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13 March 2003, 08:22 PM
I've been creating a storyline for my group but since I haven't read all the books and I'm using known characters from them I wanted to see if this would work. These stories will end up changing the NJO for my group to a very different outcome from the books.

Some time after the Fall of Ithor (NJO) but before Centerpoint
1) A mysterious group is attacking Paelleon and his flag ship. The party is contacted by Leia and sent to help Paelleon. The party must track the attackers to a secret base. They find someone is posing as the late "Thrawn" (using an advanced holo-emitter). The person is gathering the Moffs to his side in secret and now has more then half the Imperial Forces. The party calls in Paelleon to destroy the base killing the Moffs but the mystery character escapes.

After Centerpoint has been fired:
2) (in process of writting) The party must now identify the mysterious "Thrawn" :thrawn: They will find out it is actually Admiral Daala who has returned and is furious with Paelleon and the state of the Empire with the New Republic and the Vong. The party must return with this info and try to save Paelleon.

Just Before the attack on Duro:
3) (in process of writing) Daala, now unmasked, moves in for the kill taking out Paelleon and begins her new projects to deal with both the New Republic and the Vong. The party must find out what those projects are before it is too late. Daala is restarted the "Dark Trooper" project and has already begun mass production. She will launch an attack into the Vong. She will succeed in taking worlds near the Remnant and pushing the Vong back then she will turn on New Republic worlds.

Duro Falls:
4) (in process of writing) The New Republic is now under attack on two fronts, the Vong and the Empire which are both racing toward the core. The party must turn these two forces against each other before they are whipped out.

5) (in process of writing) End of an Empire: The party must put an end to Admiral Daala once and for all before she is able to build a new THIRD Death Star :D.

Any feedback or ideas are welcome, Thanks.

Vreel Kudarin
23 March 2003, 09:37 AM
I don't know whether you were intending to follow Daala's official life story or not, but after she came back and assassinated many of the Moffs (in 'Darksaber' maybe, I can't remember), she eventually settled down as a colonist with her long lost love, on a remote and peaceful world, wanting nothing more to do with either the New Republic or the Empire (possibly in 'Planet of Twilight', though I may be wrong on that case too). :daala:

23 March 2003, 05:12 PM
I had started reading the NJO books (Vector Prime up to Star by Star so far) when I found her character in the "SW Essentials Guide to Characters". Since I haven't read the books before NJO, I needed to ask before I used her in any campaign. According to the guide she blasted off into hyperspace in a "blind" jump (see my other post under GM discussions.)

From what I've read about her (not from any novels directly), I think I can still make it work but I may end up dealing with one of the players that has read most of these books which is why I asked.

Thanks for the info.

23 March 2003, 05:31 PM
I think the biggest problem you'll have with any player who has read the EU stuff is not her coming back, but that fact that pretty much every author other than KJA considered her an incompetent who's lack of brains almost killed the Empire on several occasions, and this opinion is well documented in the books, so they may have trouble accepting that she could gather any support once unmasked, let alone oust the superior Paelleon. Also, the fake Thrawn gambit has been used before (Spectre of the Past/Visions of the Future) so players may groan at that as well. However, as GM, you can override any of this and simply inform you players that in your universe, Daala is competent, and capable of pulling this off, so I guess it comes down to how well you can control your players.

23 March 2003, 08:09 PM
I think what I'll do is throw away the Thrawn bit and just make her a mysterious figure that is wearing a cloak that hides who she really is. As for her competency, I'll have to take your word on that but from what I read in the "SW - Essentials Guide for Characters" it made her sound like a military mastermind who faked her identity (hid as a male) in some computerized wargames and caught the attention of Tarkin for her abilities which is why I thaught she was competent and was just missing.

Wedge in Red2
24 March 2003, 06:34 AM
Originally posted by drakmund
... but from what I read in the "SW - Essentials Guide for Characters" it made her sound like a military mastermind who faked her identity (hid as a male) in some computerized wargames and caught the attention of Tarkin for her abilities which is why I thaught she was competent and was just missing.

I haven't read this Essential Guide for Characters, but it sounds to me like it was written after KJA's Jedi Academy trilogy, but before Daala re-appeared. For my 2cr on the subject :).


24 March 2003, 09:09 PM
The guide has the NJO characters in it along with the Episode 1 & 2 characters. It mentions her commanding the Maw Station, turning over the empire to Palleon, the Death Seed plague, and leaves off just "prior to the Correllian insurrection" where she barely escapes an attack by General Garm Bel Iblis in her flagship the "Scylla". She then makes a "blind" hyperspace jump and supposedly isnt seen again.

"Star Wars - The New Essential Guide to Characters" by Daniel Wallace:
"Bel Iblis attempted to trap Daala with a pair of CC-7700 gravity well frigates. Rather then surrender her ships, she ordered one of them to ram the closest CC-7700, collapsing the gravity cone that prevented her escape. Her damaged flagship Scylla then made a blind jump to hyperspace. So far Daala has not returned, but New Republic Intelligence refuses to remove her name from its threat board."

Dan Kyrinov
24 March 2003, 09:51 PM
Do any other sources besides the Guide say this thing about bel Iblis and the 'Scylla?' As Vreel Kudarin said, in Planet of Twilight Daala and some ex-imperials called the League of Independent Settlers settled down on Pedducis Chorios in the Meridian sector. She had a space force but was decidedly ex-imperial.

Wedge in Red2
25 March 2003, 06:13 AM
Ah, sorry Drakmund, my mistake. I haven't seen the book, so was just guessing. Perhaps the author of the Essential Guide shared KJA's perspective (rather than later authors). I guess it is all just a matter of perspective...


Vreel Kudarin
25 March 2003, 08:52 AM
From everything I've read about Daala :daala: I got the impression Daala was more gifted than normal in fleet tactics, that's why she was singled out by Tarkin to defend the Maw Installation, but she certainly does not come across as a genius or particularly inspired leader. That was the overall impression for me, but also that she is quite unlucky sometimes, always getting a nasty pounding by the New Republic.

But of course, as I think it's already been said, all these impressions and official history are irrelevant if you want to use Daala with your own plots. After all, the GM is God/The Will of The Force ;)