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Brishti Kildruun
8 April 2003, 05:15 AM
*Brishti Kildruun and Adesh Gundeep stand outside of their Star Yacht, the Rycrit's Fury , tapping thier feet, arms crossed, standing around as if waiting for someone.*
Brishti: Come one, come all, and join us on our unchartered voyage to the undesignated, uncharted, and, as of a minute ago, unacknowledged planet, of Mora Liquora. We will be travelling via our personal yacht.
Adesh: We are on our way to collect te very rare, very powerful, very exclusive Special Liquid #-*Looks at the recipe* well, any special liquid.
Brishti: This liquid will then be processed through our home brewer kit right her on the Fury , and used sparingly in our most coveted, expensive, and exclusive drink, the Happy Surprise...

*Here, a haunting tune echoes from the speaker system mounted in the Fury .
Adesh: We're looking for volunteers to accompany us aboard our fine establishment, soon to be a bar *clears throat* Ahem. Those brave souls who join us will recieve... Take it away Brishti!
Brishti: A neverending supply of this fine concoction, that being the Happy surprise, *Here the haunting music starts up once again* a free trip beyond the Outer Rim of space, and our gratitude.
Adesh: And if something bad should happen, and, Yoda forbid, someone should be killed , your families will be compensated with... take it away Brishti!
Brishti: A lifetime supply of Happy Surprises!...

*Enter the dramatic music.*

Brishti: Hey! Would ya cut it our with the music back there! They GET the PICTURE!

*At this time, a Rodian peaks around the corner, and garuffs out of the Fury *

Adesh: So, who's coming with us?

They stand...and wait...

8 April 2003, 05:49 AM
Hmmm...sounds like a senseless gutter of intoxication and debauchery...im in;)

Adesh Gundeep
8 April 2003, 05:34 PM
Adesh: Great, our first volunteer and
Brishti: as such you are the lucky winner of a free Happy Surprise! Don't you feel special?

*for some strange reason even after the Rodian garuffed off of the ship, the haunting tune STILL sings on as the drink's name is uttered. Both Jedi look to one another then up at the heavens with an inquisitive glance*

Adesh: Anyway, welcome aboard, if you have any belongings please don't hesitate to bring them, but only what you must, as we have to make room for those others yet to come.

Brishti: Mind you this is merely a voluntary trip, no pay will be rewarded, except for a very coveted visit to the very hush hush planet of Mora Liquora, and the chance to "get away from it all."

Adesh: You'll find the Rycrit's Fury to be most accomodating, and rather spacious actually, a fine traveler. Don't ask where she got her name. But she's in the top of her class

Brishti: actually she's the only kind in her class...

Adesh:...But as Brishti and I like to say, if you take care of her, she'll take care of you!

*As Adesh says this Brishti, pats the side of the shining star yacht, which in turn cracks and rips some paint right off. It is obvious that the Fury is in need of a good paint job but the rest of the ship looks intact and well taken care of.*

Brishti: Ahem, that's right Adesh. Now, we'll need your name and occupation, strictly for reference ofcourse. We DO need to know who's onboard so that we can keep tabs on the food consumption and such.

Adesh: Can't have anyone going hungry because of selfish hands!

9 April 2003, 03:00 AM
No problem. The name's Kiel, and I'm glad to be with you two. By the way...I'm the best slicer around, *taps Brishti's shoulder hesitantly* uh, 'skuze me miss, but i dont want Anyone tampering with this datapad...where can I put it? Also, I have a friend or two that might enjoy the company of partying jedi and some Happy Suprise, mind if I invite 'em aboard?;) :D

Brishti Kildruun
9 April 2003, 03:50 AM
*Enter then exit ominous, haunting tune after the drink's name is uttered*

Brishti: No need to worry Kiel, there are plenty of lockers onboard that are not only foolproof but are airtight as well. Just step to the far back of the ship, and there are two closets, one on either side, full of the delightful little spaces of private storage. Though #18 is taken by Adesh, and I have #5.

Adesh: A slicer you say, well if anything happens to us, you might come in quite useful, you'll be one of our ship's engineers then if you don't mind, the Fury's not quite up to notch with the most recent technical advancements but she does the job. Should something happen and trust me, something always does, we'll need to know what.

Brishti: There are things that not even our acute and powerful Jedi powers can't control. Yeah sure bring who you wish, maybe they'll come in useful, say for galley slaves or janitorial servicejust kidding :D

Adesh: Yeah, the more the merrier as we always put it, we're actually hoping to bring some of our friends along as well.

Brishti: if they show...

Brishti Kildruun
9 April 2003, 03:59 AM
'OOC' and just for everybody's information, Adesh and I are actually two different people, we just like posting together... 'BIC'


Brishti: if they show...

Trandoshan Jedi
9 April 2003, 11:47 AM
A brawny Barabel steps forward. He carrys a blaster rifle. He says "This one thinkz he could be a bodyguard or in Security for your ship."

Adesh Gundeep
9 April 2003, 12:40 PM
Adesh: Alright then, welcome aboard! Boy, they're really starting to volunteer now, aren't they!
Brishti: I just hope we have enough of a crew to man this thing... but anyway, we're sure you'll come in handy!

*Brishti and Adesh gesture towards one of the seats.*

Adesh: I think I'm going to go see what's on the menu for dinner! *Adesh walks back into the galley for a minute, than comes out with an expression less than eager*

Adesh: Brishti, you didn't tell me that the rodian was the chef aboard.....
Brishti: shhh....be quiet. To tell you the truth, I didn't know either. I think he just sort of decided that for himself.. :rolleyes: In any case, I'm sure the food will be wonderful!

*Brishti walks off with a blank, confused expression on her face, followed by Adesh, who stars mumbling to herself.....

Trandoshan Jedi
9 April 2003, 03:27 PM

Darth Fury
12 April 2003, 04:53 AM
A tall Rodian wearing a two gun rig swaggers up to the two Jedi and says in basic, "Word has it you two are looking for a crew. Need a pilot?"

Adesh Gundeep
12 April 2003, 12:25 PM
Brishti: Wonderful! We were just in need of a pilot! Considering that it's kinda hard to fly a ship without one....
Adesh: And trust me, you don't want Brishti to be in the left seat of this thing!

*A huge grin crawls across Brishti's face, but, standing next to Adesh, she not so gently elbows her in the ribs, still grinning, nonetheless!*

Brishti: And a Rodian too! Friendly sort o' folk! Have alot of friends that are rodian. In fact, our ships cook, Chuba here, is a fine specimen of Rodian physique!

*At this moment, a heavily muscled Rodian steps out of the galley and flexes for all to see*

Adesh: Hey Chuba, GET BACK IN THERE! And cook us up some grub! Can't you see, we're starving!!??!!

*Chuba dejectedly sighs and slumps off*

Adesh: And, Chuba, Happy Surprises for everybody, as of yestarday!

*Enter the haunting tune, becoming very familiar now, in everyone's sub-concious*

Brishti: So now we have a crafty engineer, a loyal bodyguard, and a pilot who's skills are surely beyond exemplary! Now it's a free-for-all! Hey Chuba! What are you doing in there, butchering the Bantha! Burgers! Now!

Adesh: PreFERRAbly well done this time?! Last time they were still moving on the plate! And Chuba! No lime, no ice! Got it?

Poor, depreciated, tired Chuba...

Darth Fury
12 April 2003, 12:51 PM
Can one of you ladies... you bear a stiking resemblace to each other, are you twins?

Brishti Kildruun
12 April 2003, 01:41 PM
OOC: Yes we're twins.:D

IC(Both Brishti and Adesh): No relation. Neither in appearance or lineage.8o

OOCA: Our characters look nothing alike. Brishti has striking gray eyes and light brown hair, Adesh has dark brown hair and light brown eyes. But yes, you guessed it!;)

Adesh: Related? Us?

Brishti: No, THANK the ALMIGHTY! No offense Addie:)

Adesh: None TakenB)

Both: So, who's next? Anyone? Come one come all! Step right up? Don't be shy now!

Darth Fury
12 April 2003, 02:04 PM
OOC: I thought so.;)

IC: "Oh, My misake! No offense ment, I just thought that in this light you two lovely ladies looked incredibilely similar. Anyway, as I was saying could one of you lovely creatures show me to the cockpit, if I'm going to pilot this baby I'd better get familiar with her controls!"

Brishti Kildruun
12 April 2003, 03:51 PM
Brishti: Oh no need for one of us to show you, just step right in there and Chuba would be glad to show you. CHUBAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! Stop what you're doing already and help somebody today! and by the way, flattery won't get anybody anywhere with us, so nobody get any ideas. We run a tight ship. :raised:
Adesh: Hey, cut Chuba some slack Brish! and Chuba get your posterior over here and show your fellow Rodian the way to the cockpit, while we're still YOUNG please!

Xerses Mylar
13 April 2003, 05:28 PM
Up to the ship walks a tall muscular figure in a familiar blue shirt and brown pants. By the way he carries himself you can tell he is a fighter. On his left hip is a DD-44 Blaster and on his belt dangles a lightsaber.

"Xerses Mylar at your service." ::notices the two ladies then blinks.
"Oh god...it's you...."

Xerses Turns and walks into the ship muttering.

Adesh Gundeep
13 April 2003, 05:53 PM
Brishti: Oh.. it's you? Is that all the thanks we get for being there for you time and time again. A shoulder to lean on?! A hand to hold?! *sigh* Welcome aboard by the way. Glad to see a familiar face! Actually THANK the GOOD HEAVENS its YOU! I cannot STAND the sight of ADESH right now, and our buddy Chuba here's REALLY starting to get on my nerves.
Adesh:Yeah, well, your not such a pot of roses yourself, Brishti!... Xerses! We figured you'd show up after a while. So, does this mean you're coming with us to Mora Liquora?
*Adesh stares at Brishti for a moment*

Adesh: It would be nice to have someone we know aboard!heck, it'd be nice to have anybody aboard!
Brishti: oh, and for anyobody's information, Xerses is the only person aboard who actually CAN try flattery because we know he doesn't mean a thing by it. :D
Adesh: :D
Brishti: so, Xerses, you couldn't find the Black Adder and saw this as an opportunity to hitch a ride didja? I gotcha. Well, I'm glad you chose this beautiful piece of perpetual elegence and perfection to come aboard on.

*Brish once again slaps the ship on it's side producing yet another not so tiny paint crack and peel.*

Adesh: And without further ado.....CHUBA! A Happy Surprise for the man!
Brishti: Ahem, I'll take another as well. Extra Lime and a little bit of the strange red juice please.
Adesh: Just make it Happy Surprises for everyone!
*Haunting tune....need we say more?.....*

Both: Uhh.....Chuba?....Xerses?....Where'd they go?.....

Darth Fury
13 April 2003, 07:01 PM
The Rodian that left with Chuba comes back from the corridor that connects to the cockpit smiling and laughing, He turns slightly and says something in Rodian over his shoulder to some one futher down the passage, all that is heard from the passage is a deep rumble of a laugh. He turns back still smiling then comes over to the two female Jedi, "So! When do we blast off of this rock?!"

Brishti Kildruun
14 April 2003, 02:35 PM
Brishti: Well, can't exactly say when it'll be, but we just want a few more passengers. The trip is long, and we don't want to get sick of each other now do we? Thanks for your patience though. By the way, we have Kiel the engineer here, but I don't believe we've heard the rest of your names, besides Xerxes and Chuba ofcourse.

Adesh: Mr. Barabel security guard sir, what's your name please? And it's kinda important that we know our pilots name as well, especcially since you're going to be responsible for the lives of everyone onboard.

*looks nervously at the entrence where the newly appointed Rodian pilot came from*

Brishti:Gahee, what's going on in there?:D??!

Adesh: :D ???!

Brishti: Oh, and Xerses, you can be our gunner and secondary pilot if anything happens Which..

Adesh: it probably will...no offense to our pilot but when you're with us something ALWAYS goes wrong*is slugged by Brishti, ANYWAY, AHEM, anyway, until that slight possibility occurs, Xerxes, you can be in charge of getting everyone up in the morning, and if you're not up at the CRACK of DAWN
Brishti: Our diligent barabel security/ body guard here will be responsible for getting EVERYONE up. Oh and Xerses, have you heard anything from Iain? is he uhh, ahem, coming?

Adesh: yeah, is he? CHUBA!? Where HAVE you gone for the LOVE of CORUSCANT!?! Do you EVER do anything we ask? Or are you always sitting in their on your laurels counting the bolts that hold this piece of.. AHEM I mean this wonderfully structured and constructed space vessel, together?

Xerses Mylar
14 April 2003, 06:01 PM
Xerses walks back to his quarters, muttering. As soon as he enters he takes a long swig on a bottle, then sits down to wait for the Females to quiet down...

Adesh Gundeep
15 April 2003, 03:45 AM
Adesh: 8o :mad:
Brishti: 8o :mad: Do you have something to say to our face, Xerses?! A problem with us?

Adesh: Yeah, huh? huh?
Both: We think your just afraid to let two gorgeous girls like us talk to other people....Hm? HMM???just kidding *clear throat* ;)

15 April 2003, 03:54 AM
OOC: Is this gonna be like NNTBS or is it actually gonna turn into something serious? Either way is fine with me, I'm just curious.

IC: Kiel looks up from his slicepad and turns to Brishti, in a barely adible whisper, so as not to scare the others:

"What's holding this crate together, spit and happy thoughts? I can't believe the poor thing hasnt fallen apart already! Better make mine a double.;) :D "

Iain Kysler, Jedi Apprentice
15 April 2003, 04:46 AM
OOC: Okay...lets see if I remember how to do this...


*A man of medium height, with light brown hair and brown eyes approaches the ship, dressed in a black, full-length cape and green Jedi robes, with knee-high black soft leather boots, a black leather crossbelt cutting his torso in half from left shoulder to right hip, and a lightsaber bangling from his utility belt. He gives off an aura of calm serenity...at least until he sees the Rycrit's Fury . Upon seeing the newly (but badly) painted freighter, he lets out a groan.* "Oh hell..."

*He walks up to Brishti.* "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Jedi Master..."

*The man pauses for a moment, for the first time recognizing Brishti.*

"...Iain...Kysler...oh no. Not you. Not here. Not again .

Brishti: Nice to see you too, Master Inept.

Adesh: What are you doing here?

Iain: Well...once again...seems like I'm keeping the two of you out of trouble. *Iain lets out a much-put-upon sigh, as if to say, 'why me?'*

Brishti: Fine. Be that way.

Adesh: Brishti...remember...we need people...

Brishti: And with introductions out of the way, how many people will you be bringing aboard our well-maintained, exemplary model of intergalactic travel, the Rycrit's Fury ?

Iain: Just myself and my lightsaber. Now...where are you going?

Brishti: We're bound for the planet Mora Liquora, to pick up the Special Liquid #247-D, to provide a lifetime's worth of the chemical for our drink, the Happy Surprise! Some lucky person...

Iain: *Grimaces* Yeah yeah yeah. I get the picture. Where do I stow my things?

Brishti: *Frowns* CHUBA!!!!

*They wait for a few minutes...but Chuba still doesn't make his appearance.*

Brishti: When I get my hands on that over-pampered, underworked Rodian, I'm gonna...

Iain: Never mind. I'll just make myself at home. Nice seeing you again, Adesh. Catch you later...Bristles.

*With that closing quip, he starts to walk aboard. With each step up the landing ramp, the ship itself creaks as if under horrible stresses, causing a double-take from Iain, who then shrugs, and walks forward to embrace his fate...whether it be death from atmospheric loss (inflicted by the freighter), death from inertial dampening failure (inflicted by the freighter), death by reactor breach (inflicted by the freighter), or death from assassination (inflicted by Brishti). As he reaches the top, a large flake of paint falls to the ground, then blows up against Brishti.*

OOC: Hi, all. Hey Xerxes...I'm baaaaaaaaaaack...

Brishti Kildruun
15 April 2003, 05:10 AM
OOC It is going to be kind of like NNTBS but it will have some points in it where it get's "humorously serious* if you will.


Brishti: *leans closer to Kiel, also to thwart the chances of a mad panic throughout the ship* Uh, yeah, Happy thoughts and some Happy Surprises! You didn't know what you were getting into before you signed on didja? Didja!

*haunting tune yet again...*

Adesh: Heya Iain! good to have you aboard. Well here we are, back together again, just like old times. *all of a sudden the desert planet of Tatooine takes over the picture as Luke Skywalker and Han Solo are about to be thrown into the living pit of teeth and digestive juices*

OOC Oops, wrong scenario, tee-hee :D

Brishti: *Annoyed at Iain, she uses Illusion to create the doorway two feet to the left so Iain walks straight into the side of the Rycrit's Fury paint chips and pieces spewing everywhere to the loud smack prduced by Iain's face, before he turns to glare at Brish.


15 April 2003, 05:18 AM
Not far behind the Jedi comes slowly and squeekingly a small droid. It looks like a basketball in circle with some eight appendages sticking out of the ball. The sphere in the middle is orange/red and except of the appendages it spots four eyes each looking into a different direction. The vertical circle on which it rolls is or rather was white, now it is mostly grey with brown pathces of mud.

"Verzeiung... HMMM... Pazausta... Przepraszam.... Scuzi.... HMMM... Excuse me" says slowly squeeking " have you got Platz hmmm..a place for a great mechanical genious and not a bad vaiter on board?" Asks as stops immediately laying two of his arms from the right side on the ground, He twists and brings the circle into horizontal position as he adds a third leg. "I vould be very greatful if I could join your crew for a bottle of something to drink a day...I don't require nor sleep nor energy other then a bottle of strong spirit. And those lousy bastards don't serve alcohol to mechanosapients in that force-forsaken port. Oh, Scheisse..." he looks at a great hunk of a Rodian coming out of kitchen.
"To kucharz... ? Ist das... Is this your cook?" he asks. One of his upper appendages begins to shake nervously....

"Na, ja Mann... kurcze... hmmm..... sorry but my programming is a bit mixed up... so have you got a place for me on board and some d..d...d...drink from my tormented soul.?"

Brishti Kildruun
18 April 2003, 04:58 AM
Brishti: I don't see why you can't.. uh, maybe Kiel here can do some minor adjustments to you, make ease of functioning an option?!:D
Adesh: Yeah, what she said, uhh, again, we need some names here people! hmmm, what's that strange smell coming from the galley?
Both: *look at one another and start smacking their heads together.*
Brishti: And for everybody's information, we WILL be leaving within this coming week, so, it's your last chance to come to ...Mora Liquora...
Adesh: Do you REALLY want to miss out on this opportunity?
Brishti: And about the drinks for you mr. Droid sir, umm..
Adesh: is that possible?

*Both stop here and run into the galley to see Chuba...

18 April 2003, 05:20 AM
The droid put al of his apendages on the ground and moving like a strange arachnoid moved towards the kitchen. He was faster that it could seem at first and after reaching the kitchen his visual sensors quickly discovered one of the reasons of what his host called "strange smell".

One of his apendages disappeared inside the white ring surounding his body and came back baring a fire extinguisher, which he directed into some kind of strange cooking device, that apparently was now on fire.

In just few seconds everything in the area of 2 meters was covered with thick layer fo white foam.

The droid hid the fire extinguisher and looked around.

"Swietnie.... hmmm ... Wunderbar..... " He used one of his appendages to hit himself three times in the head/ball "Now should be better... hmm... Wonderful. I'm honored that I'll be able to travel with such exquisite examples of living beings... I'm profoundly sorry not to have introduced myself as I should have when I entered your beautiful ship. I'm Guarri Sahn, droid of many talents, at you service...." he finished by performing kind of a bow, by bending his front leg and straightening his aft ones.
"I'll be very pleased to be of any assistance to any of you" said turning the upper part of his round head around at the same time scanning all people present and saving all visual information for further use.

He seemed not to notice that his rescuing attept foamed lots of food and an angry look from a huge Rodian.

Darth Fury
18 April 2003, 10:22 PM
"Name? You want MY name? why??"

Adesh Gundeep
19 April 2003, 04:09 AM
Adesh: It's necessary protocol procedure sir, part of Reg. 2135DD-1A, and it's for your own safety sir...:? :D

*Brishti and Adesh wait with happy grins for the haunting tune to pick up, but instead, a cheerful, springy, light melody airs instead. Both faces go blank, and Adesh marches towards the rear of the ship. A loud bang is then heard, and the haunting melody picks up once again, as the two Jedi start to grin once again.

Brishti: Where did that music come from? That definately wasn't apart of our collection that I brought onboard.

*Here, Chuba peaks his head around the corner again, and smiles sheepishly*

Brishti: Once again, we would like to apologize for the delay of our departure, but we just wanted to see if anyone else would be joining us.

Adesh: We will be departing for sure on Monday, so everyone make sure that they have all there things together! In the meantime, can I get anybody anything? Food? Drinks? Anything at all?

*Adesh claps her hands once, and Chuba comes out in a vendor's unifrom, carrying a box sling over his shoulder, containing numerous varieties of snacks and beverages. His expression is dull and lifeless.

Brishti: Wipe that frown off your face, Chuba! Can't you see, your making people miserable! The sun is out! It's a good life! You have an honest, well-paying job...did I say well-paying?... ahem, an honest job, people who truly care about you and have treated you with nothing but the utter most courtesy and compassion!

Adesh: Brishti's absolutely right, Chuba! Havn't we always treated you like a member of the family? Now, come on. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps, and cease the day!

*Chuba nodds and walks around the room displaying the options to everyone.*

Both: Hey, Chuba! get back to the kitchen and get us some of those Carbine bar's, you know, the ones with the pecans in them!:D

Brishti Kildruun
19 April 2003, 07:43 AM
*Brishti Climbs onboard from outside and is instantly greeted by the now all white interior of the White Rycrit's Fury * heehee
Brishti: NOT going to scream NOT...GOING...TO..scream. *Here she takes a deep breath, looks up, clenches her jaw, and forces a desperate smile on her oh-so-apparently angry face. Adesh comes up to her smiling but upon discovery of the snowy white interior drops her smile places a hand on Brishti's shoulder and tries to nervousely calm her down*
Adesh: Uh, Brish, honey, sweety, time to calm down now, this is not permanent, only temporary, don't think of it as an ending think of it as a beginning, to an adventure beyond the stars...

*Brishti clenches her fists turns, and calls everyone in the group.*

Brishti: Alright people. Your name, your occupation, what position Addie and I have assigned you onboard, and then, EACH and EVERY ONE of you is going to help me sweep up this mess. And AFTERWARDS?!!!... Happy Surprises for EVERYONE! CHUBA included! But first... FOAM FIGHT!!!!!!

*this time, instead of the deep, heavy haunting tune, a light airy Carribbean islands drumming tune starts up, Mon!*

Adesh: She hadja goin there, didn't she, DIDN'T she?

Brishti: By the way, where are Iain and Xerxes?

Darth Fury
19 April 2003, 12:28 PM
The big Rodian(not Chuba:D ) speaks up and says "Baljos Numag, best damn pilot in this quadrant!! I'll have the.....pleasure:rolleyes: of piloting us to our destination in this....fine,fine spacecraft. :P :rolleyes: 8o

Adesh Gundeep
19 April 2003, 06:25 PM
Both: Well we're thankful for your service:D Anyway, I think probably everyone that is coming with us is aboard, unless we get a few last minute people. But anyway, we're sure that this trip will bring many, many, unforgettable memories. Everything is basically all set. Now all we have to do is think of something to do while we wait for Monday to come. Any ideas?

*The two look around with anticipating grins*

Both: Any ideas? Any ideas at all? Any?:D

Adesh Gundeep
21 April 2003, 05:28 PM
* Brishti and Adesh walk into the main part of the ship and clear their throats.*

Brishti: That moment you've all been waiting for has come! Is everybody strapped in?

*Adesh walks around, closing all compartments that may end up injuring somebody in any way. She inspects everyone's seatbelts, and takes everyone's trash. Glaring at Brishti, she quickly walks back to the rear of the ship. Brishti walks over to one of the wall speakers and turns it on.

Brishti: Everyone, we'd like to, once again, thank you for choosing the Fury as your means of transportation this fine evening. Please remember that this is a non-smoking trip, however cocktail beverages may be purchasedokay they're free. We hope you have a pleasant trip!

Adesh: *from the rear of the craft* And I know that some of you aren't wearing their seatbelts...well, I'd rethink that decision right about now. Trust me.....you're gonna need them! :D B) Chuba! get strapped in!

* Chuba proceeds to grin and goes to his big chair, seating himself comfortably. He pushes a button, and in a matter of seconds, a brace falls and locks him into place(much like on a rollercoaster). Chuba starts to wonder what it is that he's gotten himself into.

Adesh: Everyone has already been assigned their quarters, and once we're up and on our way, we'll go over the details, k?

*Brishti, already is seated and strapped in. Clearing her throat and glaring at Adesh for a moment, she gently pats the seat next to her and changes her expression to a false smile.*

Brishti: Pilot, take us up!B)

Adesh: B) :D

Brishti: :D B)

Chuba: :?

Brishti: .....Pilot?.....uh....Pilot......commander...commander....

Adesh: c....commander....co..commander.....

Both: Take it away, Pilot!

22 April 2003, 02:21 PM
*there is a large WHUMP as something hits the veiwport of the ship. A crackilng sound and something falls to the gound*
*Nocking on hatch, an umbaran covered in paint chips dashes in*

Boubou:They're after me! thanks to my trusy catapult, I'm here and safe!:D I am Boubou Birr! Super-scientist formerly in the employ of Puddin the Mutt!;) :hansolo: *drops white, fuzzy case.* Where do I stay? I heared an ominous sound and figured it would be fun!B)

Darth Fury
22 April 2003, 05:01 PM
Baljos: What the frell!!! I think something just hit us!!!

23 April 2003, 12:51 AM
Guarri stumbling moved towards the mad sciencist...Scanning him and his belongings..

"it is illegal in most planets to carry living bags, mister. Free it immedietely!" he said waving his apendgaes menacely...
"then I'll be honored to help your followers... Nobody will enter that ship without its owners' allowance." Saying that his head cracked in the middle revealing a set of four blaster rifles. He aimed them at the door.
"Let them come" ....

23 April 2003, 02:57 AM
Boubou: "It's Shag. Not living, but Swinging, Baby! Grrrrrrrr!!!!";) *Gives a fiendish look*

23 April 2003, 03:03 AM
"Oh...My mistake... must calibrate my audio scanners... Sorry...Let's swing then"

The guns hid ni the head just to be replaced with a megaphone from which first notes of some ancient swing sounded. Only to be muted by a great spalsh of foam thrown by Chuba from the kitchen.

Brishti Kildruun
23 April 2003, 10:17 AM
*A foam covered Brishti unstraps her seatbelt stands and plants herself in the middle of the ship.

Brishti: OKAY. EVERYBODY just CALM down. Everything IS alright. Now, I see we have a few more people coming onboard, or...trying to.. or...hmm. As one of your faithful, trusty, powerful, and composed supervisors I am stating that we are ALL okay.

*Somehow, the image of Brishti covered in white foamy bubbly stuff kind of supercedes this statement...

Adesh: NOW, who are you, do you want to come with us, and, again, without FURTHER ado, CHUBA!!!! Get OUT of that REDICULOUS high chair and get this person a Happy Surprise!

*Here everyone stops what they're doing and cocks their heads to hear the somehow muted should-have-been-playing haunting tune, coming from the speakers which have become silent, infact, which have quit out all together*

Adesh: Hmm...Kiel, when we're safely out of here, take a look at those speakers, please, see what you can do to, what shall we say, upgrade them, hmm?

Brishti: he's going to have to FIND them under that six inch layer of foam first.. :raised:

Okay people, headcount. we have: Me, Addie, Xerxes...wait a minute, he's still in his quarters isn't he, hmm, we'll have to fix that, Iain, also MIA, Kiel, Our barabel security guard, Baljos up there *Thumbs up and grin* Guarri, It's okay buddy he can come onboard if he wants, and...Bou Bou. Okay then, are WE READY!

Adesh: uhh, think ya forgot someone.
*Adesh points towards the galley. Brishti leans back to see Chuba in an apron, dancing around with his posterior wagging this way and that as he stirs the Happy Surprise.

Brishti: :raised:

OOC: Okay, howsabout we all choose different colors for our names. I chose teal(the color of Brish's lightsaber) Adesh chose red ( her lightsaber) It looks like Baljos has that limegreen(stylin' there buddy)
Chuba's got just plain green, so who get's what? This is fun guys :D

23 April 2003, 12:46 PM
Kiel: Right Adesh ill get on that just as soon as were away. I'd like to work on that...uhh...mechanical too while im at it *glances sideways at Guarri*.

OOC: I got dibs on bluuuu.....:D

Adesh Gundeep
23 April 2003, 12:58 PM
OOC: Blue it is then!B) :D

Adesh: So.....yeah......anyway......CHUBA!!! Where are you man! you must think your on this trip to catch some zzzz's, or what?!! Now, I'd like to start seeing some participation in the work that needs to be done to maintain this ship!:mad:

OOC: Geez, Adesh is really getting into her script, huh?:D

23 April 2003, 01:13 PM
BouBou: Women in foam and alcohols? dangerous, but... so very Yogi...:raised:

OOC: i getz gween!!:D

23 April 2003, 10:44 PM
Guarri moved his orange colored head around....

"Wow, maaan... they all changed colors.... maybe it some kind of allergic reaction to the foam" he thought...

"WHAT'S WITH THAT SUPRISE, CHUBA?!!" droids voice amplified by a big loudspeaker shook the interior of the ship.. "SORRY... When I'm thirsty my programming getd definetely out my apendages.."

OOC: Orangered it is...

Adesh Gundeep
24 April 2003, 05:01 AM
Adesh: OK, is anybody flying this thing right now?Baljos, you mind if I take her up?.......:D

*Adesh walks over to the bridge, sits down, looks back to make sure nobody is looking, stretches her arms back and forth, rotates her neck, and proceeds to hit.....a little red button.
Without any warning, the engines fire up, and the Fury speeds out of the hanger bay, bouncing up and down, bobbing left and right. Various cracking, groaning, squeaking, and otherwise disturbing sounds are heard coming from the ship's main structure. Coughs and sputters are heard as well as felt.
Adesh sits with her hands white-knuckled on the controls, as the ship continues on in a rythmic up and down motion.

Adesh: I hope everyone's holding on back there!!!
*From the rear of the vessel*:

Brishti: Adesh! What are you doing!

*loud thumps are heard by Adesh as Brishti sprints up to the front.

Brishti: Ad eSH!!! Please! For the sake of all that is living, get away from those controls! Show some mercy towards us all!

Adesh: I can't exactly do that, Brish!8o

*Adesh's hands are losing all feeling as she grips the vibrating controls. She starts hyper-ventilating.

Brishti: Breathe, hunny, we need you to breath. That's right, in and out....in...yes.. and out.....

*After a few breaths, Adesh waits for someone to come and help. Suddenly Chuba tramples Brishti as he comes flying through the door, and then proceeds to fling Adesh back to the back of the craft, gesturing for Baljos to take the controls. After having slid all the way back to the rear of the craft, Adesh comes to a screeching hault at precisely a centimeter from one of the other crewmembers.

Brishti peels herself off of the floor, looking rather dishevelled, coughing, almost gagging as she dusts herself off.*

Brishti: oh Chubaaaa....... This is your lucky day cause guess what you get to do for the rest of it?:D That's right.:D You see all the dust and dirt on this here floor? Well you get to be the lucky man to mop up everything. And I do mean everything;)

*Chuba looks innocently at Brishti, water starting to well up in his eyes as he takes in a surprised breath. He points to Adesh and mumbles a few words to Brishti. She smiles, looks back at everyone, and drags Chuba to the galley, slamming the door shut behind her. A melody of doom resounds, not coming from the speakers, coming from someplace....elsewhere.*

Brishti: Oh, I see.:D You think you did a good enough job using Adesh, hmm? Well, because of that smart remark, you'll be cleaning the toilets as well. K? K.;) :D

*Brishti opens the door to see Adesh and a group of other people all leaning their heads in that direction, trying to hear what was going on. Not expecting the door to open so soon, they all run into one another, and quickly disperse back to their posts.

Darth Fury
24 April 2003, 04:44 PM
Baljos: "Uhh, excuse me? Adesh! Its not that I mind you sitting on my lap, but your Lightsaber is digging into my hip!!!:o 8o ;) :P

OOC:that last post was supposed to say that my voice came over the comms!!:o

24 April 2003, 05:06 PM
BouBou: Poor Chuba... Where'd you get him? I need one of those!:D
Oh, Baljos, are you sure that our host can't fly well?

My hydrospanner flew up there a minute ago, just wonderin' if you found it....;)

Brishti Kildruun
24 April 2003, 06:28 PM
*Adesh immediately stands up, eyes shot open, staring into oblivion, obviousely mortified, walks to her seat and sits in a shocked yet catatonic state.
Brishti: *walks back up to the cockpit, indifferent to the not-so-inconspicuous, yet completely innocent picture of Adesh.* Could ya try ta smooth it OUT a little next time!? Addie, you don't look so good, poor girl. She didn't see you there obviousely, probably thought the different feeling of the chair had been produced by being stretched by Chuba, he's not so tiny you know, either that or she thought he broke it, clumsy oaf, either way, she'll be fine in a few seconds, after thew motification and embarrassement wares off. She just gets so carried away sometimes she gets into a crazy stuper and doesn't realize what she's doing.

*As time goes by, nighttime sets on the strange yet somehow comfortable crew of the Rycrit's Fury which still OOS: I believe anyway BIS:has not yet traveled too far from where it started, try as Baljos and Adesh might to get the sorry excuse for a bantha sized toaster off and out of there* After walking to the far back of the ship, banging her head against a wall and trying with all her might to straighten the crick in her neck from having just peeled herself off of the cold, metal ground of the ship, Brishti walks up to the middle of te room once again.

Brishti: Oh yeah, don't think that one's coming out of my neck anytime soon, unless we've got a chiropractor onboard... AHEM, okay everyobody, we're all tired and we all want to get out of here, so the quarters sleep three people. Obviousely Iain and Xerxes have obsconded with one room, and I AM coming IN there SHORTLY, so, who wants ta be my roomie? Any takers? Addie? Kiel? Mr. Barabel security guard? No wait, you've got hall moniter duty...

Adesh: Alright, alright..., If I must

Brishti: Don't get so excited Addie, I'm not the one that clearcuts the woods and THEN saws logs all night! That leaves room for oooOONE more person. Don't everybody jump at once.

Adesh: And Chuba will be bunking with Iain and Xerxes for everyone's information. Just incase they get out of hand or anything...

Brishti: not to mention he grits his teeth like chewing a strap of Bantha hide, and we wouldn't wish that upon anyone except those who we know can handle that animal... But that's beyOND the point, anyway, Xerses, you are in charge of waking people up in the morning as stated before, so...

Adesh: Without further ado...

Brishti: I'm going to see just exactly WHAT those two slackers think they're doing in there...

*Brishti walks back to the boys quarters and knocks so hard on the flimsy door that a HUGE dent appears, Brishti turning to see if anyone saw and grins sheepishly.*

Adesh: Go get 'em girl! Chuba, quiet down will you? GEEZ. THat Rodian is CONSTANTLY flapping his gums!

*All is once again normal with Adesh and Brishti, as normal as can be expected of them anyway...*

24 April 2003, 06:50 PM
BouBou: Chiropractor? i've got a bat in my bag, just stand still... *hefts the shockball bat high, ready for a swing*
What? WHAT?!?!?! i'm just gettin' the kink out! :rolleyes:
Keil, you're with me; We can sing "I'm the Only Nice Wampa" 'til we passs out!8o ;) :rolleyes:
oh, and don't mind my inflatable spinning shag bed...:?

Darth Fury
24 April 2003, 06:55 PM
Baljos: "I think I'll just sleep up here in the cock-pit... thats probably the only way I'll maintain my sanity on this lumbersome garbage scow......uuuhh, this door locks right??!!!" ;)

Baljos retakes the controls, rights the vessel and begins their ascent into the upper atmosphere of the planet and begins to vector the ship towards the coordinates provided by the two female Jedi.

Xerses Mylar
24 April 2003, 07:04 PM
Xerses stumbled out of his cabin at the lauch of the ship. The old scow was just that. Old. He reached out through the Force and felt a familiar presence: the Master Kysler was here. Every Dark Side instinct in him kicked into overdrive and he stormed down the hallway to Iain's room.

*he takes out his lightsaber and cuts through the cabin door*

Xerses: I know, I know. I could have knocked. But where is the Dark Side aire in that kind of entrance?

*points his lightsaber at Iain*

Xerses: Want to duel?

Brishti Kildruun
25 April 2003, 08:32 AM
* Brishti walks right up behind Xerses, taps him on the shoulder and folds her arms, and sighs as she looks at the gaping entrance that used to be a door.

Brishti: Hmm, looks like you've improved it a bit there Xerses, or at least left a permanent reminder of your presence. In any case, you two are free to hack and slash at each other upstairs, but, just remember, if someone comes down with a lightsaber stuck in a dark and uncomfortable place, or carrying his head, I'M not going to be the one to... *Brishti ponders these images* OKAY, who's up for some dueling, then? ADDIE, get over here!

*Adesh runs up, stares at the "door" and nods her approval.
Adesh: Well, someone's got no door now, guess we're taking those quarters Brish, being selfless, humble, and perfect examples of courtesy. You boys DO know you're bunking in the SAME room together, right? and that you get the company of our buddy Chuba?

Brishti: Howsabout we have a fourway duel, or is it strictly EXCLUSIVE for you two? if it is, well, CHUBA!!! he'll be our target dummie. He's thick skinned, he can take it!

*From the kitchen Chuba wakes from falling asleep inside the extremely large sink, causing all of the dirty dishes stacked on his stomach to topple and shatter to their fate on the ground, and stares out the porthole in the galley's sweeping doors, mortified at overhearing his employer's comment*

Adesh: That Rodian overreacts...

Brishti: Guarri, Kiel, do either of you know how to sotter limbs back on if one of us gets butter fingers with our lighsaber? :D Oh! *runs to the front of the ship for a second* Baljos, buddy, as the pilot of the Fury you ARE entitled to the master quarters, but, if you want to give them up..:rolleyes: if you prefer this steel crate... :rolleyes:

Xerses Mylar
25 April 2003, 09:06 AM
Xerses looks back at Brishti and smirks. Then he turns to Iain and ignites the other side of his lightsaber, the twin glowing blades humming as he spins his saber.

Xerses: You and your perfect defense are a tough challenge, but i think i can handle it.

With that, he jumps to the attack with a massive blow to Iain's own saber, sparks flying in every direction.

Darth Fury
25 April 2003, 09:33 AM
Baljos: "hmmmm?! That sounds interesting! I only have two questions before I accept. 1- Do I have to share it with anyone?? 2- Does the door to the room have a lock?"

Iain Kysler, Jedi Apprentice
25 April 2003, 11:59 AM
Iain: *Draws his dual-phase lightsaber, and ignites the glowing blue blade* Alright, my old adversary, let us see what you've got...Brishti, if you would allow me a few moments of dueling along with Xerxes, please...

*The pair walks upstairs. Despite the fact that one is a master of the light side and the other a master of darkness, the pair seem very much at ease with one another...absolutely stunning everybody else in their presence*

Iain: Have at thee!

*Xerxes immediately makes a daring, lunging attack, using both the blades to try and pull Iain's blade out of his line, obviously using Form V tactics. Iain, on the other hand, quickly disengages his blade from the red-glowing whirlwind that it Xerxes' dual-bladed lightsaber, completely and utterly nullifying the attempt to draw the blade. He makes a quick riposte, making a quick, slashing attack in synchronization with the spinning of the twin red blades.
Xerxes, not to be fooled, stops the spinning and angles one of his two blades to deflect the blue blade off at an angle. The only problem is, there's an old punching bag in the path of the two blades...which promptly is skewered by both, filling the workout room with the smell of burned leather. Xerxes attempts to whip his trailing blade over the top and hit Iain that way, but Iain uses the momentum of Xerxes earlier parry to bring his own blade back up into line with the oncoming attack. Xerxes attempts the same thing with the lower blade, but Iain performs a backflip over the blade coming in at his knees, and brings his own lightsaber around towards Xerxes now-exposed left ribs.
Xerxes brings his own blade vertical along his back, presenting his back to Iain, blocking the lateral slice that comes in. He then swings the other blade downwards vertically, bringing it up under his left arm, a thrust behind him, then spins to his right and brings the blade horizontal again as Iain parries this attempt easily as well.

Iain: You've improved.

Xerxes: You're surprised?

Iain: Not really, but...it is interesting to see how you prefer straight-on attacks rather than those huge, rolling slashed you used at one point...*Iain brings his hands up near his shoulder, pointing the blade directly at the center of Xerxes chest, but remaining just out of Xerxes reach. Xerxes reflexively sets his own blade spinning in front of him...wary of Iain's ability to extend his own blade.

Xerxes: You're not so bad yourself...how has the life of a Jedi Master been treating you?

Iain: You mean since before or after I've taken a leave of absence from the Order for a bit?

*Chuba walks in, mumbling...*

*Iain holds up a hand.*

Iain: Now Chuba, you weren't supposed to be asleep while washing dishes anyhow. Don't blame Brishti, even if she isn't one of the most...balanced individuals I've ever met.

*As if summoned by her name, Brishti walks into the room. Iain, seeing a chance to play a trick on her in retaliation for the earlier illusion, moves a set of weights directly in front of her. As she is studying a datapad, she doesn't notice until it's too late.*

Brishti: Chuba, have you-

*Brishti steps on the crossbar, sending the weight spinning across the room as she falls completely on her posterior. Iain smirks, then returns to his duel with Xerxes.*

Brishti Kildruun
25 April 2003, 01:43 PM
*Brishti feels for the floor around her, hair dishevelled in her face from the fall as she pushes herself up off the ground, throws her hair out of her face, feeling the pangs of a bruised ego, as well as a bruised derrier, and the strange affect at the back of her neck produced by Bou Bou's Louisville Slugger routine. She procrastinates to stand up straight, crouching over to ease the pangs running up her spine.

Brishti: You think that's pretty funny, don't you. Think you've got one up on me now, DON'T you. you'll see, when you least expect it, you will PAY for that.

*Brishti hisses these last words in a half whisper, trying to regain the wind that had been so brutally knocked out of her, crouching slowly towards Iain pointing her one finger at him while bracing her lower back with her other hand. She then turns briskly and walks slowly towards Xerses, ignoring the duel, poking him in the chest and staring him in the eye trying to back him into a corner (Which obviousely isn't working.)

Brishti: and YOU probably think this is pretty funny, don't you, DON'T you? Hmm? I'll have you know I have friends onboard. POWERFUL friends. And I just have ONE thing to say...

*Brishti ponders a moment then turns to walk away, finally noticing the crowd hanging on the stairs peaking around the corner watching the commotion caused by the thunderous bang.*

Brishti: You are not WORTH the time. *Brishti utters these words with a painful whimpering tone, voice breaking down due to her aching posterior and now-pounding head.

She attempts to chasse off with an air of superiority, still bent over, still holding her lower back. Unfortunately, due to lack of circulation in her legs, and her attention consentrated on glaring needles at Iain, she trips and falls right into the crowd and down the stairs, creating a big pile of limbs and parts.

MEANWHILE, Adesh explains the details of the luxury quarters to Baljos.

Adesh: And it comes with king sized feather bed, double porcelain sinks, jetted tub, full sized room closet, and a complimentary mint on pillow service, and it's aaaAAALLL yours. No sharing the wealth this time, and yes it comes with a triple clutching, interlock screw injector reinforced padlocking security system model 2b. Not even a herd of Bantha could get throuh that baby, heck, not even Yoda could work it's intricate innards.
Here, let me show you in, you'll find the key under th left corner of the beday(OOC I don't know if it's spelled right! BIC) and DO be careful with it as it is the only one.

*Adesh leans down to pick up and pass the key chip to Baljos but it slips from her fingers almost falling down into the garbage projector shoot at the base of the toilet, be it not for Addie's agile reflexes and now twisted limbs. Head resting on the toilet seat, one leg on the glass waist bucket the other on the edge of the jetted tub, one arm on the floor for support and the other boldly holding up the key chip between her thumb and index finger.

Adesh: Whew, that was close:D

Halo Katan
25 April 2003, 02:58 PM
*The unsuspecting yacht flying through space was about to get a rude suprise in its shuttle bay. They would get it as soon as Halo Katan in his E-wing could land on the constantly moving yacht*

Halo: Brishti, Adesh, guess who's here!:D

Darth Fury
25 April 2003, 08:06 PM
Baljos: "Your sort of butter-fingered for a Jedi aren't you?" Baljos says to Adesh as he helps her up off the floor of the refresher. "By the way, I think I'll take you up on that offer to use the master cabin."

Halo Katan
26 April 2003, 05:54 AM
*As everyone on the Fury stairs tries to climb out of the jumble of limbs and parts, a loud bang and a small rumble is heard from the entrance to the cargo bay. Brishti, not even attempting to move shout's out : Who's there?" Only to be surprised by a puff of smoke and... the silhouette of a familiar character. Standing in a western style gun drawing position the figure is silent but as the smoke clears, it is clear(pardon the pun!) that one of her good buddies is standing in the doorway.*

Halo:HEY! BrishTAY Wassup!?:D Ya didn't think I'd miss the par-TAY. Didja? DIDJA! :D B)

*Brishti looking completely shocked tries to utter a sentence but due to her aching neck, head, posterior and backside in general, she gives him a thumbs up, and collapses once again into the pile of her comrades.*

Adesh Gundeep
26 April 2003, 01:25 PM
Alrighty then, Baljos, it's all yours!
*Hands him the key, turns and quickly walks back to the main part of the ship. She passes the still-dueling Iain and Xerses, stopping and shaking her head for a moment, and then continues down the hall.

Adesh: Chuba!!! Where are you! I need something to eat! I'd like a Bantha Burger, please. Oh, and Chuba, a little less well- done this time, please. Everyone knows that the only good Bantha Burger is one that still moves on the plate!

OOC: just a little indecisive, don't ya think? :D

*Adesh walks back into the kitchen to find Halo Katan stuffing his face and chugging down a MASSIVE Happy Surprise. The music starts up from the speakers again.*

Adesh: Well, I guess Kiel got the speakers up and running again.....Halo. What are you doing here?:rolleyes: :raised:

:D oh. I see. you wanted to come along and eat up all our food huh? HUH?! Well let me tell you something, buddy! This food has to last us to Mora Liquora! You can't just go around eating something anytime your hungery!

*At this moment Adesh reaches into the refer and pulls out a leftover Bantha Burger, finishing it in two bites. She noisily cleans her fingers off and lets out a sigh of relief.*

Adesh: Ahh. That's better. CHUBA!! What does a person have to do around here to get some service! What are you doing!

*Adesh walks even farther back in the kitchen to see Chuba washing the dishes like she told him to do earlier. Adesh stops short, folds her arms and smiles.*

Adesh: Good job, Chuba! Nobody ever believes Brishti and I when we tell them that there's no better service than that provided by you!:D

*Chuba lets out a sigh and continues on with his work*

Darth Fury
27 April 2003, 02:58 AM
Baljos: On his way back to the cockpit Baljos hears a rumble and feels a shudder run thru the already overtaxed ships hull and super-stucture. As the ship was begining its jump to hyper-space and was forced to revert back to realspace. He sprints to the cockpit and is greeted by numerous alarms and flashing lights. The first to grab his attention is the intruder alert. He draws his weapons and sprints towards the cargo bay. About halfway there he sees some one he doesn't recognize and the rest of the crew in a monkey-pile with Brishti on top "Freeze dritbag!! Put your hands on your head and turn around slowly!"

28 April 2003, 04:03 AM
OOC: Addie: For posterity's sake, it's a bidet, crazy french word i hadta learn in architecture:rolleyes:

IC: *After a disheveled Brishti gracefully (<--sarcasm) flings herself into him, Kiel barely manages to catch himself on the railings of the stairs. Before Brishti can get herself up again, the rodain pilot comes on the scene to uh...

Kiel: Uh, unless i missed something, everythings fine, Baljos. Well, everything except the jedi dueling upstairs, and Brishti here with a pained...uh...posterior, oh and the shockball player/chiropractor/swinger, and the...well, i guess there is alot wrong. But i dont think we need a gun yet...do we, Brish?

28 April 2003, 04:28 AM
Guarri looked at two battling Jedi and studied their fluent movements, the grace of lighstaber, the quickness of their moves, the poetism of their duel.

"Boring" he thought and went to search the ship for something more interesting...leaving those two to chop something off... or rather to fall exhausted on the ground....

After moving deep into the bowels of the ship he scanned the suroundings and as he discovered nothing and noone around he detached his head from the ring, reached into it and pulled an inflatable round ball. He put it where his head was and left the "droid" attached to the ceiling of a corridor in the darkest place..
"the first that somebody will search, probably" he thought as he pulled all his legs inside his head and rolled into vent ducts.

He heard some arguing and some battle sounds, then he passed near the engine and suddenly came to an compartment that was connected with the air duct but he didn't see any way of entering it from the corridors. He set all his sensors for maximum efficiency.
Yes... there was something... he could hear silent breathing... the sound of somebody's heart... and he almost felt like his processors are being drowned by a strange force... he searched his databanks and discovered the name of it... "fear"... strange...

He quickly moved back to his body deflated the ball and attached the ring back to his body.. Then he searched Brishti or Adesh.

Passing by the kitchen he heard:

Good job, Chuba! Nobody ever believes Brishti and I when we tell them that there's no better service than that provided by you!
After searching his memory he recognized the voice as that of Adesh. He quickly scrambled inside and grabed his robe.
"Excuse me sir, I think there is something you should know..."

Halo Katan
28 April 2003, 06:19 AM
*Halo, hearing a voice from behind, turned around. The look on his face proved the fact that he wanted to be left ALONE!!!*

Halo: Look pally... I don't need people like you bothering a Jedi Knight/Weapon Master like me.:D :mad: :D

*Halo then drew his lightsaber and ignited the bright orange blade. He then started twirling it very casualy.*

Halo: You don't want to shoot that thing at me, unless you want to be kicked off this thing by my 2 best friends, Brishti and Adesh!!!:D ;) :D

Brishti Kildruun
28 April 2003, 06:58 AM
* Brish sheepishly looks around, and clears her throat as she pulls herself up and off of the poor unsuspecting Kiel.* :o

Brishti: Err, uhh, hmm, yes well, I'm SO sorry, I AHEM. Anyway, :D No I don't think we need a gun...yet... I need some painkillers, anybody have some aspirin?!

*Brishti pulls Kiel straight, straightens his shirt, pats him on the shoulder and "walks"(actually more like hunches!) over to the commotion she hears*

Brishti: Okay, do I have to seperate you two? My head is POUNDING, my neck feels like it was trampled by a Bantha, my butt is BLACK and BLUE, and you two are arguing about NOTHING!:raised: :mad: Now, Baljos, Halo here happens to be a friend of ours, (May the force be with him) and Halo, Baljos is our pilot and has proven himself an asset to our...err.hmm, survival, so I'm sure we can come to some understanding, *glares from one to the other with a pained look on her face, obviousely caused by her head. * Because if we can't, I'll have my good friend Kiel here and our Barabel security guard lock you two in one of those REALLY small storage lockers to ponder your situation, and unless one of you happens to be a contortionist, I don't think it would be too comfortable. Or better yet, Xerses and Iain can come up with some sort of punishment, that is... if there's a problem here, but I don't think there is is there? I like you both, but don't get on my bad side *cringes* especcially not today... you know what... just disregard anything I just said, I have to get some food. HYpoglyCEmic ya know. I turn into a WHOLE different person when I'm hungry... :wookiee: CHUBA!!!! where HAVE you gone man!

Halo Katan
28 April 2003, 07:43 AM
*Halo puts on the biggest grin he can fit on his very annoyed face*

Halo: WHERE are my quarters...Brishti:D

*Brishti Painfully raises her arm and points down the long dark hallway to the room directly across from Iain and Xerses.*

Halo: Thanks...food...sleep...sorry...Baljos...

*with much hesitation Halo takes his slice of humble pie, but not without letting the others know that this does not happen often. He then walks into the kitchen to find Chuba already preparing food for him when he heard him mention...food.*

Halo: Whoa, whoa there little buddy. You don't have to do that for me. Why don't you take a seat right here and I'll get you a nice good ol' blaster bolt, fresh from my heavy blaster.*Here he charges his weapon*

Chuba: :? :( *the utensils in his hands start to shake and he drops them beginning to run out of the swinging doors to the galley*

Halo: WHOA! STOP! *Grabs Chuba by his apron strings* I meant the DRINK. I'm NOT going to HURT you. Now, *Shooting the blaster bolt into a readily prepared thick mug* try this. It'll calm your nerves man. *Hands Chuba the mug, who then hesitantly drinks it down, and surprisingly enough, the tension released could be cut with a knife.* Now, let's go watch Iain and Xerses duel. *Puts his arm around Chuba's neck and walks him through the kitchen doors.*

Adesh Gundeep
28 April 2003, 03:45 PM
*Adesh walks up to Brishti and takes in a breath.*

Adesh: Brishti, you look terrible! What happened(I'm out of the loop for one second and all the fun starts :rolleyes: ) Here, take one of these little babies and you'll be feeling better in no time! I take them all the time for minor aches and pains and look at me!

*Adesh poses in a striking way that would have seemed impressive had the inspiring melody playing from the speaker system not started to fade to a whine before cutting out all together. Glaring, Adesh hunches over and marches out of the main cabin towards the back of the Fury where the speaker system is hooked up. Just as she is about to adjust a few switches the music starts up again. Satisfied, Adesh turns around and heads back out to where she was, only to have the music stop once she reaches the doorway.When her finger is, again, inches away from the controls on the system, the music starts back up again. A blank frown is cast on her face as she starts to breath heavily, shoulders hunched, arms dangling. Brishti walks up and pats her on the back.

Adesh: I know what you're going to say. I feel your pain, right?actually you probably do, cause right now it looks like your feeling everybody's pain.... :D Anyway, I think a mud treatment is in order for you, Brish. Now I'll just be a few minutes to set up, and I'll be right back, K?:D Don't worry, no massage or anything like that, just a slap in the face with some of the stuff. Draws the pain from all your muscles right out!

*Adesh cracks her knuckles and stretches her arms, walking off with a determined expression*

28 April 2003, 10:28 PM
Guarri followed Adesh like a puppy. He felt that maybe he should follow someone...
He felt this strange urging to start following anyone....

BUt first he needed something else... He heade to the kitchen and crept towards the fridge.. No one insight... Chuba must have gone to watch the duel or to help Brishti .... very good....

He opened the fridge and insertet one of his appendages inside a bowl with some oragne-pinkish liquid. He tasted it...
"Not bad... not bad at al...." he thought as he emptied the bowl into his interior. The ship around began to swirl a bit as he headed back to... to...
"where am I... hick.... let's go..... leeeffft.... hick" He turned right and saw two figuers a big green and a.... a.... cowboy..?

"it must have been ... hick... stronger then I thought....hick... what was
it.... hick... I wonder..."

their shapes seems to melt with each other as they watched a battle of two Jedi... who also kidn of swirld around those humming blades... their long arms swept the floor and their heads, elongated, from time to time hit the ceiling... They gave out some strange sounds which could not be recognized as any form of speech.....
Guarri couldn't stop from laughing...
He collapsed in the corner laughing like mad.... His hickup didn't stop but the longer he laughted it became even stronger....
From somewhere a silly music started to pour and white and pink elephants joined the lightsaber battle...
Guarri's laughter amplified by his own speakers echoed inside the ship drowning the sounds of the battle, the ship and the whole universe just heard...:


Adesh Gundeep
29 April 2003, 03:20 AM
*Adesh peaks her head around the corner blinking with wide eyes, before continuing with what she was doing.*

Adesh: CHUBA!! Stop moping around and come here right now! I need someone to test this mud mask for me before I put it on Brishti.

*Chuba comes trembling out and takes a seat in front of Adesh. He looks back at Halo with a concerned face before his head is forcefully re-positioned by Adesh's hands.*

Adesh: Now, Chuba, don't look at me like that! Everything's going to be fine! What could possibly happen? Trust me, I know what I'm doing!

*With some hesitation, Adesh dips her hands into a bowl of yellow, bubbling and fizzing matter, and spreads it out over poor Chuba's face.*

Adesh: There. Now we'll just let it set for a few minutes. You won't believe the results! It completely drains you of all aches and pains! Don't ask me how, just bear with me.;)

*Chuba starts to breathe more heavily as the mud mask starts to dry. He looks around with wide eyes(That's pretty wide considering he's a Rodian! ). Just then his chair is forcefully reclined backwards as Adesh walks over to the nearby counter for a second. She mutters something to him while she wets a towel.*

Adesh: People have so little faith in me these days. I mean Chuba, tell me. Have I ever let anybody down?

*Chuba looks at the now reclined chair, looks back at Adesh and nods. Adesh is too busy to notice, however, as she comes over with a HOT,
steamy towel, placing it on Chuba's face without any hesitation. The only reaction from Chuba is a muffled, somewhat surprised squeal as he digs his hands into the arms of the chair. Adesh looks over with some concern, and grabs the directions quickly, reading them again carefully, finally coming to the fine print.*

NEVER use on aliens such as Rodians, Falleen, Barabel, or any other kind of reptilian humanoid species. If one comes in contact with the mud from this kit, contact your local planetary poison control center immediately, and wash affected area thoroughly.

*Adesh swallows with eyes much wider even than Chuba's and clenches her throat. she drops the directions and runs over to Chuba who is now very relaxed, legs crossed, arms behind head, loud snoring voices coming from under the towel. Adesh flips the rodian out of the chair and drags him over to the sink, filling it and, without any hesitation, drags his head under the water, scrubbing it profusely. She lets him up for air for just a second, before once again sticking his head back into the icy water. After a few rinses she grabs another towel and dries his face off, fearing to take a good look. Unfortunatly, Chuba runs away before she gets the chance to, heading for the closest mirror. Silence follows as Adesh starts to shake. However, the silence is short lived as a yelling, sceaming, clearly angry Chuba runs back in and starts shaking Adesh violently, his poor green-blue face covered with fire-red blisters.*

Adesh: Now, Chuba, no need to get angry! Trust me, it's not as bad as it loo....as it seems! I'm sure it'll heal in just a short while. Here, I have some Bacta cream, a new product that I thought I might try back on Borlieas
OOC:Sorry if I didn't spell that right. Just bear with me!
BIC: when I had a serious breakout. It really works!

*Adesh pats some of the cream on to the affected areas, and gives Chuba a gentle pat on the shoulder.*

Adesh: trust me, you'll be fit as a Frozian in no time! I guess I'll just have to test the stuff on myself to see if it's okay.....

*Adesh gestures Chuba out of the room and stares at the bowl of mud for a second, before slowly applying it to her face...*

Darth Fury
29 April 2003, 08:29 PM
Baljos: "Sorry for the misunderstanding" Baljos says flatly as he twirls his blasters mockingly at the 'jedi' then slaps them home into their holsters, "but first off where I come from we have a word for people who board ships w/o comming for clearance, "PIRATES" , and secondly 'pally' we were about to jump to hyperspace when you puled that little stunt of yours your d**m lucky you didn't atomize us all! As it is you knocked the hyper drive off-line so unless I can fix it out here we're planet bound again!

Brishti Kildruun
30 April 2003, 04:04 AM
*Brishti comes running(trying anyway) up to the cockpit, for fear of her complexion, for fear of her life! Adesh is following her with the application "mud mask goo" in hand.

Brishti: No way, uhh uhh, you are NOT going to TOUCH me Addie, no! get away, I'm WARNING you! I have a San-nii staff and I WILL use it, don't TOUCH me, stay away!

*Brishti's panicked voice echoes through the ship as Adesh persistantly follows her, only out of concern, but scaring the poor, sore, dishevilled Brishti. Adesh relinquishes however and puts the "goo" in the galley, shaking her head skeptically*

Brishti: HAH! You'll never take me ALIVE!

*As Brish utters the last word a pained look crawls across her face as she caresses her temples.*

Brishti: Baljos, thanks for being ready to kill someone for us! good show buddy! Did I hear something about the hyperdrive being kaput? What could possibly go wrong now!

*As she says this Chuba comes running through the room in, then out of the galley, up the stairs, DOWN the stairs then into "his" quarters slamming and locking the door behind him, mortified at his once beautiful, heavenly blue complexion, turned into a mountain of now flaming red welts.*

Brishti: Windex,Chuba! It can cure anything! (OOC Tee-hee, okay guess what I was watching! BIC) Kiel! I'm asking you to help Baljos with the hyperdrive, put those finely attuned skills to some use. AND you'll be doing us all a favor. ;) Halo, why don't you help yourself to your quarters and get unpacked. Has anyone seen the Security Guard? Did he even come with us or did CHUBA scare him away. It's been known to happen, that beast can be quite overwhelming, and with his current situation, we'd best just let the man be! He could turn on us you know...

Chuba: *from the quarters you can hear the pathetic whaling and whimpering of a very vain, very hurt, very unstable Chuba.*

*Brishti sits in a nearby seat, watching...watchingWaiting... waiting... Could there really be a serious problem onboard?* (Besides Chuba's identity crisis, Brishti's screaming bruises, Addie's overkill with ingrediants, and Iain and Xerses hacking the ship to pieces the parts of the ship that are still intact, however few there may be! we can only hope to find out...

Darth Fury
30 April 2003, 07:29 PM
Baljos: "Yes, Brishti you did kind of hear me right. That 'CLUNK-CLUNK-CLUNK-whiirrr-whiirrr-whiirrr-waaaagh-pptthhhbbbbppppt'!"

* :o Baljos reaches up and gently wipes the spittle that he sprayed onto Brishti's face, while he was making the sound effects, off with his sleeve.:o :o

Baljos: "Noise could NOT have been good!! But, I won't know anything for sure until we do some looking around in the engine compartments!! C'mon Keil lets go have a look!"

*Keil and Baljos spend the better part of two hours working on the hyper-drive but come back dirty but some-what smiling!

Baljos: "Well, It took some doing but Keil and I found the problem and rigged it so it should hold until we get to Mora Liquora!:D :D ;) ;) So we should be able to get under way as soon as I replot our course."

Adesh Gundeep
1 May 2003, 12:08 PM
*A slightly calmer Adesh walks by the cockpit, looks at Brishti, sniffs and walks away with her head held up high, mumbling to herself yet again.*

Adesh: You try to help someone, be useful, and it never works.... :mad: Well, if anybody needs me, I'll be in my quarters. And please knock first! I'll be practicing with my lightsaber, and we wouldn't want someone to lose a limb or an eye because they walked in uninvited and unexpectedly, would we? 8o :rolleyes: :D

*As she says this, she walks away, not looking back as she waves and lets out a sigh.*

Adesh: what did Brish think was going to happen? It wasn't like the stuff was going to peel her face off. Okay, we don't really know WHAT the stuff would have done, but think of the benefits! No more sore back, arms, legs! The stuff works! I mean, look at me! I've used it before! Does it look like it did any harm?
:D ;)

Brishti Kildruun
1 May 2003, 02:13 PM
Brishti: Umm, OUR quarters have no door to knock on Addie, thanks to XERSES! *Shouts this so that Xerses can here* AHEM, and I CAN here you mumbling, so whatever your beef, just say it out loud. I have no problem with you, just the swollen, oozing, firy, brilliant welts on Chuba's face. Not to mention, I AM a Jedi Knight/Investigator, I can TAKE the pain of some puny bruises. B) ;)

OOC: This might be a bit juvenile but I was just wondering if anyone wants to explain their character's appearance. It may help us picture them better, you know, get the creative juices flowing ...or not, if you don't want to. But here's what my girl Brish looks like.(and this is in NO way a personals add for her 8o :)

She's short and slender, very fair skin, steel gray eyes and hair that is shoulder blade length, light brown, with reddish highlights. She wears a white, ribbed tank top, olive green fatigue type pants that tighten at the ankles, black boots, Leather arm bands on each upper arm, ad a leather choker type band around her neck. She's really cool :D


Brishti: And I think instead of going to pout, you should take this opportunity, as I am doing now, to find those two masters of destruction and show them how to duel. ;)

Adesh Gundeep
4 May 2003, 06:44 PM
Ya wanna know what Adesh looks like?
Short, Dark brown(almost black) hair, brown eyes, fair skin. Wears a white tank top, baggy navy blue military pants tucked in to black knee-high, heeled boots, big utility belt. That's the best I can do.


Adesh: It's aweful quiet....too quiet... even Iain and Xerses aren't making much noise which is saying something!..... 8o I'd better find out what's going on....

*Adesh leaves her and Brishti's quarters and searches the ship for any signs of life....the all too familiar refrain of Brishti's voice, the low muttering and complaining of Chuba, the humming of lightsabers by Iain and Xerses, the sounds of the ever hard-working Kiel, the dutiful commands of their pilot Baljos, the inquisitive sentiments of the droids, the always welcomed comments of Halo, and any other signs of life.

OOC:if I left anyone out, I'm really sorry!! :rolleyes:

Adesh: Baaarishti? Chubaaaa? Hel....hello? Kiel? Are you there? Halo? H..Halo? Iain? Xerses? Guys? Baljos, are you with me? Someone....anyone?

*Adesh waits for a moment to see if anyone will reply, before shrugging her shoulders, grabbing a drink from the kitchen, and flinging herself onto the couch in the main rec. room, flipping on the holo-projector, catching up on the latest news, eventually flipping to some form of sports competition.*

Adesh: Hey Brishti! I know your there! You can give it up, cause there's no way your going to sneak up on me! I have the eyes of a Bonegnawer and the ears of a dragonsnake!:D ;)

Darth Fury
4 May 2003, 10:06 PM
Baljos: "Adesh, I doubt you could hear, a stampede of banthas or anything else with all that caterwalling you've been doing!" says a voice from behind her.
She turns around to find the Rodian pilot standing behind the couch.

OOC: Baljos is a tall(1.7m), muscular(weight 45kg, STR 16) Rodian with skin tones ranging from as light as apple green to as dark as forest greenand his eyes are a yellowish amber. He usualy dresses in civilian clothes that are fitting to his profession. NO flight suits!!!!

Brishti Kildruun
5 May 2003, 03:50 AM
*Brishti pops into the room, obviously not as sore as before, but still hesitating to make any sudden, jerking moves.*

Brishti: Addie, please, if I wanted to sneak up on you, I'd just hide in the couch cushions, or in your closet, or in your storage locker, or under your bed, and when you Leeeeeeast expect it... BAM! BANG! POW! KaZAAAM! FLASH! BadaBING! BadaBOOM! CLASH! CRASH! CRACK! SMACK! SMOOSH! WAMMO! WACK! POOF! You'd NEVER know what hitcha! 8o :D ;) Okay. Someone's gotta go calm that Rodian. He's making a total and complete FOOL out of himself. Okay people, I'm going in... Anybody want to join me(other than Adesh), I may need backup. :hansolo: Besides, you havn;t seen Chuba like this before. he turns into a completely different Rodian.

* Brishti looks, eyes squinting, to Baljos, then to Kiel... then to Halo...then Iain...then Xerses (Who, by the way have all suddenly appeared!) From Chuba's quarters you can hear thumping, groaning, and other indecipherable noises, though still the war cry of poor mortified, embarassed Chuba.*

Brishti: Okay...who's coming...

OOC: I forgot to mention that Brishti has two, leather belts on, one a little looser then the other with a pocket on her right hip for one Lightsaber, and the other with a pocket on her left hip for her OTHER lightsaber, and her San-Nii staff at her back.

5 May 2003, 03:51 AM
Kiel: Word, Addie. Brish, sure I'll come help ya.

Kiel slides his creeper out from under the hyperdrives crawlspace where he was making last-minutes diagnostic checks on his and Baljos's work. Kiel is a human of a generally thin build. Though he has muscles, they usually only appear under heavy use. He has dark brown (almost black, like Addie's) hair and green eyes with streaks of light brown coming out from the pupil. He wears a pair of camo 6 pocket pants (regular camos) and a loose black tunic (a T-shirt). He stands (or sits, or lies down) at just under 6 feet in length and weighs aboot 155 pounds. His "friend", a Luxan MB-450 Penetrator, shangs prominently across his chest, usually covered by a (corduroy, olive green) jacket when he goes out into public. As for shoes, defintely sneakers (think Vans or Etnies). Presently his face and arms have black streaks on them from the hyperdrive's grease.

OOC: Brish, what a hottie! :P j/k:D

Brishti Kildruun
5 May 2003, 04:05 AM
OOC: She IS pretty easy on the eyes(everything I'm not!) If I do say so myself! :D ;) j/k:) But thanks for noticing!


Brishti: Okay Kiel, you have that Penetrator out and ready, does it have a stun setting? I have my trusty dusty staff here, and if all else fails, my fancy glow rod(lightsaber!) can be used as a prodding device to get him cornered. Do you want to to go in first, or walk behind me? we have to go in as if nothing is wrong and then, WHAM! we have to be on him like an addict to Death Sticks. This could be difficult, and definately IS dangerous...anyone else coming?

Darth Fury
5 May 2003, 08:33 AM
OOC: I finally get to shot something/one!!!:D :D ;) :P j/k

Baljos: "Yah sure! Why not? Everybody onboard has ony abused and disrepected or physically maimed the poor man lets all go in guns and stunstick blazing and add injury to insult! Now, I'll help get the big lugnut calmed down, but hows about we dispence with the shock troop mentality hmmmmm?;) I'll just go in first and talk to him :rodian: to :rodian: and calm him down. mmm-kay!"

Baljos walks past everyone and enters Chuba's room. "Hey buddy!! You havin' a bad day?? N-NO!! no n-no! Now put that down!! CHU-THHHWAAACCK!!-baa....!!" An incredibly p!$$ed-off and bruised Baljos comes sliding out on his backside!! He draws his two heavy blasters and sets them for stun. "OOO-kay I'm gonna tie bows to his antenna and make him my little B!8%# !!! Let's get him and watch out he's got a steel folding chair!!"

Adesh Gundeep
5 May 2003, 11:10 AM
*Adesh walks closer and stands with her arms folded, watching the spectacle with admiration.*

Adesh: I've got to give you all credit. What your doing is brave! If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask, k?;)

*Adesh taps gently on her lightsaber hanging from her belt, and then does the same with her DL-44. *

Adesh: Well....this is fun, huh?

*Adesh looks around, scratches her head, and shifts her weight to the other leg, uncertainty eminating from the somewhat confused expression on her face.*

Adesh: Well, I guess if they're going to be doing that for a while, they'll be getting hungry, and no doubt Xerses and Iain are working up an appetite, too. I think I'll go make something to eat.:D

*Adesh walks off towards the galley, talking to herself.*

6 May 2003, 03:46 AM
Kiel: Hmmm, worried to death about their face, pissed off, durasteel chair...sounds like my last girlfriend...well...anyway! My friend's on stun, Baljos looks stunned, and Brish is stunning. Hmmm, i sense a connection. Well, lets get on with it, the only thing standing between me and a good, Addie-made meal, is a POed rodian, and im pretty darn hungry, so lets get to it!

Adesh Gundeep
6 May 2003, 04:23 AM
OOC: Okay, until my account gets reactivated(Changed my e-mail) I'll have to post using Adesh's name but it's still me!

Brishti: That IS quite a connection... okay together, I'll try to get behind him, Kiel, you can get right in his flaming face, the poor thing won't know what hit him and Baljos' quick albeit unsuccessful attempt proves the beast can't be reckoned with gently, so, don't hold back. Trust me, it would take a a mob of Coruscani Ogres to put him out of it for good. He's got good genes on his mother's side ya know, one of those Eartha Brute type women, kinda scary :rolleyes:

*Brishti twists apart her San-Nii Staff, it's hum echoing down the hallway, almost silent...but not quite.*

Brishti: one..two..THREE!!! AAAAAHHHHHH

*Brishti slams through the door, and starts to run towards the back of the room, staff in front of her, when Chuba's foot crosses her path. She trips goes flying against the wall, but manages to use her Jedi reflexes to flip over, landing on her feet, back still managing to smack against the not-so-soft wall. She starts a graceful fluid round of motions with her staff, though keeps missing Chuba completely. She stares with a blank look in her slate gray eyes, obviousely not amused, then snaps her staff back together and uses it as a club.


*With every word uttered she seems to miss the dodging, beacon-faced Chuba by a hair, until her last two attempts, clubbing him not so lightly on the head, only irritating Chuba further*

Brishti: Okay Kiel my code-cracking companion... do you're thing...

*Brishti looks over Chuba's right shoulder, only to be beaned in the face by his flying hand, then grabbed by it, sending her flying out of the room into Baljos, who was JUST about to come through the door. She is not fazed however, as she comes running back in the room intending to redeem some of her lost pride, only to be tossed out again moments later, then again, then AGAIN, each time posing differently, the last with a look of impossibility on her face, arms crossed, shaking her head as she flies through the air with the not so greatest of ease. She then runs in, and stands directly behind Kiel, patting him on the back.

Brishti: I'm here for you buddy!

Darth Fury
6 May 2003, 07:11 PM
As Baljos collects himself off the floor and finishes his ranting and raving about Chuba, Brishti rushes forward with a primal scream. Then she acrobatically :rolleyes: front flips into the room and suddenly luanches a barage of blows upon Chuba. Both Baljos and Keil are supprised at the ferocity of her assualt, regaining himself first Baljos sees an opportunity to get a few stun blasts off, but before he gets into position Brishti is hurled backwards into him. With a loud thud they both crash into the bulk head, but luckily :rolleyes: Baljos broke Brishti's fall!!! Brishti springs back up and leaps back into the fray. Baljos: "FRAG THIS!!!", he says, "I'll be right back!" Baljos goes running off to his quarters and returns moments later with a duffel and a evil grin!! :D :raised:

7 May 2003, 03:22 AM
As Brishti crawls back up from Baljos, Kiel had a moment to think, well, at least she didnt fall on me this time! Then, with the pilot leaving and returning with a duffel bag, Kiel becomes quite confused. For lack of anything better to do, he simply lines up on the rash-covered rodian in the room.:? :raised: :D

Adesh Gundeep
9 May 2003, 11:10 AM
*Meanwhile, in the galley, poor Adesh is frantically running around, trying to fix the mess she made. She pulls what should have been some sort of bread but now is nothing but a harder than fossilised bantha fodder black lump of ashes out of the smoking oven. She then removes the overflowing pot of boiling water off of the unit above, only to slip on a patch of flour that she forgot to sweep up earlier when baking, sliding, and, yes, falling, on her derierre, hitting her head and spilling the scalding hot water all over herself.

Adesh: WHY does NOTHING EVER go RIGHT for me! I try to do someone a favor, it blows up in my face!(well...actually...Chuba's face..but... ). Try to make up for it, and ya think things go easy for me? Yeah.:D NOOOOOO!!:mad:

*After brushing herself off, Adesh grabs the counter and pulls herself up, hair in her face, glaring, eyes squinting, shoulders hunched, back bent over, knees stiff. She pokes at the black lump and lets out a pathetic wimper, before clenching her fists, walking over to the computer, stance unchanged, looking in the database for another recipe....an easier recipe... a less dangerous recipe.....:vader:

Darth Fury
13 May 2003, 07:34 PM
Baljos sets his duffel on the deck and rumages in it for a few seconds. Then comes up smiling with a trio of stungrenades! "Well I've been saving these for the right time, and I think its come!!" He hands a grenade to Brishti and one to Kiel, keeping one for himself, "OK heres the plan, we pull the pins; toss them in; close the door; then we cart his overstuffed, unconsious, shiny red carcass out of there and into the bacta tanks!;) B) Whooooo's with me???"

Adesh Gundeep
14 May 2003, 05:07 AM
OOC: I SURE wish they'd get my account up and running again so I don't have to post under Addie's name (bless the girl's heart for sharing her screen name with me but..)

Brishti: Wow, didn't know you had it in you Baljos! What else do you have stuffed in there?:D Okay, let's DO this!! All together or one at a time? And JUST so no...permanent damage is done! What am I saying! Chuba's like an overcooked Elomin Turkey leg! I don't think it IS possible to inflict serious damage on him outside at least...inside, his poor inflicted mind is...oy... Okay we'll count to three 'kay?

*Brishti strokes the small yet oh-so-powerful device in her hand gently, caressing it's every curve as if coddling a small child. She then begins the countdown, or...up...or...whatever.....

:raised: Brishti: One...two... THREE!

*Brishti pulls the pin, looks at the device, looks at Baljos... looks at Kiel... then to unsuspecting Chuba... throws it in, bids the others to do so, slams the door closed, and stands nonchalantly (is that a word?) arms folded, right foot out in front. waiting to hear the large mass of Chuba hit the wall, or the floor, or the ceiling, depending on the direction of the blast*:rolleyes:

14 May 2003, 06:30 AM
OOC: Brish dear, you have to check you email (the new one). SWRPGNetwork sent you an email you need to respond to to reactivate your account.;)

IC: Kiel throws his grenade in with the rest of his peeps and waits for the signature sss-WHUMP!!! of stun grenades...:sabersml:

Darth Fury
14 May 2003, 04:38 PM
Baljos: "Wait, wait, wait!! Is it ON three or 1,2,3.. then go!! :D ;)"

Brishti and Keil turn from closing the door, and their smiles quickly begin to fade as they all realize that Baljos has pulled his pin but didn't throw his grenade through the door before they closed it!!!

Baljos: "UUUUUUHMMM!!! a lil' help here please?? Folks???? Could one of you please put the pin back in this baby??!!!??

14 May 2003, 05:03 PM
"Oh for the love of Xendor!!! Dammit, why cant anything ever go right on this godawful ship?! Uh, no, we cant get the pin in it, stun grenades are a real b**** once you pull 'em, but they do have a fuse timer, just hold it down, here.

At this, Kiel takes the grenade, finds a small button on the side aand holds it down. Several seconds later, his theory is proven as the device has hald off from detonating.

"Only problem", he gives Baljos a sheepish glance, "Is getting rid of it..."

Adesh Gundeep
15 May 2003, 05:22 AM
OOC: I've been checking my e-mail every morning and STILL havn't recieved anything from SWRPGNetwork! Gawd it's frustrating!
*Brishti's concerned expression glances from Baljos to Kiel, as she sympathizes with the Slicer about the completely random, yet unlucky occurrences aboard the Fury then turns to the wall, and begins pounding her head against it, stomping her feet and whining, though the tantrum is over almost as quickly as it starts.*

Brish: Umm, so, in other words, you mean that thing is still going to go off, at some point in time or another unless someone's finger is permanently adhered to that button??8o things just keep getting better and better:raised:

*As Brish glares to the seemingly unmerciless heavens, the awaited KABLAM is heard from inside the room...then silence. For the time being Brishti forgets about the possible dangers of the device Baljos' hand, and puts her ear to the door, scooting carefully from one spot to another, to another (Her two male counterparts looking on with raised eyebrows) attempting to hear any remote signs of life coming from the Rodian within it's confines.

Brishti: Well, problem solved, he won't be up for a while, supposing somebody better go in and inspect the damage. :) :rolleyes:

*Brishti turns to face them again and jumps at the realization that there is still a slight problem onboard.

Brishti: Okay, people, there's only one place for that thing, and it's not onboard this ship(unless it's planted in Iain and Xerses' room and I don't feel up to that sort of a thrill today.. So, out the garbage shoot or something, it must go, Kiel, what would happen if we taped the button down or something?

*Brishti vanishes for a moment, then returns with a HEEUUGE roll of duct tape, tries to apply pressure to the surface and, as the moments go by, she realizes that the only thing achieved by this idea is trapping Kiel's finger to the button, her hand also caught under the layers of duct tape, creating a big, sticky impossible entanglement of tape Kiel's finger Brish's hand and ofcourse... the explosive device.

(OOC She's not a ditz, really, I just wanted something really funny to happen, let's just say that being slammed against a wall kinda scrambled her brains for the time being! She really is a rather intelligent creature!)

Brishti Kildruun
16 May 2003, 04:45 AM
Brishti: :? 8o :D

Darth Fury
16 May 2003, 10:33 AM
Baljos: " Huum, let me help!" fiddlels with the tape, "ok that there....and that there....then this can go here...Taaa-da!" Tink-tink-ti-ti-tink!! The trio looks down and sees that the grenade has come loose and hit the floor but also that now Baljos's hand is wadded in the duct tape too!! Baljos begins to run away from it, dragging his cohorts along with him. As he looks over his shoulder he spys the device rolling after them!!! And on each revolution the grenade rolls over the reset switch!!! "AAAAAAHH!!! where do we go now!!!" 8o :raised: :?

Brishti Kildruun
16 May 2003, 12:28 PM
*Brishti starts to sweat, starting to believe that the Emperor HIMSELF must be out to get her and her friends with all of the "incidents" happening onboard this rusted tuna can.

Brishti: Quick! to the Galley! No, that's our only means of preparing a mea!! The cockpit! WAIT, what am I SAYING! let's lock ourselves in the storage lockers! No, there's none big enough for all three of us! Someone's quarters?! The Bathroom? The GARBAGE SHOOT!!! PUHLEEEEHEEEHEEASE!!!

*Brishti looks over her shoulder while saying this, watching the explosive device following them like an angry Tusken Raider, turning when they turn, jumping when they jump (okay I know, but it's funny? Isn't it?) Her breath falling short every rotation onto the little button.

Brishti: What's going to HAPPEN to us!? There's got to be someplace where we can all three fit, hide, wait, ESCAPE!

*As this whole charade is going on, the rest of the crew seem to be oblivious, looking up from data pads, Addie leaning back through the kitchen door and shrugging her shoulders, COMPLETELY oblivious to it all. The taped threesome MUST find a way out of this one...

Darth Fury
26 May 2003, 07:54 AM
Baljos: As the trio runs thru the ship Baljos realizes that they are headed towards the maintance-pit and develops a plan Baljos: "Follow me I have an idea" his compatriots look at each other share a confused look and shrug (as if they have any choice but to follow, since their hands are still stuck together!)! Baljos runs past the pit, cohorts in tow, then stops just on the other side, turns quickly then reaches down and flips open the hatch and pulls his companions down behind the door.............(sound effcts ;)) rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrooollll-click-rrrrrrrrrooolll-click-rrrrrooshu! clank-ca-clak-kak-tink-tink ssssssss-WHUMP!! The ship begins to vibrate suddenly and violently and everyone on-board is thrown off their feet!!(more sound effects:D ) SSSSSssspuuuuter-TTTTTTTHHBTPBTPBTPBTPD:P ca-clunk-clunk-WHIIIRRR-WWWHIIIIRRR-whiiirrr-wwwwwhirrr......Baljos: "OOOOOHH!! FRELL!!!!"

26 May 2003, 04:09 PM
In the maintenance hatch, Kiel finally manages to disentangle himself, Baljos, and Brishti from the wicked-bad duct tape mess. Hearing the less-than-encouraging audials from above, he gives the Rodian an accusatory glare mixed with some gratitude and a sly grin that seems to say "I like this guy, he thinks like me!".

When the trio emerges from the hatch, they look throughout the ship to find that they are the only ones not affected by the stun grenade. Smoe lie totally out cold, others have sleeping limbs, and still others complain of dizziness, only the Rodian and the two humans that were minutes before running like idiots seem to have come out of this one unscathed...

Brishti Kildruun
29 May 2003, 02:47 AM
*Brishti looks around, an expression of amazement slapped across her sweating brow, as she inspects the ship, and crew hesitating to get out from inside the compartment.

Brishti: wow... Now THAT'S what I call a stun grenade! What power, what danger, what excitement ...

*as she emphasizes each word, she climbs up and out, and pulls her fists tight in a moment of intrigue and glory.

Brishti: Baljos, quick thinking my boy, comendable to say the least, and as for you Kiel, thanks for sticking with us through it all (OOC Okay okay, but it WAS funny, right? RIGHT? BIC) So I guess there's only one thing left to do... besides picking up the mess of ship parts, random floating room flotsam and any body parts that need to be readhered... Who wants a drink?:D

OOC: I havn't been here in a while. been really busy, I JUST noticed that you two replied so, YAY!

Darth Fury
31 May 2003, 05:39 PM
Baljos: "Thanks boss I'd better go see where we are and if I can get the hyperdrive back on-line!" :o Baljos turns and heads up to the cock-pit to see where they exited hyper-space at and survey the damages done by the thermal detonator he mistook for a stun grenade!

Brishti Kildruun
1 June 2003, 03:08 PM
Brishti: okay Kiel, what about you? drink? huh? HUH? you know, the three of us sure have been through alot together. I have to say, it's been fun! kind of...sort of...not..real..ly...okay, so there have been some sticky situations, but nothing an ingenious slicer, brilliant pilot and knockout Jedi like myself can't get out of. Now, Baljos,report back when you figure out the extent of the thermal detonator. Theres only one question. WHERE is Chuba??? :raised: :?

Brishti Kildruun
24 July 2003, 06:07 PM
OOC: Hiya everyone! longtime no RP huh? I've been occupied with my big imrpessive summer job so...I'm SO SORRY!!!

Anyway, is anyone still interested in pursuing this or do you just want to let dead dogs lye?

good to be back though!


Darth Fury
25 July 2003, 07:52 PM
Hey Brish, I've been working out of town alot lately and haven't been able to post as much but if you start this back up or start another rpg I'm interested. Later DF

26 July 2003, 06:48 AM
*Guru jumps out of some pannels in the ship's walls barely being able to breathe.*

" Holy it was running out of air in there. I need some of that drink."

Guru grabs the drink and drinks it fast.

"whoa what is this stuff"

26 July 2003, 01:43 PM
* a large Wookiee with silver fur and some nasty looking Ryyk blades walked in and grumbled a greating*
rourrrrr rwwwwur gwaph
[i'm in if you can get along with a gambler]

Brishti Kildruun
6 August 2003, 05:11 PM
Brishti: okay boys, I WOULD have blatantly refused to letcha onboard, but I'm a merciful co-captain soooo...you can stay.

*Brishti looks at the wookie and grins fakely, turning herself around do look at her two companions, Baljos and Kiel*

Brishti: hehehehe...heh, this is a freak show, a complete and utter MAD HOUSE! AND I wouldn't have it any other way! This is so sick! Drinks? Drinks. IS Chuba still alive?

OOC: DF, yeah, I'm thinkin of startin another thread. should be pretty funny! IF I ever get the chance to start it!

7 August 2003, 07:30 PM
I vote for a new thread, but instead of a mission, let's just chill. We could have like a tiki bar or something that we're all in...or would that be stepping on NNTBS's toes?:?