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22 May 2003, 01:14 PM
I’ve been playing with my group for more then ten years. I’ve ran about 90% of the games we’ve played. Mixing both role playing and some combat (for excitement), but lately, two of my three player have begun to lose interest in the role playing aspect of the game and they’re wanting combat ‘missions’. One player enjoys the level of role playing and combat I have. In fact, this player and I both prefer more role playing, feeling that character development and story evolution being the best part of any game. My other players clam up when there’s no combat or action. They avoid talking to NPCs and tend to steer the group towards conflict with NPCs.

This is something that has just begun to happen. When I asked them why they weren’t participating in the role playing, one of them said ‘I just use the games to release frustrations. ‘ I can understand his point of view. Games can help some escape the stresses of the ‘real world’, but to only want to play this type of game I don’t get.

When I was younger, I preferred more combat, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned the best part of gaming is the story. My players also went this way, but now it seems that they’re reversing their styles. Now, if I want to continue playing, I need to change my gaming style to match. The other player who also likes role playing says he doesn’t mind playing a more combat heavy game, but I do! :mad:

Don’t get me wrong. I like combat too, but its not my first choice for a game. Unless you’re running a game with characters in the military (combat troops or starfighter pilots), its kinda tough to make a game with lotsa combat.

Sorry. Just needed to rant. I feel a little better. Thanks. ;)


22 May 2003, 01:45 PM
Well our group is based around conflict for the most part. We usually form our own pirate group and get in trouble from everyone....

I like mysteries too, you just gotta get a good mix.

Should this belong in Gamemaster Discussion?

22 May 2003, 02:50 PM
I've ran games centered arond combat before. Its just lately we've been playing games with more of a role playing swing. And that's what I've found that I prefer. But being the GM, should I put aside what I prefer and give into what the players want? I hate to say it, but I think I should. After all, I am creating a story for my players. And if its combat they want, I guess I should give it to them. I could always try to just run heavy role playing game with the one player who likes it nearly as much as I do. And with the entire group, I could run 'combat missions'. ;)

And I wasn't too sure if this should be under in the Gamemaster Discussion. Since I felt I was just whinning, I should put it here. If the Mods think it should be under Gamemaster Discussion, hopefully they can be ever so kind and move it. ;)


22 May 2003, 10:00 PM
I'm with you, Bjorn. I can't even count how many arguments I've been in on this and other SW-RPG forums on that very subject. Most of those have involved Godmoding - or any other time when roleplaying becomes a competition pitting the players against the gamemaster, or worse yet, the players against each other. Clearly, combat is an essential part of Star Wars. Some of it <i>has</i> to be in our roleplaying. But all of the action, combat or not, should be the vehicle that carries the characters' development. Yes, Star Wars is about combat. Yes, it's about Jedi, and the Force, and space travel, and so on. But first and foremost, Star Wars is about characters, as is all good fiction. Honestly, if all I want to do is fight aliens and stormtroopers, I'll go play Jedi Knight. I don't need to roleplay to do that. When I roleplay, it's because I want to get together with my players/gamemaster and tell a good story. And that's a story that has to be character-driven.

I could probably go on a few more rants on that subject, but I'll hold it to that for now.