View Full Version : Sands of Fury: Chapter One

Jahr the Tusken
8 April 2003, 11:45 AM
Two huge Gamorreans squealed and charged straight at the Tusken. The wrapping covered figure pivoted gracefully on one foot, smashing his foot into the green porcine face of one and his gaffi bludgeoned that of the other. Three more brawlers closed in on the warrior: two muscular humans and one diminutive Bothan with a blaster. The tusken dispatched both men easily, dodged the laser bolts from the Bothan's blaster, and took out the furry alien. The scum filling the Mos Eisely cantina roared and surged toward the tusken. The bodies of assorted sentients flew all over the place, knocking over bar patrons and crushing tables in their wake. The crowd backed off a bit. "Who's next! I can take you all! Will the next oppponent step foward!?" the tusken cried in extremely accented Basic, not his native langauge, the atonished observer noted with surprise. Nobody else stepped forward, mainly because of the Imperial Stormtroopers streaming into the cantina. Scum screamed and squealed, ran out backdoors and leapt out of windows in their prescense. One trooper charged over to the pudgy barkeep and demanded: "Who or what started this disturbance!?" The man stuck a fat, trembling finger in the lone tusken's direction. "A tusken!? Out of the desert!?" the trooper cried astonished. "Uh...uh...arrest him!" The troopers advanced on the single sentient who had caused some much trouble hesistantly.