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28 April 2003, 12:24 PM
This new fanfic is the story of Kirdein Vandalin's discovery of an ancient Jedi artifact: the lightsaber of the ancient Jedi Master Audarein Yen'leer, who supposedly had died fighting in the Sith War thousands of years ago. Kirdein finds the 'saber on the vacation moon of Coruscant, [name pending]. This is approximately one year prior to the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. Get Ready For.....


28 April 2003, 06:18 PM
what do you mean, buddy, by "name pending"? i'll PM you the name once I find it. i think its in Planet of Twilight, but I havent checked on that forever.

28 April 2003, 06:23 PM
The names Hesperidium. you can thank me later.

29 April 2003, 04:48 AM
A large, sleek space yacht, obviously heavily modified even to the casual glance, settled down with surpisingly little noise for a starship of its size. Docking control made the point of asking it to power down its weapons and lower the particle shields, in that typical nasal voice that seemed to belong to every station in the galaxy.
"Repeat, power down weapons, or we will be forced to fire warning shots. Repeat-" whined the vioce, but was interrupted by another, deeper voice, which curtly said,
"That I'll do when I'm ready. Alright, and particle shields lowered, and there you are, you weasely annoying piece of podoo, the guns are powered down."
As the voice finished its reply, the leadway to the main hatch of the yacht clanked on the ground and the hatch irised open, and a man walked down it, through the docking bay doors, and eventually, made his way past the annoying customs officers that pocked the place like drochs and exited the station.
An old swoop was waiting for him outside the complex; one of his friends had arranged that for him. He pushed some curly brown hair out of his eyes and powered up the vehicle, checking its schematics and getting farmiliar with the controls.
A minute later, he was gone.
At least, to the eyes of all those exiting the complex, that is.
Employing the Force to shield him invisible (not technically invisible, but he convinced the brains of those within a ten meter distance of that he wasn't in existence), in case he was being watched, he shot off into the thruways, and looked into the "sky" of the moon, and saw Coruscant glittering like a million-faceted gem.
Crazy, he thought. That Borsk Fey'lya would do anything to please the beaurocrats, even if that included converting a small little-used vacation resort into a booming moon economy of shops, thruways, and resorts. All for power.

Thank the Force I'm a Jedi and I dont have to worry about that stuff, he thought.

Or do I?

Sighing, he pulled up the vidmap on the swoops display while keeping half an eye on the road he was cruising through. He was due to turn left in a second, which he did, and eased back on the throttle a bit as he entered a small alley where he stopped the swoop and disembarked. Pulling a datacard out of his jacket, he slipped it into a door and hoped it would open, which it did. He entered, and hands grabbed his shoulders. There was a brief struggle, and Kirdein Vandalin, Jedi Knight of the New Republic, was captured while he was off guard.

His last thought before succumbing to the darkness was;

"By the Force, I'm an idiot."

29 April 2003, 09:27 AM
to a throbbing headache and a persistent whine of pain in his abdomen. He looked around and took in the small dark room he lay in. There were no things which he could manipulate with the Force to throw around, and hardly anything that could give him a possible tool to escape. However, there was a large hydrospanner in the corner, he saw, but that couldn't help him change the fact that he was shackled in large iron manacles to the wall in the corner of the room.
Heaving a heavy sigh, he reached out in the Force to the cylinder that lay across from him and it floated to him. He caught it in the air, and immediately realized that there was something very special about this tool.

Then a presence whistled in his head.

Young Jedi...... It said.

He whirled his head to the door, thinking maybe someone had said something, but the door remained shut.

What was that? he thought.

30 April 2003, 04:24 AM
and looks at it closely. It was a bit large for a Hydrospanner, and the actual tool at the top seemed rusty and not able to function. The long cylinder was thicker than that of a regular 'spanner, and when he jiggled it he could hear nothing rattling around inside as one usually could with this type of tool. And there was something about it that seemed....farmiliar.....
The "on" button was different also. It wasn't a switch, but a double off-click device. He could tell that much. Curious, he hit it once.
The 'spanner didn't starting whirring as it was supposed to.
Instead, a teal blade of energy seared through the spanner device on top and incinerated it.
Stunned, he hefted the newly discovered blade and gave it a few experimental swings. It felt natural enough, but the handle itself seemed heavier. Then he discovered he could twist the handle in a way that did not break it, and the blade extended to an amazing 1.3 meters, and then to 1.5.

Again, he felt a presence sing in his mind:
Young Jedi...
Turn off the blade

By shock he clicked the on button twice and the blade disappeared.

He summoned the Force to him and called out,
Where are you?

30 April 2003, 09:25 AM
flitted around his mind, touching him here and there and basically acquainting itself with Kirdein.
Search your feelings, young Jedi...where do you feel me emanating from? The presence intoned.

Kirdein stretched out once more with the Force and searched for the presence. It flew before his search and teased him with tendrils of Force energy. Kirdein chased the presence around and around and found that it kept one root of existence, always, attached to the lightsaber in his hand.

The Lightsaber....