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Kayle Skolaris
21 February 2000, 01:00 PM
Mine was also my first character. An obsolete battledroid designated Cygnus X-1. He was based on the wardroids of Xim the Despot. VERY old, but still frightening to behold.


21 February 2000, 01:49 PM
My all time favorite character doesn't fall as far from the tree as yours, Kayle. A hyperspace collision with a Nebulon B Frigate left her a little less than in the best of shape. But with the financing of a wealthy crime boss, she was reconstructed. It's a constant battle to remain sane enough to function in society, and she holds on to her humanity by a thread. People don't like to deal with her any more, and, consequently, most of her missions are solo. You can read about her in the Short Story "Good Riddance to the Past", which can be found in the February issue of the Journal. She can also be found in "Caught in the Middle" and "No Matter What", two short stories yet to be released.


21 February 2000, 05:48 PM
My all time favorite character would have to be Jallird Vilnd, The Psychotic Admiral of the Hellkite Fleet. He was an imperial captian who just got fed up with escorting convoys and said @&%$ you and took off.
I use him as an npc now in my adventures, he became a little too powerful for my purposes. But he was my all time fave.

Will Cilvik
AOL SN BGKnight44

21 February 2000, 06:29 PM
Mine was an ex-Imperial commander named Winston Liverpool. He spoke with a British accent, and, well, he was more than a little crazy.....

"Retreat! In our moment of triumph?"----Seconds later, the Death Star Explodes.

21 February 2000, 08:33 PM
Iris is my favorate character. Not because she's become a powerful character, but because she's become a 3-Dimentional Character.

She was originally created so Derek and I could figure out how the Jedi abilities worked. Until that time, we stayed away from anything force related, including the use of Force Points (they were on our character sheet but never got looked at). Since then, Iris and her story have taken on a life of their own.

I've seen her grow from a Street Gang theif from Korbin who "knew" she was ment for a different life and ran away from her "old" life after a tragety into a Joung Jedi who has worked through her feelings about her past.

Her life has also not been without it's own trials from learning Patience to learning how to control her personal feelings on various topics.

She's also not perfect. Her biggest fault is her out and out hatred of slavery and slavers. This comes from her being caught by a slaver prior to beginning her training and seeing the fear in the eyes of her fellow captives. Her other fault is her dependance on, and feelings for, Derek. (He's like the father she never truely had.) When alone, her confidence in herself and her abilities faulters. The story we are playing now brings this fault to the forefront.

Iris just feels... I don't know... right... when I pick her up to play her.

"May the Light guide your path."

Iris Nighthawk
Co-Owner/Operator Bittz and Pieces;
Starship Repair and Modifications
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22 February 2000, 06:42 AM
Cheap plug, eh, Shadow? But has anyone actually read "Good Riddance" yet? (If you haven't yet, I recommend it.)

My favorite character was an Imperial pilot turned Jedi Master. Yeah, I know it sounds cliched, but I was twelve, okay? When I created him, he was cliched. The difference is how much he's grown in the past several years. He's gone from being a classic Luke Skywalker rip-off to being a formidable character in his own right, with his own unique history and his own way of looking at things. You'll get to read about him, too, if I can ever find the strength to finish that story I've started about him . . . if not, well, maybe I'll just submit him to "Cracken's Rebel Operatives."

When I come back, I'll tell you about Jedda and Grrt. They might actually be the best characters I've ever created, but I don't consider them my "favorites," just because there's a certain bond that grows after you've played a character for as long as I played Compton Taresh.



22 February 2000, 02:41 PM
I was learning about symbiotic relationships in a Biology class when I came up with the idea for Jedda and Grrt. I figured, if clownfish and anemones can be so different, yet benefit each other by living together, why couldn't I do it with sentient beings in Star Wars?

I'd also been experimenting with the idea of having the stats for multiple characters on a single sheet. So I synthesized the two ideas in my head.

I wanted two characters whose respective specialties would shore up the other's weaknesses. I wanted these characters to appear as opposite as possible. I also wanted anti-stereotypical characters. So from there, I imagined a gargantuan monolith of a character - the kind you'd expect to be able to crush speeders in his arms - but gave him only 1D Strength and 1D Dexterity. The remainder of his 18 attribute dice went to mental abilities, giving him 6D Perception and 4D+2 Knowledge. Conversely, I pictured a tiny little character - the kind that would make Yoda look like a giant - but gave him 7D Strength and 5D+2 Dexterity. To match, this character had only 1D Perception and 1D+2 Knowledge.

It was a little interesting, at first. Grrt was too small to hold a regular-sized blaster, and Jedda was nothing more than a "big gray target." Depending on the circumstances, I'd end up playing one character, then the other. I played Jedda when we had to break a code, or con some troops, or whatever, but once the shooting started, Jedda found a hole and let Grrt take care of things. Over time, however, their abilities started to fuse. Grrt helped out with strategic situations, and Jedda learned to wield a blaster.

By the end of their campaign, I had two fully developed, completely dynamic characters. They were no longer an experimental construct of my mind, but two complete, "real" characters. They had their own personal quirks, their own loves, and their own dreams.



23 February 2000, 06:27 AM
My character: Jarex Kadnessar was originally a fallen Jedi, always drinking, swearing, etc (well, I HAD just became a student http://www.terrandesigns.com/mainubb/ubb/smilies/jester.gif ) and had abandoned the force, prefering "a good blaster at your side" and other technology. Since then he's developed well, had an ear shot off by a team-mate (damned wild-die) so he now wears a bandana and has generally cleaned up his act: he's now a Redeemed Jedi Knight, teaching a promising rebel friend in the ways of the force......
But he will eventually find out he's a clone of the REAL Jarex Kadnessar who mysteriously dissapeared on a Rim-Expedition during the Old Republic-rise of the Empire...
I'm currently looking for a second Lightsabre to make mine into a 'double' (yeah, I love martial arts http://www.terrandesigns.com/mainubb/ubb/smilies/biggrin.gif ).
Who knows what the future holds?.......

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23 February 2000, 06:50 AM
Mine is, without a doubt, Vandal Lawson. He takes alot of ridicule as a character being a spice dealer from other players. I think it's because of this ridicule that I like him so much brecuase of the fact that he's on his own in the galaxy.

It's hard for a fringe character to get attention now-a-days, whether it be negative or positive, as Jedi goodie-goodies get most of it. Being something that everybody else isn't (spice dealer) is rewarding, knowing that I do possess some creative spirit.

We live in a roleplaying world dominated by Jedi and bounty hunters, and with Vandal I can escape to an actaul, creative adventure for a change.

Craig Marx
Grand Moff of the Imperial StormElite

23 February 2000, 09:20 AM
My all-time favorite was Ork Randolf, a Force-sensitive Tough Native with 4D in Knowledge and Strength, but 2D in everthing else and 1D in each Force skill. He was an intellectual sort from a high-gravity world who had already reached his maximum potential in the Force, but never stopped trying to use his powers. Those were some pretty hilarious wild die rolls http://www.terrandesigns.com/mainubb/ubb/smilies/biggrin.gif. His weapon of choice was a spiked club fashioned from the hull plating of a star destroyer. He also liked to collect the comlinks from fallen stormtrooper helmets and kept them on a string around his neck http://www.terrandesigns.com/mainubb/ubb/smilies/smile.gif.

Pel Morba.

8 March 2000, 10:50 AM
My favorite character is my first character. (He's still alive) It was a normal boy from Yaga minor. He is fond of sword fighting and computers. he spends a lot of time in the simulator.
But when the empire came to check every one on force-sensitivity. That's when he relised he was capable of becoming a Jedi. He escaped alone with a light sabre his father throwed to him in a brawling fight with STs.
(I found out he got it from a Jedi who KNEW I was force-sensitive)

I escaped to Bakura...bla bla bla.


9 March 2000, 04:51 AM
My favorite character, was a verpine technician. He and his friends was hired by the Rebels to find worlds suitable of a rebel shipyard. The PC had their tramp freighter heavily modified, it even incorporate a turbolaser (Capscale). and later we even shot down a Dreadnought with only 2 shots.


9 March 2000, 09:07 AM
How do you mount a turbolaser on a tramp freighter? I'm not saying it's impossible, but wouldn't you have to make some serious modifications to the main power generator?


9 March 2000, 03:09 PM
Yeah, you'd have to devote a section of your cargo bay to extra power generators, or something.


9 March 2000, 05:44 PM
Ahh adding extra power generators!
None of my ships would exist if i hadn't converted the cargo bays. That's why i love star galleons!!

Will Cilvik
AOL SN BGKnight44

9 March 2000, 06:32 PM
Who needs cargo space anyway?


10 March 2000, 06:48 PM
Actually i never did.
well on the ships i used. if i ever needed cargo i stole a ship that could hold it.
i'm always a bad boy when i play.

"Ancient weapons and hokey relegions are no match for a good spork at your side!"
Will Cilvik
AOL SN BGKnight44

11 March 2000, 01:54 AM
My favourite character is one of my earliest creations. Created BEFORE the SW-RPG came out. His name is Doctor Ugavine. He is a Tech (a high rank in his high-technological society) based on the appearance of an Ugnaught. He is rather annoying and refers to humans as 'primitives'. He is clumsy and and forgetful with an inspiration of genius. Imagine Patrick Troughton's Dr.Who for a glimpse into Ugavine's personality.

I do have a cool character though called Minion, based on Marvel UK's Deaths Head II.

"As far as I know I'm already dead! Which means, I'll be waiting for your sorry ass in the after life!"

11 March 2000, 12:07 PM
About that turbolaser, we got a new power core and a lot of batteries from the rebels. our cargo space was reduced, but we got an external cargo bay, that could be dumped. when in combat and then picked up later.


11 March 2000, 06:00 PM
Yeah that's if it's still there.
i've had that one happen before.

"Ancient weapons and hokey relegions are no match for a good spork at your side!"
Will Cilvik
AOL SN BGKnight44

Peter Ferguson
20 March 2000, 01:06 PM
Well lets see, I have two favorites really, and they're my favorites more because of the group I was with...

First was Ryan Quaid, your typical Smuggler, with his light freighter, he flew around doing smuggling jobs. Until a little boy named Billy with his Feret (named Feret) snuck aboard. Billy was a street kid (and played by another player.) The two hit it off and had different adventures together, Ryan was like a dad to him. When this part of the character came out, it wasn't a 'typical' smuggler anymore, it was an odd character, a type I had never played before. And I was amazed at how easy it was to roleplay this loner who suddenly wants to help this 10 yr old kid out.

The second was Thark Panlar, a grizzly old Failed Jedi, who spent his days in a Bar (unforunately the GM wanted the game to start on Tatooine. So everything started off cliched). But I played the character like a grumpy grandfather, always bitter about something, but not as much as a drinker as I thought he'd be.
Then when the group came together, and we had to escape of Tattooine (for some reason.) I met up with an old retired imperial captain. The two of us hit it off, we often spoke of "old times" both being on the opposite side. The other player was a good roleplayer, and it was interesting to have these two 'senior' characters playing in the game, I believe my character was in his 60s, and so was the other. We kept to ourselves most of the time, except I worked with another force user,an old student of mine.

I have good memories of these characters, and I also have good memories of other characters that I have played with, or GM'd over. Like the time my Pirate player stole the lightsaber off of a jedi in the group =).


23 March 2000, 07:21 AM
I got two fav char to. Datsch Ramdrick and
Have (i named him that after i misspelled

Have was a quareen, very good bounty hunter.
But he was killed after an unsucsessful astrogation wich ended in him being "indirectly" killed by an Mynock.
A mynock ripped his space-suit open and
he died after being exposed to the vacuum.

Datsch Ramdrick, my best "overall" character ever. He was an alien, dont remember the
specie, and a extremely good bounty hunter.
He was later killed by an large battle-droid
by being shot in the head with a mediumrepeating blaster (died 5 rounds after
being shot).

My char i got now is very good, (better than any of those above at some skills) but not
one of my favorites.

Signing of.



*Craig Feely*
23 March 2000, 07:48 AM
My all time favorite character was a Merc turned loyal New Republic X-wing pilot named Maverick Fox. He is not by far my most well-written character, but he definately was my favorite to play. Perhaps it was just I was with an awesome GM (Chris Hicks), but Mav was definately my favorite. If you want to read his background email me at cfeels34@preferred.com

Craig Feely
Owner and GM
Star Wars Online RPG

23 March 2000, 04:10 PM
Hmm..well quite obviously from the fact that I made a whole theme song for him, my favorite character is Colonel "Toejam Jackson"(which started as a joke..I like to think of it as his alias now) of Imperial Intelligence, Adjustments Branch.

..What's that you say?You want to hear the theme song AGAIN?Well..alright..*ahem*

Pretty Fly(for Adjustments)
to the tune of "Pretty Fly(For a White Guy) by The Offspring

Piorous:"You're pretty crazy!"
Toejam:"Damn straight, Damn straight"
"And all the troops say I'm pretty fly for adjustments"
"I'll break your face, your g'damn face"
You know it's kind of hard
To get out blood stains
They say he's a goon
But he's a bad-ass anyway
He may not have the Force
And he may not be subtle
But everything he lacks
Well he makes up in ammunition

So don't debate, he's still straight
You know Oshka really wants him anyway
He works in the field, and keeps it real
For little pay, for little pay
So if you're great, he'll just overcompensate
And blow your head off with his anti-tank gun
The world needs bad-asses
So do that gruesome thing

Piorous:"You're pretty crazy!"
Toejam:"Damn straight, Damn straight"
"And all the troops say I'm pretty fly for adjustments"
He needs some cool guns
Not just any will suffice
But they didn't have missiles
So he got anti-tank
Now cruising in his ship, he sees rebs as he passes
But if they look twice
He's gonna shoot their lily asses

Now he's getting an uzi, yeah
He's gettin' white phos
When he's with his team, there's gonna be violence
Pi say he's going too far
And he's not quite calm
But in Oshka's mind
He's a fine piece of meat
Piorous:"You're pretty crazy!"
Toejam:"Damn straight, Damn straight"
Piorous:"You're pretty crazy!"
Toejam:"Damn straight, Damn straight"
Piorous:"You're pretty crazy!"
Toejam:"Damn straight, Damn straight"
"I'll break your face, your g'damn face"

So don't debate, he's still straight
You know Oshka really wants him anyway
He works in the field, and keeps it real
For little pay, for little pay
So if you're great, he'll just overcompensate
And blow your head off with his anti-tank gun
The imps need bad-asses
The imps love bad-asses
So let's kill some more rebs
And do that gruesome thing

Peter Ferguson
23 March 2000, 08:42 PM
You have far too much time on your hands Fwiffo =) Creating a theme song for your character ?

The furthest we got was when we were playing Rifts with a crazy player (you know, the kinds you heard about in the 80's killing themselves because their character died.. this guy wasn't too far off.)

Anyways after he left, we'd sing songs such as 'Gary's Got a gun' (same as the aerosmith song).
Or another hard rock one my friend came up with called "GARE-REE" (say those two syllablys in the name hard). I don't recall the words, because they were often made up on the spot, but it'd always make us laugh..


24 March 2000, 06:25 PM
Heh heh, I like the theme song. My brother had a human smuggler who was far more memorable than any of my characters. He sat down at a table full of Falleen and after talking to the one human at the table for a while remarked that "not even Black Sun could get him, he was just too damn good", he had stolen a lot of Black Sun cargo, they had been looking for him for a while... it was hillarious, he forgot that Xizor was Falleen... it ended with a Falleen doctor amputating his legs before my character saved him, then he got stuck with second grade replacement legs that would lock up like three times each game at least...

Now you know who painted pink bunnies and flowers all over your scary star destroyers...

27 March 2000, 11:54 AM
I had 3 favorite characters. All 3 were created by 3 guys that had been playing with their characters for about 2 or 3 years. The first was called Tassadar (the same from the game Starcraft) and is a Duros. He is a pilot in his very, very modified Ghtroc 720 frieghter. He seldomly leaves the ship (actually, more like the pilot's chair) and has devoted all of his skills to piloting repairing. He does have a high perception and dexterity, but seldomly uses those.
The other character that is my favorite is named Paval and is a human Imperial spy that keeps getting brainwashed. The only thing that he does remember is his name and the people that are associated with him (Tassadar being one of them). It becomes very interesting when playing with his character due to the fact that he disappears on many occasions and when he does show up, he never remembers what has happen in the adventure.
The third was a Jawa named Wart. The very interesting thing about his character was that he had a specialty in running (the specialty was sprinting). He had gained this when he rolled his running of 4D+1 and rolled all 6s. He continued to roll until he ended with a 87 at the end. We all just looked in shock and amazement and the GM just gave him the specialty at 6D+1 just cause that was impossible and funny because he was running from a Krayt dragon at that time and had to run to the ship which was about half a mile away.

Kayle Skolaris
27 March 2000, 01:07 PM
Never underestimate the speed of someone who is about to become lunch.

Suspenders of Disbelief: For When the Harsh Weight of Reality Threatens to Drag the Trousers of Our Imagination Down to the Unforgiving Floor of Mundanity!

Emperor Xanderich II
5 April 2000, 04:28 AM
My favour character ever is my only character ever, one Khel Arunsun. He started out as an Imperial deserter turned freelance. Ended up meeting a bunch of (he though) Rebel lowlifes- including one Jarex Kadnessar (see above). Yes, my character was responsible for removing preformentioned characters ear. Heh heh. Hey it was an accident, Ronin, honest.

At the moment, he's a Lieutenant Commander at Isis base in charge of an Intelligence Division. He's an exceedingly good pilot, especially with a Trianii Patrol Ship (Corporate sector handbook) and his favourite weapon is his famed Riot Gun, modified for 6D damage.

His is most famed for; destroying a scout walker single-handedly. Having his mind probed by Lord Vader, charging an e-web nest and living to tell the tale(in the mean time Kadnessar was dispatched by a Dark Jedi) causing a VSD to crash into a planet after firing a large ion cannon into its hanger bay at point blank range, being related to Mara Jade (ask Ronin for more destails) and out-drinking a Wookie!


Kayle Skolaris
5 April 2000, 04:51 AM
You know, with a resume like that I can forgive the character being named after a certain Archmage!!!

Suspenders of Disbelief: For When the Harsh Weight of Reality Threatens to Drag the Trousers of Our Imagination Down to the Unforgiving Floor of Mundanity!

G'Karth Dok'Traal
10 April 2000, 11:11 PM
One of my faves, was the failed Corellian "Jedi student turned smuggler" named Kane Derrick.

He was the captain of a heavily modified freighter, and partners with the Verpine techie that Thrawn played (see above).

The turbolaser (which was actually a supercharged turbolaser) that was mounted on the ship actually did reduce their cargo space to below 50 metric tons.... And they had to install an extra power core AND energy bank capacitors, and even then, the weapon would only fire every other round.... But when it did, it sure kicked @ss!

Man that guy pulled some insane stunts. Just before Kane and the Verpine shot down the dreadnought, he had:

1: Flown full speed through a seven-layered planetary storm with wind speeds of up to 600 mph. Mind you, he flew through the eye of a tornado that spanned all seven layers...

2: After rescuing rebels on the planet below, flown straight through the storm on the way up...

3: Right after emerging from the planet's atmosphere, he saved a damaged X-wing from falling into the same storm by using the freighter to break the fall of the X-wing and push it into a steady orbit

...and THEN they destroyed the dreadnought...

"I want to know the thoughts of God - everything else is just details..."
-- Albert Einstein

Kayle Skolaris
5 September 2004, 12:22 PM

Darth Fierce
5 September 2004, 12:39 PM
Ah...it's good to see some interesting threads revive from the "dead" (or at least a very comatose state). ;)

My favorite was probably a Human bounty hunter by the name of Levadon Veej. He sported a black-painted suit of scout trooper armor, with a death's head emblazoned in orange along the top of the helmet. He often found himself in the service of two Hutts, an older one by the name of Atarra, and his son named Attila (yes, you read that right..."Attila the Hutt" :P). Levadon was a bit more cruel than most bounty hunters when it came to his business. It was said of him, "He makes Boba Fett look compassionate." I recently did an updated write-up of Levadon Veej in another thread, if you care to look for it.

Darth Fierce :vader:

5 September 2004, 01:49 PM
I have two favorites that come to mind. The first was a friends char, a beligerent old crusty spacer. Walked around the ship in dirty old tighty whiteys and a stained undershirt, with an old beat up captains hat on and stogy perpetually hanging in the corner of his mouth. He had an Eweb mounted by the airlock and that was his reply to bording parties.

The second was my friends R2 char. It had aspirations of becoming a starfighter.. not a pilot but A starfighter. It stole a TIE once and was trying very hard to find a mini hyperdrive to mount on itself.

Gyp Ryol
5 September 2004, 01:51 PM
Hmmm. My favorite character? Probably a Bothan slicer I played once named Sleepy. It's more fun than you would think to play a half-awake Bothan in the middle of a firefight. It didn't really matter what he wore, because it always ended up looking like he slept in it, which he did. He was really only energized when, naturally, he was slicing, which, incidentally, didn't happen too often. Let's just say he really tried the patience of a certain Padawan.

A close second, however, is really an NPC transformed into a memorable character by my players. Tanc, a bounty hunter originally hunting one of the players, always came away from a fight with the players minus one limb. So, eventually, the players got to saying whenever they ran into him, "He's more machine than man, now." It was really amusing.

5 September 2004, 04:20 PM
WARING: this is LONG

My all time favorite character is my first ever RPG character, Kal Saldor(Different guy then the one I posted on the Holonet news forum about). Way back then(its now been about 8 yrs since I made him), he was a simple aristocrat senator of Coruscant who wore a silver version of vader suit(for astetics), and was the beloved adopted son of Mr. and Mrs. Saldor. My friend played Vader, Palpy, and a few others at the beginning. At that time(set right after Daalas campaign, and don't ask us why Palpy AND Vader were there, we were young) , Kal did his duty, but wasn't a true imperial in this new "senate"(it was made up a few senators, but mostly imporant business and military dignitaries). Then a supposed assaination attempt on me by the rebels threw me into the arms of Vader and Palpy. I quickly found out I wasn't just a good senator, but was brilliant tacticianer(sp?) and a powerful force sensative. Cliche you say, indeed, but I was only about 10 or 11, so that happens. But I took Kal on a 4 year, nearly 7 days a week adventure. Since my friend moved after the first year, we would talk on the phone for hours on end during the next 3 years. My friend loved Vader, so he also allowed him to grow into an interesting and unique person. The Empire thrived under our leadership, and Kal became the left hand of Palpy, until Vader and Kal decided to kill him(of course he came back later, this is Palpy were talking about). We conquered the galaxy and crushed the rebellion once and for all within the first year of play. Then our greed got the better of us, and decided to conquer other galaxies, including the Milky Way Galaxy and a Lego galaxy(don't ask). We crushed Star Trek easily, and Kal led the great battle against earth. After that we had peace for a while, and just kept throwing internal problems at Kal and Vader. Then, it was found out Kal was a 13 year old kid super genius who was able to make a metal frame that made him look like an adult, was from earth, and somehow froze himself in the Licoln memorial and somhow made it to the star wars universe. After that, it was mostly just stranger and stranger adventures. My character also had 4 marriages( 2 were killed by Kal when he moved on with them, one sacrificed herself in a selfless manner, the last one lasted until the end of the game), 3 daughters(two adoptide, one from my first marriage), and had a Capital ship which in the end was the fourth of the size of Jupitor(my friend who played Vader had it at half teh size of Jupitor, but only because he was the emperor, and needed to have a bigger versions). By the end of this strange adventure, 3 trillion years had gone by(and thanks to Kals super genius brain, Kal, Vader and a select few lived that long), the universe, as well as a bunch of dimensions had been conquered. We both realized that the game had reached its end by the four year mark, since we had wiped out every bit of opposition at one point or another, and had a military that was ridiculously huge. But he still is my favorite guy, and I don't think that will ever change. Later.

Caamasi Jedi49:plokoon:

6 September 2004, 05:52 PM
I really like this NPC i'm playing as a character, but i don't think he counts. My favorite SW character I ever played was an Alderaanian named Gil Torshin. He was a fine, upstanding member of "Hunters, Inc", an above board bounty hunter agency that oftne had its most famous member have holo-stories wirtten about them. This was Gil's dream. Then he took on a job to rescue a someone's daughter that had been spirited away. he tracked her down on some remote world. Unfortunately, it turned out that the girl had been kidnapped by an Imperial Admiral who had a thing for little girls. Gil saved her and brought her back, but in the course of his "extraction", he sort of blew up a TIE fighter with a rocket launcher and then had to shoot his way through a passel of stormtroopers. But he didn't think they'd gotten a good look at him, so he figured he was fine. Later, he took out a minor crime boss who was getting set to make an deal with some experimental weapons dealers. He took this gun, called Reason (after the gun of the same name in Neal Stephenson's "Snow Crash") as part of his spoils.
Then he got busted by the Admiral, who while unable to officially do anything to him, as that might bring to light his own indiscretions, could certainly screw with him though underworld deals. He put out a hit on poor Gil, which wound up with him being hunted by his own former organization (with old friends on his tail- "sorry, Gil. Nothing personal, man. Just business."), got caught and taken to Tatooine, where the Admiral was waiting to assume ownership. Gil was able to finagel his way out, and then had to use Reason to get through the 2 AT-STs and stromtroopers blockading his ship's landing berth (this was in D6- Reason was handhled but did 8d vehicle scale). After escaping, he found that everyone and hos brother were after the guy who iused some kind of insane hand cannon on Imperial troops.
So, when I left Gil, he was doing his best to lay low and just become a normal, run of the mill freighter captain. Somehow, though, he kept getting in trouble. That was what I liked about Gil the most; he really was just a nice, stand up guy, but kept pissing off the entirely wrong sorts of people.

7 September 2004, 03:34 PM
my favorite character would probably be my sniper right now. I don't use him much since i am the GM, but he is really cool.

7 September 2004, 03:43 PM
my favorite character would probably be my sniper right now. I don't use him much since i am the GM, but he is really cool.

7 September 2004, 07:25 PM
I'm not sure if this counts or not, but one I had a Rune Quest character named "The Phelps."

Now, this guy was insane. He had dozens, literally, of daggers, hand crossbows, swords, etc, hidden all over his body. He had shiga (sp?) in his hair, and everyone though he had silver inlays in his braclets. Nope. They were garroting wire.

Anyhoo, this guy had INSANE hide, disguise, and sneak abilities. I rolled a critical secess (a one even), clapped my hands, vanished from plain sihgt, turned into a rock, climbed up a tree, and became a branch.
Also, he was at a pary, talked to someone about something a tad bit ilicit, (rolling another 1) clapped my hands, saying 'end tranmission.'

Other than that, at said party, I was required to take out all of my weapons. The DM calculated it would take about 2 hours. So, 'The Phelps' simply stripped and walked into the party completely naked.

8 September 2004, 07:39 AM
My favorite SW character?

Well, I've only made one char, but I never got to play with him, as the campaign we planned to have crashed and burned due to time constrains and the GM's computer crashing and taking all the notes with it. I should probably look it up, because I don't even remember his name anymore, though he was a Jedi Guardian Padawan.

21 September 2004, 10:11 AM
My all-time favorite character was my second, a 19 year-old female human named Nikita (or Nikki) Leoni. She started as a credit-starved pickpocket until one day an Imperial commander made the mistake of trusting her with a shipment of stormtrooper equipment. Needless to say, she stole the shipment and sold it on the black market for an exorbitant sum.
Nikki's first taste of moderate wealth changed (scarred?) her forever. She became a very selfish big-time thief and con-artist, more or less aligned with the Rebellion, but stealing from whomever. (Note: she was also ADD, which meant she could not stay with one job for more than two game sessions, and was always motioning for people to hurry up). Eventually, she got to the point where she owned a fleet of pirate Corvettes and commited tax fraud in excess of a nine billion credits (I really conned the GM there). Then, she was just too rich to have much fun playing, now when I GM she usually makes it into the cast of NPC's.

Hope it's not too long

Ash DuQuennes
21 September 2004, 05:07 PM
My sceen name-sake, Ashford DuQuennes

An ex-Imperial TIE Pilot who went AWOL and defected to the Rebellion a few years before the Battle of Yavin. He's always been a hell-raiser and a risk-taker, flying his beloved Y-Wing into the thick of anything and everything with near suicidal aggressiveness.

He's been though a lot: two Death Stars, innumerable campaigns to defeat the Empire, restore the [New] Republic, and defend the New Republic from Imperial Warlords and Evil Plots (tm). He hung up his flight suit and went into business refurbishing older fighters with upgrade packages of his own design, branching out into security (system defense services and convoy escort services), flight training (civil and military flight academies) and a successfull chain of technical schools.

He still manages to get in enough "stick time" to stay in form, which is a good thing as some alien race called the Vong has dropped into the Galaxy and started kicking everyone's butts, pulling Ash out of retirement and throwing him right back into the thick of things.

21 September 2004, 07:00 PM
Since I GM a whole lot more than I play, my favorite PC would definitely be BU-77, the genetically flawed, lisping ARC Trooper.

After it was discovered that BU-77 had a flawed DNA, the Kaminoan Dr. Towan-Ki isolated BU from the rest of the clones and trained him. Later, Dr. Towan-Ki succeeded in getting the clone assigned to Republic special mission squad Team Sabredart. Since joining the team, BU discovered that the Republic's not all it's cracked up to be.

There was a group of supposedly bad guys that was wanted by the Republic, and they learnt that the bad guys were being played by the Separatists. Because the they disagreed with Republic policy to arrest them, the entire team was imprisoned, but later escaped. The most distincty turning point in his life was when he had to fire on other clone troopers when it looked like they were about to be arrested.

BU-77 originally wore the ARC trooper armor and carried a light repeating blaster. After his incarceration, he clad himself in mummy-like wrappings, his face still unrevealed to the rest of his team. Later, he obtained an ancient, green and yellow Mandalorian helmet and torso armor, and fights with a MVK-100 blaster rifle.

Some actual gaming quotes from BU-77:

"Hey, you guyth have anymore garbage we can jettithon?"
"Not ath bad ath, maybe, being buried to the neck on Aglothtine, and a Rancor cometh up."
"I'm not thuited for voithe comm, for obviouth reathonth."
"Now that'th thomething you dont thee every day."
"Thir. I thuggest we move fatht."
"Dont worry, mathter Weequayth. You have my attention. Now return to beating the crap out of each other."
"Err.. I'm thorry. I'm not familiar with thith. Are you theduthing Harloth?"
"Whoa! Air conditioning."
"Do you have thome kind of vehicle? A thpeeder, perhapth?"
"You do a good job, thir. I can be of aththithtanthe. I have a medpac."

22 September 2004, 02:02 PM
A clone trooper with a lisp? Brilliant.

Picking a single favorite is kind of tough. I've played so many different types. But the one that sticks out the most is Squint Flembek, the drunken Jedi Master. His basic premise is that he is the Drunken One, a being called into existance by the Force for no particular reason. He actually takes physical damage when sober. Some of his physical abilities increase in direct proportion to the amount of booze flowing through him, though unlike traditional drunken fighting, he doesn't get any better at whatever he's doing. Even though I've removed him from general play and transported him into fanfic territory, he was always a blast to play. One particular incident stands out among his vast repitoire of ridiculous antics.

In a long marathon session involving several cases of Heineken and Killian's, Squint became the Si'Klaata Cluster Unlicense Shockboxing Champion. Now normally, I always have a few beers during a good RPG session, kind of traditional among our group. But this instance was on my 30th birthday, so I was way past merely drunk, and into the realm of poodoo-facedness. Anyway, the party, a group of Judicial Department agents, Squint and his Padawan, were trying to inflitrate a nortiorius smuggling ring operating out of Sriluur. After fending off thugs and Squint blantantly mind tricking everybody in sight (whether they had anything to do with the smuggling ring or not), the group ended up in a bar fight. Not much of surprise there.

Squint was immediately attacked, as seems to have always been the case with him, and he responded by destroying every single piece of furniture in the cantina. At first the GM questioned my actions, wondering why my character would choose to attack chairs and tables. As I was severely intoxicated (very much in character, if you will) I have no idea what my response was, but at the time it made sense to me. None of the party could fathom my actions, and neither could any of the NPCs. The whole group ended up being captured and forced to compete in various contents for the sick pleasure of the smugglers. Invariably, Squint was placed into a shockboxing arena, with the stipulation that should he defeat ten consecutive opponents, he and his comrades could walk free. The GM always loves to throw ridiculous challenges at us like that, thinking that there is no possible way out.

In the most amazing string of dice-rolling I had ever managed, Squint defeated all ten opponents, the last one with a single blow. The GM sat there in shock, as his carefully crafted string of increasingly powerful brawlers fell one by one to a guy who was so drunk he could barely stand (both Squint and myself). I managed to gain an entire level from just that one adventure. Needless to say, the Jedi Council was most displeased when the HoloNet got wind of the story. That one session stood out as the wildest, funniest, and most enjoyable adeventure I could hardly remember. It soon became part of Squint's character to attack furniture at random during a session. Many tables, countertops, cabinets, planters, combooths, benches and chairs have fallen to Squint's Drunken Saber techniques over the last year.:D

22 August 2006, 08:04 AM
Oh dear lord...both of those ROCK!

I suppose my favorite would have to be Kol Kaj-Yil, just because I've stuck by him for so long, through one failed campaign after another, until I got into <b>Ronin</b>'s campaign. He's a pale-skinned, humorous Sakiyan, which puts him at odd with the race of his race (one, 99.9999% of Sakiyans have no sense of humor, and two, the pale-skins are considered outcasts by Sakiyan society.) He's made due by being a smuggler and completing over odd jobs (actor, janitor, fixer-upper). He isn't in it for the money; he's in it for the adrenaline. And the chance to take some great pictures along the way.

22 August 2006, 12:05 PM
It was a hard choice but my fave character was Inquisitor Jenna Grimwulf, once a Jedi padawn she was knocked out by an explosion during the battle for the Jedi temple. She awakes in an Imp hospital on Corucant with no memory of who she was, Palpatine took advantage of this and told her that a Jedi named Dante Grimwulf (who just happened to be her brother) had betrayed her and attempted to kill her. Jenna became an Inquisitor and hunted down Jedi till she started having dreams of her past, seeking help she eventually found Jedi Master Tholme (who she had been hunting anyway) and made a deal with him, she would not revela his location to the Empire if he helped her find out what the dreams ment. After a long time (five months) the two of them were able to piece together who she had been, enraged at being used by the sith lord, Jenna joined the rebel allience. Her current fate is unknown (in other words she was still alive when i last used her).

1 December 2007, 03:48 AM
My favorite character that I've played happens to be a Street Thief turned Jedi Knight named Oa-ki Jinn, he was based off of my favorite NPC from a game I ran and was in fact that character's grandson (This game taking place 100 years after the events at the Battle of Yavin and at least 2 years before the Star Wars Legacy comic books...) The character never used a blaster, but instead used a composite bow and arrows in fire fights. I jury-rigged arrows like the time I took a blaster, set it on overload jammed an arrow into the barrel and then fired it so that it became wedged inbetween the wall and a fire extinguisher. The advancing stormtroopers heard the warning buzz from the blaster, but by the time they figured out what it was they were covered in foam and being fired on from the party.

I also had a tendency to shoot arrows into the hands of people so they couldn't use their weapons. Non-lethal attack, but damn if it doesn't hurt...When he finally became a Jedi and I could finally use the lightsabre my favorite tactic was to use telekinesis to engage the safeties on the enemies weapons while trying to talk them down. When they went to attack us...well lets just say we got iniative on them.

When I last played him he had become a Jedi Knight and now had a Klingon Padawan (Imagine trying to teach patience to a Klingon...) and had just discovered the location of the missing Jedi Order when the game came to a close.

I have some favorite characters that players played...but since this is a little more personal I'll leave my post at that.


2 December 2007, 12:21 PM
Well, I ran an NPC bounty hunter forever ago named Last Resort. To this day, mention of that name elicits reaction from those who used to play against him.

My personal character that is a fave is Winters Andreas, a well-rounded on-again-off-again Rebel with privateering and pirating bents.

Jedi Master Jadden Korr
28 December 2007, 06:45 AM
My favorite character was..are you read? Kizer Sose. I modeled him after the Usual Suspects movie interpertation of him. Crim lord the whole way, had over 20 DSP :) Hes used a villian in my SAGA storie arcs. Makes Jabba seem like a erran boy :P