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24 May 2003, 07:27 PM
The wind bit into Chance Mulgrew’s face like a Corellian Sidewinder. Beneath him, “Chance’s Folly”- his green and black racing swoop, was topping out at 670 kilometers an hour, leaving a trail of swirling dust along the floor of Grubber’s Canyon. He was in third now, and quickly approaching Varba, a Duro who was plodding along in second.

They were racing at speeds that most would consider suicidal along the surface of Etti IV, a temperate paradise sitting in the hub of the Corporate Sector. Varba’s rear engine had begun sputtering for the last several miles; Chance racked it up to the canyon’s high volume of “diggers dust”, a fine particle that lined several of the planet’s canyons. Without the right filters, the dust would short out an engine in a matter of days…or, at these speeds…minutes.
Any racer worth his stripes new that; Varba was a former Corporate Sector swoop racing champ…which meant he was in on the con.

“Your loss, moron” he muttered to himself. That morning he decided he wasn’t going to play ball. Ploovo Two-For-One had dropped 50 large into his hands to throw the race, but a restless nights sleep can do weird things to a man. He wasn’t a quitter, in fact, he had several trophies to his name...and today he would take another.

Of course it would end his swoop racing career in the Corporate Sector; you can’t cross a crime lord like Ploovo and expect to live for very long. That suited him just fine. There were other systems and plenty of places he could pick up a new identity at. Fifty thousand corporate sector creds would start him out on a new life; he was ready for the change.
Roaring in protest as he increased power, his swoop pulled even with Varba. The Duro turned his black helmet towards him and screamed something in his native language. Chance couldn’t read the blue mouth, but had a pretty good idea that Varba realized what he was planning on doing. Smiling, Chance just winked in return.

Varba went for his blaster.

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27 May 2003, 04:57 AM
I know sometimes it takes a little prompting to get feedback on fiction...

So...anyone out there read the newest fiction on the Raptorsquad.Net site? Thoughts? Opinions?

And for that matter...what does it take to get folks interested in campaign driven fiction? Is good fiction enough? How do you bring new readers on board and ask them to invest the time it takes to read 20-30 pages of fiction? Is it better to also offer fiction in .doc format so folks can more easily download something and read it at their leisure?

I realize this might be turning into a different topic altogether, but I really am curious..and I'm sure many other webmasters are as well...such as IJ Thompson (webmaster of the excellent Elrood Sector)and others who invest a lot of time on the fiction on their site and really try to get the community involved in the epic story of their campaign.

How important is it that the site supports the characters? Do images really help when you read the fiction to visualize whats going on?

Any input would be appreciated, as we webmasters are trying our best to get you, the SWRPG community, interested in what we are doing.

Come on folks! Lets hear those thoughts!



ij thompson
27 May 2003, 12:51 PM
Ooh! Ooh!

I'm glad you've brought this up, Bob. Interesting questions all around. What are people's thoughts on this?

And what about you people who don't read fan fiction of any kind? What keeps you away from it?

Like Bob, I also strive to entertain my fellow swrpg'ers. And some good feedback will really help us deliver! In the immortal words of the Beastie Boys:

"So what-
so what-
so what'cha WANT?" :D