining the New Republic."
Mara snorted, remembering the corruption in the Senate. "I can see why."

The Jade's Shadow followed a course that skimmed along the edges of the Unknown Regions, finally reaching a small solar system -- the Carnosian system. Upon dropping out of hyperspace, Mara piloted the Shadow toward the second planet, Carnos.
It wasn't long before four starfighters rose up to meet them. "Jade's Shadow, this is Colonel Zerrak Dreytila. State your intentions."
Luke flicked the comm switch. "The is Jedi Master Luke Skywalker of the Jade's Shadow. My fellow Jedi Knights and I are on a diplomatic mission, and we request clearance to land."
There was a pause as the Colonel conferred with his superiors. "Clearance granted, Jedi Master Skywalker. We have been expecting you."

Carnos's sun was bright, and Luke was forced to shield his eyes from the glare. The others did likewise. "This place is brighter than Tatooine!" Zekk exclaimed.
There was a sharp feline laugh to his comment, and the four Jedi turned to see a female Cathar appraising them. "Jedi Masters Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker, I believe." She peered at the two younger Jedi. "And Jedi Knights Zekk and Alema Rar, if I am not mistaken."
"That's us." Luke replied. He could sense that the Cathar was Force-sensitive and probably trained. He didn't see a lightsaber on her person, but that meant little. "I'm afraid you have the advantage on us."
The Cathar smiled. "I am Salura, Knight of the Circle." She scrutinized them. "The Council has been alerted to your arrival and wishes that I inform you that they will meet with you in three standard hours."
She turned. "Also, Master Corr Terek would like to see you. It has been long since we Knights of the Circle have associated with the Jedi."

The Knight's Citadel was an almost intimidating place, Alema reflected. It was armored in imposing black stone, and Alema got a distinctly creeped-out feeling just looking at it. Despite this, she got no such feeling through the Force -- if anything, there was only a sense of quiet watchfulness.
"What do you think, Mara?" Luke murmured, dividing his time between driving the rental speeder and talking to his wife. "Hijarna stone?"
Mara looked at the building speculatively. "Could be. If this really was the former fortress of a Dark Jedi, I would say so."
"Oh, yes." Salura commented from her seat beside Zekk. "Lord Targen was quite the archetypical Dark Jedi."
Alema smirked. Words such as Dark and Light held no meaning for her, not now. Not after her sister's death at the hands of the Yuuzhan Vong. Not after watching Anakin Solo die of an amphistaff wound. Not after being nearly turned in by the Peace Brigade dozens of times.
What mattered was getting the job done. In any way possible.

The snap-crackle of lightsabers meeting greeted the four Jedi as they entered the main conference room of the Knight's Citadel. Zekk's mouth hung open in astonished wonder at the sight which met his eyes.
A muscular human man swung his golden-bladed lightsaber to parry the violet one wielded by an attractive Twi'lek woman. The Twi'lek disengaged her lightsaber to parry an attack from a Twi'lek boy, who wielded two blue-bladed lightsabers with surprising ease. The boy brought his second lightsaber around in an attack on the woman, who ducked under the blade.
At that moment, the man noticed the four Jedi, and made a hand motion. "End the exercise." The Twi'lek woman and the boy shut off their lightsabers, as did the man. "Jedi Master Skywalker. It's been a long time." He ran fingers through blond hair that was liberally streaked with gray.
Master Skywalker nodded. "Indeed it has, Corr Terek. I'm glad to see you are so well."
Master Terek nodded. He motioned to the Twi'lek woman and boy beside him. "This is my wife, Natalya, and our son, Lance." Zekk heard Alema say something under her breath at that, but couldn't quite hear it. She seemed strangely disconcerted.
"Pleased to meet you, Natalya Terek, and Lance Terek." Master Skywalker said. Terek's eyes flickered toward Alema and Zekk; he held himself close in the Force, and Zekk could detect nothing.
"Perhaps Jedi Zekk and Jedi Rar would be interested in a tour of the Citadel." he suggested, raising an eyebrow toward his son. Before Master Skywalker could say anything, the young Twi'lek boy stepped forward.
"Please, allow me."
Master Skywalker nodded his approval, and without a word Lance started for the exit. Alema and Zekk exchanged glances and followed.

Corr waited until Lance had left with the two young Jedi. Then he glanced toward Luke, faint amusement in his eyes. "You're no diplomat, Skywalker. We both know that. So, what's your real reason for being here?"
"Can we trust you?" The question was blunt, quite unlike the Luke Skywalker Corr had known. Of course, the war had changed everyone.
"Of course." Natalya answered simply. "Knights of the Circle do not deal in betrayal." She sent an echo of her own amusement to Corr. *This is the great Luke Skywalker?* she asked him through their telepathic bond.
*He has had better days, I'll admit,* Corr sent back. Aloud, he said, "Skywalker, just lay your cards on the table. We won't turn you over to the Vong, if that's what you mean."
"Very well, then."

Alema could barely control the outrage she felt. This boy, Lance, was a noth'leek, a half-breed. In Twi'lek culture, the offspring of a human and a Twi'lek was considered tainted, lower than the lowest slave. And here was a noth'leek her own age, the son of the leader of an entire order.
As they walked through the corridors, Alema could not help but notice the outpouring of respect that was shown to the noth'leek. It was most annoying.
Zekk shot a glance at her. Alema wondered if he was picking up on her thoughts. Just in case, she slapped a simple mental block in place. Zekk's eyes narrowed, but he didn't say anything.
"Would you perhaps be interested in seeing the Pit?" Lance asked. Zekk looked at him skeptically.
"What's 'the Pit'?"
A grin spread across the young man's face. It was the first time Alema had seen him smile, and she was forced to admit that he did look somewhat...dashing. Handsome, even. Alema shook her head. Now was not the time for such thoughts, especially for a noth'leek.
She looked up to realize that Zekk and Lance were already well ahead of her. She hurried to catch up.

"The Yuuzhan Vong have been stopping us at every turn. Any help from your end would be greatly appreciated." Luke finished. Corr rubbed his jawline.
"I must admit, this idea of a new Rebel Alliance has merit." He shot a glance at his wife and received a subtle nod in return. Luke had the distinct impression that much was being said in that exchange.
Luke glanced at Mara. Take it easy, Skywalker. She winked at him.
Corr grinned. "All right, I'm in. So is Natalya. And Lance, obviously, is with us." The years seemed to fall away from him. "It'll be just like old times."
He frowned. "Of course, the Confederation will be harder to convince."
Mara's eyes narrowed. "Do you favor appeasement?"
Corr laughed then, long and heartily. "No, by the seven devils of Koromar. We simply wish to fight the Vong in our own way. Unhampered by the New Republic."
"You think you can fight the Yuuzhan Vong on your own." Luke said. It wasn't a question. Corr nodded slowly.
"The Confederation has been gearing for war almost since the Yuuzhan Vong arrived. One of my Knights has been serving in the New Republic fleet as a starfighter pilot, and has been able to forward much valuable information concerning the Vong."
Natalya smiled. "The starfighters that escorted you in are updated versions of the Hornet Interceptor. Our pilots have been training against simulations of the Yuuzhan Vong ships, and we believe that the Yuuzhan Vong will be quite surprised when they move in to attack." She smiled in a way that seemed almost too predatory for her gentle face.
"We're ready for them."

Lance led them to a small arena deep in the Citadel. "This is where we learn combat training." he explained. "Would you like to see?"
Zekk shrugged. "Sure."
Lance swung himself easily down into the arena. "Activate Combat Pattern Forty-Three." he called out. As Zekk and Alema watched, wall panels slid open to reveal three combat droids. "Cybot Galactica Combat Instructors, a very good model." Lance explained off-handedly.
He made no move for his lightsabers, instead standing in a typical unarmed combat stance. The three droids spread themselves in a triangle formation surrounding Lance. The first droid produced a small blaster and opened fire.
Lance ducked under the first bolt and caught the second with an outstretched hand. Zekk could feel the energy being absorbed and redirected into a telekinetic shove that blasted the droid back.
The second droid, meanwhile, had come up behind the young Force-user and grabbed his wrist in what appeared to be a simple wrist lock. Lance gave a sharp cry and yanked his arm forward, at the same time sweeping the feet out from under the hapless droid.
The first droid, meanwhile, had recovered its blaster and again opened fire on the boy. The first shot burned Lance's back -- fortunately the blaster was always on a low-power setting.
Lance absorbed the next three shots and turned toward the remaining two droids, his hand extended in an all-too-familiar gesture. As Zekk and Alema watched in amazement, forked lightning burst from Lance's hand and cascaded over the droids. Both droids shut down, and Lance turned to the two Jedi. "Well, what do you think?"
The stunned, almost horrified look on Zekk's face gave him pause. "Is something wrong?"
"You used the Dark Side." Zekk said, stepping back from the other boy. Alema frowned, and Zekk sensed that she was more than half-tempted to side with Lance, should there be an argument.
Lance seemed confused. "What's so Dark Side about absorbing energy and using it to charge the air with electricity?"
"Dark Side, Light Side, it doesn't matter," Alema cut in impatiently. "It was an interesting technique. Do you think I could learn it?"
Lance shrugged. "If you have a talent for manipulating energy, I suppose you could. It's no big trick."
Any further discussion was cut off by an explosion that rocked the Citadel. "What was *that*?" Zekk yelled. A worried frown crossed Lance's face briefly. His lekku twitched, betraying nervousness.
"I don't know. We'd better go find Mom and Dad."

"Well, Skywalker, looks like that talk with the Council will have to wait." Corr said dryly from the floor, where he'd been thrown by the tremor.
"What *was* that?" Mara asked, glancing toward the ceiling. "It came from above us."
Corr was listening to his commlink. He stood, and helped his wife rise. "Yuuzhan Vong. They're here."

They met up with the adults as they were leaving the chamber. Alema could read the tenseness in the faces of Master Skywalker and Master Terek. "Yuuzhan Vong?" she asked. Terek nodded.
"Do either of you have flight experience?" he asked, glancing from Zekk to Alema.
"I do." Zekk said. Terek nodded.
"Good," He turned to Master Skywalker. "I'm placing Spitfire Squadron under your command. I assume your wife and Zekk will wish to fly with you?"
They both nodded. Master Terek continued. "Lance, I want you and Alema to join the Knights. The Yuuzhan Vong will probably be trying for a ground invasion, and we need you to be there to stop them."
Alema bristled at being ordered around like that, but decided to go along with the idea. Even if she had to be in the company of a noth'leek.
"What about you?" Master Skywalker asked.
"Natalya and I will be in the Pure Sabacc." The light of battle gleamed in Corr's eye. "We'll be right up there with you."

"Okay, Spitfires, tighten up." Luke said. The controls of the Advanced Hornet were unfamiliar, but Luke could handle them. "Check in."
"Bounty Hunter here." That was Zekk. His call-sign referred to his days as a bounty hunter. "All green and ready to go."
"Mother here, Farmboy." That was Mara. "Ready when you are."
"Dancer is ready to dance." Jyrna Eston, a Farghul Knight, announced. The other pilots of Spitfire squadron replied in kind.
"Goldblade to Farmboy," Corr called over the comm. "Go after the dropships. The Rascals will fly cover for ya."
"I copy."

"I am getting tired of waiting." Alema said impatiently. She was with Lance and several other Knights of the Circle, waiting for the call to action. "Why don't the Vong get it over with?"
"Relax," one of the Knights, a Zeltron woman named Alys, said. "We're ready, right? We can take 'em."
"Of course we can." Lance agreed, flashing a holovid-star smile. *What, has he been watching holos of Ganner Rhysode?* Alema thought with annoyance. Lance glanced her way, and his lekku moved in a decidedly Twi'lek gesture of amusement. Alema snorted in disgust.
"I'd just like to get it over with." she said. Salura, the Cathar, nodded in agreement.
"I'm tired of waiting, too."

"Watch your back, Dancer!" Luke snapped. Jyrna's Hornet spun away from the plasma blasts of a coralskipper.
"Thanks, Farmboy. This one's for you." The Hornet decelerated suddenly -- an old trick, one the skip didn't fall for. However, Jyrna fired another set of thrusters and the Hornet spun like a top. The stunned skip pilot found himself staring down the Hornet's twin blaster cannons.
In seconds, there was no more coralskipper.
"Good flying, Dancer."
"Thank you."

"Slicer, this is Goldblade. A few dropships got past our screen, and they're headed dirtside." Corr said. The voice of his long-time Trianni friend boomed over the comms.
"We're on it, Goldblade. Don't fall asleep up there."
"No worries, Slicer." Corr laughed. He directed his attention back to the battle and vaporized a skip with powerful blasts from the Pure Sabacc's dorsal blaster cannon.
"Nice shot, husband mine." Natalya purred. "Watch this." She manipulated the joystick for the Sabacc's ventral cannon. The flurry of blaster bolts passed between two coralskippers.
"You missed."
"Did I? Just watch." Natalya returned. As she expected, the dovin basals of both skips reached out to deflect the shots. The conflicting gravitic anomalies twisted the bolts' path, sending them curving into one of the skips. The explosion illuminated the fierce grin on Natalya's face.
"Nice shooting, Pure Sabacc." Skywalker commented. "How are things groundside?"

Thud bugs were whistling past Lance's head as he charged toward the Chazrach slave troops. Beside him ran Salura and Alema, with Alys not far behind. Lightsaber spitting and crackling, Alema swatted thud bugs and razor bugs from the sky. Lance grinned in approval. If nothing else, she could handle a lightsaber quite well.
They stopped just short of the advancing troops. Alema would have continued had Salura not pulled her back. "Salura, a shield, please." Lance requested. Salura nodded, and Lance felt a familiar surge in the Force as she compressed the air molecules in front of them to form a strong barrier.
The Zeltron nodded, and rocks of all shapes and sizes began to levitate. Alema and Lance took a step back as the rocks began to orbit the Zeltron girl, first slowly and then with blinding speed.
"Salura? Drop the shield."
As the shield dropped, Alys released the rocks. The stones, now traveling at an insane rate of speed, flew across the enemy troop formations like crude shrapnel. Dozens of Chazrach fell, and the troops broke ranks and ran at advent the strange weapons. To the east, Lance could hear the roar of the more conventional artillery. He keyed his commlink. "Slicer, how are things at your end?"
"Not too shabby. The Vong must've left the big guns at home. We're routing them easily."
"Good," Lance sighed in relief. He clicked off his commlink, and then glanced around for the others. Alys and Alema were busy deflecting random plasma balls. Salura was nowhere in sight.
"Where's Salura?" Lance shouted, his lekku twitching in apprehension. Alema paused long enough to shrug.
"She said she was heading for some higher ground." the Twi'lek Jedi replied. At that moment, Salura stumbled into view. Lance was horrified to see a Yuuzhan Vong couffee embedded in her right shoulder.
"The Vong! They're...coming..." she gasped out before collapsing.

Alema whirled around as soon as Salura had finished gasping out her warning, just in time to parry an amphistaff that seemed determined to decapitate her. The Yuuzhan Vong spat something in its harsh language. Alema snarled in reply. She pivoted on one heel, sweeping the legs out from under the Yuuzhan Vong with her free foot. As the warrior fell, she buried her lightsaber in its chest.
That warrior dispatched, she turned to see how the others were faring. Lance had already felled a Vong warrior and was fighting a second. Alys had not been so lucky. A thrown amphistaff had impaled her, and Alema could sense her life had already faded. She watched as another Yuuzhan Vong casually pulled the amphistaff free. Then, everything seemed to go red.
Her hand extended without her command, and Alema released the hatred and anger that had been burning within her for so long. Tendrils of Force lightning burst from her fingertips, wrapping themselves around the Vong warrior's skull. "Embrace pain, scarhead." she snarled.
That warrior fell, a smoking corpse, and Alema turned for another victim. Another Vong fell to her lightning, and then another. Alema smiled with fiendish glee -- finally she could hurt the Vong the way they had hurt her.
The pain came so suddenly, so unexpectedly, that it took several seconds for Alema to register the source. In that time, the amphistaff plunged through her spinal cord and she fell to the ground, paralyzed. The amphistaff was ripped from her body, and the agony made her scream. Helpless, she watched the Yuuzhan Vong warrior raise his amphistaff for a deathblow.
Out of nowhere a blazing blue lightsaber intercepted the attack, and Alema could now see Lance Terek. The young Knight goaded the Vong warrior away from her, parrying and slashing with a grace that Alema would have found fascinating, but for the pain. Alema Rar realized she was going to die.
*He has two lightsabers,* she though groggily as she watched Lance fight. *Why doesn't he use both?* Blackness ate away at her vision; she fought against it with flagging strength.
The Vong warrior arced a cut toward Lance's head. The young man blocked the attack and reached toward his belt with a free hand. In one smooth movement he unclipped his second lightsaber, jammed it into the Yuuzhan Vong's stomach and ignited it. The Yuuzhan Vong exhaled steam and slowly slid off Lance's blade.
Lance shut off both sabers and moved quickly to Alema's side. As Alema's consciousness faded, she felt him take her hand. "Hold on, Alema, hold on..." She carried his voice into the blackness with her.

Corr watched as the Yuuzhan Vong retreated to the edge of the system. "All fighters, fall back. They seem to be retreating." He changed the commchannel. "Slicer, what's status groundside?"
"We're almost done clearing out the Vong. You did a good job of keeping them away."
Corr smiled grimly. The victory hadn't been won without cost: The Spitfires had lost four pilots, the Rascals two. He hadn't heard the status of the other squadrons.
"We have four Force casualties down here." Slicer reported. Corr nodded, and Natalya looked distressed. Alys would have been one of those casualties; they'd felt her die. Corr momentarily felt his anger rising, but forced it back down. Though he loved each of his students as if they were his own children, he could not allow his anger to take control.
"Corr, what if Lance...?" Natalya asked anxiously, her expressive burgundy-colored eyes wide. Corr laid a gentle hand on his wife's arm.
"If Lance were seriously hurt, we would feel it." he said reassuringly. Corr turned back to the comm. "We'll be down in a minute or two." he said.

Alema floated, unconscious, in a bacta tank. Luke sighed. Judging from the subconscious impressions he'd received, Alema had lost control of her anger and touched the Dark Side. As he'd known she would eventually. Whether she could be redeemed or not was unknown. It was a miracle that she was even alive.
His gaze shifted to the next bacta tank, where Lance Terek resided. No one was quite sure what the boy had done, but somehow he had brought Alema back from a near-death state into a relatively stable condition; at the expense, it seemed, of his own health and well-being. Soldiers had reported finding him on the battlefield in a state of deep shock, lying next to Alema.
Corr Terek walked into the room. "How is she?" he asked. Luke shrugged.
"Healing. You have a very brave son."
"Thank you." Corr said quietly. "You and your wife and that boy Zekk saved a lot of lives. It may not show much, but the people of Carnos are grateful."
Luke nodded. "What do you think the Vong's next move will be?" Now it was Corr's turn to shrug.
"Your wife, Mara, is with our strategists right now. You and your people have so much more working knowledge of the Vong than we do."
He sighed. "However, several Yuuzhan Vong cruisers have shown up, and they're blocking every possible evacuation route. We're stuck here, like fish in a barrel."
"You underestimated them." Luke stated. Corr nodded.
"Yeah. We won't do that again." He looked at his son, floating in the bacta, for a few seconds, then turned back to Luke. "Seeing as you'll probably be in-system for awhile, I was wondering if you'd be willing to, um, teach my students some of what you've learned in your years as a Jedi. I think maybe they could benefit from it."
Luke grinned and accepted the tenuous offer of reconciliation. "I would be honored."

6 March 2003, 10:20 PM
Corr Terek, this was a well written story. I really enjoyed it! Good job. So, what happened to Lance?

Corr Terek
7 March 2003, 05:50 PM
Corr Terek, this was a well written story. I really enjoyed it! Good job. So, what happened to Lance?

Thank you. If you liked this, you should see the updated version with all the kinks knocked out of it, thanks to a beta-reader over at theforce.net.

Lance? Well, in story terms, no one's sure, though his mother has a better idea than most -- she once pulled a similar stunt.

In game terms, Lance used an obscure Force power called "Transfer Force" or some such. It's in René Hanke's Jedi Handbook. Basically, he manipulated his own life energy and transferred it to Alema, thus keeping her alive but draining himself. It'll take weeks for him to recover fully.

Actually, that will be a story point in part two.

8 March 2003, 09:54 AM
Hmm, interesting hook. I anxiously await part II! :)