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18 June 2006, 06:28 PM
This is a fanfiction about a pilot serving the rebel alliance in their fight for democracy during the galactic civil war...

Chapter 1
Ryde Gor piloted his red coated Cloakshape fighter between the towering skyscrapers of Coruscant, the capital of the empire. Pursuing him were three imperial TIE fighters and the Slave 1, which was being piloted by Boba Fett, one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy. Ryde had stolen plans for an imperial attack on Yavin 4, but he hadn't made it away unnoticed. It just so happened that Boba Fett had to be near at the moment, and was contacted to get the plans back for a bounty. Ryde's ship, the Ryder dogded some fire from one of the TIEs, and made a U-turn around a building. The TIEs and Fett followed. Ryde Gor glanced at his ship's tracking screen.
"For my own sake, I gotta get out of here," Ryde muttered.
The rebel pilot veered his Cloakshape toward the sky. Then, with full speed, he rocketed toward space, the 4 other ships still on his tail.
"See you later," Ryde said, preparing his hyperdrive.
"What? Why won't this thing work?" The pilot muttered angrily to his self. The hyperdrive wasn't working.
Ryde Gor reprepared the hyperdrive for hyperspace.
"Let's try this again..." It still didn't work.
It was too late. The Slave 1 began to fire at his ship. Ryde glided the Ryder in a loop and emerged behind the Slave 1.
"Now..." He began to fire back at the Slave, scratching it, but not inflicting any critical damage. The TIE fighters, which had pulled behind Ryde, began firing lasers at the Ryder. Pulling behind the TIEs, Ryde fired his homing missiles.
As the TIE's exploded, Ryde muttered, "Take that, plastic boy."
Ryde began to advance on the Slave 1, but just then, something happened that sent a shiver through his body.
Two imperial star destroyers moved into the scene, blocking his escape. With them, an armada of TIE fighters.
"Oh boy," Ryde Gor muttered.
Activating the booster engines, the Ryder rocketed through the swarm of TIEs. Although he could have gone around the star destroyers, Ryde got an idea. The Ryder headed toward the command bridge of the star destroyer on the right, several of the TIEs following. Pulling back, RYde fired at the fighters. One of the fighters was crittically hit and spun straight toward the bridge.
The Star destroyer sped foward to make sure the damaged TIE didn't crash and send the ship soaring toward the planet below, but it made a mistake. The star destroyer rammed into the other one on the left, the two ships exploded from the collision. Ryde smiled.
"Now, I gotta get out of here."
Ryde preesed a few buttons. This time the hyperdrive worked, and the Ryder zoomed into hyperspace. The Slave 1 pursued...