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26 April 2003, 08:48 AM
Your Job is Dull...
... and this refugee frieighter stinks of something like a dianoga.
There is a tall, lanky, white being sitting at the sensor station, a Pair of Ithorians, One an esteemed Jedi, while the other appears to be a padawan. A jedi with a blue skin and a giant overbite, or so it appears, is settling a dispute between a few rambling refugees as a cool, blue-hued humanoid leans against the wall, wondering why he's here.

As you all loiter about, a flash bleers about the cockpit.

OOC: Caryn, make a Spot check, then let's roll initiave!:D

27 April 2003, 10:44 AM
The dispute had been raging on for sometime, and despite all of his training, Odan-Nr’he was tiring of the argument. For as long as they have been aboard the freighter, these two factions had been arguing over the same idea, and neither was willing to compromise and find an intervening solution. Odan-Nr’he shook his head at the thought of how they would work together once they get to the refugee camp at their next destination.

A hand moves up and wipes his face, trying to rid his body of all the stress that came from baby-sitting the refugees. The myriad of problems that came with the budding Clone Wars was nearly too much for the Jedi Padawan. Yearning to use his knowledge and abilities in what he saw as a more productive manner, Odan-Nr’he had hoped that Jedi Master Agldou would have taken him to the far reaches of the galaxy to search out anything else.

With an extensive knowledge of history and Jedi lore, Odan-Nr’he thought he might be of use to try to identify lost cultures and potential Jedi members, to swell the ranks of the rapidly thinning Jedi Order. Alternatively, the Padawan believed that he might be useful in battle, learning to command one of the clone armies, displaying his martial prowess and tactical thinking on the battlefield.

Odan-Nr’he knew enough of himself to recognize that he is not the best suited for resolving disputes between groups of refugees displaced by the ever-widening battlefield. He had classmates with better conflict resolution experience and training, and desired that one of them was at his side at the moment. The refugee leaders would not even consider placing their problems to the side for the duration, and so Odan-Nr’he found himself in the middle.

Unsure as to why the other Jedi aboard did not involve themselves, the Draethos figured it was because they were tired of the arguments as well. Known for their love of knowledge, Odan-Nr’he’s species often attracted others to seek out answers. Typically, Odan-Nr’he enjoyed a good argument, but this was anything but a good argument.

With the two refugee leaders still babbling on, an alarm in the cockpit caught Odan-Nr’he’s attention. Excusing himself from their commentary, the Padawan moved towards the pilots to find out what is the situation for the alert.

OOC: d20 = 7 + 3 = Init 10.

27 April 2003, 07:23 PM
OOC Tossk, while I didn't reiterate it, Honodor's Master (as described in his background) is a female Cerean. Just a comment in case that other Ithorian is supposed to be Master La-Doba.

IC Honodor had watched the blue-skinnned Padawan in his attempts to resolve the conflicts amongst the refugees. Honodor had wanted, and had begun to make make moves, to help the other Padawan to bring about a peaceful resolution to the conflicts that seemed to be besetting the passengers aboard the freighter.

But as he'd begun to leave, the other Jedi had stopped him. "Leave him, young one. If I were to guess, by your bearing and demeanour, you might have more success than this one," the Jedi said, with a nod towards Odan-Nr'he.

"But then, shouldn't I help, after all?" Honodor replied, a little puzzled.

"No," replied the Jedi. "Clearly, this young Padawan before us is unprepared for these sorts of problems, and so his master has let exactly such a situation fall into this Padawan's lap. He must learn to confront and manage adversity - and to remain at peace with the Force when doing so."

"Ah, I see," Honodor said, but he elaborated upon his misgivings. "But what if the Padawan fails to help resolve this conflict? Should we not be prepared to step in then?"

The Jedi shook his head. "No, young one. Evaluate the sources of the argument. These people," the Jedi said, with a broad wave, "are frightened. They are in a cramped space, going to an uncertain future, having left behind all that they know, and they are doing so in a time of great uncertainty. The Galaxy is in upheaval right now. What is this argument about, really? A small slight here, a perceived minor injustice in seating there? What is this in the face of their circumstances? So why do they argue?" the Jedi asks, putting the question to Honodor.

Honodor thought hard for a moment, trying to place himself in the fearful and uncertain state of mind of the refugees.

"Perhaps... because they need to?" he offered uncertainly.

"Yes," replied the Jedi, smiling. "That is exactly it. They need to vent, their fears and their frustrations. And perhaps the Padawan's Master feels he needs to learn a lesson of adversity, and experience a connection with the purpose of the Jedi. If things get truly out of hand, we can step in, but I doubt they will in the present set of circumstances."

"But - " began Honodor, but just then the alarms began to blare. With a second look at the Jedi and the blue Padawan, Hondor commented, "I think the circumstances have just altered."

With that, Honodor left the other Jedi to approach the sensor operator. "Excuse me," he began as he spoke with the tall lanky white being at the sensors board, "do you know why the alarms have begun to blare? What precautions should we take with the passengers?" he added. As a member of the crew, Honodor more or less figured the sensor operator would be able to relate their circumstances and best course of action.

OOC Honodor will be doing his best to act diplomatically in this situation. Since he wants to know the truth, he's going to use Empathy on the sensor operator to get a feel for his state of mind, and if he's telling the truth (like if he's afraid, but tells Honodor it's a routine thing upon entry into Eraydia - likely indicating a lie by the crewman). Taking a 10 on Empathy gets me a 15.

28 April 2003, 12:41 PM
Minions of Xendor, this job stinks , Caryn thought to herself as the freighter putted along. Since she'd come to Eraydia months earlier, she'd been searching for signs of the Seperatists. Now, with the CIS pounding at the door, she'd been mustered into the civilian relief force because of her skills and experience, she longed to be planetside, where all the action was.

Suddenly, an alert pinged on her board. Snapping out of a daydream, she glanced down at the little light.

Well of all the - She tapped a few keys but the ping persisted. Then the entire cockpit was filled with red flashing warning lights and blaring klaxons.

Just then another exotic alien, vaguely similar to a Kaminoan in its height approached her and asked her what the klaxons all meant. Caryn looked up and replied matter-of-factly.

"Honestly, I don't know yet. All i do know is that is must not be good."

Then she sees the lightsaber hanging at the alien's side.

"You're the Jedi", she retorts, "You tell me. As far as safety measures, well, it wouldn't hurt to get 'em all strapped in back there."

She straps her own restraints closed.

"The ride could get a little bumpy..."


Spot check: [3 (wis) + 4 (ranks) + 0 (misc)] + 13 (roll)= 20

Initiative: 2 (dex) + 17 (roll)

Note: As for the Empathy thing, since I honestly don't know what the problem is, I can't tell him. Also, Caryn would tell him the truth anyway, although she is a cynic and doesn't think the Jedi are all they're cracked up to be, shereally does want to help and save the refugees, so she will tell him the truth.

28 April 2003, 02:17 PM
IC: Cayrn stares at the screen trying to find a way to shut the klaxons off, and she notices a brace of blips on the screen. She examines them further, and finds they are a pair of droid starfighters, leftovers from the Naboo Conflict. The Separitists obviously don't keep goo tabs on thier personell...:rolleyes: The ships are closing fast, and arming their weapons for a strafing run.
OOC: You suceeded. The rest of you need to figure out what to do.;) [this ship has no armaments]

28 April 2003, 05:47 PM
Arriving in the cockpit several moments after Honodor, the Ithorian Jedi Padawan, Odan-Nr'he takes a moment to look about. Seeing the others around him, he suspects they already have an idea about what is going on with the current situation. Silently moving towards his fellow Padawan, Odan-Nr'he looks about to see if he notices anything to help clue him in to the situation. Next to Honodor, Odan-Nr'he asks, "What's going on?"

28 April 2003, 08:26 PM
"Hmm," began Honodor in a concerned tone, in reply to Odan-Nr'he, "I'm uncertain, but I suspect those blips and the alarm mean we're under attack."

Honodor paused a moment and assessed the situation. "This ship has no armaments, so fighting isn't an option. We must either surrender, or flee," he said, an undertone of concern in his otherwise even voice. "I wonder how far out from Eraydia we are?" he openly pondered.

Honodor looked up at the other Padawan. "Would you speak with the Captain? I may serve us best with the refugees. I have no skills with starships, and no experience with space battles, so I should stay out of the crew's way. But if there is an opportunity to negotiate with our attackers, please bring me forward. I may be of some use then."

Honodor patted Odan-Nr'he's shoulder, and said, "May the Force be with you, and with all of us." He then left to help secure and comfort the passengers.

OOC Honodor is going to make sure the passengers are buckled in, and try to give comfort where possible. C'est tout.

29 April 2003, 02:46 AM
The stereophonic voice of an Ithorian had always seemed to catch Odan-Nr'he off guard. Of course, Odan-Nr’he knew that his species ability to use telepathy would also catch others off guard, so he restricted its use to limited situations. In either case, he had intended to ask Honodor to remain in the cockpit, hopefully so they could negotiate their way out of any sort of combat situation.

While Odan-Nr’he was not averse to fighting his way out of a bad situation, his Jedi training still taught him to seek the peaceful solution first and foremost. He had minor training in diplomatic relations, but from the little that he knew of his fellow Padawan, Honodor had emphasized much more of his training in peaceful negotiations.

He knows that while he has focused on the Force within himself, that some of his peers would be apt at manipulating objects through the Force. Suddenly Odan-Nr’he knows that would be a very useful skill to have learned. Contemplating on that issue, he sees what else he has for options. Thinking for a moment, he tries to remember information about droid fighters. He recalls vaguely that from his history lessons, they are supposed to be centrally controlled. The Padawan Anakin Skywalker reputedly destroyed a control ship at the Battle of Naboo and stopped the droid army in its tracks.

“Captain, is there a control ship around here to drive those fighters?” the Draethos Jedi asks without introduction. “If so, can we hail them?” Without pausing, he adds, “If not, can we hail the fighters?” Silently he keeps to himself that if so, he hopes they have a brain or two in them. While waiting to hear what the captain has to say, Odan-Nr’he looks at the situation from a tactical standpoint and tries to find a way to give the freighter an advantage.

OOC: d20 Roll = 5 + Modifier 5 = 10 for Knowledge (Tactics) check.
OOC2: Stupid Dice!

30 April 2003, 06:50 PM
The duros capitan whirls around...
"Wha? Is there starfighters? Ask that neckyish pale thing on the sensors!!! Dear Yoda!" He flushes blue and scrambles over the controls as the ship lurches forward, sending all of you off balance as the freigter hurles around, as if to skim the atmoshpere of Eryadia. "I'm gettin' outta here, you can comm them now if you want, but they don't enjoy the employers!" He calls as he deftly skitters across the control surfaces.

30 April 2003, 06:58 PM
Grabbing for a bulkhead to steady himself, Odan-Nr'he doesn't even realize that he does not vocalize his next communication to the Duros captain. Calm yourself and fly casually. It comes across politely, but also as an order. We have our holds full of innocent refugees. We must put them on the ground. Land the ship.

Done communicating with the captain, and completely oblivious that no one else was privy to the conversation, the Draethos turns to the communications station. "Can we hail them or not?" He pauses only slightly before announcing to likely everyone in the room, "We've got to get these refugees safely on the ground."

A moment later, without waiting for any responses, he looks to the captain, "Declare an emergency. Even under general amnesty, they should allow us to land. And if your transponder shows an emergency, hopefully the droids won't attack." It is sound theory, but - and Odan-Nr'he would not admit this unless pressed - the Jedi has never tested it, or heard of it being tested. Still, he knows that many successful battlefield tactics emerge on the fly.

30 April 2003, 09:44 PM
Honodor made his way, despite a couple of rough bounces, tot he front of the ship where Odan Nr'he was, to peer out the window and at the pilot.

"Ah, I see we've opted to flee. I know little about ships, but this one seems fairly sturdy, if what is attacking us is indeed droid starfighters. We should make the surface of Eraydia, particularly if they have defenses of which we can avail ourselves."

"Either way, there is little talking can do if we face droid attackers." Honodor paused a moment. "Still, I will try," he said, heading to the communications station. "And perhaps I can buy us some time."

Sitting at the appropriate spot, Honodor quickly engaged the comm system. He paused for a second, and then began speaking in harsh clipped tones out of character for the mild-mannered Ithorian.

"Droid starfighters, break off assault immediately! This is the Neimoidian starship Sanctuary, and we're hauling control interfaces for the forces beseiging Eraydia. I repeat, break off your attack immediately!"

Honodor ended his transmission, breathed deeply, and waited for his answer - via the comm, or laser blasts.

OOC Honodor has attempted a bluff (at +5) - good one. Roll 15+5=20!

If the bluff fails to buy us any time, Honodor's next task will be to radio Eraydia and try to get some help reaching the planet.

1 May 2003, 02:57 AM
"Nemodian Freighter Sanctuary, You are not listed on our time tables. land immediately on Eryree, and prepare for enspection by battle droids. Enjoy your stay." Reads a monotone comm operator as the two fighters buzz the ship, frightening th passengers. You can tell Eryee's not far away, but the nearly endless plains of waving green seem like good cover for a landing. After all, who wants to face battalions of battle droids?

OOC: I'm goingh to need all to participate. I want your input, Dalla!:P

1 May 2003, 03:08 AM
"Sounds like a plan, we dont want any trouble from those things, as we cant shoot back. Besides, they're droids, not the brightest ones at that. I vote we land in those fields down there. Ive spent a lot of time out in the grasslands and i figure thats our best bet. Lay her down in a field and get to the city by foot. A big cruiser landing in Eyree will attract alot of attention. One crashing will too, i suppose but we can get away from it faster in the grasslands.

Knowledge (Eraydia): (3 (int) + 4 ranks + 0 misc) + 13 roll = 20

OOC: This is to find out any information. I know there is stuff anyone whos spent time on Eraydia will know, but i will only use what you tell me from the result.

1 May 2003, 03:33 AM
While a very smart being, Odan-Nr'he does not know many specifics about Eraydia, or this Eyree where they had been instructed to land. He feels concerned about the situation and landing so far from civilization. “If we land where instructed, are we landing in a city or in the plains?” he asks carefully, not wanting to seem too uneducated about the subject, and actually eager to learn about their destination even more. In fact, he had desired to learn more before they arrived, but constant dealing with the refugees had kept him from his studies.

Being boarded by battle droids did not worry the young Jedi. He knows enough of their abilities to feel comfortable at handling them in combat. Still, that does not keep Odan-Nr’he from worrying about innocent refugees getting caught in the crossfire. Furthermore, the Draethos worries about how they will transport everyone to town. While the command crew could likely easily make the journey, the Jedi knows that many of the refugees are not in the physical shape or medical condition to allow them to travel in the same manner.

Choosing the voice his concerns, the Jedi Padawan speaks up, “I’m not worried about us handling droids or walking, but rather the refugees. I still think that we should declare an emergency. Of course,” and he looks to his fellow Jedi, “now we have to worry about covering the story that we just told the droids. But I think we can manage that, if we’re careful. I still argue for declaring an emergency and setting down at a proper port. The laws of war should cover the refugees status and grant them safe haven. Going into a fight only endangers their lives.”

1 May 2003, 03:55 AM
Im not sure you understand these Seperatists. Once we get into Eyree, theyre gonna find out real quick that we're not a CIS ship and unless poor hungry bipeds are considered control interfaces, we're screwed. Additionally, my skills will help us out in the bladegrass and those refugees...well...theyre safer out in the grasslands than in Eyree with those battle droids, in my humble opinion. And if i know the Seperatists, there'll be some droidekas rolling around too, maybe some of those new line of battle droids, not the best odds.

1 May 2003, 03:59 AM
OOC: COldskier0320, i'll get you the results via PM.
IC: "What'll happen to us? and rules of war? what rules? We, the republic, havn't had a big war in millenia! What make you think they won't feed us to the rancors?" Blubbers an old man from the hallway. "Those flam things are as bad as nexu, those Nemoidians are!"

1 May 2003, 04:31 AM
Unfamiliar with the term ‘bladegrass’ Odan-Nr’he again wishes he had the time to study the apparent fauna of the planet they rapidly approach. Additionally chastised by the refugee, the Draethos considers the options for a moment. “Very well,” he replies to the Kamonian and anyone else privy to the conversation, “I understand that we don’t have the physical information to back up our bluff. And I don’t know about this bladegrass, or any of the other dangers inherent on the planet below. I’m sure you have great skills to navigate us through and around dangers. But your skills can only extend so far, and we have a great many passengers for whom we must care.”

Odan-Nr’he realizes that chastising his Kamonian ally must be done very carefully and tactfully. “But I also understand your point of not wanting to drop ourselves into the hands of the Seperatists. While I hope that despite their political differences, they are willing to have the common decency to care for the displaced by the war, I cannot be certain of that end. I would think they would; after all, they are vying for control of systems, and they won’t get the backing of the citizens by,” he turns to face the old man, “feeding you to the rancors, as you put it, sir.”

“However, if everyone feels that diplomacy and the decency of your fellow galactic citizens does not have a chance, then I agree that landing outside of the city limits would be a wise choice. However, I think that we should do it as carefully as possible, and,” he adds, glancing to the captain, “I’m not referring to the gentleness of our esteemed captain’s landing abilities.”

Getting a curious look from at least one of the sentients in the cockpit, Odan-Nr’he explains, “Continue to declare an emergency. If you’d like, I’m sure that either myself or,” he turns to Honodor, “Padawan Honodor here could arrange for it to become a verifiable emergency, but I’d hope that isn’t necessary. So, declare an emergency and that you’ll have to put the ship down in the plains, for fear that you would damage the city or spaceport, and you’d prefer to avoid such quandaries. By the time they get a detailed crew out to inspect our damage, either we can have the reactor overload or we’ll be far enough anyway that they’ll have to start a search for us. That should buy us time in any case, as well as legitimatize our reason for not landing as directed – hopefully keeping those starfighters from strafing us.”

1 May 2003, 05:59 AM
"Allright, sounds like a plan. Also, we might be better off to leave the refugees there by the ship with an IOU for the CIS. They should take care of the refugees, better than we can at any rate. But we", she motions to include herself, the captain, and the two jedis, "Are a hot commodity. I might be able to slide back off planet thanks to my credentials, but the rest of you have big stamps on your foreheads that read: 'proud to be a republican' and youll get the instant 'blast 'em' penalty from those battle droids. I say, set down in the bladegrass, unload the refugees into the smashed area of grass the ship will almost have to make from its repulsors, and we can slip away on one of the paths that cut across the grasslands. From there we can go to Eyree by foot, and once there, get offplanet to return to Kamino or Coruscant, or wherever."

Dalla Madine
1 May 2003, 01:16 PM
"Sounds good, but I ain't no obvious republican." I mutter. "We'll see how this goes and if it doesn't go our way and we need to fight our way out. That's probably where I will be the most help. I don't do the smooth-talking, sweep-you-into-my- plan thing. That's just not me, I'm more of a free-spirit and all. So I'll try to stay out of the way while ya'll talk cause I know that I won't be helpful there." A big smile spreads across my face, thinking of all the tricks i could play. "But since droids ain't that smart, well I'm not gonna worry. But I would like to play some tricks but I'll be good for now. So in other words I'm in!"


1 May 2003, 06:59 PM
Odan-Nr’he begins to respond to Caryn, but Dalla beats him to the punch. Surprised by Dalla’s reaction, the Draethos Jedi pauses, trying to figure his next comment. Dalla continues to puzzle the Padawan. Not entirely sure of her motives or capabilities, he holds his guard and judgment of her. While he has trained under Jedi Master Yoda, who has a very strange style of speech, Dalla’s style of speech adds to her mystery. He had never met an alien of her species before, so perhaps her culture acts in such manners.

Dalla’s blunt denial of being a member of the Republic confuses the Padawan as well. He wants to ask her of her background, but realizes that more pressing issues exist. Making a mental note to ask her about her intentions of joining the shuttle’s occupants and about her culture, he turns back to Caryn.

“I agree with leaving the refugees. I think they are safer in that status.” He turns towards the hall where the cankerous old man had spoken his mind. “However, they may not agree so readily. I will continue to believe that they will be treated properly and safely; after all the Seperatists need the good publicity. However, if they do not want to stay with the ship, I do not believe that we can leave them to the wild without adequate protection. They should be allowed to make a choice in this decision.”

He pauses, collecting his thoughts and then continues, “If they do choose to remain behind, we should definitely allow them to remain in the ship. Certainly, it is safer than staying on the ground where predators can hunt them and they would be exposed to the elements. We have a duty to protect them.” Allowing for another short pause, he adds, “Furthermore, some of us have additional responsibilities on the planet. I need to get to Eyree, but not off-planet.”

2 May 2003, 03:23 AM
"With the crash of the cruiser, there'll be a droid patrol sent out to investigate...if we leave the people theyll be picked up by the patrol. We're gonna hafta get out of there pretty quick though, so our esteemed droid opponents dont find us first."

2 May 2003, 09:56 AM
Honodor spoke up. "The refugees need to be our priority. The pilot seems to feel the best course is to land outside Eyree. I'm surprised the Droid armies are already more or less in control of Eraydia's capital city. This creates problems..." Honodor thought for a second. "Unless we flee into hyperspace, I think the best course may be to land and surrender. We need information, and to ensure the refugees are safe. We must find out what is happening on the planet, and then arrange for our escape to report the situation on the planet, and in the system."

"This will be tricky," he finished in a sobre tone.

"Pilot," he said in a louder tone, "do we have the option of escaping into hyperspace?"

2 May 2003, 10:03 AM
Odan-Nr'he nods in agreement with Honodor. “I concur,” he adds while waiting for the pilot to get a moment to check their escape route, “that we must protect the refugees at all costs. I also think that landing will give us time to reconnoiter the planet for a formal report. In addition,” he adds, looking to the Ithorian, “we may have backup on the surface. I, for one, am supposed to meet with Master Agldou in the capital city. He may have more information for us.” With that he turns to face the pilot, waiting with the other Jedi for an answer from the Duro Captain.

Dalla Madine
2 May 2003, 01:38 PM
then she looks over at the jedi padawan. She notes his puzzled look and figures she would explain to him later on about her crude actions. After all she confuses herself some times....who knows what she might say next. And self-control was not her strong suit.(sp?) But at least animals understood her, if no one else did... slowly she snapped to and started to listen. She followed the converstation, yet she didn't. It was one of those things where you hear it but don't understand. These Jedis talk w/such flowing grace, and they were certainly mindful of their manners....it confuses me. I think.I don't hear such kindness and gentleness from hardly anyone any more....not that I ever really did. Oh well maybe I should pay attention now.... I snap to again starting to listen....... "Uh, Yeah that sounds...uh....good?" she says, not really sure of why she said that, or if it even made sense. Maybe I should take some lessons from the jedi's Padawan....

-Dalla Madine- :daala:

4 May 2003, 10:27 AM
After an extended moment of silence, Caryn speaks up, "Uh, I don't pride myself a spacer by any means, but I'd hafta say negatron on the ducking into hyperspace, we'd hafta get out of Eraydia's gravity well and the CIS probably has some capships up in high orbit, not to mention that by the time we get to their main attack fleet, these droids will have shot our ship to a metallic pulp." Caryn nods to the refugees and continues, "I, for one, will not surrender. I vote as soon as we land, we get everyone out ASAP and pound ground to the nearest city, which may or may not be Eyree, if it ain't though, im sure the natives'll help us get there to meet your boss." At this last she nods to Odan-Nr'he.

4 May 2003, 11:01 AM
The Duros says "Ok, I guess. We're gonna go down and i may not be too soft, so stap everybody in, especially Regath. Sit down you old creep!" He calls to the man in the hallway. As everyone is strapped in, some grudgingly; the veiwports reveal the expansive atmoshere, then the endless feild rushing by... Then, as if out of no where, the ship rolls and jostles, shaking evrything up and the disorentation is numbing as the lights fliccker and he refugees scream for reasons yet unknown as the freighter skreeches to a halt.

OOC:Fort saves, DC 7. If you fail, take 4 points of damage and acknowledge.

4 May 2003, 12:15 PM
Fort Save: 3 (fort save mod) + 12 (roll) + 15 (phew, that was close! :D )

As the cruiser jars to a halt, Caryn rubs her graceful neck, which took a painful twist on impact.

"This thing needs repulsors as a standard option.", she mutters cynically. The first thing she checks on is a thin case lying beside her on the floor. After glancing at a few indicators on it she mutters, "Thank Xendor!"

Opening the case, everyone present sees several odd looking mechanical components. Silently, Caryn begins fitting pieces together, taking great care not to bump or disturb any of the pieces. A minute later, Caryn holds a fully assembled sporting blaster in her slender fingers.

"I dont know about all of you", she declares, already unstrapped, "But I'm not gonna sit here and wait for the seperatists to arrive, I'm getting out of here!"

Caryn stands and finds the nearest hatch, preparing to leave...

(OOC: for the weapon, the case should have protected it from the impact, right, Tossk ?)

4 May 2003, 02:14 PM
OOC: correct, it's fine.;)

IC: As Caryn thows open the side hatch, the sounds of the outside burst through the hull, like billions upon billions of knifes clashing and slashing at one another. Whan she slides out, it can be clearly seen that a swath of bladegrass has been cleared out and the gasses escaping from the ship can't be a good sign. As she clambers around onto the top for a better look, she notices bladegrass being trampled by a few Separatist tanks about ten minuites off. A Gormalok strays from a heard a ways off, moving towards the ship; as if to investigate. A brace of Staps can be seen coming around the tanks to investigate.
[What to do?]

4 May 2003, 04:57 PM
OOC: Fort Save: d20 = 9 +3 (skill mod) = 12. Passed.

A bit shaken, although not stirred, Odan-Nr’he’s Jedi reflexes keep him from hurting himself during the very abrupt crash landing. While he had strapped in as he had been told to do, the belt broke with the first jar against the ground and the Draethos tumbled out of his chair.

Picking himself up, he gives himself a cursory inspection, and determines that he is doing okay. Looking about the cockpit, Odan-Nr’he helps the others right themselves and prepare to evacuate. It crosses his mind that no one ever decided what to do with the refugees, either leave them or take them with the Jedi and friends.

As the Padawan helps up the others in the cockpit, he asks aloud, “Are we taking or leaving the refugees?”

Dalla Madine
5 May 2003, 12:36 PM
I walk quickly over to the padawan and ask if I can help. The twists and turns that the ship took definatly woke her up from her own little world. " If we leave the refugees would they be okay? Maybe someone should stay hidden and protect them if they stay. I mean who knows what the separatists might do?" I ask concerned about the refugees. "But then again they do have tanks! They could blow the ship apart! But if we take them there is more of a chance of getting caught." I stand there puzzled. (ooc: I confuse myself and my character!) "I'm obviously not of much help so I suggest that someone else decide, and quick. Seeing as I never have been good at making decisions.(sp?)"
I stand there puzzled and impatiant.

-Dalla Madine- :daala:

12 May 2003, 12:01 PM
OOC Fort save: 3(roll) +4(Fort Mod)=7

Honodor had just managed to strap himself into his seat when the rough ride began. Enduring it until it's finish, he raised himself from his seat uncertainly. Was he...? No, he was fine, but much more of that, and he may have been injured.

As the others debate their course of action, Honodor realizes what must be done. "We are Jedi, symbols of the Republic, and we defend it daily, with our lives if we must. But now we face a choice. What is best for the lives of these people. If we remain among them, and fight, it is those we would defend who might well suffer the consequences. If we remain, and surrender, we accomplish little in the way of the larger good of the Republic - and again, those refugees discovered with us would be branded as sympathetic to us, and to the republic. They may be treated as prisoners of war, simply as a consequence of our presence among them. Without us, they may be treated much better."

"As difficult as it is - and as harmful to the pride of we, the padawans - I feel we must run, evade our pursuers, and infiltrate the city to gather information on events here on Eraydia. Perhaps the, we can re-locate the refugees, after they have been captured, and free them to flee this world. Perhaps not. But the events taking place on Eraydia must be reported to the Jedi council, and to the Republic." Honodor finished with a big sigh, and a closing of his eyes.

12 May 2003, 01:34 PM
Taking his cue from Honodor, Odan-Nr’he nods in agreement. “I think you are right,” he says respectfully. “With us, they are in much greater danger than without us.” He cocks his head towards the ceiling of the crashed ship, “The enemy approaches. They will soon reach us, that is for certain.”

Odan-Nr’he turns back to face the crowd in the cockpit, “ Even if they are not taken in as refugees from the conflict, they will be taken as prisoners, as Honodor says. In this instance, we must follow the adage that says, ‘Discretion is the better part of valor.’”

Pausing for a moment, he watches to see what the others think. He glances to Honodor’s Master, the Cerean Jedi La-Doba to see if she provides any guidance. Ready to move, he then looks to the captain, “Captain, it is time that we go. Are you ready to move?”

Odan-Nr’he remains ready to depart the wreck and follow their Kaminoan scout guide through the wilderness to the city. When the others are ready, he follows them out into the wilderness.

12 May 2003, 01:35 PM
OOC: Deicde what your going to do, and roll Initiative!

IC: Thsoe of you outside the ship se a brace of STAPs hurlting toward your vicinity, and thier weapons' warning shots are barely audiable over the churning bladegrass field. The crimson bolts streak by, causing most to duck for cover, what do you do?

12 May 2003, 01:51 PM
OOC: Init Roll: 19 + 3 (Dex) = 22! :)

Exiting the ship with the rest of the Jedi and the ship’s captain, Odan-Nr’he feels the storm of battle coming. Drawing and igniting his lightsaber before his feet even hit the ground, the Draethos Padawan steps out into the combat area and surveys the advancing enemy. Calling on the Force to better ready him for the combat, he closes his eyes for a moment and calms his inner self. He draws the force to his muscles, enhancing their strength to supernatural proportions, and then to his mind, to focus it for the battle.

In his initial attempt, Odan-Nr’he knows that he has failed. His muscles are not augmented by Force-assisted strength and he begins to worry that he will not last long in battle. However, the calming of his mind is much sharper, and he focuses his enemies, highlighting them as they come into view.

He prepares to use his expertise for intellectual combat to aid him in the coming attacks, ready to deflect attacks shot his way and follow the leader into the heart of the alien plains.

OOC: Enhance Ability – Dice: 1 +5 = 6 = Nada! –3VP
OOC: Battlemind – Dice: 15 + 5 = 20 = +3 to Attack! :) – 5VP
OOC: Left: 3VP/13WP. Uh-oh!
OOC: Using Combat Expertise at –4 to Attack, +4 to Defense. Gives +1 melee (lightsaber) with a defense of 21. I will deflect attacks aimed at me.

12 May 2003, 03:23 PM
OOC: I'm gonna plop that move action to next round, the battlemind check, that is (you had to get out of the ship.)

here's the Init so far:

12 May 2003, 05:48 PM
OOC: Init: 2 (mod) + 13 (roll) = 15 (ehh:raised: )

Caryn lies down on the top of the cruiser and props up her arms on the superstructure for maximum stability as she lines up on a droid on a stap (the droid, not the STAP), using her first move action to aim carefully at the droid. (Pleeeez gimme a hefty bonus for aiming prone!:D)

13 May 2003, 03:49 AM
As soon as the STAP closes to 40 meters, Caryn squeezes off a shot.

OOC: Atk = 17
Dmg = 16 (13 on 3d6 + 3 extra)

13 May 2003, 04:04 AM
The battle droid collapses into the brush in a puff of smoke and sparks. the bladegrass quyickly demolishes the scrasps as the droids STAP carrens into the clearing, stopping dead. The other droid spins aroundf for an attack run

OOC: let's get it goin!;)

13 May 2003, 11:16 AM
OOC Rolls

Initiative: 15+1(mod.) = 16
Enhance Ability (Dexterity): 14+6 = 20 (+4 ability bonus, +2 mod.)

Change to defense for 10 rounds: 16 (17 w/ Deflect: Defense)
New initiative bonus for 10 rounds: +3

VP cost: 3 (7 left)

IC Honodor had followed the others out of the ship, only to see the brace of STAPs and their droid pilots (OOC How many in a brace?). He immediately gathered the force to himself, to improve his chances of dodging shots, and drew his lightsabre.

"We must draw the vehicles away fro mthe ship and the refugees!" he shouted, his green blade lighting his darker green features.

OOC In the next round, that is exactly what Honodor will try to do - move away from the droids behind the bladegrass.

13 May 2003, 11:48 AM
OOC I haven't worked up stats for La-Doba yet. Are you sure you want me to play her? Anyway, I've included a +3 wisom bonus in the save, and a +1 Dex bonus in the initiative.

Fort save: 5+12(mods) = 17
Initiative: 2+1(mod) = 3
Enhance Ability: 10+8(mods) = 18 (+2 bonus, +1 mod)

New initiative: +2
New Defense: 21 (26 w/ Deflect Defense; 21 w/ Deflect attack - Lightsabre defense; Knight defense)


Master La-Doba nods at Odan. "You have done well, padawans, at turning over the various aspects of the problem. Pride must not figure in your decisions. We are servants of life, and protectors of the Republic. Our presence will endanger the refugees, and the Republic will gain nothing by our capture. We must leave."

As the ship came to its bumpy landing, Master La-Doba remained quiet, even upon seeing the STAPs. Instead, she gathers the Force to her (Enhance Ability: Dexterity). Drawing her lightsabre she raises it high to attract the attention of the attackers. "I'll draw the droid's attack," she says, as she prepares to move herself into the path of the STAP.

OOC Next round, Master La-Doba plans to try get in the flight line and to deflect the STAP's attack back at it.

13 May 2003, 01:21 PM
OOC: Ok, here's init.
Odan Nr'he
Master La-Doba

I'll play him if you want, Darklighter.;)

BTW a brace is a pair, or two (2);) My sarcasim is mean, I know...

14 May 2003, 05:23 AM
Originally posted by Tossk
I'll play him if you want, Darklighter.;)

BTW a brace is a pair, or two (2);) My sarcasim is mean, I know...

Thanks. I'd appreciate it if you took her over. ;)

16 May 2003, 02:06 PM
The second STAP swerves and jinks around the ship, tearing away at the two of the Jedi with deft, uncanny accuracy. Master La-Doba's lightsaber swats at the bolt a second too early, despite his trianing, and he moves his torso as best as he can, but the bolt sears into her midrift, causing her to fall back in agony. Odan Nr'he catches his master in her fall, and she looks and says "Do not succumb to anger, My padawan; for now is a trying time, and the driod must be dealt with without the quick and easy powers of the Force. Only after shall you tend my wounds."

OOC:attacks ring in at:
21 [19+(0+2){confirmed at a nat. of 19, or 21 total}] 9 *La-Doba*
17 [15+(0+2)] *Farr0095*
these are what my die rolled, no offense to any, and I'm not going to take a PC out at this early on.

Attacks are listed as this:
total [natural roll+(attack bonus+ fire control{if any})] Damage *recipient of attack*

La-Doba is an archetypal mid-level Jedi Consular, in PotJ.

22 May 2003, 04:17 AM
OOC: By Darklighter’s previous post, I would have thought that Master La-Doba had a defense of at least 21, if not 26 while deflecting a blaster bolt. But I’ll work with what you’ve said.

IC: Slightly confused at the female Jedi Master’s words, although accepting them because most Jedi Masters feel that all Padawans can be addressed using the pronoun ”my”, lightly rests her to the ground. Looking about for the other Padawan, Odan-Nr’he stands up and only has a sheer moment to catch an incoming blaster shot and deflect it away from himself and the Jedi Master.

OOC: That’s because of the Defense of 21 as posted above plus 1 from the Deflect ability, which I stated I would be using.

IC: Continuing to stand in front of the Jedi Master, hoping that Honodor is leading the refugees to a safe place behind him, the Draethos takes a defensive posture, opting to go totally on the defensive and hoping to provide cover to the Jedi Master and if he’s really lucky, the refugees behind him. At the moment, he will not be a glorious warrior out of the ballads of old, which actually pleased him. Instead, he hopes to serve as a battlefield commander, restructuring their current situation.

OOC: Total Defense adds +4 to my defense, sacrificing my attack action, but allowing my move action. That gives me a base defense of 10, plus 3 from class, plus 3 from dexterity, plus 1 from natural, plus 4 from combat expertise, plus 4 from total defense, for a total of 25. If I have to deflect a blaster bolt that makes 26, but means I cannot move, which I currently cannot do.

IC: First speaking to the Jedi Master, “Master La-Doba, we need to move. Can you walk?” Then calling out to the others, Odan-Nr’he continues his defense. “Cayrn, can you shoot that thing down!?” The cry is anxious, but the Jedi does not appear to be overwhelmed. Assuming that the scout will not answer, instead preferring to just shoot, the Draethos continues his queries, “Honodor, how are you coming at getting them to safety?”

22 May 2003, 06:54 AM
"Gimme a second!" comes Caryn's reply, "I dont have those Jedi reflexes that keep you guys going. Wait a second...I'm on him..."

Without getting up, she braces herself and takes a shot at the second battle droid, perched atop the STAP...

OOC: Attack roll: 8 Damage (if successful): 13

EDIT: Lemme make that sound better...

Attack Roll: 8 + 2 (attack mod) = 10 (plus any aiming/bracing mods)
Damage: 3d6+3 = 1 + 4 + 5 (10) + 3 = 13

22 May 2003, 03:37 PM
In another flash, the droid takes a solid hit to the shoulder, knoking it off its STAP, sending it to the ground, the STAPs safety overrides slow it to a quick halt, making it reachable from the hull of the ship. The rumbling of the tanks is getting everso slightly louder, and there is no escape route laid out just yet...

OOC: sorry about the gender mix up, it's still weird GMing a PbP and remebering those details...:rolleyes: and i've got some La-Doba stats, NPC style;) oh, you get a +! to defese, the Nat. bonus, that is; oterwise, your'e fine.

Corran Horn
23 May 2003, 01:35 PM
From the groupe of frightened refugees, Dain Sim decided that it was time for him to make use of himself. He walked up to Odan-Nr’he and said, " My name is Dain Sim I am a jedi I can help you."

23 May 2003, 08:26 PM
"Odan!" Honodor calls in response to the Guardains query. "We must clear a path for the refugees to escape, and draw the Separatist droids away!"

Honodor looks at the tall blade grass even as the rumble of the droid tanks grows louder...

OOC GM Tossk, can we cut our way through the blade grass, or use the edge of the blade grass field as cover, a kind of wall to separate us from the droids that can't fly?

Right now, I wish I had a character with a blaster rifle. ;)

23 May 2003, 10:40 PM
OOC: It's cuttable, and if you want to use it as cover, think of running through a swarm of swirling blades to get an ideas of the pain and death involved therein.;) :D

24 May 2003, 02:13 AM
"My name is Dain Sim I am a Jedi I can help you."

Annoyed that this Jedi has chosen to hide amongst the refugees until now, and rather curious at the fact at the same time, Odan-Nr’he fights to keep his emotions in check. Still standing guard over the Jedi Master’s wounded body, the Draethos responds rather harshly, “It’s about… Good, then help the refugees!”

Silently berating himself for nearly biting the other Padawan’s head off with a callous and sarcastic comment, Odan hears a response from Honodor:

"Odan! We must clear a path for the refugees to escape, and draw the Separatist droids away!"

“Through that stuff?!” Odan replies aloud, pondering the many dangers inherent in trying to go through blade grass. Perhaps the Kaminoan scout could navigate the dangers, and likely even the Jedi could, but not with a herd of refugees behind them. “What about cover behind the wreck? Let them…” again he stops himself. While almost one hundred years old, Odan-Nr’he still occasionally catches himself starting to say things he knows that he will regret. Perhaps that is one reason that he waited so long to allow himself to be chosen as a Padawan.

So as not to frighten the refugees, the Draethos relies on his natural telepathy, broadcasting to the Jedi in the area, Hide the refugees well, and allow the Separatists to find them as we planned. It is their best hope.

OOC: As posted above, Def 25 (26 against an incoming blaster bolt) and standing in front of the Jedi Master.

24 May 2003, 10:56 AM
"Let's bust a move, folks!", Caryn calls impatiently, rising from her position.

"We cant stay here forever, the immediate threat's gone, but the longer we stay here, the more they'll send. I say, tuck these people in around here somewhere and we can all split, i dont like the looks of that grass, but i think i can get through it, wether a group of refugees can make it, though, i highly doubt the survival rate. So, Jedi assembled, the way i see it, less innocents will die if we leave them here. They might be more miserable, but i'd rather be miserable and alive than dead any day."

With that, Caryn looks around the newly created clearing for any sign of a path through the bladegrass...

OOC: Spot check: 11 (roll) + 7 (modifier) = 17

24 May 2003, 01:40 PM
Honodor saw the new Jedi at the same time the droid toppled from atop the STAP, and the vehicle came to a stop by the hull.

"We can use that!" he shouted pointing at the STAP. "Someone take its controls," he added, before beginning to round up the refugees into places of concealment.

"Please, all of you stay calm, and find places to conceal yourselves, in the brush or the wreckage, until the fighting is over. We are going to try to draw them off," he finished, before looking over his shoulder at Odan and his wounded Master. He wanted to go to her side, but he knew he was needed here.

But what would they do with Master La-Doba?

Master La-Doba, Honodor sent telepathically, will you be able to move with the rest of us?

OOC telepathy roll, 12+5=17

26 May 2003, 09:06 AM
OOC: Cayrn, you see no paths out of the clearing you are in, but you do see some giant herdbeasts moving towards the ship, as if they are curious about the giant lump of metal.

IC: Master La-Doba turns to Hondor and nods, i'll be fine she comforts telepathically. La-Doba rises with Hondor's help and says "Let's find a way out of this predicament, shall we?"

26 May 2003, 12:21 PM
Deactivating his lightsaber, the Draethos Padawan turns around as the injured Jedi Master rises. He scans the area for any additional thread and decides there none left that are impending. From the rumbling of the tanks, the Padawan realizes that he stood guard too long over Master La-Doba, instead of springing into action. In his haste, he had not known that there were only two STAPs pressing the assault.

Odan-Nr’he looks about the makeshift clearing at their situation. They have one STAP at their disposal, three Padawans and an injured Jedi Master, an experienced scout, and a bunch of refugees. Their obstacles include the massive blade grass and the approaching tanks. The century-old Padawan decides that things are not looking up currently.

“The blade grass offers nothing but danger, unless,” he turns to face Caryn, “our guide can sneak us through it. I say we stick with the plan. The refugees will be picked up and at the worst escorted to prisons. We need to flee, and now. Unfortunately, now that we’ve destroyed both STAPs, the army will know that we were here.” He ponders that thought for a moment, before adding, “And I don’t know how to hide that fact. Any suggestions?”

27 May 2003, 03:03 AM
OOC: The droids were destroyed, their STAPs are at your disposal... I should have made that clearer.;)

28 May 2003, 06:43 PM
The rumbling of the droids grows closer, ad the old drunkard pokes his head out, swinging a bottle of corellian brandy "Whuts that sound? Them driods? Oh, we're in trouble now!!" This comment echos into the lower compartments, and you hear the screaming refugees in a pandemonium within the ship, audiable over the bladegrass. The thrumming is getting closer, and so are the heardbeasts.

8 June 2003, 06:38 PM
Caryn pokes her graceful head and neck down into the ship and shouts, "Dammit! Shut up! Everyone's gonna be just fine. Everyone calm down!"

She then looks up at the Jedi around her, "How 'bout working some of your hocus pocus on those refugees down there?"

Then she pulls up her rifle at the approaching battle droids to see what she can about the (numbers, strength, etc.)

Spot: 10 (roll) + 7 (mod) = 17