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26 May 2003, 07:01 PM
After reading Mark Bowden's excellent book Black Hawk Down (of which I was kind of disappointed by the movie), I decided to make a Star Wars version along the same premise. After I had planned to write about twelve parts, I stopped after two because of constraints with school and other things. While I don't plan on finishing this story, I would like to see how people like it.

I wrote these two parts about nine months ago (August/September) and really haven't looked at them since. I don't really think they are that good, and I am far too caught up in my "Chance Meeting at Winkies" story right now. I haven't gotten the amount of replies I quite had hoped for on that story (the Winkies one), and I hope that more readers will take a look at that post. This story, however, is trully a reflection of how much I have progressed as a writer in the past year. While I may not, I hope you enjoy it.

Fifteen Hours in Deskaay - Part One - http://starwars-rpg.net/dlos/editorials.php?file=story1

Fifteen Hours in Deskaay - Part Two - http://starwars-rpg.net/dlos/editorials.php?file=story2

26 May 2003, 08:31 PM
I have always been a fan of the gritty military stories associated with StarWars. You have progessed really well. I enjoyed this fiction.